All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 556


Chapter 556

The space of black-patterned stone pillars is vast and strange, and 16 black-patterned stone pillars are endless.

Peyton has deciphered the fortune, has the blessing of the Great Firmament, and has ignored its will.

Even, the source of this space, the treasure that exceeds the Strongest Supreme Treasure, Peyton can also touch and even take it away.

However, Peyton didn’t have this thought in his mind for the time being.

He has regarded this black grain space as his own territory, a vast universe sea, countless universe supreme powerhouses, and even the powerhouses before countless reincarnations, only he can penetrate into the territory.

murdering to seize the treasures here

And the source of going out is treasure, which has formed a black grain space of countless years, and has countless opportunities left behind. It is also a treasure in itself.

“It was difficult to find that place before, but now is the time.”

With a move, Peyton’s consciousness began to spread from the source and searched.

Following the coercion of the vast source, his awareness seemed to be silent…no one noticed.

Time passed slowly, and Payton’s figure suddenly emerged.

“Haha, it took half a month to finally find it.”

Payton turned into a first-class of light and flew away quickly.

This secret room is very huge, and it is not much different from those huge rocks flying around the black-patterned stone pillar. When Peyton flew in front of it, he felt his own smallness, and his hand touched it lightly. Touched the wall, but penetrated with no difficulty.

“Huh?” Peyton smiled, then took a step forward, and the whole person went directly through the wall of the building and entered the inside.

Space secret room, the memory is an Independent Space.

It is majestic and vast.

Only the owner of the black token can enter.

Other powerhouses, even if they are the most powerful houses in the universe, will never break in… For a long time, no powerhouse has been able to destroy the space chamber.

“It’s big enough.” Peyton hovered in midair, overlooking the endless land.

One side of the continuous mountain range on the ground is very flat, and on the smooth rock wall, at a glance, you can see a lot of secret patterns and written records.


Peton descended rapidly, landing at the beginning of the countless engraved records, with ancient writing on it, which I did not know at all, which is also the same as the original ‘Universe Boat’ That civilization’s ancient existence has a different script’.

However, the text itself contains a powerful will that easily conveys the message to the viewer.

At this stage of Peyton and the others, even if they have a picture, they can convey a lot of information through a picture.

“I, the Lord of the Nine Worlds! This black token, I don’t know how many generations it is. The powerhouses of all dynasties have fallen one by one, and only a few traces can be discerned, which really makes me sigh. So… …I have an idea, and I hope that in the future, every generation of owners of this secret room will leave some messages here. At least, even if they die because of the deadline, they can be known to the later generations. I have lived for nearly three times of reincarnation. , the deadline is coming, I will wait here silently, if I die, the treasure will be left here, and the younger generation will get it. Haha, I don’t know which younger generation has such a chance.”

“I, Quequan! The treasure of Jiufan senior has come to me. Thank you Jiufan senior. Before Jiufan senior, maybe there were many masters in this space, but the information is unknown. I took Jiufan senior as the first space master without authorization. I am the second person, if I really don’t want to cross the limit, I will keep the treasure here before the limit, this is the secret technique diagram of the secret technique that I realized…”

I saw a large number of carvings on the vast smooth rock wall, and each carving represents each space owner.

“I, the Master of Tong Yu, the 193rd Space Master! The former senior has nothing left, haha, but in the three Jedi, the most troublesome thing is that many places in the three Jedi are unknown, The danger is unknown. So I have an idea that each generation of space masters will leave behind their own maps about the three Jedi, and each generation will supplement them in detail!

And this map has always been placed here! I believe that after countless generations …The map will become more and more detailed, and this will also be the luck of our room owner. I will leave my map about the three Jedi.”


Along the smooth rock wall, generations of space masters wrote, and as the line of sight looked, it continued, almost endlessly.

“Haha, juniors, cry, I have destroyed all the three Jedi maps accumulated over the past dynasties, remember, my name is the Lord of Thorn! The 1928th master of space! I have no treasure. Stay, haha…”

The further back, the more records.

The owner of the space continued to leave the map behind, and began to pass on the richness from generation to generation. There may be some troublesome damage in the middle, but most of them still choose to pass on the recorded map, which is already a tradition. There are also many powerhouses that have left some of their proud secret techniques.

“I’m afraid there are tens of thousands of space masters.” Peyton looked silently, as if he saw the changes of space masters in the past, and saw the powerhouses of the reincarnation era in front of him.

It’s just that the endless years have passed, and everything has dissipated in the universe, leaving only a few traces here.

Smooth rock face, endless as far as the eye can see.

Peyton walked on foot, watching the inscriptions left on the rock wall.

“Even if a space master represents an era of reincarnation. There are far more than ten thousand reincarnation times, even more how many powerhouses here have lived for nearly three times of reincarnation, and the previous space master died. , the black token is left behind, and it may take a long time before the next owner gets it.” Peyton secretly said.

Watch them one by one.

And many powerhouses have left their own secret technique diagrams, which are obviously the most energy-intensive for them and their hard work. Although he has reached the level of Lord of Universe in the attainment of secret patterns, and these secret techniques are almost all legacy of Lord of Universe, only a few are legacy of the most powerhouse in the universe, but it still makes Peyton an eye-opener.

