All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 561


Chapter 561 opens up


The Hall of Forbidden Interpretation where the Lord of Wuhun and the Lord of Arrows rides , and there is no endless acceleration of the swallowing force in the vortex core, plus the obstacles in the lava sea itself, so the speed is relatively slow.

“Be careful.”

“Research the arrow, you are in charge of this side, and I am in charge of that.”


The Lord of the Five Hundreds and the Lord of the Searching Arrows both cast the Peak Domain Supreme Treasure, but the endless lava too terrifying outside, even the Peak Domain Supreme Treasure… can only invade a very small area, they both work together fighting.

“How long will it take us to get to Chaos Abyss?” The master of the arrow couldn’t help but said.

“To the Chaos Abyss? Our average speed is dozens of times the speed of light, and it’s still early to pass through the Lava Sea! We’ve only crossed the distance of less than 1/10,000.” crazy.

“Less than one ten thousandth?”

For just a moment, his heart throbbed.

The rumors are true, this is the place to die!

If he was alone, he probably would have perished in that section of the road just now.

“Fight for me!” The Lord of the Five Chaos gave him a grim look, “With me here, why are you panicking!”

“Yes, the Lord of the Five Chaos, I don’t have Avatar, it’s just such a deity, you must hold on, I know you can.” The master of the arrow said anxiously.

“Of course I do my best, am I willing to exterminate Divine Armor? Willing to accumulate my endless era?”

“Hmm, um.” The master of the arrows was nodded, and tried his best to use his Peak domain-like Supreme Treasure knife core world to assist.

But psychologically speaking, one with Avatar, one without Avatar… Naturally, it is completely different, even more how those dangers make the master of the arrow feel powerless.

This kind of powerlessness and despair, coupled with the possibility of falling time, the Lord of the Arrows is indeed going crazy.


The Lord of the Five Hundreds devotes himself wholeheartedly, manipulating the Hall of Forbidden Interpretation, while manipulating his own water wave prison, and sometimes using his own secret through the water wave prison Technique Absolute Art, many secret techniques Absolute Art created in the past three reincarnation eras, are displayed according to various dangerous situations one after another, to fight for that trace of vitality.

As for the master of arrows? Just a vassal.

ย โ€ฆ


The core of the lava sea vortex, the black rock speed is getting faster and faster, and it is already unbelievably fast, but the dazzling and dreamy light is still accelerating, and it has soared more than 100,000 times the speed of light.

This feeling of not being suppressed by the laws of operation made Peyton feel a little palpitated.

At the same time, he also has clear comprehension, this black stone space foundation black rock definitely surpasses the so-called Zhiqiang Supreme Treasure.

At the 5th minute and 33rd second of entering the lava sea.


This black streamer accelerated to the extreme, instantly rushed out of the endless lava sea, rushed through the void, and plunged into the endless cold water… โ€ฆ


From over 100,000 times the speed of light, it hits the endless waters where every drop of water is heavier than a ‘neutron star’ , the impact force alone… is enough to directly shatter a top-level palace-type Supreme Treasure, and the black rock is hard to resist this terrifying impact.

The speed suddenly dropped sharply. Under the strong suppression of the resistance and the law of operation, the speed of the black rock plummeted, ten thousand times the speed of light, a thousand times the speed of light, a hundred times the speed of light… and it was hot enough to instantly Burning the lava sea of the Lord of Universe Divine Physique, to the water cold enough to freeze the Lord of Universe Divine Physique annihilation… Cold and heat exchanged in an instant, but fortunately it was black rock to bear it all.


In the first minute and 58 seconds after entering the icy waters, the sound of the black rock, which was maintained at a speed of 100 times the speed of light, broke through the water and flew out, closely following The speed of the black rock dropped sharply, and then it began to slowly descend from the air, suspended at an altitude of hundreds of millions of kilometers from the endless lake below.

One silhouette flew out of the black rock as large as dust particles, and after flying out, it quickly became larger and returned to a height of ten meters.

“Huh, although the path described on the map is safe, but who knows if so many reincarnation times have passed and will change.”

Peyton looked around the endless horizon below. The lake could not help but show a smile.

“Fortunately, everything went well, and we arrived at another dangerous place – Chaos Abyss.”

“hmph, Lord of the Five Chaos.”

