All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 553


Chapter 553 Peak


The Lord of Day is really desperate, his Divine Physique has been depleted to only 20%, and his resistance is much weaker.


The Lord of Ernst and Young still smiled and went forward.


The complexion greatly changed.

“Who is it!!!” The Lord of Ernst & Young roared angrily.

“Boom~~” is like heaven falls and earth rends, the outrageous ‘Smooth Sea’ that trapped the Lord of Day like a quagmire and made the Lord of Day move very slowly disintegrated instantly, and the surrounding The endless waters instantly turned into a turbulent flow of time and space.

“Lord of the day, don’t leave!” A voice sounded in his ear.

“This voice…” The Lord of the Day startled.

The familiar voice, isn’t it Peyton?

“Don’t go! Hurry up!” The voice urged.


The Lord of the Days even fled for his life. This escape made him feel extremely happy. Before in the sea of smoothies, he seemed to be stuck in a quagmire. But now this endless time and space turbulence is not hindered at all, on the contrary, it is constantly helping him, pushing him behind, making his speed soar.

The fate of Ernst & Young was the opposite.

The speed drops sharply!

“Who is it!” The Lord of Ernst and Young roared angrily.

“If I had a Peak Domain Supreme Treasure, I wouldn’t let you run away.”

The Lord of Ernst and Young was extremely angry, and instantly lifted the space blockade.


The day lord who escaped in the distance was overjoyed, and immediately teleported directly to the shallow waters of the water.

“I want to see who it is.” With the help of spatial sensing, the Lord of Ernst and Young can naturally sense that the ‘Lord of the Day’ just teleports several light-years away…

Therefore, the Lord of Ernst and Young also teleported immediately.

Peton and the Lord of Beetles were all in the water, and the Lord of Day appeared out of thin air next to him, and the Lord of Day sighed a little when he saw Peyton.

“Wait a minute.”

Because another silhouette appeared not far away…a human-shaped creature holding a scepter, with a hazy white light all over the body, and the back of the head. There are also circles of white apertures, and there is a one-eyed illusory shadow in the aperture – the Lord of Ernst & Young.

The eyes of the Lord of Ernst and Young were full of anger, staring at Peyton.

“Human? I’ve never seen you!” The Lord of Ernst & Young said angrily.

“You’ll know me later.”

Peton glanced at Ernst & Young.


Peyton and their three people teleported immediately, but this time they teleported directly out of the water area and fled far away.

“Humans, black-armored and black-haired humans!”

The Lord of Ernst and Young let out a shrill roar, which contained his anger.


In the void of the outer domain of Qingfengjie, on the celestial rock, three majestic silhouettes are there.

“Lord of the day, you don’t have to…” Peyton continued.

“You saved my life, and this is the greatest life-saving grace.” The Lord of the Day raised his head.

“My promise was just to repay my kindness, you don’t have to be humble. In the future, whenever you have a life…just inform me, no matter what I’m doing, I’ll go immediately, even if I’m desperate, I won’t retreat in the slightest. .”

Payton laughed softly.

This is the character of the Lord of the Day.


Extremely stubborn!

If you want to scold, scold… No matter how high your future achievements are, once you commit, go through water and tread on fire will not look back.

“Lord of the day, you can’t deal with this danger?”

Peyton couldn’t help but speak, he was very puzzled, one can survive in the sea of cosmos for so long Yes, there should be some life-saving method.

“Even if I encounter the most powerhouse in the universe, as long as the opponent doesn’t attack me with Strongest Supreme Treasure… I can resist it for a long time. First, the Supreme Treasure weapon uses a unique move to block, which can generally weaken more than 90% of its power. , the threat of hitting the Divine Physique armor is very small.” The Lord of Day sighed.

“However, the battle method of the Lord of Ernst and Young just restrained me. He was unpredictable and easily changed his moves, but I was brave and not good at blocking, and even exchanged injuries with me!”

“Actually, my Divine Physique is also very strong. I have a 100,000-kilometer Divine Physique, and I’m not afraid of changing injuries. But the Lord of Ernst & Young is more powerful than me.”

