All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 551


Chapter 551 Breakthrough

Light and shadow flow, time and space change.

A Black Dragon flag is constantly flying, which belongs to the realm of Xianqin.

A group of people appeared in front of this realm, and their eyes were full of lamentation: “Destroy my realm, this revenge has to be avenged, otherwise the idea will not work, how can I become enlightened.”

Thinking together, The Taoist raised his hand, and a bright light suddenly appeared, breaking the Chaos Sea Territory, crossing the infinite time and space, and hitting the Black Dragon King Flag!

Under the banner of Black Dragon, a white clothed long haired man who sat for an unknown time suddenly opened his eyes, a streak of divine light into Heaven and Earth, and a silhouette of a Taoist appeared.

“It’s a remnant again, the great road!”

“Kill it, kill it!”

As soon as the thought moved, the white clothed man waved his hand. With one sword, this sword fell, and all the great roads between Heaven and Earth appeared.

The long river of time and space is flowing, and under the illumination of countless dive lights, the Qing Heaven Realm, the Nine Dragons Domain, and the Hundred War Realms have been conquered for countless years, under the immortal Qin Bingfeng, all conquered realms, the universe, including the past The power of all immeasurable beings in the future seems to be crushed down by the Daoist with this sword!

murderous intention Ling Ran!

Splitting heaven and earth apart!

Boom! !

The dazzling rays of light cover everything in time in an instant!

Countless stars, countless worlds, and endless power of life, all seem to be contained in this sword, incomparably tyrannical and stalwart!

Tianfa’s murderous intention, Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, Earth’s murderous intention, Dragon Snake’s landing, human’s murderous intention, the earth is turned upside down!

This sword contains the Heavenly Cycle Star fight, all the worlds, many laws, the avenues of time and space, and countless sentient beings. It is the real Heaven, Earth and Human murderous intention!

The faces of the Taoists outside the realm changed dramatically!

I was confused.

“Is this kind of murderous intention the immortal dao person? Why is there no Immortal Beheading Four Swords?”

No matter how he thought about the characters in the Xianqin world, he couldn’t find them at all. out the corresponding person.

“Forget it, Tribulation of Grand Dao, there are many variables.”

The Taoist sighed and delivered a powerful blow.

The endless Divine Force shatters Heaven and Earth, and a Yin-Yang Primal Chaos image emerges.


That Yin-Yang Primal Chaos figure seems to be a real Great World, inclusive of everything, wrapped in the power of countless sentient beings and rammed toward that sword!

Boom! !

As soon as the sword was pressed, an unimaginable explosion sounded!

heaven falls and earth rends

In just a moment, the sea of chaos, billions of time and space have collapsed, and countless stars in the void have collapsed!

“It’s Dao Vessel again!”

At this moment, a light laughter came, which was not huge, but covered the countless explosions between Heaven and Earth.

Behind the white clothed Taoist, a stalwart and powerful silhouette submerged into it and merged into one.

This one silhouette is tall and majestic, with black hair like waterfalls, eyes like a burning sun, and a strong breath, with endless grandeur and grandeur:

“Send Fellow Daoist a ride!”

As soon as this person stepped out, it seemed that he had taken away the glory of Heaven and Earth.

The white clothed man before, after he smelted the four swords, cut out the dao fruit of Zhuxian.

To be one again in this way is to be completely freed from bondage.

Boom! !

The next moment, his body covered all the brilliance with a burst of terrifying blood energy and the endless torrent of the will of the strongest.

Heaven and Earth went dark together, and the brilliance of Heavenly Dao dimmed for an instant.

And this moment, an indescribable palm, has already crossed hundreds of thousands of li in the sky, and slammed the Taoist inside!

Boom! !

Heaven and Earth are silent, the infinite light of Heavenly Dao is all broken, the vastness between Heaven and Earth is filled with the infinite light of will!

One punch, slaughter!

The body of the Taoist turned into thousands of blood mists, and the hidden will in it was completely wiped out by Wang Meng’s overbearing palm.

Wang Meng put his hands behind his back, took a step, turned into a stream of light, and disappeared into the military camp.


“Master Emperor!”

Meng Tian called out, the next moment, a golden robed man appeared in front of him, It is the East Emperor Taiyi.

“Don’t stop him, he will become enlightened.”

“Enlightenment?” Meng Tian heart startled!

Dong Huangtaiyi also sighed in his heart: “After Fellow Daoist Wang abandoned Immortal Beheading Sword, his Divine Ability became more and more unclear.”

Half-step Great Firmament!

Kill Great Firmament like slaughtering dogs half-step Great Firmament, how many in this world?

