All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 554


Chapter 554 Landing

The black-patterned stone pillar space is one of the few in the entire Universe Boat inner domain. One of the major areas without danger, of course, the danger of powerhouses fighting each other is not counted. Where there are powerhouses, there will be grudges, and if there are grudges, there will be fights.

The entire space is supported by 16 black-patterned stone pillars that are thousands of light-years high. Except for the space condensed near the black-patterned stone pillars, which cannot be teleported, other areas of the entire space can be teleported.

The black-patterned stone pillar is a natural monument! These 16 stone pillars are thousands of light-years high, and there are extremely deep black secret patterns on them.

Because there is no step-by-step process, there is no gradual transition from easy to difficult, so the black secret pattern that spreads all over the stone pillar is completely incomprehensible!

Each black-patterned stone pillar is powerful, more powerful than the Strongest Supreme Treasure, and can be manifested by its length of thousands of light-years alone.

And so far, no powerhouse can really touch the black-patterned stone pillar, because the closer you get to the ‘black-patterned stone pillar’, the more terrifying the willpower shock will be. Even the most powerhouse in the universe cannot do it. to the black streak stone pillar.

But no matter what, this is a natural Ancient Ruins that can be easily seen, and the level of the secret pattern is very high, and there are as many as 16 on the stone pillar that is distributed for thousands of light years. Causing some dormant Old Guys to settle here.

Safety, teleportation, Time Flow Speed, historic sites…

Many factors make this place a place for roaming the depths of Universe Boat, powerhouse rest and cultivation.


The mist is full of mist, and it is far and wide.

Peyton teleported twice a short distance, and the fog in front of him became very thin. Because of the black-patterned stone pillar space, the highest point is the lowest, all around the most peripheraly zone, the fog is thick, and the center There is no fog around the 16 scattered black-patterned stone pillars.

There is another saying that in the boundary area between teleportation and teleportation, the fog has become thin and almost gone.

“xiu!” A silver rainbow light streaks across the void.

“Haha, after spending 620 years, I finally arrived at the space of the black streak stone pillar.”

Peyton turned into a rainbow, with a smile on his face and a happy heart.

This cosmic sea is full of crises, but also extremely lonely, infinite and vast, for hundreds of years, perhaps not a single person will encounter it.

“I actually met Hongmeng.”

“The Lord of the Red Moon!”

A deep azure rainbow light flew, although it was extremely fast, it could Peyton’s naked eyes could see each other’s appearance clearly.

It is an alien Lord of Universe ‘the Lord of Yanying’ in Hongmeng. The Lord of Yanying has a higher status in the Hongmeng, because he is extremely powerful and belongs to the Lord of Hebingfeng. At the first level, they usually roam in the three major Jedi Inner Territories. They also have many means at their disposal. They are very good at protecting their lives and are extremely difficult to provoke.

“I heard that the Lord of the Red Moon has acquired a new domain, Supreme Treasure, shrouded in endless blue flames. As soon as my previous domain was discovered, I suspected it was you, Lord of the Red Moon, so I came here. , Seeing it really is, haha, I’m really happy to find our Hongmeng in the inner domain of Universe Boat.”

A bird with a deep azure spread out its wings, and on its head is golden feathers , while the direct sound transmission speaks lingua franca.

In Hongmeng, more people speak in common language.

“It is also a pleasure to see the Lord of the Eagle.” Peyton said with joy.

“I don’t know, Lord of the Red Moon, where are you coming to this black-patterned stone pillar space?”

The Lord of Yanying is beside Peyton, and the two are parallelized into two streams of light flying with Divine Force as the medium, talking to each other.

“I am here to sharpen my will with the help of the black-patterned stone pillar.” Payton said directly.


“To sharpen the will? The three eras of reincarnation in the universe and the Two Great Holy Lands universe, there are not many people who come here to sharpen their will. Most of them are here. , is to rest here temporarily, or to comprehend the secret pattern on the black-patterned stone pillar. I have been here for some years, and some have to tell you, Lord of the Red Moon first.”

“The Swallow Eagle Lord please say.” Peyton said.

“Because the space of the black-patterned stone pillar is extremely safe, there are secret patterns of historic sites, and it is extremely proven, there has always been a group of powerhouses here. Especially the three strongest ones.” Lord Yanying said.

“Those three exist, but they are all the most powerhouses in the universe! There are the most powerhouses in the universe alone, and there are ethnic groups. They are the star master of the first round, the ancestor of Blood Orchid, and the second round. Back to the rampant Demon God.”

“I know that.” Peyton nodded.

“What I want to tell you is the temperament of these three.” Lord Yanying said, “Master Beiqi has a very good personality, as long as you respect him, it’s fine. But Blood Orchid The ancestor is a plant life… The area it spreads must not be within a million kilometers of it, otherwise there is a danger of falling. Both of these are good, one has a good character and the other is extremely evil, and they can be easily dealt with. The most troublesome is Rampage Demon God.”

