All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 557


Chapter 557 Inspiration

Universe Boat!

“Peton!” A silhouette appeared out of thin air in the distance, and then came.

“Senior Brother?” Peyton looked at the Third Senior Brother Primordial Lord in surprise.

This Senior Brother was originally under the Lord of Primal Chaos City, and only one of them understood the charm of Chaos, thus breaking through the Disciple of Lord of Universe.

At the beginning, in Primitive Universe, he also gave Peyton some pointers.

In this vast sea of cosmics, unexpectedly met!

β€œWhy did the Senior Brother come to this Universe Boat? I thought you were in the Peak Realm.”

β€œHaha, I’m also curious about how you got here? Hundreds of thousands of years of no news, didn’t you keep saying that you were Cultivation in the Blackstone space?”

Peyton laughed: “Just got out.”

Primordial Lord nods: “Okay Well, I understand, you also have a reason for why I am here.”

“In the past, my human race was dominated by the peak realm in the sea of cosmos.” Primordial Lord explained , “However, as you contribute a Universe Boat map with a very detailed area and a large area, the first time you go to the new map will always gain a lot, and most people are also roaming everywhere.”

Payton understands.

The map range contributed by myself can be much larger, the description range is fragmented and there is no complete route channel from the outer domain to the core land.

“Wait a minute, can we go on an expedition together?”

“No, I will act alone.” Peyton shook his head and refused. In the black stone space, he gained a lot. In particular, the secret treasures, knowledge and other information of the Cosmic Sea over the past countless years also have clear goals.

Payton left with a teleport.

It took about 20 minutes to teleport again and again, and it took about twenty minutes to reach the huge damaged Universe Boat surface. According to the original map, there are hundreds of routes to enter the inner domain. Human races The powerhouses are naturally spread out, and Peyton’s destination is the ‘Demon God Abyss’, naturally choosing a route that is closer and less dangerous.

“It is estimated that there are 892 extremely terrifying dangerous areas on this route.”

“Some safer places can be teleported, but extremely dangerous areas can only be Fly slowly, I reach the abyss of Demon God, I’m afraid it will take about 500-600 years.”

“Go forward!”

Peyton flew directly downward and was surrounded by a large number of people. A huge and deeply damaged entrance surrounded by vines. This entrance is a huge crack, about 280,000 light-years long and 92 light-years wide. There are huge vines climbing around, and there are countless ice crystals on the edge of the crack.

Whoosh, Peyton is already deep into the dark and cold big crack…

As soon as he flew in, it was endless dark and cold at first glance, only the faint refraction of ice crystals Sisi rays of light.

“It’s really cold.”

Peyton flew through the air at a high speed, and at the same time unfolded the Pantheon. This Pantheon was a piece of countless reincarnations he obtained from the interior of the black grain space. The previous Peak Supreme Treasure was the best life saver.

The hazy golden light spreads out instantly, covering a radius of 80 light-years. However, as some ice crystals cannot penetrate deep, there are thousands of areas in the radius of 80 light-years that have some anomalies that make golden light unable to detect. Only the more normal areas can be probed clearly. Of course, Peyton restrains the power of the ‘Pantheon’ and only maintains the exploration function.

Fly for a moment.


A silent blade of ice in the distance swept through the void and swept over, and it seemed that it would affect Peyton.

“humph.” Peyton’s thoughts moved, and the ‘Pantheon’, which had converged with power, suddenly erupted.

Boom~~~ directly hit the ice blade. Under the impact of this powerful external force, the direction of the ice blade suddenly changed, and it flew over Peyton very quickly.

Peyton’s speed quickly reached 90 times the speed of light.

As the flight went deeper, the silent ice blades became more and more numerous, and as the number increased, Peyton felt more and more troublesome.

“Five Colored Divine Light!” Peyton’s heart moved, prompting the Five Elements secret technique.

This secret technique has been promoted to the supreme secret technique under the perfection of his countless years.

Boom~~~~ The dazzling Five Colored Divine Light spreads out instantly.

“hua hua woo~~~” densely packed Tens of thousands of ice blades slashed across the sky, wreaking havoc. When they collided with each other, they would shatter into countless small ice blades, sweeping directly towards Peyton. an area.

And Five Colored Divine Light and Pantheon, even if they are influenced together, will at most make the blade of this densely packed slightly change direction.

But the dispersion is so wide that even a slight change of direction will still affect Peyton.

“Five Elements become a world.” Peyton frowned, his mind moved, took out Supreme Treasure of the higher domain class, against the empty river.