How can secret techniques be created like this?

And other secret techniques?

He thought that the secret pattern was already extremely mysterious, but there are several secret techniques here, which are whimsical and unheard-of.


Peyton walked under the rock wall, watching the taste along the way, and whenever he saw some cryptic patterns, he would rather stop for a moment to comprehend.

Seeing this is the last.

Immediately, he moved his feet and reached the top of the mountain range in the distance. There was a semi-transparent black crystal pillar on the top of the mountain. The whole crystal pillar exuded faint rays of light, but Peyton knew that, According to the records of the space masters of the past dynasties, this crystal pillar is what the map carries, and there are maps of the three major Jedi.

Although a lot of inheritance has been interrupted, it is already a collection of maps of nearly 900 space masters. After each generation of space masters watches and records, they usually enrich the maps they know.

“Treasure is enough, this map is precious.”

Peyton walked over step by step, the wind was howling, Peyton walked against the wind, and soon came to the black crystal pillar, Separate a trace of Divine Force and penetrate directly into it.

Three dimensional images of incomparable expanse come to mind.

Three three-dimensional pictures, namely Liuzhongshan, Universe Boat, and Qingfengjie!

“What a rich and detailed map.”

“The map collection of nearly 900 space masters is really extraordinary, but it is a pity that among the map inheritance of over 20,000 space masters, there are ten in the middle. The master of Yuming Space destroyed the map, it’s really hateful, otherwise the map would have been much more detailed.”

Jie Fanzi is amazing.

The ‘Universe Boat map’ left by Kejie Fanzi is obviously much simpler than the map contained in the black crystal pillar in front of you.

But although there are nearly 900 space owners who have enriched the map one after another, only one of the nearly 900 space owners is the most powerhouse – Feng Guling! Therefore, the inner domain is extremely detailed, but the core area is very fuzzy, and only a few places are recorded.


Standing at the top of the mountain range, Payton held the wire drawing in his hand, and quickly recorded it. The three maps within the wiremap.

“The map is in hand.”

“Then I will set off immediately and go to the azure token space.” Peyton nodded.

Immediately, Peyton smiled, turned into a stream of light, left an arc in midair, and flew to the back of the smooth rock wall.

The 20293rd space master is Feng Guling, the most powerhouse in the universe, leaving behind some treasures such as the madman destroyer armor.

The 20294th master of space is the master of the five haunts.


Flying out of the space chamber, the front then is towering and endless, piercing the black-patterned stone pillar in the depths of the dense fog at the very high place.

“There are star masters around the No. 2 black-patterned stone pillar, and there are many other powerhouses. There are many. This No. 11 black-patterned stone pillar is quiet, and there is not a single powerhouse.” Peyton Don’t waste time, turn into a silver rainbow light, quickly fly towards the No. 11 black-patterned stone pillar and continue to approach the past.

Long time.

Landed on a boulder that flies around the black-patterned stone pillar forever. This huge rock flying at high speed is as majestic as a continent, and the little folds on it are like canyons and peaks, and Peyton is the station. A rock appeared out of thin air in front of a canyon.

After leaving the black-patterned stone pillar space, Peyton continued to move towards the depths of the Universe Boat, and the environment was naturally more severe and dangerous! Compared with the fall of the powerhouse because of the fighting, the natural danger of the three Jedi itself…is the biggest killer that caused the fall of the Lord of Universe. Even if some dangerous places have been verified for a long time, some dangers will occasionally appear. accidents.


In the three Jedi, it can happen at any time.


A dark azure gust of wind swept through endless time and space. Time and space have long since condensed without a trace of fluctuation. Its coldness is enough to make Lord of Universe’s Divine Physique instantly freeze into pieces and annihilate. If it scrapes through Lord of Universe’s Divine Physique, it can cut off pieces of body like a knife.

A little blood-colored streamer, passing through the heavy winds, advancing at high speed.

“The deeper you go into the Universe Boat, the more dangerous it is.”

“This map is extremely important, and I believe that other existences of the human race are also urgently needed. With this map, I am afraid that the number of Supreme Treasures will be greatly increased.”

Peyton nodded slightly, and the consciousness of the ‘Endless Sea’ in the Primitive Universe immediately entered the virtual universe.

The virtual universe, the top of the island of thunder.


A golden robe silhouette came at the end of the airflow in the distance. Originally, Peyton was smiling, but his face changed slightly… He saw clearly. Arriving, Chaos Qi Flow around the golden silhouette is faintly changing, there is a faint strange scene of the birth of splitting heaven and earth apart all living creatures, and there is a scene of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

Many scenarios, sometimes disillusioned.

“Peton.” The Lord of Primal Chaos City came, his eyes were faintly more distant.

“Congratulations teacher.” Peyton is not a fool, he can naturally see that Primal Chaos City has a breakthrough.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City smiled slightly and said, “It’s just a little bit of a breakthrough, but it’s not far from the most powerhouse in the universe, but this breakthrough has already made me vaguely sense that layer of boundaries, what I have The way I walk, the way I go forward, can be successful. As long as I walk past it, I can become the most powerhouse in the universe.”

