All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 565


Chapter 565

In the remote Primitive Universe, in the human realm, within the primordial Secret Realm.

“hua hua ~~~” The boundless river of the red moon is constantly rippling.


After a long period of over 8 million years, Peyton divided the size of the Avatar into which the entire Red Moon microcosm was transformed, which became larger and larger.

The Avatar of the evolution of the red moon microcosm sits in the primordial Secret Realm, which makes every powerhouse that comes to the primordial Secret Realm and sees the red moon microcosm amazed by it.

“This is the Red Moon Micro Universe!”

“The Red Moon Micro Universe? The Avatar evolved from the Divine Physique Divine Kingdom of the legendary Lord of the Great Red Moon.”

“This, how big is this.”

“Such a big Divine Physique, even if it keeps burning Divine Force, how long will it take to burn up.”

One The spaceship was flying over the red moon microcosm, and some immortals in the spaceship looked out and looked at the red moon microcosm, and they were all excited.

Over the past eight million years, humans have risen in the Primitive Universe!

Because of the small-scale friction between the human camp and the coalition camp, it has been going on!

A large number of World Lords, Immortals, Venerables… will often fight, and occasionally Lord of Universe will fight each other! Therefore, the news of the war at the beginning was spread by the human race long ago, making the world masters and immortals of the human race full of endless fighting spirit and confidence.

Moreover, under the deliberate guidance of the human race, the new world masters and immortals of the entire human race have remembered the ‘giant axe Guardian’, the ‘Primal Chaos City Lord’ and the ‘Red Moon Lord’. host’.

Perhaps those world masters and immortals don’t know what the most powerhouse in the universe is, but they do understand that the most important and strongest people in the entire human race are these three people.

The three of them are the Heaven Supporting Pillar of the human race!

“How big is this miniature universe of the great Lord of the Red Moon?”

“It is said that the miniature universe of the Red Moon has been getting bigger all the time. The universe is over a trillion kilometers in diameter, and it must be much bigger now.”

Discuss spiritedly one by one.

The immortal king who rides this cosmic spaceship, a lean man with golden scales said: “The red moon miniature universe Avatar of the great red moon master is now more than two light years in diameter. !”

“Two light years?”

“Wow, such a big Divine Physique.”

“Countless alien Lord of Universe can’t help but the red moon Lord, now the Lord of the Red Moon is definitely invincible.”


The world lords and immortals shuddered and worshipped him.


This cosmic spaceship flew over the Red Moon Micro Universe, and the Red Moon Micro Universe was as calm as ever.

After all, the efforts of human beings to cultivate geniuses have greatly increased, especially when the ancient civilization has been moved, so that some world masters, immortals, etc. are often brought to the primordial Secret Realm to cultivate and hone, or be sent to Cultivate in Primal Chaos City.

In short, you will be amazed when you pass by the red moon microcosm.

At this moment—the Central Region in the depths of the Red Moon micro-universe, there is a vacuum region with a diameter of about 10 billion kilometers, just like a super-large bubble in the center of the entire Red Moon micro-universe, and this vacuum region Inside, a large number of items are suspended.

All kinds of metals, minerals, soils, liquids… tens of billions of kilometers in diameter, what is the size of the area?

But this vacuum area is almost full. It can be said that all the substances that can be found in the Primitive Universe are ordinary to planets, stars, neutron stars, black holes, etc., or mysterious to some special substances. Life fruit, immortal tree, etc., and even the partial corpses of hundreds of millions of ethnic groups in the universe, and even the partial corpses of a large number of special beings, dead and alive.

The Primitive Universe, the universe sea.

Billions of metals! Hundreds of millions of special energy bodies! Billions of liquids! Billions of plants! All material things! And even all living life!

As low as single-celled organisms, as high as Lord of Universe, true dive corpse!

Everything is stored here.

“The way of genes, the foundation of all things!”

“Reshaping the gene lock, evolving the lock of matter, the lock of spirit, and the lock of will, combining Heaven, Earth and The magic of the three talents of Human…”

Countless ideas are constantly colliding.

Peton continues to evolve the genetic way, dissecting its roots.

At this time, in this vacuum area inside the red moon microcosm, all are trapped in a strange field, this strange field cannot be obtained by cultivation, it is purely Peyton’s countless years of perfecting experiments, innate A field carried by talent evolution.

In this peculiar field, all substances in the field will be quickly analyzed, and the Life Source will be analyzed.

As this innate talent is perfected, Peyton’s genetics makes a breakthrough faster and faster.


Those suspended drops of blood, scales and even hair are constantly being dissected. The most original structure of life, everything appears in front of Peyton.


This is the life structure of the true God, which is the difference between the life structure of the “true God” and the “Lord of Universe”.

The true God has transcended the shackles of the ordinary universe, although still Roaming in the sea of cosmos, it is rare to jump out of the fence.

