All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 560


Chapter 560 Chaos

The Lord of the Arrows twitched.

This hateful human being can still joke like this at this critical moment, but he also knows that he is still joking at this time, and he can still laugh.

“I, I, I didn’t…” Yin Tuo was very anxious.

“Didn’t you think you can kill me to win the treasure just now? I wanted to run away at this time, it’s too late.”

Peyton glanced at the golden one-horned lizard behind him At a glance, I also saw the incomparably majestic and huge lava Demon God behind him. Although it was very far away, its majestic body still made Peyton feel pressure.


The Lord of the Five Chaos is burning with anger, he is angry.

This little fellow wants to drag him to death now, he really doesn’t want to be planted in the hands of a new human little fellow, so he must endure!

“Lord of the Red Moon, let’s run for our lives together, if you let go of the realm’s suppression of me, I will swear never to hunt you down and give you a Peak Supreme Treasure.” compromised.

Because time is too tight.

The lava Demon God in the distance is already galloping at super speed, and its huge feet are stepping on the endless black rocky ground again and again. Every time they step on it, it is a destruction. The attack is even more terrifying.


Running, stomping, the endless rocky earth trembles.

“The Lord of the Red Moon!!!”

The Lord of the Five Hundreds stared at Peyton, arrogant as he was, and there was a hint of request in his eyes. How difficult it is to let such a proud being bow his head.

But he is really unwilling to give up the precious accumulation of the past three reincarnation eras.

“Quick, it’s too late, Lord of the Red Moon, Lord of the Red Moon.” The Lord of Arrows is also anxiously praying.

“Why didn’t I leave earlier, I had to watch Peyton and the Lord of the Five Hundreds fight by the side, watch the fun and watch the fun, and put my life around it.” Yin Tuo also regretted it extremely.


Peton, who has been teasing and laughing all the time, suddenly burst into endless fierce light, and his face also has a sinister color.

“It’s really interesting to see the dignified Lord of the Five Hundreds bow his head, but don’t dream, just now you can beat and kill my little life, have you ever thought about letting me go? Do you want to go now? It’s too late!”

“We gave you a chance just now.” The Master of Arrows continued.

“Opportunity? That’s also called opportunity? You said let me put down the Palace Supreme Treasure and the Palace Supreme Treasure and spare my life?”

“Very good, Lord of the Five Chaos, You hand over ‘Water Wave Prison’, ‘Forbidden Hall’ and ‘Extermination Divine Armor’, and I will let you go!”

“And the master of arrows, hand over ‘Knife Core Realm’! I too Let you go.”

“Yintuo, you hand over the ‘golden sulfone armor’! I’ll spare your life too!”

Those words came out.

The Lord of Wuhun, the Lord of Arrows, and Yintuo are all quiet.

Especially the Lord of the Five Chaos, the Water Wave Prison is the Supreme Treasure of the Peak Domain, and the Forbidden Hall is the Supreme Treasure of the Peak Palace. The extinction of the Divine Armor is his lifeblood than the Water Wave Prison and the Forbidden Chan Hall combined. All are much more precious, absolutely comparable to Rare Item.

“Didn’t you say you gave me a chance? I’ll give you a chance too, the opportunity is here, grab it.” Peyton’s eyes were full of sneer and disdain.


The Lava Demon God is terrifying at a fast pace, and each step is advancing nearly ten billion kilometers, which can be seen in the field of vision. , the Lava Demon God is getting bigger and bigger.

This makes the Lord of the Five Hundreds anxious, he is going crazy, and he wants to eat Peyton’s flesh one by one, bite Peyton’s bones one by one, and suck up Peyton one by one. blood!

“This damn Peyton!”

“Then don’t even think about living!” The Lord of the Five Hundreds angrily roared.

The one-eyed illusory shadow behind him suddenly released endless rays of light, Heaven and Earth changed color, and instantly transformed into a world ‘Five Chaotic Realms’, and the water wave prison was deployed again to match the five Chaotic Realms, instantly. Obliterate Peyton’s Pantheon and Five Colored Divine Light.

