All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 562


Chapter 562

Time passed slowly, and in the blink of an eye, it was already eight thousand years.

In a secret place in the black-patterned stone space, sacred bodies are constantly being dissectioned, and the aura of each body is extremely powerful. Even if the owner of the body dies, it still does not change its strong imposing manner.

At this time, Peyton has several points of cautiously. Holding a black knife as thin as a wing, his willpower has reached the limit, and he is constantly analyzing the mysteries that belong to the essence of life.

This black knife is evolved by Peyton using the Rare Item, the core of the black veined stone space. It is extremely sharp and is always the supreme powerhouse of the universe. Don’t get hurt if you’re not careful.

And these Divine Physiques are the result of Peyton’s thousands of years of hunting.

Of course, it can’t be a complete hunt. There is always Lord of Universe who doesn’t believe in evil, conscious of the existence of Avatar, and takes a fancy to Peyton’s Supreme Treasure. The secret technique, erasing, leaving behind a remnant, has become an excellent research material for Peyton.

There are thirty-six Lord of Universes, most of them belong to different races, and even special life individuals, which are of great research value.

Over the past thousands of years, Peyton’s approach to life research has progressed rapidly, and basically every dissection study of Divine Physique will produce considerable results for his research.

Even Peyton, based on these Lord of Universe body research results, has gone deep into the particles inside his own cells and reconstructed his own Divine Physique from these internal systems.

Under his vision, all the 8.4 billion particles in the whole body can evolve into Lord of Universe, and when they are combined with each other, they can achieve the supreme powerhouse of the universe, the original universe, the universe, the multiverse…


this path is brilliant and divine!

Slowly stood up, Peyton’s particles flickered around him, and countless brilliance faintly swayed all around. This is a natural phenomenon to transform Early-Stage.

“With my current Divine Physique essence, it should be no less than the supreme powerhouse of the universe.”

A streak of divine light flashed in Peyton’s eyes, trifling for eight thousand years, Completing the accumulation from the Lord of Universe to the most powerhouse is completely unimaginable in the eyes of ordinary people, but for Peyton, this is just a basic operation.

From the perspective of the Great Firmament, he also has infinite potential, which is difficult to measure by the realm division of the world.

“Next, it’s time to hunt more prey.”

“This time, I’m going to hunt supreme powerhouse!”

For a lifetime, these He was hunted down by an alien supreme powerhouse several times over the years, and finally got rid of it with the help of the black veined stone space. Now, Peyton’s eyes are also looking at them.


Especially a Human Race convention.

“The Lord of the Red Moon!”

“The Lord of the Red Moon!”

“The Lord of the Red Moon!”

With Walking into the hall with Peyton’s body, the Lord of Universe present moved towards Peyton to say hello.

Over the past eight thousand years, Peyton has become famous for his killing, shocking the alien races in the universe, and also inside Human Race as the tide rises, the boat floats.

Among the Human Race, only the creator of giant axe, dare to say that he will definitely be able to beat Peyton, and the rest, even the Lord of Primal Chaos City, dare not say victory.

In the eyes of some Lord of Universe, Peyton is already Human Race’s second expert after giant axe.

“Okay, this time the conference is the sea of the universe, there is a Secret Realm, my Human Race gets one-sixth of the map, and the Lord of Universe can explore together.” The master of giant axe is still the old man It looks like everything is quickly explained.

Some Lord of Universe talked for a moment and started to form a team, Peyton thought for a moment, ready to go alone.

Universe Boat, a Sea Territory on the periphery of the black-patterned space – Xuanze Sea.

“Lord of the Red Moon, you took my Supreme Treasure, killed me clansman, and today I will let you fall on the spot!” Three more Lords of Universe in the Thunderstorm family were killed by Peyton’s hands, and even their corpses were taken into the bag by this person.

Peyton smiled contemptuously: “I fought with your Thunderstorm Clan at the beginning, but your clansman followed the Lord of the Five to take my Supreme Treasure, weak are prey to the strong, why bother ?”