But the greatness of the world is the so-called eternity of the Great Firmament, and in the eyes of Chaos, it is but a few…

Beyond the fence, there are more Heaven and Earth, no one can tell.

In an instant, there are billions of ideas discovered by Peyton, but it is doomed that these billions of ideas are probably all wrong.

“Divine Force, break down. “Peyton’s mind moved.

Wow~~~ Divine Physique, the most powerful house, suddenly disintegrated into a large number of Divine Forces floating around.

“Life, reorganization!” ”

The inner life composition of Divine Force was immediately artificially controlled and transformed by Peyton, as if genetic modification!

It’s just that Peyton’s is obviously a higher level, he has already passed Transform the most basic structure to make yourself break through the boundaries!

Once you succeed, you can directly become a powerful true god.

Peng! With a bang, Divine Force once again condensed and recovered. The original life structure. The previous perfect gene is a very perfect and stable life structure. It is very difficult to break through and surpass.

Divine Force failed to recombine!

“Again try! “

Peyton has a lot of ideas, and naturally he has to keep trying, in order to explore Profound Mystery of Life.

“Fail! “

“Failure! “

“Reassembly failed!” “

Every failure is an experience.

All roads lead to the same destination.

Life Source is also the origin of the evolution of the universe One of them also contains the ultimate mystery.

This kind of progress of the Divine Force route… is also of great benefit to the creation of Peyton’s secret technique and so on.

The countless results are completely Collision, eight hundred years of accumulation, and a complete explosion, Peyton is looking forward to it.

Before, he was stuck on the bottleneck on the Divine Force route. Although Divine Physique keeps accumulating, the main thing is that the true god life can be analyzed. Less!

It can only be polished by time!

Finally, eight million years have passed, and with the blessing of infinite time, his Divine Physique has been polished to the extreme.

The mysteries of various gene systems are gradually recovering, and there is no secret.

It has been tried and perfected again and again.

There are chains all over the miniature world of the red moon. , each of which is the result of a Lord of Universe reaching its extremes.

Peton’s will and spirit are constantly emerging from chains, extending the way to the avenue…

The locks of the spirit!

The locks of the will!

The locks of the body!


One chain after another, countless achievements A complete explosion, a complete interbreeding, and a burst of charm that belongs to Divine Physique.

“It’s still a little bit worse. “

“Life, regroup!” “

Blessed by the entrenched red moon miniature world, Peyton’s will is transformed into a majestic Divine Force, the Divine Force is rapidly changing internally, and the most original structure is changing. .

Om~~~ everything stopped.

Peton also stopped the control and finally stopped. If it fails, the Divine Force that has been changed will quickly decompose and recover.

If stability exists, it means that it may be successful. After all, even if it is stable, the new Life Source structure does not necessarily exceed the limit of perfection, and may even decrease.

“Stable! “

“Divine Force level…”

Peyton carefully sensed that this was a new Divine Force, a powerful Divine Force with an extremely sharp edge, as if it was always necessary to Attack like.

“Breakthrough perfect gene bottleneck! ”

The Life Source of the true God is obviously higher, giving Peyton countless ideas and giving him countless routes, stuck in the bottleneck after more than 8 million epochs.

Finally relying on The accumulation of time, under the vision of Great Firmament, has overcome this difficulty.

“Divine Physique, reorganization! “Peton thought.


The entire Divine Physique disintegrated and turned into a grandiose Divine Force, followed by a large number of Divine Forces that quickly condensed and turned back to Divine again. Physique.

This is the same red moon miniature universe, but the breath is obviously much stronger.

“Divine Physique, reorganization! “

“Additional. “

The Red Moon microcosm Divine Force quickly replenished, and Peyton quickly returned to 100% Divine Physique state.

“This feels so wonderful.” “

Peyton’s heart was delighted, he could feel Divine Physique’s be eager to have a try.

Even the Divine Kingdom Avatar of the distant Red Moon microcosm began to stir , because of the power of Divine Physique, it can carry a more powerful Divine Kingdom!

The microcosm just needs to expand again…then it will immediately evolve into a small universe.

Peton Divine Kingdom can be transformed into a mini-universe immediately if you want.

Then Divine Physique will get a hundredfold jump!

Enter the real Divine Rank stage!

Peyton took a step.


He teleported directly back to the Primitive Universe. In the vast Primitive Universe, over the endless red moon river, Peyton in a white robe appeared out of thin air.

“The River of the Red Moon, Regroup! “Peton overlooked the endless river of red moon below.

Boom ~ the river of endless red moon suddenly surrounded the endless fog, and then the level of life genes rapidly transformed.

“hua hua rush ~~~”

I saw the river of endless red moon sucking wildly, the illusory shadow of Primitive Universe’s law of the ocean appeared in the endless void above, and a large amount of sea water was born out of thin air, constantly descending to the endless red moon. On the river.