But Peyton smiled, his will was sublimated to the limit, and the whole person seemed to be transformed into a vast universe.

The endless Chaos Qi Flow spreads.

One side is the Five Chaos Realm, Water Wave Prison, and the other side is the Pantheon, Micro Universe, Five Colored Divine Light.

The two are madly entangled, and the miniature universe and the five chaos world collide with each other.

Peng! ! !

Both crashed and shattered.

However, after about a second of entanglement, the Lava Demon God was already very close.

“It’s too late.”

The golden one-horned lizard of the lava Demon God, closest to the back, has a voice of despair.

Peyton, the Lord of Wuhun, and the Lord of Arrows also looked towards the endlessly majestic lava Demon God. They all knew that it was too late, especially before Peyton and Wuhunzhi. The Lords were in a stalemate with each other, and the miniature universe and the Five Chaotic Realms collided and shattered. The 1 second of the stalemate also cut off their safest path.

The safest way is to fly to the ground, burrow into the underground cave, rush to the tangent point…and then walk away immediately with a teleport.

But now it’s too late to lose a second.

The distance between the three.

Intuo, who transforms into a golden unicorn lizard by casting gold sulfone armor, is the closest to the Lava Demon God, Peyton is the second closest, and the Lord of Wuhun and the Lord of Arrows are a little farther away. .

But no matter how far…their four great powerhouses are no more than 10 billion kilometers away from each other, just one step away from the lava Demon God.

Although Peyton said before that he handed over the Water Wave Prison, Forbidden Interpretation Hall, Divine Armor, Knife Core Realm, and Golden Sulfon Armor, he let the three of them escape.

Who is willing?

Having his most important Supreme Treasure, he can still fight for the last glimmer of survival, and he has to struggle no matter what.

β€œI am not willing to, I am not willing to, I am not willing to ah!!!”

The golden one-horned lizard roared wildly, only to see its rapid size It began to swell. It was originally composed of Supreme Treasure gold sulfone armor, and turned into the form of a beast god. At this moment, with the urging of Yintuo inside it, it suddenly began to grow wildly.

In the blink of an eye, it became a huge golden one-horned lizard with a distance of hundreds of millions of kilometers.

“Master of the Arrows, come in.”

The Master of Five Humbles turned his hand, and a treasure hall surrounded by Sisi thunderbolts suddenly appeared in front of him, which was the Peak flying palace class. Supreme Treasure ‘Forbidden Interpretation Hall’.

“Yes.” The master of the arrow didn’t hesitate, and even got into it.

The Lord of Wuhun gave Peyton a cold look in the distance, and then swooped into the forbidden hall.


Peyton also flipped his hand, and a black rock appeared in front of him.

This black rock is a piece of gravel that supports the source of the black grain space, and it is a real Rare Item.

It can even support its black stone pattern space, and its level is higher than that expected by Peyton.

It’s the real Strongest Supreme Treasure, and it can’t be helped!


Payton fuses together as a speck of dust and rock.

Before Payton dragged them, they missed the best opportunity. But as a super powerhouse, you will never be willing to die, and you will definitely fight for it! At the last moment, Yintuo’s side, the Lord of Wuhun’s side, the Lord of Arrow’s side, and Peyton’s side, all started their own struggles.

Fight for a glimmer of survival!

At this momentβ€”bang!bang!bang!bang!bang!bang!

The endless black rocky earth is smashed and cracked everywhere, the towering and huge lava Demon God is full of hot lava , its three eyes are burning with endless crazy fighting intent, even Peyton, Intuo, the Lord of Wuhun, and the Lord of Arrows dare not look at the eyes of the Lava Demon God. The shock of will is enough to make it difficult for them to use half of their strength.

Its fangs were exposed, and a low roar erupted from its huge Divine Physique body cavity, causing the space distortion already condensed around it to shatter.

“Big, big, big.” The golden one-horned lizard has reached a massive size of nearly one billion kilometers.


