All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 566


Chapter 566

The vast universe.

The Whirlpool River is a less dangerous place.

If you are too arrogant and careless in the swirling river, even if you take the top palace Supreme Treasure, you will suffer some losses, but if you want the top palace Supreme Treasure to explode in an instant, and the Lord of Universe to fall in an instant, it will take a long time. How dangerous is terrifying? The Swirling River simply impossible has this stage of danger.


The First Allah stood in Chaos Qi Flow, frowning and looking in front of him, only to see a large number of water flows scattered scattered and scattered in the distance. As for the many islands in Xuanshui River at the beginning, none of them could be found.

The entire Whirlpool was destroyed?

This made the First Allah’s heart tremble immediately. He knew very well the terrifying power of the ‘cosmic sea natural environment’ and wanted to destroy the entire Whirlpool River.

Even if all the powerhouses of the entire universe join together, it is impossible to destroy a dangerous place.

“How do you feel…” First Allah frowned, “This Swirling River seems to be impacted by an incomparably powerful force. That’s why the ‘River’ of the Swirling River splashes into various areas and disperses. Open, but those islands in the river are all smashed and annihilated.”

First Allah trembled in his heart.

At the same time, the heaven overflowing giant wave is also set off in my heart! Although trembling, he was excited.


“Opportunity!” First Allah is roaring in his heart, no matter what caused this scene, it is an existence beyond imagination, and it definitely contains great opportunities .

“The deadline is approaching. This unknown opportunity is probably the only chance for my clan to escape from the cycle of reincarnation.”

Om~~~ A huge aperture suddenly appeared in the back of his head. It is a huge one-eyed that appears like flesh and blood, and the one-eyed illuminates the endless void in front of it, as if everything is in sight. In this huge one-eyed, there is an endless huge monster light and shadow, crashing into the Xuanshui River, causing the Xuanshui River to collapse!

β€œIt is a million times more terrifying than the Swirling River.”

β€œEven I can’t see the Space-Time Reversal clearly. Even with my innate talent The combination of , secret technique, can only be sure that the terrifying existence is flying from this direction, hitting the past, and heading for that direction!” First Allah secretly nodded.



Immediately cast a super long-distance teleport, chasing in the confirmed direction.

Actually, from the current endgame of Xuanshuihe, it is possible to infer the flight direction of the ‘huge monster’, but it takes enough time to be extremely accurate.

And the First Allah, also known as ‘Divine Eyes Allah’, is very good at checking calculations…and making everything clear in an instant.

After counting.

“bang! !!” The huge monster still maintained an incomparably astonishing speed, slamming forward in the sea of cosmos.


The First Allah was utterly astonished. He tried his best to ‘see’ clearly that the huge monster was actually a lying humanoid creature. There are 160 million light-years, and the speed is about 120 million times the speed of light. That is to say, the ability of the First Allah can only be accurately determined by a ‘Divine Eyes’.

For example, another monster beast ancestor who has been following has not been able to confirm the exact speed.

“First Allah! I discovered this first.” The monster beast roared with angry sound transmission.

“Hahaha, just you, do you want to monopolize this big opportunity?”

First Allah dismisses it, what is the ancestor of monster beast?

Not even a Strongest Supreme Treasure, but he has two.

“No, I don’t expect monopoly. Since you found out, then you and I have a chance together… The other four gods of your Divine Eyes clan will never allow them to come.” The ancestor of monster beast shouted angrily. .

“If the other four Gods of your Divine Eyes family dare to come, then I will spread the news immediately and let the whole universe know!”

“Youβ€”” First Allah is furious.

This time, it must be an opportunity against the sky, and I am afraid that it is possible to escape from reincarnation by taking this opportunity.

Of course, the First Allah wants to bring two more members of the clan to help, but it’s just a ‘threat’ from the ancestor of monster beast, he can’t ignore it!

After all, the incarnation of the ancestor of monster beast is set in the Primitive Universe, and if it is to be spread, it can definitely spread in a short time.

“Good!” said First Allah.

“You and I will take this opportunity together.”


Therefore, the first Allah and the first ancestor of monster beast, began to try their best to want Stop the huge monster. After all, the ‘huge monster’ is so terrifying at such a terrifying speed.

And the shock wave that escaped alone was enough to injure them.

If you dare to get close…I’m afraid you will be shocked to death.

The most important thing is the speed of the two of them. In fact, before they can catch up, the huge monster will fly away.



“Change his direction.”

First Allah and the first monster beast, Just like two little ants, trying their best to stop a flying mountain, it is naturally ‘overestimate one’s capabilities’.

Time passes.