Peton nodded.

He has also heard about the rampant Demon God, and it is a very dangerous and difficult existence to deal with.

But the black-patterned stone pillar space is the territory of these three Old Guys, and you must be vigilant not to offend these three Old Guys.

Wandering Demon God, the second round is the most powerhouse in the universe.

Payton has a lot of information in his mind about the three eras of reincarnation, the ‘most powerhouse in the universe’ of the Two Great Holy Lands universe.

There are also differences between the most powerhouses in the universe, some are good at soul, some are good at annihilation of matter, and there is also a big difference between whether there is a ‘Strongest Supreme Treasure’, and in the most powerhouse in the sea of cosmos, the Demon God rampant is extremely terrifying .

Dare to call it ‘runaway’, and you can see one or two.

In terms of his own strength, he can only be regarded as the average level in the most powerhouse in the universe.

It can be called terrifying because of his Strongest Supreme Treasure!

He is a special being, he likes to devour rocks, metals, etc., and he is born with a very hard shell! It is rumored that his Divine Physique’s ‘shell’ is condensed with too much rock and metal essence… It is unbelievably strong alone. With his Strongest Supreme Treasure armor, it is indeed enough to traverse the sea of the universe. That armor is a very The special armor, called ‘Blood Sea Demon Armor’, in addition to the normal defensive ability, the Blood Sea Demon Armor will make the surrounding area feel like a ‘Blood Sea Hell’ filled with endless mad will shocks.

“The Demon God who runs rampant and fights against the most powerhouses in other universes is just average, but it has an absolute advantage over our Lord of Universe.” The Lord of Yanying continued, “Once he goes mad, his Strongest Supreme Treasure’s burst of willpower may even affect the most powerhouses in the universe a little bit, and we Lord of Universe may be in a state of daze in an instant…no resistance!”

Payton solemnly Nominate.

“And he is temperamental.” The Lord of Yan Ying flew and sighed at the same time: “It’s a loner again, and I’m not afraid of causing trouble, so I have to walk around when the Demon God is rampant!”


Two streams of light streak through the void.

Flying all the way, Payton gradually understood the situation.

Black-patterned stone pillar There are 16 black-patterned stone pillars in the space, of which ‘Blood Orchid Ancestor’ has been on the No. 9 black-patterned stone pillar for a long time, while the ‘Beijing Star Lord’ has long been on the No. 2 black-patterned stone pillar. Pillar, as for the ‘Rampant Demon God’, he doesn’t have a fixed location, he likes to run around and pretend to be his identity.

“The front is the No. 2 black-patterned stone pillar, which is the entire black-patterned stone pillar space, the place where the most powerhouses gather.” With a flutter of his wings, the Swallow Eagle smashed through the air at high speed, heading towards No. 2 to Heavenly Demon Pillar flew away.

Peyton flying side by side, look at it.

The towering height is endless, and the height extends directly to the limit of the field of vision, penetrating into the mist. The bottom of the black-patterned stone pillar also penetrates into the endless mist at the bottom.

Whoosh! call! call! A large number of huge rocks fly around the black-patterned stone pillar, just as Earth flies around the sun, and these huge rocks never tire of flying around the black-patterned stone pillar. And among the endlessly huge rocks densely packed, there are also some of the most conspicuous and beautifully carved black spire buildings.

That’s the space secret room!

“The black token, but I don’t know which space secret room this black token corresponds to.”

Peyton secretly said, “There are 16 black-patterned stone pillars here. There are some space secret rooms around a black-patterned stone pillar. Only when you are close to the spatial secret room that belongs to me can you feel a little.”

“It seems that I have to try 16 black-patterned stone pillars one by one. .”

In flight.

The Swallow Eagle Lord was observing Peyton, and as he got closer to the No. 2 black-patterned stone pillar, the powerful willpower became stronger and stronger.


It’s like the roar of hundreds of millions of troops fighting and roaring. When they get here, those who have just become Lord of Universe generally need to resist the will with all their strength. Shocked.

But Yan Ying’s Lord found that this Peyton was actually very indifferent, without the slightest effort on his face.

“This Peyton’s cultivation is short-lived. Could it be that his will is so strong?” Lord Yanying was very surprised, “I have cultivated for a long time, and I have been honing it here for a long time before I can sharpen my will. A peak can be easily resisted, how can he resist easily?”

“The Lord of the Eagle.”

Peyton pointed finger towards the distance, and some black lines around the distance stone pillar Flying rock, entrenched some powerhouse life.

“I can see digital powerhouses at a glance. How many powerhouses are there in this No. 2 black-patterned stone pillar?”

