All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 563


Chapter 563

Just at the moment when he was about to run away from the battle——the endless thin golden light Spread out, the amplitude spreads light-years around.

The snow-white sand is also floating, as if in another dimension, floating in the surrounding sea water, but when the snow-white sand is close to the ‘core vortex’ next to it, it directly turns into nothingness , obviously unable to cover that terrifying area.

Five Colored Divine Light Domain, Sea of Quicksand!

Simultaneously cast two Xeon Arcane spells infused with Peak Supreme Treasure.

Under the urging of the burning and majestic Divine Force, the power is naturally extremely strong, and it instantly binds the King of Thunderstorms.


The Lord of Thunderstorms is very disdainful. Although this restraint has an impact on him, he can still break through a hundred times the speed of light, but it takes more time.


Peton Beast God suddenly shouting loudly.

The ‘Red Moon Palace’, which had been trying to smash the Thunderstorm King like a mountain, suddenly began to spin, and the entire Red Moon Palace emitted rays of light, and a circle appeared on the surface of the entire tower. The entwined lines form a threaded structure. The threads of light on the surface of the entire Red Moon Palace are constantly rotating, and the entire Red Moon Palace is directly pressed towards the King of Thunderstorms!

In terms of the burst of speed, how can a powerhouse be as fast as a weapon?


It is not as violent and fierce as when it was smashed, but a slight tremor that seems to be slowly pressed down by a world.

The entire Red Moon Palace quickly fell on the top of the ‘Lord of Thunderstorm’.

“en?” The Lord of Thunderstorm, who was trying his best to escape, was pinned down by the Red Moon Palace, as if a mouse was pinned down by a large rock, unable to move for a while.

“It’s so heavy, so heavy!” The King of Thunderstorms only felt the endless oppression, which completely acted on him from the Red Moon Palace. This was not pure gravity, but a kind of ‘suppression’, the Red Moon Palace. At the moment of pressing on him, the two seemed to be connected as one, and the endless pressure of the Red Moon Palace became his own pressure.

At this moment, he felt as if he was carrying a huge miniature universe! The endless heaviness made it difficult for him to move.

It’s like an endless sea!

The endless secluded sea moves autonomously, ridiculously slow!

A truth.

At this moment, the movement speed of the Thunderstorm King is slower than that of the Endless Sea!

“Impossible, impossible.” The King of Thunderstorms roared, thunder and lightning burst out all over his body, and the lightning ball in the center of the body erupted violently. For a time, the power reached the extreme, and I saw that the King of Thunderstorms was extremely difficult. It is flying slowly, and the flight speed is estimated to be less than 10,000 kilometers per second.

“No, no, no!” The Thunderstorm King tried to speed up.

Accelerating to nearly 10,000 kilometers per second is already the limit. The faster the speed, the stronger the oppression formed by the Red Moon Palace’s suppression on the body!

This scene makes Peyton quite proud.

“The Palace of the Red Moon, I call myself the Red Moon, it has its own proven mystery, unlimited desires, and unlimited secret techniques. It cooperates with my will, plus the majestic Divine Force. When it is used for the first time, it will have a magical effect.”

The Red Moon Palace is the Strongest Supreme Treasure. After integrating the Rare Item, there is a 5th layer secret pattern.

Peyton has fully understood, and with the help of the Red Moon Palace, he casts the strongest secret technique, and it is reasonable to have the power of Eighth Rank.

Before, Peyton Divine Physique did not support this behavior at all.

But now, it just complements the shortcomings.

Cooperating with Peyton’s ultimate will to activate the power of desire that comes with the Red Moon Palace, to a certain extent, it can reach the power of ninth rank and suppress infinitely.

The Red Moon Palace’s powerful ‘suppression’ makes it extremely difficult for even the King of Thunderstorms to move.

“If you have a helper, the two of them together can shake my Red Moon Palace.” Peyton secretly said.

“If you are in a place where there is no threat to you, you can spend it with me. After all, the attack that maintains the power of ninth rank consumes a lot of my Divine Force, and I have been using the secret technique all the time. , the consumption is even more amazing.”


“This game is my deployment!”