The most difficult thing to be the most powerhouse in the universe is to find a way and a way The road that powerhouse has never traveled.

Many powerhouses decide to go one way and another, but some ‘roads’ are not really the way to Peak…maybe a dead end! The Primal Chaos City lord is already extremely powerful, and now he has already sensed that level of boundary when he does the breakthrough, and the induction of reaching the final Peak is extremely accurate.

“No one knows how long it will take to make the final leap. If this era of reincarnation is over and it has not yet crossed, then it will never be crossed.” The Lord of Primal Chaos City sighed.

“en.” Payton nodded.

Only Primitive Universe can breed the most powerhouse in the universe!

“You came to me, what’s the matter?” asked the Lord of Primal Chaos City.

“Happy event.” Payton smiled.

“What’s the happy event?” The Lord of Primal Chaos City also laughed.

Peyton didn’t say much, just pointed finger towards the void in front of him. Wherever his thoughts came, the surrounding void Chaos Qi Flow evolved into a huge ship, a broken towering peak, There is a huge mountain range superimposed on the mountain peaks of Lishui pouring countless waterfalls… At the same time, there are also a lot of scenes inside these three, incomparably detailed scenes everywhere…

“Map?” Primal Chaos City Lord looked surprised. towards Payton, “Maps of the three Jedi?”

Payton no longer pretends to be mysterious. After all, the three maps are extremely detailed, and there are also a lot of text explanations, etc. Just his own evolution, I am afraid that three It can’t fully evolve successfully for five days.

A momentβ€”β€”

After the Primal Chaos City master who received the three Jedi maps carefully checked it, he was no longer surprised, but shocked!

The level of detail in this map is too exaggerated, far exceeding the current three Jedi maps of the human race, and this kind of ‘transcendence’ even the Lord of Primal Chaos City is a little scared.

“Such a detailed map? This, this, this map of the Two Great Holy Lands universe, I’m afraid it’s merely this.” The Lord of Primal Chaos City seemed very excited.

“Peyton, where did you get this map? No one will put this invaluable map in random places, and if you don’t have enough strength, you don’t dare to take it with you.”

Peyton smiled: “Disciple was lucky in the inner domain of the Universe Boat, found a black token, then arrived at the black-patterned stone pillar space, entered the independent space corresponding to the black token, and found it in the Independent Space. The map.”

“Black token?” Primal Chaos City Lord wondered.

“The black token is not so precious. Every time the powerhouse falls in the era of reincarnation, there will be some black tokens scattered everywhere. It is normal to get a black token if you are lucky. But the black token Independent Space… Ordinary Independent Space, how can there be such a precious map?”

“That’s it.”

Payton sighed, “The Independent Space has a continuous mountain range, a mountain range. However, the rock wall was flattened by a powerhouse before tens of thousands of reincarnation times, or even a long time ago. Then there were texts, secret patterns, etc. on it… So the space masters of all dynasties went to enrich the map one by one. Although there were more than ten space masters who deliberately destroyed the map, when I got it, there were still nearly 900 space masters to enrich the map, which is why the maps of the three major Jedi were so detailed. “

The Lord of Primal Chaos City was dumbfounded, followed by a smile.


“My destiny, destiny. “Primal Chaos City master nodded with a smile,” Yes, every space master is about to face a deadline. Since his own ethnic group is dying, it is normal to leave a map before the deadline. This is the case from generation to generation, you black token Independent Space, this alone makes it extremely precious, and those who have obtained it through the ages are considered lucky. “

“Let’s go, come with me to see giant axe, your contribution this time is really great. “

“In any case, the tribe must thank you again. With these detailed maps of the three Jedi, my human tribe can easily get more Supreme Treasure, and the strength of my group will be in the years to come. keep getting stronger. “


In front of the simple temple.

“God gave me a human, God gave me a human! hahaha, these three Jedi maps… With this map, even if you look at the universe, there are only a few forces that can rival us humans. “The founder of giant axe was laughed heartily.

“After the previous Universe Boat incident, I didn’t have much luck, so I left Universe Boat and returned to the Qingfeng world. The Qingfeng world is my luck. land. The map after the fall of Lord Yuanao was divided up, and I was troubled by the incompleteness of the previous map. With this map supplement, it was easier for me in Qingfeng Realm. “

“Chaos.” “Giant Axe said directly,” Payton contributed a lot this time, so let’s set it as 20,000 contribution points. “

“Okay. “Primal Chaos City Lord nodded.

“You also work hard, go further, and step into the ranks of the most powerhouse in the universe! “giant axe sighed.

“At that time, my human race will be stronger! when the time comes with your help, maybe I can try too… find a way to save the original ancestor. “

Primal Chaos City’s lord is gently>represented permanently.

He also knows about this…

The original ancestor is suppressed, how difficult is it to come out again? But as long as you have enough strength, nothing is absolutely impossible.

(End of this chapter)

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