Wow~~~ The core power in the endless dive light quickly converged, and it suddenly converged into a Five Elements World with a length of about 100 million kilometers!

Many domains of Supreme Treasure can focus power to bind and attack an enemy.

Peyton drives Supreme Treasure with mysticism, and it will never fail!


Peyton manipulated the Five Elements World, which is about 100 million kilometers long and filled with thousands of Divine Light. world .

And after hundreds of thousands of years of tempering, Peyton’s will is so vast, plus the background of Great Firmament, it is enough to be invincible.

fast as lightning!

Under the full blessing of the ‘Pantheon’… Definitely comparable to some of the most powerhouse attacks in the universe.

Immediately, some blades in the center shook violently and then violently opened, causing a large number of ice blades in the explosion area to collide with each other, shattering even more, and then flying in all directions, making the core of the entire ice blade storm, A hole of about ten million kilometers appeared.


Peton passed through this hole, and flew by in a flash.

There are 892 extremely dangerous places on the route.

Payton flew for three days, and after some experience, he began to move forward efficiently.

If you can teleport, you need to use teleportation. You need to cast thousands of dive light knives from super long distances to open the way naturally. Even if you need to spend it in the pantheon, you must rely on the pantheon to spend it.


In the blink of an eye, 21 years have passed.

In the past 21 years, Peyton has also really seen the terrifying of the inner domain. Compared with some extremely terrifying dangerous areas, the ice blade area at the first entrance is simply a resort area. There is no way to escape from the ground, and the Pantheon, thousands of dive light knives and other means cannot save him, so he can only use the Pantheon, which has been used dozens of times before and after, to resist the terrifying danger.

“A palace Supreme Treasure is a must when you are in the inner domain.” Peyton secretly said, “It even has to be a top-level palace-type Supreme Treasure.”

A top-level palace-type Supreme Treasure , the most powerhouse in the universe cannot be destroyed, the Supreme Treasure of the palace class of this stage is enough to resist many dangers.




I saw a huge dark The green rope flew out of the endless sea of black and enveloped Peyton. In this black ocean nightmare area, Peyton is extremely relaxed. With the help of the Pantheon, he can accurately find some safe places, and can immediately teleport there, teleport with lightning again and again, and occasionally rely on the Pantheon to suppress those ropes… bordering the black ocean. It is an endless black rocky land, and above the black rock is the melting of countless lava. The suspended lava sea often falls, and at the same time, there are a large number of bizarre thousands of diving light boulders falling from the lava sea and smashing downwards.

β€œBe careful below.”

Peton stood on the edge of the black rocky land, looking up at the endless lava sea suspended high in the air.

This area, named ‘Lava Field’.

Among the 892 extremely dangerous places on the route chosen by you, the level of danger is cream of the crop, enough to rank the top three!

The lava field is divided into the endless lava sea above and the endless rocky land below. To break through, you must go between the two… There are many dangers along the way.

Other dangers are enough, and Peyton believes that with the help of the ‘Pantheon’, ‘Thousands of Divine Light Knives’ and ‘Pantheon’ can break through.

The most terrifying thing in the lava field is the Lava Demon God!

The lava Demon God is nearly 10 billion kilometers high. It has thick rocks and endless lava all over its body. Only three eyes and ferocious fangs are exposed, and it has four huge arms. Its wisdom is very low, it can even be said that it has no wisdom! But its strength is terrifying… The Lava Demon God just uses his huge Divine Physique, fighting with fists and feet. But his boxing, footwork, etc. are extremely mysterious. When fighting, even the most powerhouse in the universe with Strongest Supreme Treasure will be at a disadvantage!

Its body cannot be damaged, and no one has been able to injure the Lava Demon God so far.

Once the battle is over, the most powerhouse in the universe can barely escape under its hands, and the Lord of Universe is almost certain to fall!

The most powerhouse in the non-universe will be doomed.

However, wherever Peyton travels, it must pass through this area, where there is the most important Supreme Treasure that Peyton found by exploring countless powerhouses in the black stone space.

Field Class Strongest Supreme Treasure!

And because of the original owner, it must now be a treasure without the owner.

As for how the Lava Demon God was born?

No one knows.

Even many powerhouses speculate that the lava Demon God was transformed by the remains of a group of users of the ‘Universe Boat’? So it is possible to allow the strongest attack in the universe to be unscathed at all? But everything is just guesswork, I only know that Lava Demon God has almost no wisdom and is strong against the sky.

