All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 552


Chapter 552 Choice

“Haha, abandon Immortal Beheading Sword, look for Innate Dao of Slaughter, I am an Avatar Desire to kill!”

Wang Meng couldn’t help laughing at the thought, and then looked towards the realm in front of him.

The Evil God universe.

Connecting the eight hundred and sixty-four universes, if it wasn’t for the chaotic mind of the snake with its tail, it might have evolved and diversified.

“It’s also my chance.”

With thoughts, Wang Meng’s consciousness submerged into the eight hundred and sixty-four universes.


Devouring the stars.

Peyton has broken through Lord of Universe for 200,000 years, and he has a deeper understanding of the secret pattern left by his ancestors.

“It’s just a matter of division, and the combination is the Xeon secret technique.”

Peyton is a little nodded, there are three Lord of Universe secret techniques in the secret pattern, and the separation is just the Lord of Universe secret technique. Universe Level 1, once closed is a Xeon secret technique.

200,000 years of comprehend, Peyton knew it, and Divine Physique went a step further.

Next, the original universe is already a kind of bondage, and Peyton is about to start his own journey into the universe.

Cosmic sea…

The existence of real boundless, the cosmic sea is full of endless Chaos Qi Flow, and there are many dangerous places, the most dangerous of which are the three Jedi—— Qingfengjie, Liuzhongshan, Universe Boat.

Except for some dangerous places, the most common one in the universe is one after another universe!

The Primitive Universe is the root of everything.

It gave birth to billions of ethnic groups, all kinds of life, and many powerhouses.

It, the most powerhouse of the universe that was born, also created a small universe one after another. In comparison, those small universes can’t compare to the Primitive Universe. Not an energy level at all.

“One reincarnation…”

“One reincarnation of the Primitive Universe will give birth to countless ethnic groups and a large number of powerhouses.”


Peyton smiled and looked towards the surroundings: “The Lord of Peng Gong, the Lord of Darkness, the Lord of Day, and the Lord of Beetles, please welcome everyone here…”

“This is your first time entering Cosmic Sea, I will welcome you.” Master Peng Gongzhi stroked his beard and smiled, “Some other Lords of Universe have gone deep into the waters of Qingfeng Realm, or the inner realm of Qingfeng Realm. Just to get out…you have to fly. Avoid a lot of dangers, as short as a hundred years, as long as an epoch, so I failed to come.”

Peton nodded.

The more dangerous the place, the less you can’t teleport blindly.

“Peton is the first to enter the universe, following the old rules.”

The creator of giant axe smiled and waved his hand, and all the seven Lord of Universe present all had a wine glass. The cups are full of wine.

“Lord of the Red Moon, I wish you infinite Supreme Treasure and eternal life!”

“Supreme Treasure is infinite and eternal life.”

The other five Lord of Universe has it all.

Peyton also nodded: “Supreme Treasure is endless, life is forever!”

He also knew the rule.

After all, coming to this universe is an adventure, even with Avatar’s Lord of Universe, there is still the possibility of falling!

Even the most powerful house in the universe may fall. Who dares to say that it will not fall?

At most you can live longer by avoiding too dangerous places, but there is no doubt——

This is an adventure!

For treasure!

“Lord of the Red Moon, although Supreme Treasure is endless and life is eternal, there are still some things to say.” The Lord of Day said directly.

Peyton raised his eyebrows and said with a smile: “Lord of the Day, please say it.”

The Lord of the Day is naturally stubborn, and he speaks aggressively, which he has already heard.

“It’s fine if you only have some experience with the other Lord of Universe in the outer realm of Qingfeng Realm, but if you want to go out alone and wait for opportunities to capture treasures, it will be far worse.” The Lord of the Day’s voice was thick, shaking the great hall.

“Especially the craziest powerhouse of the first universe age, if you go out alone, once you encounter the powerhouse of the first universe age, it is likely to fall.”

Peton Shaking his head and smiling.

This Lord of the Day is indeed name is not in vain, and he speaks boldly.

“Yes, the powerhouse in the first universe era is crazy.” The Lord of Youhou changed the subject after seeing this.

“Maybe they will go crazy and fight to the death, which is the most difficult thing to deal with.”

“It’s not that they are crazy.” The Lord of Desolation said hoarsely.

“The Primitive Universe reincarnates from generation to generation, even if they escape the Primitive Universe mass destruction! According to the information we know, powerhouse can live up to three reincarnation eras. Once the time comes, their first universe reincarnation era will be All fall, including the most powerhouse in the universe.”

