All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 559


Chapter 559 begins


“Yes, the Lord of the Red Moon.”

“The Lord of the Five Chaos, the Lord of the Crimson Moon did not long after he became the Lord of Universe, but he dared to come to the lava field?”

“To die, who is to blame?”

Two Divine Eyes powerhouses quickly identified the somewhat famous Primitive Universe human identity.

The two of them dared to be in the lava field, their strengths are naturally different, and the Divine Eyes clan in the first universe reincarnation era is the strongest Peak clan, which is much stronger than the loose Ancestral God religion.

Peyton, who was flying at super high speed, also quickly found the two Divine Eyes powerhouses.

Are they?

The Lord of the Five Hundreds and the Lord of Arrows.

The master of arrows, the battle strength is probably at the level of Yintuo, and he has a Peak domain type Supreme Treasure, good at bow and arrow attacks, which are very rare in the vast universe.

The Lord of the Five Chaos is completely different. It is comparable to the Lord of Primal Chaos City. There are many Supreme Treasures such as Peak Domain and Peak Palace.

Battle strength level, basically, is a cosmic supreme powerhouse, but compared to the supreme powerhouse, it has not been able to get out of its own way completely.

“I actually met two Divine Eyes clan again. There are so many powerhouses in the Divine Eyes clan, and the master of arrows is nothing more than the same level as Yintuo, but the master of five evils is not easy to provoke. “

“I heard that he studied the five ways of beast gods at the same time – empty metal, empty wood, empty water, empty fire, empty earth, the five are one, even the teacher is comparable to him .”

Peton estimated in his heart that if he wanted to fight one against three, absolutely not.

His conceited will burst out with all his strength, not inferior to supreme powerhouse in a short time.

But even a real cosmic supreme powerhouse doesn’t have the ability to fight against the three top Lord of Universe together.

In particular, there is a Peak who is not weaker than the ordinary supreme powerhouse.

This is also not a good place to fight, so withdraw first!

“Hahaha…Isn’t this Yin Tuo? Yin Tuo, you are a famous powerhouse in my first round, and even if you won a Supreme Treasure, you couldn’t win that human little fellow, I think You, it’s better to die sooner.” Divine Eyes Clan Master of Arrows said with a laugh.

“It’s really useless.” The Lord of the Five Chaos was coldly snorted, and the rolling sound came along with the water ripples of the grandiose, and the water ripples silently annihilated Peyton’s Five Colored Divine Light , with the Lord of the Five Chaos as the core, the water ripples of grandiose are formed, and the voices of the two of them also resonate everywhere through the water ripples.

The golden one-horned lizard was instantly angry: “Zhi Jian, Wu Hun, you Divine Eyes are amazing, come on! Have the ability to take Supreme Treasure from that human little fellow, haha, what else? I didn’t get it, and I suffered a loss.”

“We are not as incompetent as you.” The master of arrows sneered.

The first round is about to face the deadline, so many powerhouses are crazy. Even the many forces in their first round are fighting infighting, and the overwhelming majority are crazy.

Because only the Primitive Universe can breed a small universe and the most powerhouse in the universe, once a reincarnation era ends, those Lord of Universe will never be able to become the most powerhouse in the universe.

Because of this, some Lords of Universe like ‘The Lord of the Five Hundreds’ are forever stuck there and cannot break through.

“He has the Peak Domain Supreme Treasure ‘Water Wave Prison’, but the Water Wave Prison is only average in the Peak Domain Supreme Treasure!”

Peton secretly said, even if No matter how ordinary, the power of the Lord of the Five Hundreds is much greater when driven, and unless he explodes the strongest power of the Pantheon, he cannot resist.


The broken cosmic spaceship-style Supreme Treasure shrunk Small Accomplishment with a big fist and landed directly on Peyton’s palm.

“Human boy, hand over that spaceship Supreme Treasure and your palace Supreme Treasure, and spare your life.” The master of arrows shouted, “We are not Yintuo, we two There is Supreme Treasure in the Peak field, and any time and space that can suppress the control of your palace Supreme Treasure, without the assistance of time and space, your little strength… I am afraid that you will fall today.”