“Everything has been where water flows , a canal is formed, so, Lord of Thunderstorms, die!” Peyton’s mind flashed many thoughts for a moment.

It’s complicated to describe.

In fact, it was the same moment when Peyton manipulated the ‘Fifth Layer’ secret pattern of the Red Moon Palace and directly caused the Red Moon Palace to suppress the King of Thunderstorms.

There was a rumbling in the sea next to the sky, and a huge boulder appeared, like a meteorite, and then the grandiose crashed directly towards the Lord of Thunderstorms.


The King of Thunderstorms is pressing on the Red Moon Palace, and he can’t get rid of it at all. He manipulates the ‘Huanyu Cone’ to attack, and his own attacks are affected under the suppression. , even more unable to shake the Red Moon Palace.

At the moment, he is slow.

The Rare Item of the black grain stone directly hit it. At his speed, the fastest is less than 10,000 kilometers per second, and he can’t hide!

It’s dead.

The Thunderstorm King is dead.

I was suppressed, my Divine Force was able to maintain the ninth rank power for a short period of time, but I was hit by the Rare Item, and the impact of other treasures was not enough. The essence of this Rare Item is enough to last for countless years. The universe boat black stone space, one can imagine its terrifying.

It’s definitely capable of forcibly crashing the Lord of Thunderstorms into that ‘core vortex’.

Core vortex, might terrifying.

Only the very core has a very ‘quiet’ channel, just like the very center of the tornado is quiet. At the very center of the core vortex, occasionally Supreme Treasure is born. However, in the process of being hit by the vortex of the core, the king of thunderstorms will be strangled and shattered before reaching the center.

The universe is the most powerhouse, and it has to fall in it.

This is the outer edge of the black stone space, Peyton’s base camp, choose to fight here, Peyton is undoubtedly gained the upper hand.

Of course, that means Peyton is unwilling to reveal the secret of his will, otherwise he will lead people into the black stone space, and he has too many means to kill this person.


The Red Moon Palace was suppressed, the Rare Item hit by the black stone, and the core vortex was responsible for the kill.

“No, no…”

The Lord of Thunderstorm was suppressed by the Red Moon Palace, and was slammed into the rear core vortex by the endless majestic Rare Item. He couldn’t resist the impact of the Rare Item of the black grain stone at all, and he could only be knocked back continuously… He had already entered the range of the core vortex.

“I’ve been fighting until now, I’ve tried my best, I’ve risked everything, just to escape from reincarnation, not to die here. No, it shouldn’t be.” The Thunderstorm King was in pain and madness.

“I am not willing to.”

“I am not willing to die at the hands of a Lord of Universe!”

With unwillingness Roaring, the king of thunderstorms was suppressed, hit by the Rare Item of the black grain stone and entered the core vortex, and the strangling and tearing power of the core vortex terrifying of the Xuan Zehai continued to act on the whole body, I saw that his body of the king of thunderstorms was very strong. The one that was about to be torn began to shatter. Even with the protection of the Strongest Supreme Treasure to weaken the attack, the impact of the divine armor still caused his body to fall into a state of destruction.

Just a moment, followed by a final roar: “I am not willing to!!!”

Everything went silent.

Dive into the core of vortex, even in this core vortex, the Rare Item of the black grain stone is still extremely stable, directly sweeping in a large amount of treasure of the fallen ‘Lord of Thunderstorm’, even the Red Moon Palace is Also got the whole thing in.

In a short while, the Rare Item of the black veined stone flew out steadily.


The blood shadow gun floating in the sea water, silver four wings, madman destroyer armor, etc. all treasure, immediately fly towards the Rare Item Come.


The interior space of the Rare Item of the black grain stone

Peyton looked towards a large number of items in the huge to almost boundless bilge below, there are red In the treasures such as the Moon Palace, there are also spoíls of war left after the fall of the Thunderstorm King, as well as some corpse fragments after the Thunderstorm King’s death.

“Come.” Payton beckoned.

“I don’t know how the most powerhouse in the universe will change!”

Payton smiled and looked towards the corpse fragments below, the most powerhouse in the universe down and the most powerhouse in the universe, yes very different life forms.

Different life forms determine the strength of the difference between Heaven and Earth, and Peyton is very curious!