Fortunately, there is a domain concept, and it will never go out of the lava domain.

In the lava field, there are a total of nine lava Demon Gods!

“The Lava Demon God is nearly 10 billion kilometers high.” Peyton secretly said, “And his punches and kicks are very fast. Once the distance between me and it is within 10 billion kilometers, the Pantheon cannot escape. Nine statues Lava Demon God, I hope I have good luck and can escape.”

The lava field has a spread of nearly 10,000 light-years. In some areas, the space is completely condensed without a trace of fluctuation.

There are very few areas that can teleport.

And there are many places that cannot be probed through golden light.

“Go forward.” With the blessing of Supreme Treasure in the field of Peyton, the endless misty golden light first diverged with a radius of 80 light-years, and then flew directly into the lava field.

The fiery temperature, which makes Peyton slightly frowned, is enough to obliterate the Exterminating Universe Venerable.

hua! hua! hua!

Sometimes a large number of lava fall from the sky and fall to the ground, so Peyton is careful to dodge, falling lava is the most common, and the degree of danger is also It is very small, and the most dangerous are some boulders that have not melted in the Lava Sea. With some boulders falling at a high speed, the impact contained is enough to kill a Lord of Universe directly, but after all, they are dead objects, but they can also avoid.


The Five Colored Divine Light world, which is hundreds of millions of kilometers in length and width, turned into a meteorite-like existence, and violently struck tens of millions of kilometers of huge rocks that fell from above. , suddenly made the huge rock fly to the side.

lava falls, celestial boulders sometimes fall!

On the eleventh day of Peyton’s entry into the lava field, in a corner that Peyton’s field could not explore, a head emerged from one of the caves in the black rock earth. The fiery-red messy hair, the one eye dripping on the head is looking at the silhouette of Gongbao who is advancing rapidly in the air outside.

“en? Someone dares to break into the lava field.”

“Hey, isn’t this the new Lord of Universe from the Primitive Universe, the Lord of the Red Moon?”

The head slightly frowned muttered to himself, although Peyton hasn’t shown his face for hundreds of thousands of years, but each clan has a record of each other’s Lord of Universe, and as long as he shows up, there is a record.

“Little fellow, how dare you overestimate one’s capabilities to break into the inner domain? You dare to break into this lava domain? Hehe, he relies on this flying palace class Supreme Treasure, yes, it seems that this treasure is suitable for me In hand.” A fiery red silhouette like a human child flew straight out of the cave.


Peyton suddenly frowned, and the ‘Pantheon’ that he cast actually found a powerhouse creature behind to appear out of thin air.

“He is… the Yin Tuo of the Reincarnation Era of the First Universe?”

In his memory database, he quickly compared the aura and appearance of this powerhouse.

Yintuo: To teach powerhouse for Ancestral God in the first universe reincarnation era, he was born from a special life, looks like a child, but is actually a unique and unmatched special life ‘Yintuo’ in the first universe reincarnation era, even This special life was not born in Peyton’s reincarnation era, and it was extremely powerful.

His cultivation is ‘The Way of the Golden Beast God’, he is very good at close combat, but also good at psychic weapon attack, his psychic weapon is the owned Peak Top Grade Psychic Supreme Treasure – Gold Sulfone!

In terms of combat strength, it should be at the Peak level in Lord of Universe. In Human Race, only a few people such as the Lord of Primal Chaos City can overwhelm him.

Of course, because of his special life background, Divine Physique is very special, and it is too difficult to kill him…

“It’s him?” Peyton frowned, honestly he didn’t want to waste time, especially in such a dangerous area.

He prefers to set the venue and time of the battle under his control!

For him, this guy was a surprise factor.

Suddenly, Yintuo, who was chasing behind, suddenly tried to fight for the control of time and space. The endless hazy golden light was forcibly rejected with just a slight shock. As for the control of one’s time and space… with Peyton His will is the most powerful house in the universe, and he doesn’t dare to stabilize him. He has already exceeded the limit of the Lord of Universe.

“Hahaha, human little fellow!”

A sharp voice suddenly reached Peyton’s ear, “You are so brave, you dare to come to the lava field, tsk tsk, Your palace Supreme Treasure is indeed special, as long as you give me this palace treasure, I will spare you, how?”

Peton just glanced at him and said nothing.

In the face of this kind of people who want to take advantage of the fire, it is useless to say anything.

One click!

A huge wave of inspiration shines!

(End of this chapter)

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