All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 555


Chapter 555 Ferry

The endless vast Dark Space, the storm formed by the dazzling rays of light sweeps everything.

When Peyton, which is only tens of thousands of kilometers away from Divine Physique, first appeared, he was immediately hit by those blade storms, just like a small fishing boat in the tsunami, the moment it was hit, it was completely far away. Throw away.

Peyton felt nothing but a terrifying shock sweeping across the Divine Physique.


One after another blade of rays of light, every time there are hundreds of huge blade rays of light slashing on Divine Physique, the power of Strong, it made Divine Physique like a toy. It was thrown into the distance, and it was thrown away again and again. In the face of these impacts, it was simply powerless to resist.



Countless blade rays of light raged violently, sweeping again and again, hitting the Divine Physique, the Divine Physique kept rolling and flying, like a football kicked by countless giants…

Peyton calmed down and adjusted his Divine Physique, including the inner core embryonic changes.

On the outside, let Divine Physique fly around randomly, but on the inside, it doesn’t feel at all, just moved towards the constant evolution of the direction he expected.

Even under external stimuli, Peyton’s will continued to condense, prompting the continuous improvement of his Divine Physique.

“Too strong.”

“Too, too strong.”

“Those rays of light are too strong.”

Peyton is the master of Divine Physique, and his Divine Force energy is instilled in every part of Divine Physique, so he can clearly sense those shocks.

Each blade of rays of light, the power of power…is not weaker than the blow of the ordinary Lord of Universe!

Here, if you are not careful, there is a high probability that Lord of Universe will fall into it.



“Little!” Peyton kept controlling Divine Physique.

Brush~~~Divine Physique shrinks sharply, and instantly shrinks into a dust-like.

His Divine Physique is nine light-years tall, it can be bigger, and it can be turned into tiny dust particles… This is the mystery of the embryonic universe.

Of course, not only Divine Physique, but ordinary heavy treasures can do it, and it can also shrink like a Small Accomplishment glass ball, but it can’t reach the level of fine dust particles.

The size is small, and the blade storms are all huge, in fact, there is a slight distance between each blade.

As a result, there is only one blade storm on this dust particle occasionally, and even if it is split, it is at most one blade storm, and it is impossible for two blade storms to strike on Divine Physique at the same time.

“With just a blade storm, with the power of Divine Physique I provoked, at least the flight will not be affected too much.”

Only then did Peyton feel Divine Physique is completely in control.

Before, it was just flying around like a toy, and I couldn’t control it at all.

Now it hits once in a while, Divine Physique is Strongest Supreme Treasure after all, just one attack can’t affect its flight.

“stone pillar!”

In the dusty Divine Physique, Peyton looked at the endless storm outside, and also saw the infinitely large dazzling stone pillar in the distance, Then immediately controlled the Divine Physique to fly there.

The speed of Divine Physique, which is as big as dust particles, is constantly soaring, but the entire space is filled with endless blade storms. Each blade of rays of light is extremely huge, and there are too many. The Divine Physique was hacked from time to time, causing it to fly crookedly, and it was impossible to guarantee a straight line.

“It’s so far.”

Peyton looked at the huge stone pillar that was still dazzling in the distance.

“From me to the stone pillar, there are several light-years away. And this space is swept by the endless blade storm, the time and space are completely shattered, and it is impossible to teleport.”

Teleportation requires space fluctuation as a medium.

A slight fluctuation is enough.

However, those dazzling blade-like rays of light, each of which is more terrifying than the most powerhouse attack in the universe, and the endless storm formed by countless blade rays of light, has long ago completely shattered the nothingness of space and time, and there is no trace of it. space fluctuation.

The only way to reach the stone pillar is to fly!

In the process of flying, either Supreme Treasure or great perseverance, if you rely on yourself, it is a huge exercise for yourself.

Here, Lord of Universe, also refers to this place as the ferry!

Boat with Divine Physique, or with Supreme Treasure!

The result is the same, but the process is vastly different!

“Fortunately, it is in the cosmic sea. The highest speed of the cosmic sea far exceeds the extreme speed of the original universe.” Peyton secretly said.

“The extreme speed in the cosmic sea is 100 times the speed of light. Because of the blade storm, Divine Physique can’t maintain the highest speed, but it can sometimes speed up and slow down, about 50 times the speed of light.”


The Divine Physique, which is so small that it is almost negligible, turns into a little starlight and flies rapidly in the endless blade storm space.