“Look, what treasures are there.” Peyton began to check the spoíls of war leisurely.

And at this moment – in different areas of the three Jedi in the sea of cosmos, some strange things are happening.

“Danger ahead, let’s–“

In the depths of Qingfeng Realm, six Lord of Universe are watching carefully ahead, one of the Lord of Universe is still Said, but suddenly the thunderstorm powerhouse among them collapsed without a sound, Divine Physique was not damaged at all, but Life Aura had dissipated.

The other five Lord of Universe were dumbfounded.



“Why, why did it suddenly fall silently? No one attacked.”

“Ah, could it be that the small universe he lived in collapsed? The small universe collapsed, and all life that depended on this small universe fell. Ah, did the Lord of Thunderstorms fall?”

” I heard that the Lord of Thunderstorms fought against Peyton, Lord of the Red Moon, could it be…”

At the same instant, all over the Sea of Cosmic Sea, it was discovered by the Great Influence alone The six Lord of Universe of the Thunderstorm Clan fell directly, without any Life Aura. This allows all influence to immediately contact the 15 Lord of Universe who are watching the battle in the ‘Xuanzehai’ reef area at the moment.

Xuanze Sea, on the central reef.

The 15 Lords of Universe are all in their respective palaces, Supreme Treasure, watching the battle nervously and anxiously, sensing fluctuations.

“Is the Lord of Thunderstorm dead?”

“Have you found out?”

One message after another came.

These 15 Lord of Universe all communicated with their friends and leaders of their various races: “No, I can’t see it at all, Peyton and the Lord of Thunderstorm are both seabed and killed in Xuanzehai, we can’t see it at all. Don’t dare to go down. The surrounding area was shaking just now, but now it’s quiet.”

“I didn’t see it, you said that the digital Lord of Universe of the Thunderstorm family fell directly without being attacked? Ah, yes, just now Peyton and the Lord of Thunderstorm were seabed fighting, for sure, the Lord of Thunderstorm must be dead, otherwise it can’t be explained.”

“Patriarch, hurry to the small universe of Lord of Thunderstorm, As soon as he died, the small universe disintegrated, there must be some Lord of Universe, and a large number of universe Venerables are in it. Suddenly, the treasure has become an ownerless, and the ethnic inventory of the thunderstorm clan must also be hidden in the small universe. Inside. Quick! Humans are still in the Primitive Universe, and it will take a long time to get there. Our ethnic universe is closer to the Thunderstorm Clan, so we will be able to arrive soon. Quick!”

At this moment——


The incomparably huge palace burst out of the water directly from the core vortex of the Xuanze Sea in the distance, covering the sky and the earth. The grandiose flew into the distance, absolutely confident and arrogant.

The 15 Lord of Universe who were communicating with friends and groups were stunned.

Immediately after, even start notification.

“The first ancestor, I saw it, it is the Red Moon Palace, the Red Moon Palace just flew out of the Xuanze Sea… I didn’t see the King of Thunderstorms, it must be the King of Thunderstorms who died. Too, it’s incredible Now, the most powerhouse in the universe is one fallen, how did Peyton do it.”

“It’s the Rare Item of the black weave stone, I didn’t see the King of Thunderstorms, I didn’t see it.”

Many forces in the entire universe are immediately aware of it, and even many forces immediately guessed that the small universe of the Thunderstorm King was disintegrating, but a lot of treasures were unowned, and suddenly many Lord of Universe and even the universe The most powerhouse, rush there quickly.

They all thought that even Payton would never have thought he would win.

So the human race probably didn’t arrange anyone, outside the small universe of the Thunderstorm King.


Endless Chaos Qi Flow permeates.

The black pyramid is suspended. Inside the black pyramid, Luo Feng has been staring at the huge small universe far away outside.

Suddenly, an email was sent directly to him through the virtual universe.

The content of the email was only seven words – “Thunderstorm is dead, let’s sweep it!”

Luo Feng’s eyes widened, he was stunned for three seconds, and then growled: ” He actually killed one of the most powerful powerhouses in the universe, the teacher is amazing! Hahaha… the disintegrating mini-universe, here I am.”