Before holding the Immortal Beheading Sword to kill Xeon, plus the background, kill the Great Firmament.

Now what?


In less than a ten-thousandth of an instant, Wang Meng had already jumped out of the Xianqin realm and came to an unpredictable place.

This bizarre and motley, a place where time and space change, is more like a passage, not a physical existence, it is extremely strange, with Wang Meng’s current cultivation base, falling into it, will also I lost my direction, and I don’t know what time and space I was thrown into.

In the purple light, anger and Yellow Ox huddled in the corner of the purple light, looking at this indescribable place.

As their cultivation base improves, they can feel the horror of this place more and more. It is extremely chaotic but orderly. All contradictory things may exist at the same time, which is too weird.

“The main road is promising, but I am too far behind!” Wang Meng pondered in his heart, Immortal Beheading Sword took up too much time for him,

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. , there is no precedence, just a moment!”

Wang Meng has been in this half-step Great Firmament for too long. With the countless years of battles in Xianqin, he holds the Immortal Beheading Four Swords and is in the Xianqin system. Under the extreme killing, it has killed no less than five fingers of the Great Firmament, and it is inevitable to get lost and difficult to become a road.

All these years, but have been trapped under the Great Firmament, not allowed to enter.

And his power at this time is already approaching the threshold of the Great Firmament. With the deep accumulation of the immortal Qin expedition for countless years, there will not be too many threats to his existence under the Great Firmament.

And the power above the Great Firmament, he also has some confidence that he can resist. After cutting out the Zhuxian dao fruit, not only did the background not weaken, but it went further, completely clearing the path that he should take.

Bombing the Innate Great Firmament with a half-step Innate’s body, the background has been accumulated to the extreme.

“It’s pointless to accumulate again!”

So, in the thoughts move, Wang Meng was submerged into the other world.

Get ready, try breakthrough Great Firmament!


Wang Meng closed his eyes, his mind had settled into his body.

The way of Great Firmament is not in Heaven and Earth, but only in oneself. If you can’t be self-sufficient, you can’t become Great Firmament if you get rid of the shackles of Heaven and Earth.


As soon as his mind settled, Wang Meng saw an endless bright Star Sea, as if boundless.

The endless Star Sea is turning slowly, vibrating in a strange trajectory.

It can be seen that one after another “star” is turning gently, one after another star is unsteady, impurities are slowly flying out, and endless power is filled in, almost every moment , are getting brighter.

Under the endless Star Sea, between the real and the illusory, between the presence and absence, the indescribable giant Great World rises and falls in it, one after another purple traces disappear there like tentacles In the region, with a huge amount of Great Firmament, it strengthens itself.

As the mind settles down.

The Star Sea composed of 120,000 particles suddenly lit up, faintly like the sound of trillions of gods and demons chanting sutras.

And even the mysteries of the world are constantly reverberating between his mind and thoughts.

With the vision of the deity, plus countless years of battles, he has accumulated countless treasures.


Wang Meng’s heart was peaceful, neither sad nor happy, and this idea slowly emerged.

Boom! !

As soon as his thoughts fell, the immeasurable particle gods and demons suddenly roared into the sky!

The particle gods and demons are all burning at this moment, turning into the most profound flames, burning up!

In an instant, the boundless Star River in Wang Meng’s body turned into a boundless fire sea!

The entire Star River boiled completely at this time, and the particles one after another swelled, becoming tens of millions of times the original size, and instantly turned into extremely tiny particles, in an instant , then the extremely violent expansion and contraction are as many as a trillion times!

In one breath, Wang Meng’s body suddenly melted and disintegrated, like a fortress made of sand, which collapsed in an instant!

Just one expansion turned into an endless golden color, filling this planet, this galaxy, this Star Domain, and even this universe!

In an instant, the vast universe was filled with that piece of golden particles, grandiose, which almost broke through this universe!

All Destruction Power, Destruction Law, Heaven and Earth are about to be shattered, and they have been swept away!

Among the surging golden particles, in an instant, countless golden particles exploded and scattered, one into ten, in a flash, illuminating the entire universe , forming a huge golden Star Sea!

Under his induction, the universe on this side was almost unable to accommodate this innumerable particle, making a wailing sound that was about to shatter!

Obviously, the essence of Wang Meng is far beyond this universe. Once he doesn’t hide his aura, this universe can’t contain it at all!

Swell, swell, swell!

In a flash, this side of the universe is expanding at an unimaginable speed, and it is almost ten percent bigger than the thought!


The humming sound spreads like physical ripples at the edge of the universe.

