All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 567


Chapter 567

With a most powerhouse command.

Thousands of powerhouses all attacked, striking sideways.


The endless attacks are gathered together, enough to annihilate any of the most powerful houses in the universe, the incomparably powerful power whizzes away, and strikes directly to the side direction.

The attack from the strikes is actually flying at a hundred times the speed of light.

It takes a long time to hit the ‘huge monster’.

It should be noted that the ‘humanoid’ is 160 million light-years tall, and 30 million light-years long for a pair of feet. Although it flies extremely fast, reaching 120 million times the speed of light… But at such a speed, even if the feet move completely, it will take a full 3 months to fly! It’s a pity that it flew too fast. It was obviously next to Peyton and the others, but Peyton and the others couldn’t see or sense it.

The shock wave can only be sensed by teleporting to the front side of the humanoid.

Just for a moment!

In fact, the ability to sense and see a huge monster flying at 120 million times the speed of light is already worth celebrating.


The army teleported collectively again.

In fact, teleportation is a collective teleportation of a thousand light-years each time, which is only one-third of the feet of the ‘humanoid’. But fortunately… humanoids are 120 million times the speed of light, which is actually less than 4 light-years per second. With teleportation, it is still easy to catch up, and the position can be accurately determined every time.



Cosmic Sea all influence Thousands of Peaks exist, work together, and no one has a different heart.

Teleports again and again, strikes again and again.

Peton also stayed for 3200 years in the thousands of powerhouse army in the universe sea.

Because Peyton flew out of the ‘Universe Boat’ after he got the news, so it was a lot slower, before he arrived…all influence has reached a unified decision-the direction of the humanoids , constantly changing, making it crash on the ‘Universe Boat’! Among the three major Jedi, the direction that needs to be modified to hit the Universe Boat is the smallest, but it is also about 15 degrees.

In order to modify the direction of the angle of about 15 degrees, thousands of powerhouse collective strikes in the entire universe sea for more than 3000 years!

This is also the reason why the First Allah, the first ancestor of monster beast, and the others finally had no choice but to choose to make it public. After all, they only rely on their few forces… If you want to change the direction of the 15-degree angle, the ‘humanoids’ will fly far away. Now, there’s no chance of hitting the Universe Boat anymore.

“The direction is correct.”

“The direction is correct.”

“The direction is correct.”

a The most powerhouse in the universe, Lord of Universes, confirm your orientation based on the shock waves. Then, the direction is determined by the relative position between here and Universe Boat, and everyone is sure that the direction is correct.

Peyton also checked and secretly nodded: “It is estimated that it will arrive in nearly 30,000 years!”


“It took so long, but it finally succeeded.”

“This huge monster will definitely hit the Universe Boat.” Thousands of Peak beings in the void are very happy with each other, after all, more than 3,000 years of concentrated attention completely, try to attack. Although the attack frequency is not too high (the Divine Force must be guaranteed to recover), the invisible pressure still makes everyone dare not relax.

Until now, everyone is happy and happy.

The outer domain of the ‘Universe Boat’, one of the three Jedi in the universe.

one after another silhouette stand in great numbers, thousands of silhouettes look at the Universe Boat from afar in the outer domain.

“I wonder if Universe Boat can stop it.”

“Universe Boat is tens of millions of light-years in width and height, and over 100 million light-years in length. It can only be said that it is similar to that huge monster, huge The speed of the monster is so terrifying… Under a head-on impact, it won’t knock all the Universe Boats flying, right?”

“I hope it can be stopped.”

Thousands of powerhouses rushed in advance At this point, they are all waiting for the ‘huge monster’ to hit the Universe Boat, but the powerhouses are also starting to worry… Universe Boat can definitely slow down the huge monster, but if the huge monster only reduces part of its speed, it doesn’t stop. What then?

From 120 million times the speed of light to 30 million times the speed of light? It still doesn’t make much sense to the Great Influences.

“Hope for success.”

“If you fail, you can only try to change direction.”

“It must be successful.”

All of them silently look forward to it.

Peyton was also in the powerhouse group of the Hongmeng Action Team, looking at the Universe Boat in the distance, a broken ancient mechanical boat, constantly swallowing the endless Chaos Qi Flow. There are circles of flaming rivers around the big boat, the cold air of grandiose, the vortex of the wind, the endless lightning snake, and even below the Universe Boat, there is a small universe with about one third left.

Time passes.

Thousands of Peak beings in the universe are waiting silently, and finallyβ€”β€””Come!”


“huge monster It’s here!”