In the blink of an eye, more than 3,000 years later, I found that the power of this ‘huge monster’ has increased to seven forces, and the Divine Eyes family and the ancestor of monster beast are only two of them.

At this moment, whether it is the ancestor of monster beast, the first Allah, or the other five forces that joined in succession, they are all a little desperate.

“Bang!” The huge monster rushed past and disappeared from the field of vision of the eighteen powerhouses.

“It’s useless, I can’t stop it.” First Allah shook his head and sighed, “I’ve tried my best to make this huge monster crash into three dangerous places, but its speed is not enough. There is almost no change. Obviously that dangerous place can’t affect it at all. To slow it down, there are only two possibilities.”

“One is to hit the Primitive Universe according to the direction it is flying now, Enter the Primitive Universe. With the power of the Primitive Universe… it can be easily suppressed.”

“The second one is the three Jedi! Any of the three Jedi is quite similar to it. Be sure to block.”

First Allah said, “What do you think, gentlemen?”

The presence of one by one looked at each other.

I’m helpless.

They do make the ‘huge monster’ change direction a little and hit some dangerous places, but it’s useless.

If you hit the three major Jedi, the Great Influence powerhouse of the three major Jedi will gather together… the Great Influence will know! If they collide with the Primitive Universe, once they fall into the Primitive Universe, their cosmic sea power will have no part at all.

“Let’s make it public.”

“Anyway, the Great Influence should know if it hits the three Jedi. And let this huge monster change direction and hit any place in the three Jedi. , this change in direction is not small. It is not enough for me to wait.”

“Let’s make it public.”

It’s just that the opportunity is too great…they can’t swallow it.

“It is absolutely not allowed to crash into the Primitive Universe.” The First Allah secretly said that when he entered the Primitive Universe, he would no longer be part of the Divine Eyes family.

“You must change direction.” Rampage Demon God also roared, and he was the fifth force to join in.

“If it doesn’t change direction, the impact will hit the Primitive Universe… Maybe it will affect our small universe. Although the small universe is big, it is not as strong as the Whirlpool River in terms of resistance. It must be smashed.”

Everyone present was nodded.


Such as Universe Boat, Qingfengjie, and Liuzhongshan, they can all be called invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable, and the ‘small universe’ is only a small universe of the true god after all. Although its size is large, other true gods cannot shake it. But what if it exceeds the existence of the true God? The impact of the huge monster is no longer known to surpass the level of the true god. It is easy to destroy the small universe, but as long as the impact is enough, it is enough to collapse the ‘source’ of the small universe, causing the entire small universe to collapse and shatter.

Can easily crush the Whirlpool River… crushing the small universe, naturally very easy.


The news spread, and the entire universe was shaken!

The ‘Universe Boat’ of the Three Jedi.

“Teacher, you said you found a huge monster in the sea of cosmos, flying at 120 million times the speed of light, and it is about 160 million light-years high? And is it a lying humanoid creature?” Luo Feng Blink your eyes.

“Teacher, who deliberately made up a lie, the universe is the limit of 100 times the speed of light, the most powerhouses in the universe can fly 100,000 times million times the speed of light and reach the top, 120 million by the speed of light? It’s bigger than the Universe Boat A little humanoid?”

“It’s not fake, you’ll know it when you look at it,” Peyton said.

Hanging up with Luo Feng, Peyton is also slightly frowned, and muttered in his heart: “Is Jin the world?”

This world is Luo Feng’s great opportunity, Jin’s Divine King’s inheritance.

“Divine King? This kind of realm should have reached the edge of the Great Firmament, right?” Great Firmament without a doubt.

The Divine King under it is a powerhouse that touches the threshold.

“Perhaps, this is also a chance for me to use the world of Jin, including its material resources, to improve my path of cultivation.”


On the other side, Luo Feng was also surprised. He didn’t know why his teacher was sure that it was true, but he chose to believe it.

Over the years, Peyton’s existence has changed the original development of the story.

The giant axe Guardian has not fallen, and the Human Race has grown in strength.

Luo Feng’s strength has not weakened in the slightest. He has obtained opportunities one after another, and has become the most eye-catching powerhouse under the most powerhouse and Human Race

“Universe Boat, Liuzhongshan, Qingfengjie” A first-level huge monster? Or a humanoid lying down?”

Luo Feng felt his heart blaze just by imagining it.

“Even if you see it, you’ll know.”


The boat of the tomb turned its direction in the endless black wind, directly showing The most basic shape, without concealing it, flew directly out of the Universe Boat at the fastest speed.

It took more than two hundred years to fly out of the Universe Boat.

“Luo Feng, come here quickly, we are here.” Hongmeng’s action team sent Luo Feng’s coordinates directly through the virtual universe.

