All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 564


Chapter 564

The virtual universe, the top of the island of thunder.

A group of the Lord of Universe of the human race is gathering.

The news of Peyton’s hunt for the universe’s supreme powerhouse was only told to Peyton, who was daring and careful with this discipline, which just happened to help him finish.

The rest of the Human Race Lord of Universe and even the giant axe Guardian didn’t know Payton’s record until the news spread.


“It’s crazy…”

“It’s unbelievable.”

Human Lord of Universe Crazy for it, Lord of Universe kills the most powerhouse in the universe, which is a miracle!

The thunderstorms killed and the ‘Thunderstorms’ are naturally tragic, but Peyton and the human race are extremely excited.

With Payton’s record, his Human Race is equivalent to two cosmic supreme powerhouses.

One of them has not yet been promoted and is not suppressed in the original universe, and the other five Peak Races have been completely suppressed.

“There is news from Peyton that he is collecting some masterless objects in the small universe of thunderstorms.” The Lord of Primal Chaos City said leisurely, “My clan is lacking some, so that’s it.”


“As for Peyton, he went to retreat again, I don’t know where he is.”

“I don’t know whose head this killer will take off the next time he exits. .”

The death of the thunderstorm has a great impact!

One of the most powerhouses in the universe just died?

It should be noted that among the three major reincarnation eras in the entire universe, the Two Great Holy Lands, there are few of the most powerful houses in the universe. Even if it falls, it is usually killed by other powerhouses in the three major Jedi core areas because of the environment, so it can be counted on one’s fingers.

“We must figure it out!”

“Find out the cause of Hao Lei’s death!”

“If we don’t figure it out, maybe the next one will be us .”

For a time, the Great Influences, and even some of the most independent powerhouses couldn’t hold back, and they all went to Xuanzehai one after another to investigate.

In the seven days after the battle between Peyton and Thunderstorm, two of the most powerful powerhouses in the universe came here to investigate carefully. Powerhouse came here, and based on some battle marks, to find out how Peyton killed Thunderstorm.

How can they have peace of mind if they don’t know?

“Judging from the location.”

“This battle is carried out around the core vortex, plus the Thunderstorm has the Strongest Supreme Treasure armor protection, and it must be killed head-on, even if it is No one can do the most powerhouse in the universe. It is almost certain that the core vortex caused the thunderstorm to fall, but why didn’t the thunderstorm escape? .”

“The Lord of the Red Moon, Peyton, must have a secret trick.”

“The Lord of the Red Moon should be good at one move, with restraints, restrictions, and other similar powers. And the most likely possibility of this power is that he got a strange treasure of ‘binding type’, which is the most likely.”

Time passed.

The death of one of the most powerhouses in the universe makes all Great Influences pay attention and be vigilant!

They all guessed that Peyton had ‘restricted’ means. If there were no restrictions, with the ability of the most powerhouse in the universe to go and fight, how could it fall? It’s just… No one knows what Peyton’s restrictive means are.

Even so, all parties are increasingly wary of Payton.

Can kill one of the most powerhouses in the universe, no matter how he does it, such an existence must be vigilant!

The fall of the thunderstorm, the storm is still there.

Peton, who was concerned by the Great Influences of the entire universe, suddenly disappeared! For more than 30,000 years, no powerhouse found any trace of Peyton, and disappeared completely.

Even so, Peyton is still designated as ‘one of the most terrifying existences’ and will be remembered forever by the Great Influence powerhouse of the entire universe.

Lord of the Universe? If you can escape, you can escape, if you can hide, you can hide. If you can’t escape… just bow your head and be obedient, don’t even think about resisting.

The most powerhouse in the universe? Also have to be vigilant, it is best to choose to stay away from some dangerous environments, don’t be careless and become the ‘second thunderstorm’.


Inside the Red Moon Palace.

A drop of blood is suspended in one of the spaces.

“Thunderstorm carried some treasures, some precious materials, a lot. The highest materials were almost exhausted, and they devoured two Peak Supreme Treasures, and finally forced out a drop of dive blood.”

Peyton turned his head and looked towards the outside world through the Red Moon Palace.

In the vast sea of the universe, you can already vaguely see the incomparably huge Primitive Universe.