This side of the universe, under this indescribable tyrannical atmosphere, has almost begun to recast!

The planet of one after another was replaced by the particle of one after another, the void was shattered and reorganized, the laws were revived and shattered, and the entire universe had undergone tremendous changes in Heaven and Earth turning upside down!

It seems that, in this brief moment, this side of the universe has reversed its decline and started promotion under the escaping breath of Wang Meng!

For a time, the vast universe was full of golden light, and incomparably pure and pure power replaced everything between Heaven and Earth, all the avenues were changed, and the essence of the world was transformed.

Time changes, space changes, all the avenues are changing with Wang Meng’s breath, changing towards him, evolving towards him!

Bang! boom! boom!

Amidst the huge noise, countless golden particles entangled vertically and horizontally, turning into an indescribably huge array that slowly turned.

With every rotation, the universe expands uncontrollably, and with every rotation, these stars uncontrollably become more condensed and grander.

In the golden Star Sea of grandiose, one after another particle vibrates and changes, seems to be accumulating strength, and seems to be waiting for something.

Wang Meng’s mind was completely confused, as if he knew everything, but at the same time he seemed to know nothing.

This state is very strange. He thought that his soul, fleshy body, had already been completely unified, but at this time, he had only cleared comprehension, which was not the case.

If it is not one, what is compatible, and if it is not compatible, what is one?

In Wang Meng’s cognition, World’s All Living Things, Great Firmament Hongmeng is one, fleshy body, soul, mind and so on, the source should be the same.

What is the difference between physical body and mortal flesh and golden light body from grass and wooden fish stone? The soul is ethereal, is the source the same?

What is the difference between the so-called great roads?

All kinds of thoughts, all kinds of thoughts, questions one by one, a little bit of Profound Truth, all of them are turning into an extremely bright and indelible flame, burning in the void!

“All things are born and can be killed!”

This flame is like the fire of enlightenment, which contains all Wang Meng’s thoughts, memories, beliefs, and everything.

Raging flames, all things burn, everything burns, all kinds, coefficients are under the flames.

β€œThe fire of the Great Firmament? The foundation of the Great Firmament?”

For a moment, the small flames were erratic, but did not spread. It could clearly burn everything, but it was only silent swaying.

Only its brightness is getting brighter and brighter!

If it weren’t for the fact that there were no living beings in this world, all the living beings under the Great Firmament would suffer immeasurable damage where the rays of light irradiate!

Boom! !

I don’t know how long it took, the sound of “rumbling” sounded between Heaven and Earth, and all the rays of light disappeared!

The void burned by the flames has completely collapsed!

It turned into an extremely deep black abyss!

hu hu~~~

Then, the endless golden particles all around the black hole revolved and vibrated.

A giant vortex appeared, rolling the source of the Star River, swallowing countless golden stars, rolling the sand of countless stars, endless light, everything in the universe, all swarming towards that black hole!

The universe, which was expanded to countless times its original size, is constantly collapsing, shrinking, and squeezing under the contraction of the black hole!

Fang Universe is already shrinking at a speed that mortals can see with naked eyes!

The speed of this contraction is tens of millions of times faster than the speed of light!

In just one breath, the universe on that side has completely collapsed into a singularity between existence and nonexistence!

A singularity smaller than dust!

That singularity seems to be producing all kinds of incredible changes every moment, and it seems to be fixed there forever, which is extremely strange.

hu hu~~

The sea of Great Firmament is turbulent, and the endless airflow of Great Firmament trembles and is attracted by that singularity for a moment.

It was empty and empty, as if nothing existed.

Time, space, or everything else seems to be gone, and it really seems to have become an endless nothingness.

Just like this, I don’t know how long it has been, thousands of years, or maybe a moment.

bang! !

A loud noise shook the sea of Great Firmament!

That extremely small particle trembled, made a sound, and tore apart the incomparably dark Great Firmament!

It vibrated constantly, as if it were about to burst.

one after another Ripples of substance rippling through the calm sea of Great Firmament.

Under the slap of the huge waves, everything rumbled and the tinnitus rumbled, and the universe was extremely far away, and the world trembled.


At this moment, the sea of Great Firmament raised endless huge waves, and the universes were thrown into the Great Firmament like water droplets!

A white light cut through the endless darkness of the Great Firmament, illuminated the heavens, and penetrated the Myriad Realms!

“Today’s Dao Tribulation will become a Great Firmament Immortal!”

A white clothed surface floats on the Great Firmament sea, stepping on a small boat, not Wang Meng, who is it?

(End of this chapter)

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