“Knowing several sets of the strongest secret techniques and being able to change moves instantly, so unpredictable, there are not many, and there are even fewer that can make me unable to block, Divine Physique is even better than me… Rare.” The Lord of Day said.

“Looking at the sea of cosmos, there are only a few. Usually, once you find that you are far away, don’t run away, didn’t expect to suffer this time.”

Peyton nodded, knows how to count Set of the strongest secret technique, and good at changing moves, the attack is known for being fast, and the Divine Physique defense is stronger than the Lord of the Day, all of which are in line with… It is indeed rare.

“This time suffers, so I have decided.” The Lord of Day said, “My Divine Physique has suffered a great loss this time, and it will take a long time to recover. It was during this training period… I studied shield defense well. I am a special being, and I am not naturally flexible enough, so it is better to create a set of shield tactics, one shield and one long shuttle, which is much safer.”

“You should have done this long ago.” The main road of 犴.

“en.” Payton also nodded.

“I’m also too confident, Peyton, your great kindness, I will never forget the chert, I just tell me if I have something.” The Lord of Day’s voice boomed, “Then I’ll go back to Primitive Universe first, next time. Come, I came with a shield.”

“No.” Peyton said with a smile.

The Lord of Day also spoke to the Lord of Beetles, and then left with a teleport.

“Although my armor defense is ten times stronger than that of the Lord of the Day, his Divine Force is ten times stronger than mine… Combining the two, his defense is indeed stronger than mine, and the Divine Physique is also Slightly older than me.”

Peyton secretly sighed, fortunately he was more flexible, even if he encountered the Lord of Ernst and Young, he could block.

Moreover, Dao of Space-Time and metaverse secret technique are all very dexterous, but if you want to fight, you will fight, and if you want to escape, you will run away.

In the blink of an eye, it’s been decades, and in those decades, Payton has had no other troubles.

He also didn’t encounter any treasures, but there are many wonders in this cosmic sea, which also gave him a lot of new thinking.


“What a big cave.”

Peyton didn’t dare to rush along those streams of flame, chaotic in unknown places Chuang, I am afraid it will be difficult to turn back.

“It is also very strange that the stone pillar of the cave can be damaged under such flames and slush.” Peyton was observing carefully.

He found that the stone pillars looked ordinary at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it seemed that every gravel in the stone pillars could refract rays of light, vaguely as if there were many spaces.


“Each gravel contains a space?”

“Each stone pillar is probably composed of countless gravels, and each gravel There is a space? What is this kind of stone pillar? How come I have no such information, is this place extremely dangerous in the Qingfeng world, and my human race has not yet come here with a powerhouse?”

Peyton wonders to himself that there is no record of such a stone pillar in the human race.


Soon, Peyton was attracted by another stone pillar not far away, “That’s…”

Not far away The other stone pillar at the place looks the same as all other stone pillars at first glance, but if you look closely, there is a paw print on the surface of the stone pillar. The paw print is equivalent to the size of a normal Earth human palm, with four fingers, which are deeply there. on stone pillar.

“Paw prints?”

“Who left the paw prints? This flame stream is probably hard to burn even if Lord of Universe wears Supreme Treasure armor, who came here? “

Peyton secretly wondered, the entrance to the main peak of the Qingfengjie was at the fracture of the section… and Peyton entered the mountain belly from the water upstream.

Calculated from the position, it should be in the lower abdomen of the main peak of the Qingfeng boundary.

From top to bottom…and the deeper and deeper into the peak realm, so the area where I am is by no means an ordinary area, and there is no such stone pillar record even in the human race data. And know.

“The gravel in the center of the paw print!”

Peyton’s eyes shined, the stone pillar is composed of countless gravels, and the paw prints naturally spread to a large amount of gravel. The incomparable beauty vaguely refracts the space, but the gravel in the center of the paw print is filled with a hint of aura, an extraordinary aura.

“Go in and take a look.”


The whole is directly absorbed into the space contained in the gravel.


In the gravel space, the temperature is significantly lower, which is equivalent to the constant Star Core temperature.