For more than 30,000 years, during this long period of time, he spent all his time on cultivation, devoted himself to researching the ‘Divine Force gene’, and sometimes through the endless sea of Primitive Universe. innate talent secret technique ‘create’ to experiment.

After more than 30,000 years and more than 80,000 tests alone, Peyton finally comprehend some mysteries that belong exclusively to the universe’s supreme powerhouse.


Black veined stone space, a core restriction, where Peyton’s Divine Force was insufficient before, but it was just right at this time.

This is the legacy of a powerhouse, who left the opportunity behind, and the others came.

I’m afraid I didn’t expect that there would be someone like Peyton who slipped in from the core world of the black stone source.

Countless mottled lines are scattered arbitrarily…

Payton immersed himself in it and watched for half a month, then shook his head and sighed for it, this is a strong great film that directly points to the origin and finds a unique way absolute technique.

In fact, even from the true God (the most powerhouse in the universe) to a higher level.

“This Absolute Art is a unique way, but it is of great benefit to me in improving my genetic system.”

At this time, with the vision of Great Firmament, Payton is naturally very aware of himself how to go.

The first is the ‘Divine Force route’ to become a true god, and after becoming a true god, it is based on the ten basic laws of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, light, lightning, wind, time, space…

, condensing the void, pointing directly to the ultimate goal.

In terms of gene lock, it continuously crosses the gene level, and at a certain level, realizes the breakthrough of dimensions.


Peyton received the inheritance crystal ball and many treasures, and at the same time, his consciousness in the virtual universe also informed Primal Chaos City, the great human race, that it was a happy event.

“Peton, you said that treasure… This stage of the Peak Palace class alone has 32 pieces? The ordinary Peak Supreme Treasure alone has 91 pieces?” The owner of Primal Chaos City was completely shocked.

“My human race plus the gains I got from the Thunderstorm Clan before, all add up, and it’s not as much as this, it’s too much!”

“Because of that Senior is the existence of the tenth-order Peak battle strength.” Peyton sighed.

“He kept these Supreme Treasures because he wanted me to help him spread inheritance.”

inheritance, from low to high.

Immortal level can start cultivated, only need to understand the law of water, Law of Fire, you can start comprehend, just relying on records, it is entirely possible to cultivate to the limit of the most powerhouse in the universe.

And then to transcend reincarnation? The latter can only go on and create on their own.

“This senior has left so much Supreme Treasure, I just ask me to keep waiting for his inheritance, and I should help the human race.”

“With so much Supreme Treasure, I The Lord of Universe, the human race itself, can all have a set of Peak Supreme Treasure.”

There are only nearly 20 Lord of Universe human beings.

It is indeed possible to make a big change.

“But there will be more and more Lord of Universe in the future.” Primal Chaos City said, “I have to think about the future.”

“It’s up to you anyway. teacher you.” Peyton said with a smile.

“I will also start a long path of cultivation, and I will roam the three Jedi at will. In the near future, I will send the treasure back to the tribe.”

A powerhouse can be used in total. How many Supreme Treasures?

Supreme Treasure too much can only be thrown into the treasure house like this senior.

To get so many Supreme Treasures this time, Peyton will naturally choose a few to make his four Divine Physique weapons and armors as perfect as possible.

How much can I use for a single person, or throw more to the group.

The same is true for the original ancestor, the founder of giant axe.

“Start the long path of cultivation!” Peyton immediately stepped out, directly out of the azure token secret room space, and immediately took the boat of the tomb, and began the long time of cultivation in the three Jedi. elapse.

Thousands of years, ten thousand years, one hundred thousand years… Time passes silently like water, leaving no trace.

In culture, thousands of years are very short.

Peyton traveled around the three Jedi in a silver boat. He also has a self-awareness. The boat of the tomb dares to sway like this, but if it is not sure, it will not go deep at all.

After all, Peyton’s main purpose is cultivation, not adventure!

Qingfengjie, Myriad Transformations, is very strange.

Universe Boat, the super treasure of the mechanical flow, is divided into hundreds of millions of areas, and you can vaguely identify some traces of the intact shape of the Universe Boat.

Flowing mountains, strange and beautiful, like a labyrinth.

Peton returned to Primitive Universe once during the wandering, returning a large amount of Supreme Treasure. Feel free to cultivate.