β€œIt’s still hand in hand. Come out, lest you lose even more.” The Lord of the Five Hundreds also looked at Peyton indifferently.

Payton didn’t say much. Five Colored Divine Light swiped and then withdrew.


The Lord of the Five Hundreds suddenly groaned.

Boom! ! !

The originally endless water wave prison suddenly moved, and a large amount of energy essence in the water wave prison immediately gathered into huge pillars… In the blink of an eye, an incomparably huge palm appeared. There were five pillars in this palm. Fingers, this huge palm with a diameter of 10 billion kilometers, the five fingers are golden, azure, blue, red, yellow, the way of the five beasts and gods all run through it.

“Since you don’t pay, then die!” The Lord of the Five Hundreds said indifferently.

The huge palm directly enveloped Peyton, completely dispelling the Five Colored Divine Light.

Payton looked up sharply.

The huge palm of tens of billions of kilometers blocked everything above it in an instant, as if the sky was dark, the five fingers were like five pillars, and the huge palm suddenly turned directly downward. Photographed, it is more terrifying than those huge celestial rocks before.

It is indeed an extremely ancient existence!

“hmph hum.” The master of the arrows in the distance sneered secretly, “I don’t cherish the opportunity given to him, it’s too late to regret it now.”

“This Peyton Without that Supreme Treasure support, he is definitely not an opponent.” The golden one-horned lizard in the distance also shook his head secretly, “It seems that he has no hope, even if he hides in the Supreme Treasure of the palace class, he will be caught by Wu Hao, just as tragic. ”


The endless waves of water that spread out suddenly shook violently, and a trace of golden directly shredded these endless waves and expelled all the waves. In just an instant, everything within dozens of light-years turned into a huge black hole, constantly swallowing everything around it.

The previous water wave prison was completely dissipated and not at all.

The water wave prison dissipated, and the huge palm composed of the essence energy of the water wave prison naturally dissipated in an instant, disappearing directly above Peyton’s head.

“What!” the golden one-horned lizard was startled.

“Impossible!” The master of the arrows couldn’t help shouting, joking, although the Water Wave Prison is not the Top Grade in the Supreme Treasure category in the Peak field, it is still included in the Peak ranks. And it is still controlled by the Lord of the Five Chaos!

“Good trick, it seems that I underestimated you.” The voice of the Lord of Wu Chao boomed.

“If you want to fight, just fight, don’t talk nonsense.”

Payton also made up his mind, he knew that even if he wanted to withdraw, he would not be able to withdraw.

In this case, relying on the countless years of knowledge accumulation in the black pattern space, it is not impossible to use it here, it is better to be passive and active!

“Young little fellow is self-confidence, and the result of self-confidence is a faster fall.”

The voice of the Lord of the Five Chaos boomed, and at the same time, he has always been looking at him at nearly a hundred times the speed of light. Dayton flew over, just a few conversations before, and the distance between Peyton and him was less than 3 billion kilometers. With his voice, the one-eyed illusory shadow behind him became bigger.


The one-eyed illusory shadow instantly bursts out dazzling rays of light in all directions.

Heaven and Earth upheaval.

“Boom~~~” The world changes, Peyton and the golden one-horned lizard are all caught in a brand new world, in the sky there is a huge one-eyed hanging high overlooking the endless land, in this new world. At the end of the sky in different directions of New World, there are five different colors such as golden and azure.

Peton is the pantheon of grandiose that maintains the grandiose at all times.

“Five Chaos Realms! Water Wave Prison!”


The roar resounded through the entire world, and I saw five colors descending in the sky The rays of light merged with the endless water ripples, rumbling ~~~ directly annihilating the endless pantheon in an instant, followed by the colorful rays of light that quickly converged into five huge fingers, and grabbed directly towards Peyton again.

“I transform the universe!”

Peyton’s will is frozen!

Grandiose’s endless Chaos Qi Flow instantly permeates this world, and the microcosmic film is completely close to the limit of the entire world. It is very advantageous to display the microcosm in the ‘cosmic sea’. Combined with the Pantheon at the moment, the power suddenly skyrocketed again.