Peyton overlooked The endless chaotic abyss below, “Your forbidden hall is estimated to barely maintain dozens of times the speed of light, it will take a few days to penetrate the Lava Sea alone, and the days are in many dangers. Get over it.”

Originally, Peyton still had the idea of ambush the Lord of Five Chaos, but considering the terrain of Chaos Abyss, it was easy for the Lord of Five to flee.

Payton also decided to look for another chance next time.

“The Abyss of Chaos.”

Peyton didn’t bother to think about the Lord of the Five Chaos anymore, and began to think about his new path.

From the lava field, penetrate the lava sea and reach the Chaos Abyss.

In this way, your path will be slightly changed, and you will have to go around three more dangerous places.

“Alright, at least go around some more dangerous places, and the ones that go around aren’t as outrageous as the lava field.” Peyton looked around the endless chaotic abyss, and saw the entire lake gurgling, pandemonium. Bubbles, while the surface of the lake is still surrounded by azure flame, just like the alcohol burning flames in the Earth era.

Flame water, flaming water…it got its name because of the flame surrounding the surface.

“Chaos Abyss…” A lot of information appeared in Peyton’s mind.

The Chaos Abyss is also a dangerous place, but it is far less dangerous than the lava field.

Although there are nearly a hundred kinds of dangers, it can only be regarded as a small trouble for the well-prepared Lord of Universe.

The only ‘danger’ that can be taken out is the so-called Frozen Lake Tinghuo. Every time a period of time passes, the boundless Frozen Lake Tinghuo will suddenly fall above the entire Chaos Abyss space.

Frozen lake fire, azure flame, with thunder inside.

It is extremely cold, even the most powerful house in the universe would not dare to resist, once it is affected by the Frozen Lake Fire… enough to make the top flying palace collapse. One can imagine its icy terrifying. The Frozen Lake Tinghuo descends from the sky and keeps passing below. When it touches the endless chaotic abyss, the entire lake will freeze and solidify quickly.

For the adventurous Lord of Universe, the Frozen Lake Fire isn’t actually dangerous.

It moves slowly! It moves at dozens of times the speed of light, the Lord of Universe can see it from a distance, and everyone can easily get rid of it.

Secondly, the Chaos Abyss space can teleport to many places except near the lake.

So when he saw Frozen Lake Tinghuo from afar, he fled with a teleport. Without teleporting, you can escape only by speed. And some Peak super powerhouses can swim in the Frozen Lake Tinghuo as long as they hide in the Peak Palace Supreme Treasure. The Frozen Lake Tinghuo can’t help the Peak Palace Supreme Treasure.

Thereforeโ€”generally speaking, Chaos Abyss is indeed only average among the countless dangerous places in the vast universe of the Universe Boat.

It’s just that it is adjacent to the lava field… The lava field is a place where there are more powerful Supreme Treasures unearthed, and Chaos Abyss also gets some benefits, and occasionally the Supreme Treasure is also poured out of the lake. The probability of Chaos Abyss appearing Supreme Treasure is disproportionate to his degree of danger.

The risk is low and the probability of Supreme Treasure is relatively high.

ย โ€ฆ


In the sky above Chaos Abyss, where space fluctuations can teleport, a silhouette appears out of thin air.

“I was ordered to station in this area, and I seemed to feel a wave just now. Could it be that Supreme Treasure was born?”

A tall and burly man with four faces and sixteen arms The giant appeared out of thin air, and his four faces had different expressions, either hideous, or smiling, or evil, and he glanced around.

How far is the super powerhouse’s line of sight, and soon finds a silhouette below in the distance.

“There! Huh? It seems to be in human form.” The alien powerhouse immediately turned into a streamer and flew over.

Just as Peyton was about to fly away, he saw a golden streamer approaching at a high speed in the distance. Unlike himself, he only became ten meters high, and the towering figure flying in the distance remained unchanged. Thousands of kilometers high, so you can see it at a glance.

“Sixteen arms on four sides?”

“Purple Moon Sacred Land cosmic!”

Purple Moon Sacred Land, the cosmic of the Two Great Holy Lands one.

The most important group in Purple Moon Sacred Land is the ‘Purple Moon Group’, and of course there are a few vassal groups, but those vassal groups have a small living space and get less resources. The vassal ethnic groups in Land are very small, and they all add up to far less than the Ziyue ethnic group.