The 600,000th year of Peyton’s wandering in the cosmic sea.

The Three Jedi Streams are heavy mountains.

“Rumble~~~” The violent water flow swept through time and space. In the endless water flow hiding the sky and covering the earth, there were three silhouettes standing on a towering rock.

“It’s getting more dangerous around.” A crimson rock life growled, “Look at the situation, Supreme Treasure is about to be born.”

“Wait until Supreme Treasure is born, just watch Which of the three of us is stronger.”

“Everything depends on the strength.”

The three Lord of Universe waited silently, their nerves were tense, and there were faint rays of light around Diffuse obviously has deployed the domain class Supreme Treasure, but even the domain can only cover part of the area.

Some violent areas like the monstrous water flow cannot be covered at all, and it is impossible to know in advance when Supreme Treasure will be born.

“Boom~~” The water flow that was violently hiding the sky and covering the earth suddenly began to move regularly.

In this a side world, a large number of water currents rotate and converge, and connect Heaven and Earth, and a waterspout appears!

“It’s right there!”

The three Lord of Universe instantly burned Divine Force, and they all had to fight.

“Bang!” On the huge waterspout in the distance, a white jade-colored boat suddenly burst out of the water, which stunned the three Lord of Universe.

“It’s the Lord of the Red Moon!”

One of the bizarre black wrinkled creatures roared, the rock powerhouse next to it, the double-sided four-armed powerhouse were all shocked . In particular, the double-sided four-armed powerhouse got into the Supreme Treasure of a palace in an instant, and turned to flee.

“Poor Yu Lan!”

The black wrinkled creature and the rock life powerhouse all stood aside obediently, and sympathetically glanced at the two-sided, four-armed powerhouse that was running away.

The Lord of the View, one of the Lord of Universe of the Divine Eyes family.

In the past 600,000 years, the Lord of the Red Moon has roamed the three Jedi, sometimes appearing in Liuzhong Mountain, sometimes in Universe Boat and Qingfeng Realm, and has always appeared silently and suddenly. Once they encounter the Lord of Universe, the Divine Eyes family, they will always attack very ruthless and grab them directly. I don’t know if they will be imprisoned or killed.

In just 600,000 years, Peyton captured seven Lord of Universe from the Divine Eyes family.

“Yu Lan has always been cautious, but he only appeared when Supreme Treasure was about to be born. didn’t expect the Lord of the Red Moon to also stare at this Supreme Treasure… Just discovered, Lord of the Red Moon It must have been in the water before, and there was no way to detect it, and it would be too late when the Lord of the Red Moon appeared.” Black wrinkled creatures and rock creatures sighed, but they were not worried.

Everyone knows that don’t provoke the Lord of the Red Moon, the Lord of the Red Moon usually does not deal with other Lord of Universe.

The Lord of the Red Moon will only target the Divine Eyes clan, the fire source clan, and the Qiuyan clan. These are all enemies of the Lord of the Red Moon in the early days.

It has to be said that the Lord of the Red Moon is not very serious.

“Lord of Yulan, stop struggling.”

An abyss black hole appeared at the base, facing the Lord of Yulan fleeing in the distance.

Red Moon Palace swallows!

“The Lord of the Red Moon, the Lord of the Red Moon!!! My Divine Eyes family will not let you go, absolutely not.”

The Lord of Yu Lan from his palace He flew out of Supreme Treasure and wanted to escape, but Peyton just controlled the Red Moon Palace again and locked the Lord of Yu Lan again

“no!” The Lord of Yu Lan struggled, but was still swallowed In the past, as he approached the base of the Red Moon Palace, he also automatically became smaller, and then was swallowed in.

“You two… I’m sorry, I happened to pass by here, this Supreme Treasure belongs to me.”

The two Lord of Universe standing on the top of the towering mountain, even Said not to dare, all respectful and humble.


Inside the Red Moon Hall, there are spaces separated everywhere, and each Lord of Universe is imprisoned in it.

Over the years, Peyton has captured much more than just the Lord of Universe on the surface.

Except for the Lord of the Red Moon, this layer of identity, Peyton often turns into other identities, hunting the rest of the Lord of Universe.