Riding on the Black Prison Tower, Luo Feng immediately flew towards the mini-universe. Go, when he got close, he already saw that the surface of the small universe began to separate and crack layer by layer.

In the small universe that begins to decay and disintegrate, the floating continent is cracked, the space is cracked, and a scene of doomsday, in fact, this is just the most Early-Stage of the collapse… just all the original All living beings have fallen silently, only a Divine Physique is seen floating.

“I’m human.”

“I’m human, come on, come on.”

I saw a black pyramid flying at high speed, The abyss black hole at the base opened, swallowed it wantonly, swallowed some treasure directly, and even directly swallowed some Lord of Universe, and even Divine Physique of Venerable Universe.

Because of those Divine Physiques, there may be treasures such as god armor.


Scratch it up!

No matter how calm Luo Feng is, he still feels incomparably happy: “The Thunderstorm Clan is only one of the most powerhouses in the universe, and in terms of inventory, treasure wealth, etc., it is comparable to me as a human being. If Divine Eyes is destroyed anytime This kind of Super Influence…that wealth is amazing.”

Humans are indeed poor.

That is, in the past few years, Peyton has killed a lot of aliens and captured a lot of Supreme Treasure, and he has gradually become rich.

Even Luo Feng, the new Lord of Universe, was assigned a Peak Armor Supreme Treasure.

The Thunderstorm family also has a Strongest Supreme Treasure, and they survive for a long time. Peak Supreme Treasure and the like are more than humans.

Black Pyramid sometimes advances at high speed, sometimes teleports, and finally wipes out the entire small universe, and then Luo Feng leaves in a very happy manner, leaving only the ‘thoroughly’ collapsing small universe.


Not long after.

A golden streamer flashed and rushed into this rout of the small universe.


“No! It’s all gone… Who is it? It came even faster than me, and the entire mini-universe was wiped clean, not a single one left. .” An alien powerhouse with golden rays of light all over his body was suspended in the collapsed small universe, very helpless.

“I’m here as soon as possible, and it will take some time to scrape it. Could it be that… when Hao Lei’s Old Guy dies, his small universe will be scraped? Ugh… It seems likely that a human did it.”

Immediately, he turned into a golden light, teleported several times, and rushed out of the small universe.

But at this time, two streams of light appeared in succession from the outside world.

“The Demon God is rampant, and you are leading the way!”

“The Demon God is rampant, and you can’t monopolize the treasure of the entire Thunderstorm family.” The two streams of light stopped one after another, and they were both the Supreme Treasures of the two Peak Palaces, making sounds at the same time.

The rampant Demon God who was about to leave suddenly howled: “I just arrived, the treasures of the Thunderstorm family in this small universe have all been taken away, and I didn’t get it at all. It’s here.”

“Rampant Demon God, you are a loner, do you need to monopolize it?”

“Rampant, don’t lie, how long does it take for the thunderstorm to fall? It’s also a matter of wiping out the entire small universe. It’s going to be a long time, you said you didn’t catch anything, who would believe it?”

The Demon God who ran rampant was instantly furious.

The feeling of being wronged is really uncomfortable.

“You two idiots! I said I won’t get it if I don’t get it, is it possible that I’m going to lie? I don’t have time to talk to you guys, go away!”

Rampage Demon God howling It screamed, and then disappeared in a flash. This rampant Demon God has a weird temper. Because he naturally likes to devour rock metal, etc., his outer shell condenses too much rock metal essence, showing golden.

And he also has the Strongest Supreme Treasure armor ‘Blood Sea Demon Armor’. The Blood Sea Demon Armor was supposed to be endless blood light, but when Demon God rampages, the color of the Blood Sea Demon Armor changes to golden. Everywhere I went, it was a piece of golden light… dazzling.

“The savage guy who ran rampant doesn’t lie, doesn’t he really get it?”

“Maybe it’s human! The Lord of the Red Moon fought Thunderstorm, maybe A game was set up, and in the end the game was successful, so the thunderstorm fell, and the human race also wiped out the small universe, which is really not a small gain.”

Immediately they left.

In the next time, several powerhouses have arrived, but they are only left with an extremely desolate small universe.

(End of this chapter)

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