Time flies.

A month has passed in the blink of an eye, and Divine Physique has flown over 5 light-years, and is very close to the majestic stone pillar.

“These blade storms are all emanating from the stone pillar.”

I saw the edge of the incomparably huge dazzling stone pillar, releasing endless blade rays all the time. of light, countless blade rays of light swept through the mysterious space.

Some blade storms are silently absorbed when they touch the stone pillar.

Blade Storm!

Absorb the Bladestorm!

“Eruption and absorption, so that energy is conserved?” Peyton thought secretly.

“It seems that the power is endless, but in fact, the energy consumption of the stone pillar is extremely small. >

After flying for another three days, I was very close to the dazzling huge stone pillar.


Peton’s face suddenly changed.



“Not a huge stone pillar! “

“It’s not…”

When viewed from a great distance, it is indeed huge and extremely beautiful, a huge stone pillar more dazzling than billions of stars.


But when Peyton got very close to the huge stone pillar in Divine Physique… he had already seen it clearly.

Where is the huge stone pillar, it is simply packed by countless densely packed ‘blade’ The rays of light ‘continuously superimpose, forming a super-giant stone pillar!

In the distance.

Countless blades are stacked one by one, and the most edge of the entire ‘giant stone pillar’ is the most The sparse, countless blade storms spread out directly to all around, sweeping the entire space.

However, the closer the entire stone pillar is to the bottom of the core, the more exaggerated the density of the blades, or even completely superimposed .

“Innumerable blades make up the stone pillar? Peyton exclaimed softly, “Then how are these countless rays of light formed? “

“It’s really amazing work!” “

Peyton continued to fly in, Divine Physique flew for nearly a day, Peyton stared at every moment, he finally saw clearly, at the core of the entire huge stone pillar, about There is a black rock in the middle and lower part, and there is a circle of vacuum-like nothingness around the black rock.

Beyond the vacuum around the black rock, there is an endless accumulation of dense blade rays of light.

“Those blade rays of light, forming a huge stone pillar tens of thousands of light years, and even the blade storm sweeping the entire space, the source is this! “

As the distance gets closer, Divine Physique’s speed gradually slows down.

100 million kilometers, 50 million kilometers,…

” It’s like this. “

Peyton looked at it carefully. With his eyesight, he could see clearly. The black rock was about 100 meters high and was unfolding!

“This is the space of the stone pillar.” foundation! ”

β€œThe universe is created by the sea, this thing may surpass the ordinary Strongest Supreme Treasure!” “

Thinking like this, Peyton has no greed.

After all, this space has existed for so many years, and countless supreme powerhouses in the universe have gathered, and even they have nothing to do with it. Not to mention Peyton.

This is the foundation of space, the formidable power is vast, if it is stirred up, it may not be impossible for the most powerhouse in the universe to fall into it.

β€œBut here But it is the best place to hone your will! “

“Come close!” ”

As he got closer, Peyton saw more and more clearly. The 100-meter-high black rock was gray and seemed to have infinite power.

10 million kilometers…600 Ten thousand kilometers… 3 million kilometers…

As it got closer, the time tassels around him became more and more violent, and an endless will suddenly crushed Peyton, making Peyton’s whole body bewildered.

The crushed will has absolute aloof and remote and madness, in front of this will… Peyton feels like a little ant in front of a tiger shiver coldly, but Peyton Suddenly he stayed awake.

“It’s terrifying, it’s hard to get close to a million kilometers with my will! “

“That’s right, if there is no such great power, how can we talk about the creation of the universe sea?” “

Payton’s will was condensed: “Go ahead, slow down.” ”

10,000 kilometers and 10,000 kilometers, Peyton continued to advance, and his mind also suffered a heavy torment.

“Go forward!” ”


Peton rushes to the black-patterned stone pillar, constantly approaching and challenging his new limits, and as he approaches Time Flow Speed, it also keeps skyrocketing, getting faster and faster!

“12000 times? “

Finally at 2 million kilometers, Peyton’s figure completely stopped!

His will has reached the limit!

Peton became When I feel that the Time Flow Speed reaches 12,000 times, I feel very exhausted, and it is almost the limit.

“I heard that Star Master Beiqi, who has the strongest willpower, is at a Time Flow Speed of 130,000. Multiple times…”

“There is Person beyond the Person, there is Heaven beyond the Heaven. ”

Immediately returned to flying, and did not stop until it flew to a Time Flow Speed of about 6000 times, where the will is oppressed… For Peyton at the moment, it is like a breeze blowing, only feeling comfortable , it will not have any effect on the cultivation at all.

step by step, after a short rest, the next round of impact.