“Nearly a hundred. The Lord Yanying said directly, “Look, they are not even at the same distance from the black-patterned stone pillar, some are far away, and some are close. It all depends on each powerhouse’s own will… The stronger the will, the more Naturally, you can choose a boulder that is closer to the black-patterned stone pillar to rest. The deepest one is the Lord of Stars.”

sou! sou!

The two streams of light fly quickly To that black-patterned stone pillar, thousands of light-years high, what is the concept? The entire solar system is a little smaller than it, the closer you get, the more you feel the majesty of the black-patterned stone pillar, and the monstrous aura… It shocked Peyton. It is worthy of being recognized as being more special than the Strongest Supreme Treasure. treasure, so far no powerhouse in the universe can get close to it and touch it.

“The Lord of the Red Moon.” The Lord of Yan Ying couldn’t help but said, “The closer we are, the stronger the willpower will be. My usual retreat is in the depths, where it is close to my limit, So it can sharpen my will. If you can’t bear it, Lord of the Red Moon, you can tell me in advance.”

“Alright, I also want to test myself.” Peyton smiled.

The two keep flying inward.

The Lord of Yanying is always observing Peyton. When he thinks about it, Peyton, who has only had a few epochs of cultivation, how can he be strong even if he has sharpened his will since birth? But Peyton’s expression was always natural and casual, and obviously he couldn’t even make Peyton struggle, let alone the limit.

“Lord Yanying, as we approach, the Time Flow Speed is constantly changing.” Peyton said, “The Time Flow Speed here is more than 200 times faster, where you generally sharpen your will. , how many times faster is the Time Flow Speed?”

“The closer you get, the faster the Time Flow Speed.” Yan Yingzhi said, “My Time Flow Speed is about 1100 times, like Bei Chi Star Lord, in the most powerhouse in the universe, is extremely terrifying, he has surpassed an era of reincarnation in this culture, and according to himself, his Time Flow Speed is more than 130,000 times.”

Payton froze.

It’s no wonder that the rampant Demon God also has to give Bei Qixing face. This good-natured and good-natured first round exists in the era, and its strength is too strong. It is so terrifying that only the will is so terrifying. If you use the ‘Illusion Technique’ Flow’ is very terrifying, even if a simple soul attack is cast, with his will, the soul attack can be super powerful.

And this kind of existence is also extraordinary, even if it is about to face the deadline, it is still able to silently cultivate here, and often disclose his comprehend, which is very calm.

“The Lord of the Eagle?”


Around the black-patterned stone pillar, some Lord of Universe also found that the Lord of Yanying and Peyton kept flying towards it. This made some Lord of Universe secretly shocked… to be able to approach more deeply than them, obviously stronger in will, and they couldn’t believe that a Peyton with such a short cultivation would have such a strong will.

Some of them are very strong, and their battle strength is strong, but it doesn’t mean how terrifying their will is.

After all, among the nearly 100 Lord of Universes here, only some of them have been honing their will for a long time, and most of them are just resting here. This is just a safe transfer station.

“That’s where my cultivation is.” The Lord of Eagles flew at a high speed, and soon landed on a high-speed boulder, and Peyton also landed on it.

“Lord of the Red Moon, you are able to resist the shock of willpower here, I admire it.” The Lord of Yanying sighed.

Peyton smiled, his will has always been a big advantage, perhaps because of the nature of Evil God, after breaking through Lord of Universe, his will jumped to supreme powerhouse Level 1, even among them Nor is it the last.

“Oh, there are quite a few Lord of Universe ahead.” Peyton looked into the distance, some were closer to the black-patterned stone pillar, and there were indeed some powerhouses on the boulder.

“Yes, although there are nearly a hundred Lord of Universe gathered here, more than half of them are temporarily stopped here, not deliberately to sharpen their willpower cultivation. And those who really deliberately sharpen their wills here are in terms of willpower. , generally reach the higher level in the Lord of Universe, and some reach the Peak of Lord of Universe will. Some even make a breakthrough… In terms of will, it can be comparable to the most powerhouse in the universe!”

“You Look! That, that, that…the nineteen! The distance from the black-patterned stone pillar is about the same. These 19 have reached a limit of Lord of Universe’s will. If we move forward, we must make a breakthrough and bring about qualitative changes. , to the point where it is comparable to the will of the most powerhouse in the universe.”

“You see, in the deeper…those who are closer to the black-patterned stone pillar than those 19, except for the star master Beiqi, from me You can see two powerhouses, but there are actually three in total! These three Lord of Universe … are comparable to the most powerhouses in the universe in terms of will. These three belong to the Holy Land universe and the first round era respectively.” Yan Ying The Lord explained.

Peton sighed in his heart, he was not too special.

In this ‘black-patterned stone pillar space’, you can encounter three Lords of Universe that are comparable to the most powerhouse in the universe in terms of will. If you look at the entire universe sea? How much must there be?

β€œMany thanks for the guidance, I’m going to start landing.”

β€œLord of the Red Moon, I will go.”

(End of this chapter )

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