The powerhouse of the Ziyue ethnic group has a very distinctive appearance.

The bloodline is the purest purple moon clansman, with eight faces and twenty-four arms. The second is the sixteen arms on four sides, followed by the eight arms on three sides, the most common single-sided and empty-armed. This also represents the four classes within the Ziyue ethnic group, with eight sides and twenty-four arms being the rarest, the bloodline the purest, and the greatest potential.

But this is for the weak of the Ziyue ethnic group, and once you become Lord of Universe, there will be no hierarchy divided into high and low, after all, they are all super powerhouses.

Two Great Holy Lands are extremely powerful, but because the Holy Land universe is a small universe, it can no longer cultivate the most powerhouse in the universe.

So over the years, Purple Moon Sacred Land, as long as the cultivation to Lord of Universe, is already their limit, they are always impossible to break through.

“The Lord of Universe from the Two Great Holy Lands universe is extremely powerful.”

“As long as it comes out, everyone has realized the strongest secret technique.”

“There are nearly a hundred forces in the universe.”

“The strongest is undoubtedly the Two Great Holy Lands universe.”

Perhaps on the universe era.

Any of the three reincarnation eras can easily suppress a Holy Land universe. But after all, no reincarnation era can be absolutely united! Therefore, with nearly a hundred forces, the Two Great Holy Lands universe is undoubtedly the two strongest forces, and their status is very detached, because they do not have the trouble of ‘the limit’.

They can live one after another reincarnation era… which makes the powerhouse of the Two Great Holy Lands universe different in temperament.

Some are gentle enough to make friends when they see a Lord of Universe.

Some are brutal, wanton killing and madness.

Something evil, temperamental.

In short, there is no absolute pressure, and their Lord of Universes do things differently. The only thing in common is the arrogance in the bones!

As the Two Great Holy Lands, they in the bones look down on the three eras of reincarnation, and more importantly, their Two Great Holy Lands are higher and lower than each other.


“It’s him, the Lord of Seals.” Peyton quickly recognized it and couldn’t help but be vigilant.

The Lord of Fenglong, the hundreds of Lords of Universe in Purple Moon Sacred Land are also ranked in the High Level, and their strength should be regarded as the Galaxy Lord and the Lord of the Five Hundreds.

It’s actually quite normal to be so strong.

Because as long as the Lord of Universe appears in Purple Moon Sacred Land, it is at least the Peak level – the level of the Lord of Ice Peak! In other words, the Lord of Ice Peak is placed in the Purple Moon Sacred Land universe, which belongs to the lower ranks.

The first level of the master of the ice peak is the lower ranks.

Primal Chaos City is the main level, which is the High Level ranks.

Lord of Universe, with Strongest Supreme Treasure, is in the Peak ranks.

This is the division of the Holy Land universe.


In the Holy Land universe, there is Lord of Universe with Strongest Supreme Treasure, and more than one!

This is the simple three divisions of the ‘Lord of Universe’ of the Holy Land universe, obviously qualitatively, much stronger than the three reincarnation eras.

“That’s right, cultivated doesn’t know how many times of reincarnation.” Peyton secretly said.

“In ten or one hundred reincarnation eras of culture, I am afraid that like the dozen or so Lords of Universe in my human race, all of them can reach the level of the Lord of the Dragon. How are they better than us, purely It is built up by time.”

“You are the lord of the human red moon in the Primitive Universe?” The silhouette was already flying in the distance.

“Long Sealing Master.”

“I’m just passing by and I will leave as quickly as possible.”

“Okay!” road.

Peyton smiled slightly, then turned into a stream of light and broke away.

Peyton first used Supreme Treasure to spread out the field, and the endless hazy golden light was diffused, covering the surrounding ten light-year area.

“Finally able to teleport, let’s go!”


Peton immediately teleported several light-years, and there was a field of Supreme Treasure. Every time, he teleported several light-years several light-years. The reason why there was no ultra-long-distance teleportation. This is because although Chaos Abyss can teleport in many places, there are still nearly a hundred dangers. The space in some dangerous areas is completely condensed without fluctuations. As long as there is no fluctuation in that area to isolate the wave transmission on both sides, it is impossible to skip that area. Teleport directly.