“Yes, there are at most three reincarnation eras.”

“Primitive Universe reincarnates one by one, look at the more than 10,000 particles in the universe sea. The dilapidated small universe knows how many universes the most powerhouse has ever fallen, and cannot exist beyond the three reincarnation eras.”

“That’s why the Two Great Holy Lands are special.”

“ Two Great Holy Lands, just two universes.”

“The era of the first universe is threatened with extinction.” said the creator of giant axe.

“So you have to sharpen yourself more crazily. Undoubtedly, the stronger your strength is, the more likely you are to break the limit! After all, the Two Great Holy Lands have succeeded, and naturally no one will give up easily. Payton, you have to be vigilant first. Cosmic Age powerhouse.”

“Not only the First Cosmic Age, but all the Lord of Universe with peak power, you have to memorize it.” Lord of Days seriously said.

“If you encounter them, avoid them as soon as possible.”

“If you are in danger, immediately ask the virtual universe system for help, and the virtual universe system will immediately send a message to all powerhouses in Hongmeng to let The fastest powerhouse will go immediately.”

“I understand.” Peyton nodded, without saying much.

Being underestimated, Peyton was reluctant and did not argue much.

Soon, the Lord of Youhou, the Lord of Peng Gong, the Lord of Darkness, the Lord of Daylight, and the Lord of Beetles all left this gathering place and began to venture into the peak world. .


In the canyon of the rocky surface of the heavenly body, only Peyton and the creator of giant axe are left in the temple.

“Peyton, I have to go out too.” the creator of giant axe said, “If you have anything, please contact me through the virtual universe.”

Peyton nodded,”en . ”

The creator of giant axe gave Peyton a smile, and was disappeared with a teleport.

Watching the creator of giant axe disappear, Peyton glanced at the temple behind him, and in a blink of an eye, he was the only one left. It seems that the powerhouses in the sea of cosmos are indeed sharpening themselves.

“The information about Qingfeng Realm and the information about the Great Influence powerhouse in the Cosmos Sea map still need to be carefully studied.”

On a rock outside the temple.

Peyton in black armor sat cross-legged directly, closed his eyes, and began to carefully organize the information, summarizing some important points that need his attention.


There is a dust-sized creature on the surface of the celestial rock—a human Peyton thousands of kilometers high.

“The Peak World!” Peyton stood on the celestial rock, looking at all around endless void, the towering and endless main mountain in the distance and the huge waterfall pouring down… Power, that power made countless celestial rocks fly around it, and also forced a large number of Chaos Qi Flows to open.


Disappeared directly on the celestial rocks and into the distant void. Then it was teleportation again and again…directly towards the endless waters formed by the impact of the waterfall.

The universe sea, the immortal Spiritual God will be instantly annihilated when it comes in.

And this endless waters can exist, obviously this ‘water’ is very extraordinary, every drop of water is like a star, the water waves are surging, and the impact is terrifying. But Lord of Universe can easily resist these.

“The waters are full of dangers and treasures.” Peyton knew that too.

The treasure in the waters has multiple ways of existence.

To get the treasure, one requires luck, the second requires strength, and the third requires courage.

Approximately 3 million light-years away from Payton.

The Divine Physique Lord of the Day, surrounded by flames, is flying slowly in the water, and he has naturally separated from the Lord of the Beetles. Treasures are more likely.


On the other side, the Lord of the Day cautiously avoided some distant ‘water spirits’ in the depths of the water, only to see that all those water spirits were white, one after another White airflow, sometimes human-shaped, sometimes animal-shaped, grotesquely shaped, floating in the water.

This is already deep and extremely dangerous.

The flight speed is very slow, let alone teleportation, I dare not teleport at all! After all, once it is entangled by the water spirit, the result will be very terrifying.

“en?” The Lord of the Day was suddenly startled.

“Space blockade?”

The space fluctuations in the surrounding waters suddenly stagnated, which made the Lord of the Day know that it was not good, and looked around carefully, there was a light spot in the distance .

“Hahaha, Lord of the Day of the Primitive Universe Human Alliance?” The light spot was laughed, the laughter passed through the water, but it arrived at the Lord of the Day in an instant.

That light spot…

It is a humanoid creature, his body exudes hazy white light, behind his head is a circle of white light, and there is a faint in the white light Huge one-eyed illusory shadow.

“Divine Eyes!” The Lord of Day turned around and turned into a streamer and fled.