“Come on.” Luo Feng rushed over immediately.

Coordinates are always changing.

Obviously, the Hongmeng Action Team is also following the huge monster. In fact, after more than two hundred years, after all the Great Influences have rushed away, Luo Feng has no doubts about the real name of this huge monster. Although I saw some virtual images through the virtual universe, it was a vaguely blurred silhouette, which naturally didn’t feel shocking at all, so I had to see it with my own eyes…

Brush! brush! brush!

Luo Feng teleported one after another and finally caught up with the Hongmeng action team.

“Luo Feng.”

“Luo Feng.”

“The Lord of the Galaxy.”

“The Lord of the Galaxy.”

“The Lord of the Galaxy.”

“The Lord of the Galaxy.”


Grandiose’s more than 180 Lord of Universe, the creator of giant axe, and the master of Primal Chaos City personally led the team, all gathered here.

The lord of Primal Chaos City, also a million years ago, successfully advanced to the supreme powerhouse of the universe and became the supreme powerhouse of Human Race.

Not only the human camp, but also a large number of powerhouses from the coalition camp. Obviously, the two sides have a tacit understanding. At this critical moment, Two Great Factions also temporarily truce.

Not long after, Peyton flew over quickly with a small boat.

“The Lord of the Red Moon!”

“The Lord of the Red Moon!”

“The Lord of the Red Moon!”

Hongmeng All the Lord of Universe in the camp said hello.

They all know that Payton just broke through the universe’s supreme powerhouse not long ago.

As the Lord of Universe stage, you can hunt down the most powerful powerhouse, and now it is a step further, and it is likely to be the number one expert of Hongmeng.

“Peton.” Primal Chaos City master introduced.

“At this moment, the Three Great Influences and Two Great Holy Lands of the Universe Sea have gathered 68 of the most powerful houses in the Universe and more than 3,200 Lords of Universe. It can be said that each Great Influence has sent the strongest The power elites are here.”

Peyton nodded, this kind of chance, the whole universe vibrates for it is a common phenomenon.

Peyton stood in the void of the universe sea, and at a glance, I saw densely packed one after another silhouette scattered in the distance, thousands of silhouettes, each of which was at least Lord of Universe, which indeed caused a strong of shock.

Immediately following Peyton, he turned his head and looked into the distance. The teleport was actually teleported in advance to the direction that the huge monster must pass.



Although they can’t see it, they all sense the transmission of vibrations caused by invisible shock waves. , followed by the ‘boom’ extremely terrifying shock wave spread out, and a huge monster turned into a dazzling rays of light whistled past.

The Lord of Universe was amazed.

“Universe Boat, is a ship-shaped mechanical treasure.”

“This lying humanoid Rare Item may also be a mechanical treasure.”

“What if it wasn’t a treasure, but some…powerhouse?”

Peton was calm, he already knew what it was.

And it was Great Firmament’s spiritual manifestation, and he was not surprised by the trifling-Divine King.

He has seen even the creatures standing on the top of the Great Firmament in the world among the snakes of the world, let alone others.


Following the grandiose’s cosmic sea of thousands of powerhouses, A teleportation of the collective surname.

Appearing in the void in the distance, they naturally flew a little ahead of the ‘humanoid creature’, of course on the side of the route, and they didn’t dare to block in the middle of the route.

“Everyone get ready.”

“Strikes again!” Accompanied by the sound transmission of more than ten most powerhouses in the universe, for a time, thousands of people in the universe cream of the crop The existence began to gain momentum at the same time, and soon, the huge monster appeared in the field of vision.

Says the ‘field of view’ range, which is not accurate.

Because of the speed of light in the universe sea, it is equivalent to a hundred times the speed of light in the Primitive Universe! If you really watch it with naked eyes… It is very unrealistic to see the ‘humanoids’ flying at such terrifying speeds. In fact, Peyton and the most powerhouses are all passed on.’ The shock wave’ is then judged by the Divine Force’s control of time and space, and accurate simulation imaging.

In this way, we can confirm the appearance of the endless huge monster.

If you just rely on the eyes to see, the humanoid creatures fly to the front, I am afraid that the ‘light’ will not have time to fly to the front. Can’t see it at all!

Because…it must be judged by the transmitted shock wave, the shock wave must be sensed only when the actual position of the ‘humanoid’ is very close to thousands of powerhouses. In such a short moment, it can be accurately sensed, and the humanoid creatures will roar and fly past thousands of troops. At this time… there will be endless powerful shock waves!

The impact is so strong that if you get close, even the most powerful house in the universe will be seriously injured.



(end of chapter)

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