It is already an endless Divine Physique, which can be absorbed completely…I see the endless Divine Force Sea water constantly falling from the sky and blending into the endless red moon river, making the endless red moon river continue to increase in size .

The river of the endless red moon is extremely wide, and above it, there is an even wider illusory shadow of the ocean of law.

A large number of Divine Force Sea water is falling continuously, as if it is falling Heavy rain.

“It’s the ocean of law! “

“So many Divine Forces are coming!” “

In the cluster of palaces of Primitive Universe, those Lord of Universe, Universe Venerable, and a large number of immortals all looked over one by one, and the illusory shadow of the ocean of law was shocked.

A white robe silhouette is standing under the endless Divine Force Sea water.

“That’s the Lord of the Red Moon! “

“The Lord of the Red Moon!” “

“I am fortunate enough to meet the Lord of the Red Moon in my life!” “

“Is this a breakthrough, Lord of the Red Moon?” “

“That’s right! “

Human Race’s Lord of Universe’s eyes were also very moving, and turned to surprise.

“Peton is the breakthrough Lord of Universe!” ”

“My Human Race has one more cosmic supreme powerhouse!” ”

And they think deeper, the Lord of the Red Moon can kill the true god in the Lord of Universe stage. At this time, wouldn’t the breakthrough be invincible and achieve the general existence of Holy Land?

After a while, the silhouettes of the Lord of Primal Chaos City and the Lord of Giant Axe appeared together, watching Peyton’s breakthrough, and sighing in his heart.

Human Race is getting stronger and stronger.


Luo Feng, who was beside him, saw Peyton’s breakthrough, and was also delighted: “Teacher has finally broken through. “


In just over a year, the endless river of red moon has once again expanded to a diameter of 12 light-years.

“It is impossible to expanded. “

The white-robed Peyton stood on the sea of the endless red moon river, and the illusory shadow of the ocean of law in the sky finally dissipated.

“When it reaches a diameter of 12 light-years, it is Can’t swallow Divine Force anymore. “Peyton looked thoughtful Di nod.

“The so-called size is arbitrary, infinite Divine Physique, I am afraid this infinite vine Physique is not really infinite. ”

It should be noted that the reserves in the ocean of laws of the Primitive Universe are limited.

How can it be truly infinite?

It is 12 light-years in diameter, which is A limit that cannot be surpassed.

Peton glanced into the distance, and indeed there were quite a few powerhouses in the distant cluster of palaces watching from afar.

Apparently lasting more than a year ‘The illusory shadow of the ocean of law falls’ and the constant flood of Divine Force Sea water like a torrential rain also shocked those powerhouses.

“Go! “

Peton’s mind moved.

“Condensation!” “

The vast Divine Kingdom.

There are grasslands, seas, and mountain ranges… Peyton is standing high in the sky, looking at his endless Divine Kingdom.

“My Divine Kingdom has long reached its limit. “

“As soon as it starts to expand, it will quickly evolve into a small universe.” “

“My Divine Force has also reached its limit and can’t take any more… so… let’s get started.” “

With Peyton’s a single thought, the vast Divine Kingdom suddenly began to expand.

The original Divine Kingdom wall expanded outward again.

This expansion caused a violent reaction.


The entire Divine Kingdom vibrated, and a void channel was immediately connected to the Divine Kingdom. I don’t know this one. At this end of the void channel where did it come from, endless Chaos Qi Flow poured out crazily. As soon as the rich Chaos Qi Flow poured in, it immediately tore the earth, tore the ocean, everything shattered and returned to chaos.

With a large supply of Chaos Qi Flow power, Divine Kingdom began to expand like crazy.

“bang! “With the expansion of Divine Kingdom, another void channel was born, and more Chaos Qi Flows came in.


It’s like a world-destroying scene.

Peyton stood in the center of the Divine Kingdom, watching all around, void channels were born one after another, and endless Chaos Qi Flows poured in, causing the entire Divine Kingdom to form chaotic vortex everywhere, and the Divine Kingdom continued to expand.

One side is expanding.

The Divine Kingdom itself is still moving, the Divine Kingdom itself is in the ‘space interlayer’, the space interlayer is the Primitive Universe membrane wall, and the penetration of the membrane wall is the Primitive Universe membrane wall. Enter the sea of cosmos! At this moment, the Divine Kingdom is constantly advancing…

Peton is in his own small universe, sensing the continuous expansion of the entire small universe, and finally one day, the entire small universe suddenly stopped expanding. , everything takes shape.

At the same time, an irresistible force of majesty acts on the small universe, making the small universe that touches the membrane wall of the Primitive Universe, the whole is like a glass that has been ejected Ball.


The entire small universe burst out of the Primitive Universe, like fish entering the sea, birds entering the sky, and this small universe has finally entered the mighty universe sea.

(End of this chapter)

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