The three eyes of Lava Demon God have already fixed on the little reptile ‘golden one-horned lizard’ in the distance, and an invisible wave made an invisible sound in his mouth, although he didn’t hear it After reading this text, Peyton and the Lord of the Five who had already started to flee for their lives understood the meaning.


The right leg of the Lava Demon God has moved. Unlike the previous sprinting and stamping, this time the leg is already approaching an unbelievable level, and that foot may be able to pierce through a small universe. Totally irresistible.

“Peng!” kicked the giant golden one-horned lizard.

The golden one-horned lizard let out a painful roar, followed by Peng’s sound and completely shattered, a large number of fragments flew in all directions, and even many of those fragments had cracks in their own materials, Obviously, just one blow has already damaged this Peak Top Grade psychic weapon Supreme Treasure.

At the same time as the countless debris flew around, there were also countless water droplets splashing, dripping on the vast and endless black rocky land.

Countless water droplets penetrated and quickly dripped downward along the cracks in the rock that had long been broken.


The lava Demon God seemed to sense that there was still a breath below, so he chased and stomped down again. Instant annihilation.

Immediately following the lava Demon God raised its head, it noticed the two small flying objects that burrowed into the lava sea, and it could sense that there were two creatures in each of the two flying objects.



The black rock is Peyton, and the forbidden hall is the Lord of the Five Harmonies and the Lord of Arrows.

The two flying objects, almost one after the other, both soared into the sky.

Brush! brush!

At the same time that the lava Demon God smashed the golden one-horned lizard with one foot, and at the same time added another foot, both flying objects got into the vast lava sea above.

“Death~~” The lava Demon God waved in his throat, waved his hand sharply, and fished it directly into the lava sea above.


In the depths of the endless black rocky land.

A drop of water has already fallen to a very deep place, and there is already space fluctuation here, brush it! has reached a far away place.

It was about 200 light-years away from the previous battle, in an underground cave that was also extremely deep in the endless rocky land. The cave layout was quite delicate. At this moment, the red silhouette appeared like a child. out of thin air is here.

“I’m back.” Yintuo’s body trembled faintly.

He is a unique and unmatched special life ‘Yintuo’ in the first round era. Because he is the only one, this species is also named Intuo. Its Divine Physique is not big, but it has a special feature… that any substance that impacts his Divine Physique can directly weaken it to one ten thousandth! If combined with Supreme Treasure armor to weaken the enemy’s physical attack to 1/10,000, then it is equivalent to weakening to 1/100,000,000.

How terrifying?

That’s why it is said to be the unbeatable Yin Tuo!

“The Lava Demon God deserves to be the Lava Demon God! One strike will damage my gold sulfone armor, and the second strike will make my infinitely scattered Divine Physique annihilate 90%. Fortunately, he just stepped on the ground and spread to the ground.

I, instead of attacking directly, or I will be dead this time, and the Lord of the Five Chaos and the Lord of the Red Moon have also attracted its attention, so I can escape the disaster.”

Because Drops of water around Tuo appear out of thin air, followed by blending into his Divine Physique, making his Divine Physique recover quickly.

Those droplets are part of his Divine Physique.

Naturally it will all come back out of thin air.

Before, he actually had two options. One was to use Supreme Treasure armor without decomposing the Divine Physique, but he knew that the Supreme Treasure armor could be weakened by one-tenth under that kind of impact. And if Divine Physique doesn’t decompose, I’m afraid the result will be annihilation.

So he put away the Supreme Treasure armor early, and at the moment the golden one-horned lizard collapsed, Divine Physique also completely decomposed and turned into countless water droplets.

The second time I stepped on, although 90% of the water droplets were wiped out, the water droplets were scattered all over the place. Some of them had already fallen very deep, and they were all Lord of Universe Avatars, and some survived.

“There are only 11.2% of Divine Physique left.” Yintuo’s eyes were full of unwillingness.

“And my gold sulfone armor is also damaged, I’m afraid it’s not as powerful as before, and it’s still lost there. I don’t know if I can get the gold sulfone armor back.”

“Damn, damn.”

Yintuo was full of anger and unwillingness.