The Divine Eyes clan is one of the Peak clans in the first universe era, and can be called the strongest Peak clan in the first universe era. Among their clans, there are seven of the most powerhouses in the universe! This is a very mysterious and terrifying group. It should be regarded as the original universe within reincarnation. When the Primitive Universe evolves, there may be some special accidents that will cause such a defying group to appear.

“Can you escape?” said the Divine Eyes powerhouse.

“Sea of ice!” The Lord of the Day, gnashing teeth, looked back towards the humanoid creature filled with white light, angrily snorted with flames from his nostrils.

“Lord Ernst & Young, I didn’t get any great Supreme Treasure. I ran away immediately when I saw you, do you have to pursue it?”

“Life is limited .”

“Eternity is hard to find, looking for the Road of Eternal from the endless slaughter, this is the only way I have now. Lord of the day… or die.”

hua !

The Lord of Ernst and Young, shrouded in white light, with a white aperture behind his head and a one-eyed illusory shadow, is persecuting the Lord of Day at a very high speed.


The Lord of Day roared, “you think you can kill me? Dreaming!”

At the same time he continued to run away quickly, delaying as much as possible Time… At the same moment, his avatar in the Primitive Universe is a quick cry for help in the ‘virtual universe’.

“I said that Peyton asked for help before, but didn’t expect me to ask for help.”

“This madman in the first universe era is really a madman, and I am also unlucky. I met the Lord of Ernst and Young.”

The Lord of Day was also full of anxiety, he knew that he had really encountered mortal danger.

“One of the creators of giant axe or the master of Peng Gong must come, and I can only hope to survive.”

The master of the day knows that he can come in a short time. Yes, just the few who met at the gathering place.

Like the Lord of Youhou, the Lord of Beetles, and the Lord of Darkness are not strong enough, let alone Peyton…

The creator of giant axe, Peng Gong The Lord came to save Himself.

It’s just that the creators of giant axe and the two of them are powerful, and they are likely to go to the ‘Qingfeng Inner Domain’, if it takes a long time to come to the inner domain.


As soon as the call for help is sent, the virtual universe system will immediately forward it to the Lord of Universes of the Human Alliance who are in the universe sea at the moment.

“Call for help in the daytime? The Lord of Ernst and Young of the Divine Eyes clan in the First Universe Era pursues him?”

Deep in the mountainside of the main mountain of Qingfengjie.

Rumble~~~ The flames are soaring into the sky, and every flame impact is enough to make Lord of Universe fall. Every step of a savage giant turns into a phantom, flashing through the irregular flame eruption.

“I’m in the depths, it’s too late to rush back.”

“Day, it’s up to you.”


“The Lord of Ernst & Young?” At this moment, the Lord of Daylight is the closest Beetle Lord. In the waters more than one million light-years away from the Lord of Daylight, its huge head blinked and lowered its eyes. “It’s a lot of trouble, and I’m afraid it won’t be of much use, but try your best, and see if you can help.” , directly teleported to the high altitude of the Water Foreign Domain, and then continuously teleported in the void, rushing towards the destination.


Payton got that call for help too.


“For help? The Lord of the Day asks for help? Look at the marked reference address, it seems to be more than 3 million light-years away from me.” The Lord of Day is a little unhappy, but after all, it is the Human Alliance side, “The Lord of Ernst and Young…not to be trifled with ah.”


Peton immediately teleported out of the water, and then immediately teleported again and again, quickly rushing towards the destination.

In the depths of the dim waters of Qingfengjie, two towering silhouettes are fighting frantically.

The Lord of Ernst and Young holds a golden scepter, sometimes using the golden scepter as a long stick, and sometimes as a heavy hammer, whether as a long stick or as a heavy hammer , the unfolded secret technique is the ‘strongest secret technique’.

And every time they fight, the Lord of Ernst and Young does not resist the attack of the Lord of Day at all.


“Everyone in the First Universe Era is a lunatic, and the Lord of Ernst & Young is a lunatic among lunatics.”


The Lord of Day roared with pain and anger in his heart. He tried his best to hide as far away as possible, trying to make the interval between each fight as long as possible, so that he could delay longer. However, in this ‘Smoothie Sea’, his speed was obviously a lot slower, and he was at an absolute disadvantage in the fight, so he was naturally overtaken by the Lord of Ernst and Young again and again.

“Primitive Universe Human Alliance Day, fall in peace, and be a sacrifice on my Road of Eternal.”


The scepter whistled, time and space reversed, easily avoiding the long shuttle roaring and swinging from the lord of the day, and the top of the scepter struck directly on the chest of the lord of the day.