Thousands of beings sensed the shock wave at the same time, and all of them were excited, and a group of Hongmeng powerhouses were all excited.

And invariably hide, to avoid being killed by the terrifying shock wave generated by the impact.

“Although the shock wave was sensed, the huge monster and Universe Boat collided, and it is estimated that there are still several years.”

How many years?

How short is it for super-level existence, because humanoids are too fast to see at all, and as long as they miss the area that the shock wave can reach, they cannot sense it.

Palace Supreme Treasure Suspended Piece Piece.

Or Strongest Supreme Treasure, or Peak Supreme Treasure, and of course a Tomb Boat, all of them are waiting.

There is silence – there is no powerhouse in the Universe Boat at the moment.

I don’t know how long it has been…


Invisible shock waves are transmitted along time and space, crazily spreading to all directions Go, thousands of powerhouses hiding in the distant universe sea all sensed the terrifying shock wave in an instant, and the shock wave of destruction followed!

The endless Chaos Qi Flow is torn and swept away.

At the moment when all powerhouses sensed the shock wave, they reversed each other, and the impact scene appeared in their minds.

A type of humanoid is flying at super high speed, and a damaged ship of the same size is motionless, and the humanoid finally hits.

“Bang peng~ peng~!! !!”

First, some ship fragments surrounding the ship were hit and flew away, surrounding the ship. The flames, lightning snakes, light, etc. around the ship were all crushed and annihilated. Following this kind of humanoid creature, it directly collided with the ancient ship. It should be the humanoid upper body that collided with the ancient ship. The head hits first.

bang! ! ! ! !

The first moment of the terrifying impact squeezes and shatters the space-time, squeezing away in all directions, forming terrifying shock waves and shock waves. The weak shock wave in the outermost part is immediately transmitted, followed by the shock wave that destroys the surname… In the area around the impact, it is simply a nightmare land, even the most powerhouse in the universe, even the Strongest Supreme Treasure, is afraid that it will be destroyed. !

This collision, formidable power is unparalleled!

The shock wave radiates in all directions, radiating over tens of thousands of light-years, millions of light-years, and tens of millions of light-years, and the formidable power naturally decreases gradually, and it reaches the powerhouses in the universe hundreds of millions of light-years away. At that time, although those palaces Supreme Treasure waited for one after another to fly away, no one was seriously injured.

β€œbang! !!”

The humanoid head fiercely hit the Universe Boat at 120 million times the speed of light, and this ancient damaged ship was directly hit It tumbled and threw it into the air. In the endless era, this big ship that had suffered heavy damage had many broken gaps and cracks on the surface.

Even with some rips, the powerhouses of the Cosmic Sea can’t hurt those broken rifts.

However, at the moment, the tumbling Universe Boat was immediately damaged, but some of the broken pieces were splashed directly, and the entire Universe Boat was shaking.

Of course, the overall structure of the Universe Boat Boss Gu boat is not damaged at all, but some of the huge ship plates are not even dented.

“Om~~~~” Deep inside this ancient ship, it has been running.

While it was smashed and rolled, its interior continued to operate. The mighty energy accumulated by Chaos Qi Flow over the endless years was also maintaining the stability of this big ship, and it also quickly decelerated and stabilized.

The humanoid creature whose speed dropped sharply in the first wave of impact, waited for the Universe Boat to slow down, and then hit the second time!

“bang! !!”

A second impact like destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

But the power is obviously weaker by a large level. This time, the waist position of the inclined humanoid hit the Boss Gu ship. This kind of humanoid and the Boss Gu ship seem to be crossed. , this time the impact was so that Universe Boat failed to roll over, but just flew away. As for the humanoids, they rolled and flew in the other direction due to the tilted force.


Two strikes back and forth.

In the first impact, the direction of the humanoid creature did not change much, but the speed was sharply reduced to less than 20 million times the speed of light.

In the second impact, the direction of the humanoid creatures changed dramatically, and the speed was sharply reduced to only 300,000 times the speed of light.

“Boom boom boom~~~”

The tumbling humanoids were tumbling at over 300,000 times the speed of light, and were subjected to ‘Chaos Qi Flow’ during the tumbling process. The resistance speed is obviously sharply reduced, and gradually it no longer rolls, but continues to become a lying posture.


“Universe Boat stopped, Universe Boat did not move.”

“Go, chase those humanoids.” Primal Chaos City said.

“Well, that kind of humanoid and Universe Boat collided twice before and after, and the speed was greatly reduced. It is not difficult to stop it. The resistance of Chaos Qi Flow itself… can make it continue. Decay.”