“The Lord of the Red Moon! The Lord of the Five Hundreds!” Yintuo was full of resentment.

“A lunatic, then human beings are lunatics. If he hadn’t gone mad, how could I be so miserable!”

“The idiot, the Lord of the Five Hundreds, can’t kill that Peyton, otherwise , I’m not so miserable! My gold sulfone armor, my Divine Physique…” Because of the gnashing teeth, he lost too much this time.

“I won’t make it easier for you.”

“The Lord of the Red Moon has been the Lord of Universe for hundreds of thousands of years. To be able to fight against the Lord of the Five Hundreds.” Yin Tuo’s eyes were full of fierce light.

“You don’t want the outside world to know about it, I just want to let no one know about this news!”

“And the Lord of the Five Hundreds, as proud as you, this time by Peyton I’m afraid that I will fall to Avatar, haha, scandal, big scandal, I will definitely spread it, spread it freely.”

“You two, don’t think about it better.”

Yintuo hates these two guys so much.


In the endless lava sea.


The huge arm was swaying and grasping in the endless lava, and the forbidden hall, which was as big as a glass ball, quickly dodged and advanced, while the inside of the forbidden hall was cautiously. The faces of the Lord of Wuhun and the Lord of Arrows were all tense.

“The Lord of the Five Hundreds.” The Lord of the Arrows couldn’t help but said.

“This is the only way to survive.” The Lord of the Five Hundreds gritted his teeth.

“Crossing through the lava sea, rushing to the top end of the lava sea – reaching the Chaos Abyss, in the process we need to experience the seventh layer Death Tribulation at most, the First Layer is the pursuit of this lava Demon God. Kill, but since the lava Demon God wakes up, it will not rush into the lava sea again.

From the lava field, through the endless lava sea, directly to another dangerous place – Chaos Abyss.

This road is definitely a dead end!

Even the most powerhouse in the universe will not break into it at will. If you are not careful, there is a high probability of falling into it.

But, now they have no choice.

“seventh layer Death Tribulation, must pass, must.” The Lord of Five Muddy gritted his teeth, his eyes full of madness.

“The Lord of the Human Red Moon! The Lord of the Red Moon!”

He roared wildly in his heart, he would not forget that all this was brought by the mad human Red Moon Lord.


The ‘lava vortex core’ of the lava sea.

The black rock was originally very close to the lava vortex. As soon as it got in, it quickly approached the lava vortex. Let the vortex swallow it, it was quickly sucked to the center of the ‘lava vortex’ Most Core Zone.

“From the lava field, to another dangerous place above, the Chaos Abyss!”

“There is a shortcut, which is to go straight up through the Lava Sea.”


“According to the records left by the space, the normal crossing of the Lava Sea usually includes the seventh layer Death Tribulation. Even if I have the Pantheon, I may be stuck in the Lava Sea forever and can’t get out.”

“only One way is to enter the core of lava vortex.”

“The core of lava vortex affects the void below and produces a ‘cyclone of annihilation’, and the vortex core in the lava sea is even more terrifying, the more Continue to spread to the depths, the stronger the strangling power, the Peak-type palace Supreme Treasure will shatter.”

“But if I am a black mountain rock, or even a Xeon Rare Item, it can resist Twisting Power, along the way. Through the vortex channel, it continues to travel to the depths of the Lava Sea, getting faster and faster, breaking through a hundred times the speed of light, and sending it directly to the chaotic abyss.”

“It’s a dead end for others.”

“But to me, this seems to be the most terrifying core of lava vortex, but it is the safest way.”

Peyton planned rationally. This is the way out.

If you can’t borrow the power of Demon God, you will explode with all your strength, kill one or two people, and finally escape.

If you borrow the power of Demon God, you only need to try your best to hold three people, complete three kills, and then escape.

“Of course, if they are nine deaths and still alive, and they can escape the Chaos Abyss, then let me give them the last despair. I am looking forward to how the Lord of Universe’s Divine Physique dissection will rise. ?”

A fierce light flashed in Peyton’s eyes!

“Chaos Abyss, here I come!”

(end of this chapter)

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