At least it was much better than the outside temperature that was enough to burn the Lord of Universe Divine Force.


“This space.” At first glance, the vast space was dead silent. Except for the mountain range and the earth composed of endless rocks, there was nothing special. Peyton had entered the gravel space once before, and it was generally dead silent, nothing special.

“The grit is so different, I don’t believe there’s anything special about it.”

Payton’s mind moved.

The endless hazy golden light instantly descends on this gravel space, and the rocky earth and mountain range in the space are not so special. The rocks like the Qingfengjie peaks are very special. They are extremely hard at first. Even if you try to temporarily destroy some rocks, the damaged areas will condense and grow again. Second, Divine Force, Domain, and other desires are extremely difficult to penetrate.

“The rock mountain range in the gravel space is nothing special, just ordinary rocks.”

“This gravel space is really special.”


As soon as I took a step, I crossed a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers and came to a mountain peak. There was a smooth rock wall on the mountain peak. There was a strange wave on the rock wall, and the ground in front of the rock wall. There are two items on it.

One of them is an azure pendant with exotic animal carvings on it.

The other piece is a very beautiful silk cloth, the silk cloth black and golden are intertwined, exuding bursts of breath.

“These two items…”

After all, he has a database of human races to rely on, so there are very few that he can’t recognize, at least the two items in front of him. can be recognized.

“It turned out to be the token of Universe Boat, one of the three Jedi.” Peyton looked at the azure alien beast carving pendant.

“It is said that if you have this token, then in the Universe Boat, you will have some privileges, reduce the risk a lot, and have a special cultivation space.”

Universe Boat is an extremely large damaged spaceship.

Why is a damaged spaceship ranked among the top three Jedi?

The Universe Boat is first and foremost outrageous. The entire spaceship stretches for hundreds of millions of light years, and it can also swallow endless chaotic energy, making the entire ‘Universe Boat’ surrounded by many dangerous and harsh environments, and the Universe Boat The interior is even more dangerous, and it was here before the Endless Era…

Even before the Two Great Holy Lands universe, the Universe Boat was there! Nobody knows the origin of Universe Boat.

And Universe Boat also likes to ‘devour small universes’, some broken small Cosmic Scriptures are often attracted to it, and then absorbed by it. It is also because of this… that it is known as the ‘Universe Boat’. This damaged super spaceship with endless power has endless dangers and endless treasures!

Dangerous enough to bring down the most powerhouse in the universe.

Treasures, enough to drive any side of the universe crazy.

And ‘token’ is a kind of strange item in Universe Boat. As long as you wear a token with you, you can’t say all the dangerous places, but at least some dangerous places are not dangerous. And each token also corresponds to a huge secret room, and each secret room is an Independent Space.

“Picture.” Peyton looked towards another item.

The first item is the token of Universe Boat.

The second item is the wire drawing.

The thread…is a very precious material, it is an important material for making ‘Illusion Technique’ Supreme Treasure, and it naturally has a calming effect.

“It is possible to make such a large piece of silk cloth with the extravagant thread.” Peyton secretly said.

“It’s really extravagant, I’m afraid that the most powerhouse in the universe can do it.”

A trace of Divine Force directly penetrated into the thread drawing, and consciousness also entered the ‘thread drawing’, It was as if he had entered a virtual space.

In this virtual space…

is a virtual giant Universe Boat, a red silk thread running through part of the Universe Boat. The dangers of each area are completely virtualized, and the way to avoid the danger and pass through the dangerous place is described.

“Here, this is part of the map of Universe Boat?” Peyton immediately retracted the Divine Force, and instantly understood, followed by Da Xi.

The three Jedi are comparable.

Qingfengjie, Universe Boat, and Liuzhongshan are all places where Strongest Supreme Treasure can be born, and Peak Supreme Treasure is even more common.

Of course, along with the precious treasure is the terrifying environment…a more detailed map is invaluable.

This map…was a great value!

“Boom~~~” A wave suddenly burst out from the rock wall in front.