The time is slow In the blink of an eye, 800,000 years have passed.

The space of the black-patterned stone pillar.

The majestic black-patterned stone pillar pierces directly into the endless depths of clouds and mist at the highest point, The entire black-patterned stone pillar exudes endless and majestic will crushing, as if hundreds of millions of blood-stained Black Armor Army regiments are rushing and roaring.

Here, it is Peyton who sharpens his will The place.

A stone even broke away from the huge rock, suspended in midair, and slowly flew towards the black-patterned stone pillar, flying very slowly.

“Kill! kill! kill! ”

Endless roar.

The shock of will, like a tidal wave, surging wave after wave, crazily crushing Peyton’s will.

Eighty For 10,000 years, Peyton has continuously polished his consciousness and stimulated his limits. From the initial 2 million kilometers, Peyton has been able to break through to 1.5 million kilometers.

Although it is still far away, the progress has been obvious. , when I come to this place, some of the scales that Peyton sees on the stone pillar are completely the legacy of the universe’s supreme powerhouse, and even each of them is a famous universe’s supreme powerhouse.

Peton’s will It has already reached the Peak.


The stone began to wriggle and deform, turning into a naked man with complex spatial secrets on his skin. The pattern.

“Almost. “

“Almost. ”

Peton’s will is roaring.


He has a feeling…it’s about to break through the limit, just a little bit, he’s unprecedented Close to breakthrough!

“Give me a breakthrough! “Peton’s will is roaring.

bang! !!

Like a thunderbolt!

And it seems that the endless Chaos World instantly evolves into billions of stars in the universe , countless creatures… this moment!

Peton’s will is cheering and jumping, a kind of pleasure that sea is broad enough for fish to leap about sky is high enough for a bird to fly through, As if the Divine Dragon, trapped in the shoal, finally struggled out of the shoal, flew above the Nine Heavens, and roamed freely.

A mighty will… emanated from that Peyton.

“Hahaha…” Peyton’s surface quickly condensed black clothed, smiling happily.

“My will is transformed! “

“Powerful will control consciousness… The speed of deduction and thinking will be greatly improved.” “

The will is handsome! Consciousness is for many generals! Divine Force is the soldier!

The transformation of will… Whether it is cultivation or combat, it is very beneficial.

“Haha, the breakthrough of will is Hidden Dragon Ascending to Heaven. ”

Peton is very happy, Lord of Universe has been Cultivation for countless years, but more than 80 years is definitely an amazing time concept for him.

The next moment, in the depth of one’s soul, Peyton suddenly noticed something strange.

“What is this thread? “

“The other end of the connection? “

With his transformed consciousness, Peyton finally discovered a trace of mystery.

Extremely mysterious and abstruse, the mystery is mysterious!

It’s him The cosmic supreme powerhouse that I have seen is far less than the contingency of this breath.

It was only after Peyton penetrated the will of the cosmic supreme powerhouse that he realized it.


In the chaotic infinite sea, Wang Meng suddenly noticed something and couldn’t help but smile: “Have you noticed that you are walking so fast? ”

β€œEven if I have reached the key point in Cultivation, please let me know. ”

A golden light, which carries endless information along the hub of the soul.

On the other side, Peyton’s mind suddenly rises, and endless information diffuses in the soul The heart.

It seems to come from the other end of the silk thread, that extremely mysterious stalwart.

It took decades for Peyton to slowly open it. There is a strange look in his eyes.

This deity is half-stepped, diffracting All Heavens and Myriad Realms…

“So I’m just an incarnation? “

“This system is nothing but an immortal aura of the deity. ”

β€œChaos is infinite, diversity is infinite, Great Firmament, Hunyuan… The Ouroboros…”

“Even though swallowing the starry sky is also a universe, it is too small. “

With the irrigation of countless information, Peyton’s vision continued to grow, swallowing the starry sky is too small.

This is the so-called cosmic sea, for a Great Firmament, it is only There are few, let alone the primordial elements on it.

“However, there is good fortune above the devouring starry sky, and the way my cosmic prototype system integrates genetic locks also has mysteries, but there is no need to undervalue oneself! “

“Then Arthur can Avatar the deity, can’t I, Peyton? ”

(end of this chapter)

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