The Lord of the Five, who targeted Payton thousands of years ago, lost the most important Avatar.

Later, they gathered various tribes to besiege Peyton, including a Lord of Universe from the Thunderstorm Clan, but they were almost wiped out by Peyton.

The Lord of Universe of the Thunderstorm Clan has completely fallen. Here, he and the Thunderstorm Clan have become enemies.

“A good weak are prey to the strong, today I am strong and you are weak, what should I do?”

Peyton smiled: “Then let’s see how you kill me?”

“Human boy, I’ll let you understand how stupid it is to provoke a most powerful house!”

The Lord of Thunderstorm suddenly slammed angrily roar, his The right leg of the huge lightning of hundreds of millions of kilometers suddenly turned into a huge lightning, and it slammed down directly towards the reef below.

“The Lord of Thunderstorms is crazy.”

“It’s attacking us when we don’t even exist.”

Has long been hiding in the palace The Lord of Universe in the Supreme Treasure was so frightened that they controlled the palace Supreme Treasure one by one, flying all around to dodge.

In fact, they are all hiding in the Supreme Treasure of the palace, even if they are attacked from the front, they can survive, let alone just spread.

Destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like huge lightning strikes directly to the central Peyton position on the reef.

bang! !

lightning snake rolling.


Under the lightning strikes, a huge one-horned lizard was standing in the middle of the reef, looking up towards the sky.

A kick with four hooves.

This huge one-horned lizard rushed directly into the endless swirling sea next to it.

“Transformed into a beast god?”

The King of Thunderstorm looked down and sneered: “It’s just a means of Lord of Universe, but also showing off in front of me.”

I saw this thunderstorm monarch rushing directly from the sky to the endless swirling sea below, and as the icy sea water splashed, the thunderstorm monarch had already entered.


The alien Lords of Universe who had been evading far away, were riding in their respective palaces, Supreme Treasure, Fly back to the reef.

“The Lord of the Red Moon turned into a beast god and fled into the Xuanze Sea. It seemed that he escaped with the moved towards the black-patterned stone space, and the Lord of Thunderstorms followed.”

“The Xuanze Sea is extremely dangerous, the Lord of the Red Moon is too crazy.”

15 alien Lords of Universe tried their best to watch the battle, but they couldn’t see clearly. They could only judge the battle situation by sensing energy fluctuations. .

Xuan Zehai, seabed.

“Haha…” The King of Thunderstorms is advancing at high speed in the endless sea, full of confidence.

“Human boy, do you think you can fight me in this Xuanzehai? Then you are wrong!”

As the most powerhouse in the universe, of course not Stupid, he knows very well that the only threat that Peyton poses to him is that Peyton’s ability to survive is extremely strong. There have been several times before that the killings against Peyton in his clan have been avoided by the other party by virtue of the terrain, and even counterattacks. kill.

So he wouldn’t get entangled with Peyton if it were some extremely dangerous environment in the ‘core place’ of the universe’s Sea Territory.

But, Xuan Zehai?

Xuanzehai is a dangerous place in the inner domain of the Universe Boat. Compared with the core area, the difference is not known by how much!

“I have the Strongest Supreme Treasure armor in my body, and the Divine Physique is the most powerhouse Divine Physique in the universe.” The King of Thunderstorms secretly said.

“Only because of this, all other vortex in the entire Xuan Zehai can’t do anything to me, the only one that threatens me is only the core of Xuan Zehai, and the Strongest Supreme Treasure is often born. That core vortex.”

How vast is the Xuan Zehai? The only thing that can kill the King of Thunderstorms is the core vortex.

“As long as I avoid that, there is no danger.” The Lord of Thunderstorms was confident.


The King of Thunderstorms is extremely fast, far exceeding the limit of 100 times the speed of light, and soon catches up with the ‘Golden Beast God’ that Peyton turned into. The Golden Beast God has been trying his best to fly towards the core vortex… Obviously, he wants to get the battlefield to the core vortex.