The five fingers dissipated again and everything was annihilated.

“Bump, bump, bump!”

Peyton controls the miniature universe, the pantheon, and hits that world together, which makes the energy consumption of the miniature universe accelerate sharply. And that side of the world is always under the impact of the ‘lava whirlpool’ wind.


Almost instantly one of the worlds collapsed! Immediately after, the microcosm also dissipated.

“I took two shots and you took them. It is indeed a Disciple of Chaos.”

The Lord of Five Chaos looked at Peyton from a distance, and suddenly his whole body began to appear in pieces. The strange black scales, especially his right hand, have become golden.

β€œMy teacher and I have spare no effort in a fight, didn’t expect to fight you with all my strength.”

β€œFull force?”

“You have no chance!”

Peton suddenly smiled strangely.

“en?” The Lord of the Five Chaos complexion slightly changed, and suddenly raised his head, looking towards the sky above.

I saw an incomparably huge arm in the endless lava sea above in the distance, followed by a low roar, the incomparably majestic lava Demon God descended from the lava sea.

“Lava Demon God!” The golden one-horned lizard was the first to flee in panic.

“Lava Demon God!” The master of the arrows also panicked.

“Let’s go!”

The Lord of the Five Chaos faced changed, but he was calm, but his speed was extremely fast, and he wanted to run away immediately. Just kidding, this is the most terrifying lava Demon God.

chi chi chi ~~~

Endless golden light and thousands of dive lights, madly entangle the Lord of the Five Chaos, the Lord of Arrows, and the golden one-horned lizard.

“Go?” A trace of madness flashed across Peyton’s eyes.

“None of you can leave!”

He doesn’t like this place, because there is an existence that he can’t grasp, but the information in the black veined stone can help him. Let him take the lead after the accident.

It can even lead to accidents!

As soon as the Lord of Five Hundreds saw the lava Demon God that appeared in the lava sea from a high altitude in the distance, he was shocked and knew that it was not good, but he was still calm, because he knew that according to the lava Demon God and his Distance, with his ability, he has enough time to escape to the tangent point in the depths of the underground labyrinth for teleportation.

The surrounding space cannot be teleported, and the first entry into the underground labyrinth cannot be teleported. Only the very deep space gradually fluctuates. For example, if you reach the cut point position, you can escape.

“That human being is really lucky, if it wasn’t for the appearance of this lava Demon God, I would definitely let him taste the extinction of my five beasts.”

The Lord of Wuhun has a very high vision , Most of the Lord of Universe cream of the crop in New Generation Primitive Universe have played against him, and he did not even pay attention to Galaxy Lord. Galaxy Lord’s life is strange and special, and his ability to kill is comparable to that of him.

Only the Lord of Primal Chaos City has more admiration for him.

Because Primal Chaos City’s main human, Divine Physique, is relatively small, he can meet force with force with his five beasts mass extinction!

The Great Extinction of the Five Beasts is a fusion trick of the strongest secret technique of the Tao of the Five Beast Gods! Combined with the rare Supreme Treasure he got… The power is unbelievable. It also took him more than a few reincarnations to complete this move, and the Lord of Primal Chaos City could match him. In his opinion, the next most promising person in the Primitive Universe to become the most powerhouse in the universe is the Lord of Primal Chaos City. .

“chi chi chi ~~” a few thoughts flashed through his mind, and the Lord of the Five who was turning around and wanted to fly away at super high speed, suddenly felt the endless golden light around him, thousands of dive lights, desperately oppressing He squeezed him as if there were countless ropes tying him up.

“What!” The Lord of Five Muddy turned his head in disbelief and looked towards Peyton at the rear.

If there is no obstacle, he can escape, but such a terrifying obstacle, he is absolutely too late.

“None of you can leave!”

Peyton’s voice rang through the Pantheon, and rumbled in the ears of the Lord of Wuhun, Yintuo, and the Lord of Arrows .

“The Lord of the Human Red Moon, are you crazy?”

The Lord of Arrows is in a hurry. He is very calm to kill Peyton, but he is reluctant to let him die.