“Haha, it’s a lot slower.”

“And it’s slowing down.”

“This is a lot easier.”

For a time, the Great Influence powerhouses of the universe surrounded the humanoid creatures, sometimes teleporting, sometimes exploring.

Only 300,000 times the speed of light, the threat is not great, and the impact is much weaker. After all, even the most powerful powerhouse in the universe explodes at a speed of 100,000 times and a million times the speed of light!

There are endless Chaos Qi Flows in the ‘Cosmic Sea’, and the resistance is huge. Like ordinary weak people, they have to be annihilated directly in Chaos Qi Flow, so flying generally requires maintaining energy at all times. The humanoid creatures were too fast, and the power of that impact was outrageous.

Even at those speeds, a range similar to ‘Absolute Domain’ is formed.

Everything around it is shattered, time and space are shattered, Chaos Qi Flow is shattered, and nothing can get close to it!

Chaos Qi Flow doesn’t even count as dust at that speed.

But at this moment – it slows down, it can no longer reach the level of ‘Absolute Domain’, the resistance of Chaos Qi Flow acts on the huge humanoid all the time, making it continue to slow down, and the speed is slower , the faster it falls! It took about three days to go from more than 300,000 times the speed of light to 200,000 times the speed of light.

In just another three days, the speed of light dropped sharply from 200,000 times the speed of light to less than 10,000 times the speed of light, Primitive Universe, Ancestral God Sect, Ancestral God Palace.


The invisible will descended on the Ancestral God Palace.

There are three silhouettes sitting on the three thrones. It is the three Ancestral Gods of this reincarnation era. At this moment, the three Ancestral Gods have solemn faces, all eyes are closed, and they look extremely holy, one after another mighty and strange power radiated from them.

“My children…”

“It’s coming…”


” Must…”

“The Fourth Jedi…”

The ancient will conveyed the message of one after another and descended upon the three Ancestral Gods. After a long time, the invisible The strong will finally receded.

The three Ancestral Gods all opened their eyes and looked at each other with horror in their eyes.

“Since the three of us became Ancestral God, we have never been out in the sea of the universe. This time, we respect the original will of the Primitive Universe, and we can finally leave the Primitive Universe once.” The voice sitting in the center The old Ancestral God said.

“Let’s go!”

“It’s too late, I’m afraid the Great Influence of the universe will suffer huge losses.”

“What if the losses are big? We’re down, what’s our business? We’ll go as normal, we’ll just do what we need to do.”



The three Ancestral Gods turned into dazzling rays of light at the same time, quickly left the Ancestral God Palace, and disappeared into the Ancestral God Secret Realm.

In the vast sea of cosmos, the impact power brought by the flight of humanoid creatures continues to weaken under the obstruction of ‘endless Chaos Qi Flow’, and the speed continues to drop sharply, which also makes the Great Influencers in the sea of cosmos. Fear no more.



I saw one after another force riding the Palace Supreme Treasure and flying directly towards the humanoid.

“It’s really big.”

“This should be the mouth of a humanoid.”


” sou!”

A stream of light teleported above the abyss and rushed in.

“Quick, quick, if there is a treasure in this huge monster, it will be first come, first served. Quick!” Dread and fear, but they also have endless desire, so Immediately immediately dispatched some Lord of Universe with Avatar to explore the way first.

“giant axe!”


“Red Moon!”

The powerhouses of the Hongmeng camp are also in a hurry , this is fast and slow, everyone understands the truth, how can they not be in a hurry when they see other forces dispatching a powerhouse one after another?

giant axe looked around, and immediately said: “This huge monster has all unknowns and hidden dangers, and even the most powerful house in the universe, no one is sure, so now I still send Lord of Universe with Avatar first. Explore. Even if it falls, it will only lose an Avatar and part of the Supreme Treasure. The huge monster’s head is the main entrance, with ears, nostrils, and the gap between the lips. If you want to go in… It’s better to act separately, along the Go in through these passages and explore carefully.”

No one knows which passage will find the treasure first.

So… Every channel has to have a powerhouse to try.


“I’ll go.”

“I’ll go too.”

How efficient powerhouses are, Divine Force sound transmission, negotiated with each other, and soon eight Lord of Universe entered.

Among these eight Lord of Universe is Luo Feng.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City exhorted: “You should not be careless when you enter, and remember to record the map when you enter. Let me, the latecomers of Hongmeng, also know some experience, well, let’s go. “



(end of chapter)

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