“Human boy, do you want to set the battlefield at the core vortex? Do you want me to be killed by the core vortex?” The King of Thunderstorm rushed to the front of the Golden Beast God, kicked it directly, The huge lightning rumbling directly hit the Golden Beast God, causing the Golden Beast God to be shaken back.

“It’s really stupid. My speed is far more than a hundred times the speed of light. I can fight if I want to fight, and I can walk if I want to. How can I stupidly enter the core vortex?”

On the surface, he is arrogant, but the King of Thunderstorms is very vigilant in his heart.

The core vortex not far from the Xuan Zehai is a threat to him! Only here!

But the King of Thunderstorms understands that many times, when you fall, it is not the danger of falling on the surface, but some inadvertent black hands.

This Peyton can create a great reputation in a short period of time, who knows what special means?

“Be vigilant.” The Lord of Thunderstorm reminded himself in his heart.


Peyton roared, the beast god stared at the Lord of Thunderstorm with his head, said solemnly: “It’s really cowardly, don’t you dare to fight on the edge of the core vortex? ”

Great Accomplishment of the Way of the Beast God, reaching the Lord of Universe, you can naturally become a Beast God!

Peyton not only transformed Divine Physique into a beast god, but also transformed the particle core into the essence of a beast god. A total of 8.4 billion particles work together to form a beast god shell with top-level god armor, just like Strongest Supreme Treasure.

With this body, Peyton has the confidence to pull the wrench with the Lord of Thunderstorms, and nothing else is needed.

“Does I really think I’m as stupid as you?”

Angry roar, the king of thunderstorms, immediately took a step, and suddenly folded his arms raised high, this pair of thunder and lightning arms folded, countless Thunder and lightning entangled, and then he folded his raised high arms and slammed directly at Peyton with an angry shout.

It was as if the universe had been split open.


Peyton, who turned into a beast god, roared. He didn’t hide at all, but jumped up to greet him instantly.

“Pa slap~~~~~” The huge thunderbolt that slashed down, like a huge thunder whip, slapped the Golden Beast God rushing directly.

“Tear the sky with one claw!”

At the same time that the golden beast god flew towards him, his right claw slammed out to meet the huge thunder whip. But the sharp claw on the right hoof is as sharp as a gun.

The right paw of the Golden Beast God swung recklessly, and the blood shadow spear on the hoof claws naturally also swung, and I saw a spear light lit up. Bold, and then it seems to sweep Heaven and Earth…


A miniature universe appeared directly, wrapping the huge lightning whip that was slashing.

The microcosm cracked open, and a thin gun light cut through in an instant, causing the thunder whip to disintegrate, and the gun light slid across the sea water of Xuanze Sea, making the sea water easily divided like tofu, and then Immediately after, it was cut on the body of the thunderstorm prince in the distance.

Peton’s own Spear Art – “Universe Nirvana”!

“Peng Peng Peng!!!”

The King of Thunderstorms took a few steps back one after another, causing the surrounding sea water to vibrate. He looked towards Peyton in shock, full of puzzlement and shock, Eighth Rank Peak battle strength?

One to the sixth rank is the division of the Lord of Universe, usually entering the seventh rank, it is already the supreme powerhouse of the universe.

As the only God of the Thunderstorm family, his heritage surpasses the ordinary supreme powerhouse and reaches the Eighth Rank Peak.

Just now, Peyton’s Divine Physique burning is always casting the strongest secret technique, making the attack power reach the Eighth Rank Peak!

Even with the Strongest Supreme Treasure armor, the Thunderstorm King feels the pressure.

“Impossible! Ah!” The Lord of Thunderstorm roared angrily, “Even if you have the battle strength of the universe’s supreme powerhouse, you still have to die today!”

I saw the Lord of Thunderstorm suddenly Arms appeared directly under the ribs, including the original two arms, there were as many as thirty-six arms,

β€œreceive my move!”