“Lord of the Red Moon, I have given up chasing you before, don’t hinder me.”

The golden one-horned lizard roared anxiously said: “They want to kill you, It’s not that I want to kill you.”

The eyes of the Lord of the Five Hundreds were cold, and he was obviously extremely angry: “The Lord of the Red Moon, do you want to perish together?”

” perish together?” Peyton was flying at super speed.

“You are hindered, but this is a help for me, haha, of course you die, I live! Lord of the five filth… I heard you have Avatar, but I’m afraid it’s yours The strongest Avatar, you have spent the precious Supreme Treasure accumulated in the past three reincarnation eras on your body, if you lose it, I believe you will go crazy.”

“We die, you live?” Divine Force sound transmission is in the pantheon.

“I’m too confident. Once I use the Five Chaos Realm to cooperate with my Water Wave Prison, I can completely suppress you, unless you cast the Micro Universe… But in this way, the Five Chaos Realm and the Micro Universe will definitely be perish together, I will definitely cast it again, you and I are deadlocked, no one can escape when the time comes, I have lived for nearly three times of reincarnation, facing a limit, and you are different, how long have you lived? lifespan It’s too short-lived, it’s not worth it to perish with me like this.”

“The Lord of the Red Moon, it’s important for us to escape at this time.” The Lord of the Arrows also said.

“Yes, yes, it’s important to escape.” Yin Tuo also said anxiously.

“Haha, you have Avatar, don’t I have it, but I’ll die!” But Peyton was still flying at super high speed.

The description is slow, the strength has reached their stage, Divine Force sound transmission communication, fast terrifying.

And the Lava Demon God is just as fast terrifying!

Its strength is so strong that even the most powerhouse in the universe with Strongest Supreme Treasure can only run away. It is conceivable that he is capable, he can be called Strongest Supreme Treasure in human form. , has reached the point of ‘breaking the law with force’, all the laws are meaningless to it, and its speed is far beyond the limit of ‘100 times the speed of light’, and more than a thousand times ten thousand times.

He just emerged from the lava sea, followed byβ€”bang!

His feet are already on the endless black rocky ground, this one is tens of billions of kilometers high. Giant lava Demon God This stampede… It is thousands of times stronger than any celestial rock, and the endless black rocks in the surrounding large areas are instantly shattered, pa pa pa ~ far away, there are huge cracks and ravines, and at the same time the surrounding The black rocky ground in the region of tens of billions of kilometers forcibly completely sank several millions of kilometers.

The impact of this stampede sank, which also caused many cave passages in the underground labyrinth deep under the black rocky earth to collapse directly.

This stampede… seems to have stepped on the heart and soul of the Lord of the Five Harmonies, Yintuo, and the Lord of Arrows.

In a hurry!

“Human, do you really want to make a perish together?”

The eyes of the Lord of the Five Hundreds gleamed fiercely. He is the main battle deity, carrying many of the most precious Supreme Treasure is in his body, just like Peyton carries the Pantheon and Wu Murder Palace in his body, so is the Lord of the Five Chaos. If he falls, he may go crazy.

“Human, fast, fast, fast.” The master of the arrow was also anxious.

“Lord of the Red Moon, I have given up chasing and killing you long ago, why did you drag me to death?”

Yin Tuo was also anxious, although they were all crazy, But it is too wrong to die at the hands of the lava Demon God like this.

“Everyone died together, and it is considered a life-and-death friendship.” Peyton could even laugh.

The Lord of Wuhun sees the lava Demon God in the distance, but it is still very far away. Because the Divine Physique is so huge, the Lava Demon God can be clearly seen even from a great distance, just … Although the distance is extremely far, the Lava Demon God can break the law with force, and his speed is thousands of times more than a hundred times the speed of light.

His face began to twist, his eyes flickered fiercely, gnashing teeth: “Lord of the Red Moon, if you keep fighting, everyone will die together, and I swear… I will hunt you down. , hunt down each of your Avatars, and kill one Avatar when you see one of your Avatars!!!”

“I’ll wait, or start now!”

(end of this chapter)

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