He teleported more than 300 light-years in one breath, and arrived at a condensed misty void. There were countless streamer Icicles in the mist, which was comparable to the ordinary Lord of Universe full power attack.

So, Payton started flying.

There is no way this can be done, even if it is as powerful as the founder of giant axe, it is normal to enter the depths of the Jedi for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years.

According to Peyton’s estimate, the Chaos Abyss, which spreads over 10,000 light-years, is estimated to take a month or two to pass through the more dangerous places.


When Peyton was advancing in the Chaos Abyss space, a message began to spread in the first round era, which made the first round Many super powerhouses back in the era were astonished.

“How is that possible?”

“Then the little fellow of Peyton, the lord of the red moon, was so strong? He caused Yintuo to be seriously injured, and the master of the five evils and the arrow of the arrow. The Lord has fallen?”

“This news was said by Yintuo himself, and now Yintuo himself has hidden himself to regain his strength, how could there be a fake, and the Lord of the Five Hundreds is not dead, but he has Avatar Yes.”

“The Cultivation of the Lord of the Red Moon for hundreds of thousands of years can actually compete with the Lord of the Five Hundreds?”

“Ask the Divine Eyes clan, Letโ€™s see if the Lord of Arrows and the Lord of the Five Hundreds have fallen.โ€

Yintuo took the initiative to spread the news, because they were all from the first round of the era, naturally a reincarnation era has more means of communication, so it is very important The Divine Eyes clan will know about it soon, but this is the third day when the Lord of the Five Harmonies and the Lord of Arrows enter the Lava Sea.


“Said Wu Hun and Jiu Jian fell?”



The Divine Eyes are in a hurry. Although they are extremely powerful, the Lord of the Five is in their hands. There is also a Peak powerhouse in the group, and its status is much higher than that of the Lord of Ernst & Young.

Soon, the first mini-universe of the Divine Eyes clan.

“Five Hun.”

“Five Hun.”

Twelve silhouettes all teleported to the black palace of the Lord of the Five Hundreds outside.

In the black palace, one silhouette flashes out, it is the Lord of the Five Hundreds.

“Your main battle deity has fallen?”

“Did you fall by the Lord of the Red Moon?”

These twelve silhouettes, They are all Avatars or incarnations of other Lord of Universe members of the Divine Eyes family, all anxious.

The Lord of Wuhun, who is wearing a white robe and has a bald head and a skin like a rock, was shouted: “Don’t bother me, let’s go, let’s go!”


They were all shocked, why is the Lord of the Five Hundreds so impatient? Is it true that the main battle deity has fallen?

The Lord of Wuhun became more and more annoyed, shouted: “My main battle deity hasn’t fallen yet, but I’m still struggling in the sea of lava, now life hanging by a thread, my whole consciousness is almost concentrated on On the deity, don’t bother me and distract me.”


However, just saying a word can’t tell much of the conscious mind, but what makes the Divine Eyes angry is that only half a day after these Lord of Universe asked the Lord of the Five Hundreds, in the sixth mini-universe’ The avatar left by the Lord of the Arrows vanished into thin air, leaving only one sentence – “Kill Peyton, Lord of the Red Moon, to avenge me! Kill him!!!”


The Lord of the Arrows has fallen, and this last word also proves that the Lord of the Red Moon was indeed caused by the Lord of the Red Moon.

“What should I do? The arrow has fallen, what about Wuhun?”

“Don’t ask Wuhun, Wuhun is now spare no effort and can’t be distracted at all. His main battle deity has really fallen, and we will know soon. If he doesn’t fall, he must be in a very dangerous situation now, let him spare no effort.”


lava in the sea.

The Hall of Forbidden Interpretation was swaying and flying at high speed. The entire Hall of Forbidden Interpretation was in tatters, with a lot of scars. The most conspicuous were the four holes, which directly penetrated the entire Hall of Forbidden Interpretation.

“I must live.”

“must break out alive, must.” The Lord of the Five Hundreds is gnashing teeth, crazy in the dilapidated forbidden hall.

“The Lord of the Red Moon, Peyton! Peyton! Peyton!” While the Lord of the Five Hundreds was struggling with life and death, he hated that Peyton even more.

(End of this chapter)

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