The King of Thunderstorms Roaring, on his thirty-six arms, each arm is holding a strange triangular cone, a total of 36 triangular cones, each of which is Peak Supreme Treasure, forming a complete set of Peak Supreme Treasure ‘Huan Yu Cone’ is also very suitable for the king of thunderstorms.

“Roar~~Come on.”

The Golden Beast God roared and greeted him again.


one after another thunder and lightning golden light shoots out from each sharp cone, a total of 36 thunder and lightning golden lights converge in an instant to form A giant golden cone!

And the right hoof claw of the Golden Beast God swung out recklessly, and the gunlight also swept up!


The miniature universe wraps the golden cone, and the two collide silently, followed by annihilation at the same time, and this is a powerful aftermath sweeping all around.


A palace suddenly shot out next to the Golden Beast God.

The palace grew rapidly.

The Golden Beast God also roared and charged forward again.

“Red Moon Palace!” When the King of Thunderstorms saw the flying Red Moon Palace, there was a look of greed in his eyes, but he didn’t dodge at all.

This red moon hall is the Strongest Supreme Treasure that Peyton found based on the information of the black grain, and it also incorporates the Rare Item of the black grain. The quality is so high that it is difficult to measure.

Don’t kill the supreme powerhouse and hunt down Peyton for this temple.

The hooves and claws of the beast god that Peyton transformed into!

The Triangular Spire of the Lord of Thunderstorms!

Start meet force with force!

“peng!” The huge red moon hall, like a mountain, smashed directly on the head of the thunderstorm king who didn’t hide at all, and the directly hit thunderstorm king fell downward. His head was even more dented, but as the lightning flowed, the head was restored to perfection.

“Eighth Rank Peak battle strength!” The Lord of Thunderstorm looked towards the Red Moon Palace in shock.


The beast god Peyton roared and rushed forward frantically, tearing the left hoof and right hoof one after another, and the blood shadow spear sometimes turned into the right hoof A sharp claw of the claw, and sometimes a sharp claw of the left hoof!

The incomparably savage and ferocious Golden Beast God completely competes head-on with the King of Thunderstorms and is not at a disadvantage at all.

At the same time, the Red Moon Palace also smashed towards the King of Thunderstorms again and again. Every time they smashed, it was like the most powerful powerhouse full power attack in the universe. It was definitely the power of Eighth Rank Peak!

For a split second, it seemed that he was attacked by two of the most powerful powerhouses in the universe at the same time.

The king of thunderstorms stepped back.

“How can it be so strong? Even the most powerhouse in the universe, to display the power of Eighth Rank Peak, one needs a secret technique, and the other needs a suitable Supreme Treasure. Why is this Peyton, melee and manipulation red Moon Palace can exert such terrifying power. He, he is just a Lord of Universe, how can he be so powerful.” The King of Thunderstorm was beaten and kept retreating.

The core vortex of the entire Xuanze Sea is behind it. After all, the previous reef was close to the core vortex.

Peyton at first swirl Zehai…that is, flying towards the core vortex, closer to each other.

At this moment, the battle is fighting, and they are all fighting next to the core vortex, and the powerful vortex Twisting Power has spread to the surrounding.

“A Lord of Universe has such terrifying battle strength.” Although the Lord of Thunderstorm was jealous and resentful, he was still very calm.

“The convenience is the core vortex. You can’t fight anymore. If you fight again, you will only suffer a loss.”

I made a decision in an instant.

β€œHahaha, human boy, in a short period of time, you have such battle strength, I believe that the powerhouses of the entire universe, including the supreme powerhouse of your Human Race, will be curious about your secrets.”

Along with the insolent laughter, the speed of the Thunderstorm King immediately began to soar, and he wanted to leave with speed.

The King of Thunderstorms felt that there would be no gain in the fight, but he would suffer a loss if he was not careful, so he decided to leave.

(End of this chapter)

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