Without being blocked by the Supreme Treasure weapon, all the powers of this move of the Lord of Ernst and Young are all strikes in the chest of the Lord of Day, ka ka~~~ The armor trembled, and the chest of the Lord of Day slammed, Divine Physique was faintly cracked, and at the same time, it flew backwards quickly without resistance.

Of course, before flying backwards, his long shuttle also slapped the Lord of Ernst & Young.


This whipping produced a very deep sound.

The Lord of Ernst received this beating, and Divine Physique’s strength was immediately affected, but then quickly recovered. He also just paused slightly, and then continued to kill.



“Super mad, how did I meet him! Even if I encounter other powerhouses in First Era of the universe, I will not be so miserable. “

When the Lord of Day was thrown away, he was also resentful in his heart. In fact, in terms of strength, his Lord of Day also belongs to the Peak ranks in the Lord of Universe, and belongs to the equivalent of Emperor Yan.

The Supreme Treasure used by the Lord of Ernst and Young is better, and the Divine Physique is slightly stronger, making the overall strength one level stronger than the Lord of the Day.

The Lord of the Day is Peak.

The Lord of Ernst & Young is at the Peak level!

It stands to reason that there is no danger of death at all with a gap of only one level… However, the Lord of Ernst & Young’s play is ‘with Injury-for-injury’.

The high-speed consumption of Divine Physique by pure fighting will cause headaches even for powerhouses of the same level as him, let alone the Lord of Daylight who is one level worse than him.

“During the day, I don’t dare to rush into the coverage of this sea of smoothies, and I can’t help you, you can only rely on yourself. “A voice came in through the water.

“Lord of the beetles.” ”

The Lord of Day was first happy, and then disappointed.

It’s useless, the Lord of Beetles is as strong as him, and the number of people covered by the sea of sleeves alone is now A light-year range cannot be teleported, and it takes a long time to fly alone, and it is impossible to save him at all. Even if he can fly here, the power of the beetle lord is not enough.

“No one can save you, yours Divine Physique still has less than 50% left, and it is estimated that another ten moves will be enough to kill you. “

The Lord of Ernst and Young is holding a scepter and arrives instantly with a smile.

“Damn. “

“Isn’t it by armor, by Avatar Divine Physique? ”

The Lord of Day roared in his heart. The reason why he ran away when he saw it before was because he knew the battle method of the Lord of Ernst and Young.

The armor of the Lord of Ernst and Young was one of Peak’s armors. The Top Grade is said to be able to weaken the attack to 1/100,000!

The Divine Physique of Ernst & Young has nearly 10,000 times the level of life genes!

EY carries an Avatar with it, It is plant life, with a huge Divine Physique with several millions of kilometers. Even if ‘injury for injury’, the continuous replenishment of the huge Avatar with plant life… can also make his use of this move extremely enjoyable.

“My Divine Physique is also a special life Divine Physique, and it is also 100,000 kilometers high. If it is blocked by weapons, it may take a long time to consume me. Can be injured and replaced… The consumption speed of Divine Physique is obviously a hundred times thousand times faster. ”

Even if the Lord of Day tried his best, he still got hit.


Divine Physique is dropping sharply, 42%—— 37%——31%——

“Be willing to die. “The Lord of Ernst & Young smiled.

“No, no—” The Lord of Day tried to do everything he could, either to dodge quickly, or try his best to resist with weapons, but it was useless! The instant replacement of several sets of secret techniques can be called unpredictable, making him you can’t guard against it.

Lord Beetle is in the shallow area of the water, looking at the endless sea of smoothies, You can only sigh: “During the day, no one else can help you except the Lord of Peng Gong and the creator of Giant Axe who may arrive to save you. “


A silhouette appears out of thin air aside.

“The Lord of the Beetles.” A familiar voice sounded.

The giant head of the beetle lord turned around abruptly, and saw a silhouette next to him, which was the black-haired human in silver armor.

“Payton? The Lord of Beetles was disappointed, and even sent a sound transmission, “Peton, now the Lord of Daylight is being hunted down by the Lord of Ernst and Young, unless the Lord of Peng Gong and the creator of giant axe show up, we have a solution. No, you don’t rush in, once you fall into the sea of smoothies, you are also in danger. “

“I may be no match for the Lord of Ernst and Young, but I am not afraid of him.” “The black-haired human said directly.

“en?” Appearing in this endless water, along with the appearance of this endless golden light, the violent time-space turbulence instantly flooded and surging, and under the blessing of the turbulent time-space turbulence, it directly defeated the ice sand sea with a destructive attitude.

“Xeon secret technique! Metaverse! ”

(end of this chapter)

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