Peyton, who had just picked up the azure token again, couldn’t help but look up, only to see a picture began to appear on the rock wall ahead, two vague silhouettes began to appear, one of those two figures was an extremely beautiful body with endless The green-leafed woman, seeing her as if she saw the most vibrant existence in the universe, made Peyton feel extremely comfortable.

The other silhouette, wearing a gray robe, looks like a piece of dead wood at first glance. His head is a bit like a crystal, with no hair, no ears or nose, only three eyes and a mouth.

“I, Jie Fanzi.” said the gray robe silhouette.

“I, Zhenlin.” The beautiful woman surrounded by countless green leaves also said.

gray robe silhouette continued: “When you pick up the two items I left behind, you can see this photo! Just don’t know… When you see the photo, which one is it? It’s about the reincarnation era.”

In the photo, the mouth of the gray robe silhouette is moving, and at the same time one after another strange fluctuation, although it is not any language that Peyton knows, but the fluctuation is transmitted to Peyton In his mind, Peyton knew it naturally.

To a certain extent, there is no need for language at all, and each other’s will fluctuates to understand each other’s meaning.

“Which era of reincarnation…” Peyton was shocked.

These two guys…

Some of the terrifying characters in the human database about the three cosmic ages and the Two Great Holy Lands have already told Peyton, but apparently there is no such thing as People, Jie Fanzi and Zhenlin, have never heard of them, and they are obviously not the beings of these three universes of reincarnation.

“I am the most powerhouse alone, before the last fight, my inheritance, my countless efforts, I don’t want to waste. So on the way to the reincarnation, put the token and map of the Universe Boat here. “gray robe silhouette said.

“That token, representing an Independent Space of Universe Boat, except for taking Strongest Supreme Treasure with me to go through reincarnation, everything else is left there, I only hope that later I can show all the rays of light that I have left behind, and if possible, pass on the lineage of many secret techniques Absolute Art I have created. “

“This is not a requirement. “

“I can’t ask for a powerhouse after I don’t know how many times of reincarnation.” “gray robe silhouette.

Peton’s heartbeat accelerates.

Rely on.

The azure token of the threadmap and Universe Boat turned out to be just the ‘key’.

A single most powerhouse in the universe will carry the Strongest Supreme Treasure with you, where everything else is placed?

The wealth of a single most powerhouse in the universe is extremely terrifying, like giant axe How much did the founders contribute to the human race?

Like a lone mountaineer, Peak Supreme Treasure doesn’t care.

For the loneliest powerhouse in the universe…some Peak Supreme Treasure No use at all.

“Junior. Another dynamic wave came, and the beautiful woman also spoke.

“I also left an inheritance behind Zhenlin, as for the token and map, they are all about 300 light-years away. If you are strong enough, you might as well look around. It’s up to you to find it. “

“Don’t listen to her, this is already the core of Qingfeng Realm, there are dangers everywhere, and even the most powerful house in the universe may fall, although some of the most powerful houses in the universe will leave a token around the world. Wait, it’s a matter of luck to get the token, and it’s too dangerous to search for it. “gray robe silhouette said.

“I have lived for nearly three times of reincarnation, and the deadline is approaching, so I can only make a last-ditch effort to break through the reincarnation. If you can get through… then you will be able to Eternal Existence, and you will be able to build a Holy Land universe. “

“Now the Universe Sea is only a Holy Land Universe.” “The woman surrounded by green leaves also said, “I want to make two Holy Land universes appear in the universe sea. “

“Haha, Zhenlin, let’s go.” “

“Go.” ”

The gray robe silhouette and the silhouette of the green-leafed woman flashed and disappeared, followed by the photo gradually dissipating.

Peyton stood in front of the rock wall, but stood there in a daze For a long time.

“Reincarnation. “

“It seems that there is reincarnation in the depths of Qingfeng Realm. “

“Perhaps there are many treasures left by the most powerhouse in the universe, or failed reincarnations, etc., leaving treasures in the depths. “

Peyton also guessed that the core area is afraid that there are some relics of the most powerful houses in the universe in the past dynasties, but he just doesn’t dare to look for them arbitrarily.

(End of this chapter)


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