His heritage is too deep, and the development of the gene lock system requires too much experimental material.

Peton needs to study the billions of beings bred in the ‘Primitive Universe’ – plant life, flesh life, metal life, rock life, energy life, etc., not only living creatures, but also dead ones. , such as countless materials in the universe, metal materials, rocks, fruits, Rare Items, etc… Combined with billions of creatures and billions of substances, all of them are studied.

This road requires endless time, endless effort, research on endless creatures and substances… to find a way to make the Divine Force a breakthrough. Even in this process, Peyton still needs to get more powerhouse corpses to analyze…

After countless years of accumulation, his body has been gradually transformed, and finally it is on the verge of a limit, and the next step is the universe supreme powerhouse .

This is an extremely critical step. With Peyton’s accumulation and Great Firmament’s vision, he can quickly cross this level and become a real chess player in the sea of cosmics.

At the same time, he has the foundation to jump out of this universe.

The cosmic sea, a remote and extremely remote area that has never been reached by a powerhouse.

β€œbang! ”

That human-like body, which is a little bigger than the mini-universe, is lying there, far exceeding the speed of light by a million or ten million times, and even causing the surrounding Chaos Qi Flow to collide at super high speed. The direct friction formed extremely dazzling rays of light, leaving a long streamer in a long void.

It is constantly moving towards the Primitive Universe.

Ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years… one hundred thousand years, one million years… time has passed.

At the same time, a remote area in the universe…is having a silhouette at a very long distance. Teleporting forward.

“It’s been a long time since I went to Liuzhong Mountain, so I went to Liuzhong Mountain for a walk. “The ancestor of monster beast is moving forward very leisurely. He has enemies with the ancestors of the starry sky and the two ancestors of Monster Race. Now the coalition camp and the human camp have been fighting, but the human camp has the upper hand, which makes the ancestor of monster beast quite For pleasure.


A very terrifying streamer flashed past.

“Boom~~” is very terrifying At this speed, the shock wave formed by the huge monster impacting the surrounding Chaos Qi Flow instantly hit the monster beast ancestor who was still far away, and immediately caused the huge Divine Physique of the monster beast ancestor to roll over tens of billions of kilometers away.


The ancestor of monster beast opened his fangs and big mouth and spurted blood directly.

It has a hard body full of scales and dark golden The blood flowed on the surface scale armor, and the ancestor of monster beast was horrified to look at the golden streamer left in the distance that had only dissipated for a long time: “This, this, this…”

It never did’ I didn’t expect…just the shock wave generated by super-high-speed flight, it will hurt him, the most powerful house in the universe! If it is hit head-on, wouldn’t it fall?

“What terrifying existence? What exactly exists? “The ancestor of monster beast is completely stunned, it traverses the sea of the universe, although there is no Strongest Supreme Treasure and the dream of Monster Ancestor, Monster Ancestor, and the battle of the ancestors of the stars are all at a loss, but his ability to save his life is no problem, no one has ever let him Feeling desperate.

Even if he encounters the original ancestor, he can struggle.

But the endless huge monster that passed by at super high speed in the distance just now made the monster beast ancestor. Fright, despair, that is not a level of power at all. Just flying and hitting is enough to make him fall.

“Opportunity! “

“Opportunity! “

“Great opportunity!” “The ancestor of monster beast suddenly became excited. Any unbelievable thing happened is very likely to be a super opportunity. Just looking at this movement, if the endless huge monster that flew just now contains opportunities, it is definitely a super opportunity, and getting a few Strongest Supreme Treasures will be all you need. Nothing.

“I have to take this opportunity! Whether it is inheritance, powerhouse, or treasure, I have to grasp it! As long as I grasp it, I will be able to overwhelm the two idiots of Monster Race and the old beast god guy, when the time comes I will dominate the Monster Race and the star giant beast alliance, then, I will be the real ancestor of monster beast! “The ancestor of monster beast was very excited and immediately teleported.

Brush! Swipe! Swipe!

Three consecutive ultra-long-distance teleportation, and finally arrived at the high-speed forward’ Far from the side of the huge monster’, resisting the terrifying whistling, the ancestor of monster beast tried his best to look at it. In front of this huge monster, the ancestor of monster beast was like a small earthworm watching a star.

(End of this chapter)

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