All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 568


Chapter 568

Inside the boat of the tomb.

Luo Feng’s face showed a look of shock, and his body shook involuntarily.

“Luo Feng, what’s wrong?”

Payton immediately realized that Luo Feng was wrong.

“The Avatar, the Demon Killer I went in to explore, has fallen.”

Luo Feng said directly, but at the same time he was a little terrified, too terrifying, like Universe Boat, Qingfeng Even if the environmental threats in some dangerous places such as the world cannot be detected, there will be a ‘vacuum’ in the detected area, which means that this area is in an undetectable state, and Luo Feng can understand that there is danger there!

Before your own domain spread out, you can explore everywhere.

In this state, I was killed! The Peak Palace Supreme Treasure also smashed silently!

“Fall? How did you fall?” Peyton frowned.

“It should be the wind.” Luo Feng said.

“It should be?”

“Because I simply didn’t see it, didn’t detect it.” Luo Feng shook his head.

“My domain Supreme Treasure is all normal and can be probed everywhere. The wind appears out of thin air, my Peak Palace Supreme Treasure smashes directly, and my Divine Physique smashes directly. Demon kill The family Avatar just died. It’s too late to resist and struggle.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and the Peak Palace Supreme Treasure couldn’t resist?

Isn’t that who will go and who will die? Unless you take Strongest Supreme Treasure to fight.

A total of eight Lord of Universe members from Hongmeng went to explore. Luo Feng entered along the gap in the mouth of the ‘huge monster’. He walked the fastest and fell the fastest.

On the second day of the fall of Luo Feng, another Lord of Universe fell.

On the fourth day, two Lords of Universe fell in a row.

On the fifth day, another Lord of Universe fell.

Within ten days of the fall of Luo Feng, the other seven Lord of Universe Avatars on the Hongmeng side all fell, and none of them survived. The other three Jedi are not so terrifying.

“The Galaxy Lord encountered the undetectable wind, the wind that appeared out of thin air. As soon as it appeared, the Supreme Treasure of the Galaxy Lord’s Peak Palace was turned into ash and annihilated. And the Lord of Snow Cranes It was the fire that appeared out of thin air when it encountered fire… As soon as the fire appeared, the Supreme Treasure, the top palace of the Lord of Snow Cranes, was instantly annihilated. And other Lords of Universe…”

In the hall of the boat of the tomb, as the last Lord of Universe who went to explore the road also fell, the Lord of Universe of Hongmeng was having a heated discussion.

Eight, all fell.

Or wind, or fire, or fog… Seven of them are instantly annihilated and have no resistance.

Only one has discovered the ‘water flow’ coming from endlessly hiding the sky and covering the earth. As soon as the water flow appears, the surrounding space is condensed and cannot be teleported to escape. As for the water itself, it easily corroded the top palace Supreme Treasure and killed the Lord of Universe in the palace Supreme Treasure.

“Everyone.” giant axe opened the mouth and said.

Suddenly the hall became quiet, and nearly 200 Lord of Universe looked at giant axe.

“According to the information I got, not only my Hongmeng Alliance, but also other forces… Anyone who ventures into it will enter the endless abyss.”

“You can’t find any other environment after entering, all are endless abyss, and then in the endless abyss, you will be killed directly because of fire, or wind, or others that appear out of thin air. Not to mention Peak Supreme Treasure, even Strongest Supreme Treasure Palace, also destroyed in it.”

“Strongest Supreme Treasure Palace?” Suddenly exclaimed.

“I just got the news.” Peyton said, “The first round went back to the Age of Skeletons, went to explore the road and ventured to dispatch the Strongest Supreme Treasure Palace, and then encountered flames and burned them directly, even resisting for a moment. Can’t do it.”

All of them were shocked.

Luo Feng also sighed when he saw this. He was equally shocked when he found out just now. The Strongest Supreme Treasure Palace was burned down

“Even the Strongest Supreme Treasure Palace can’t stop it, so what should we do? “

“This is more terrifying than the three Jedi.”

“All of them fall, and none of them survive. The three Jedi don’t have such a high mortality rate.”


There was chaos.

The giant axe suddenly changed his face, shouting loudly: “Everyone.”

great hall All the powerhouses looked over.

“Just got the news, the first round of several forces, all powerhouses have entered the natural wormhole of the endless abyss.”

It seems that the first round is even more anxious. All natural wormholes are drilled, and the results should be bad, otherwise they will not be made public.

“What’s at the other end of the natural wormhole?” The Snow Crane Lord shouted.

In addition to Luo Feng, seven other Lords of Universe also discovered the ‘natural wormhole’. Because whether it is from the ears, the nostrils, or the gap in the mouth, it will eventually enter the endless abyss and pass through the huge natural wormhole.

“Enter a natural wormhole! You will be teleported directly to a place secretly filled with Chaos Qi Flow, where there is a seemingly ordinary mini-universe.”

“A mini-universe?”

“Small universe?”

Luo Feng was also extremely surprised.

The natural wormhole in the huge monster’s body actually leads to a space with a small universe?

“According to confirmation! The hidden space that the natural wormhole leads to should still be in the body of a humanoid.”

“And the first round of the powerhouse of several forces in the era has tried every means. Exploring the small universe, they arranged their own mechanical puppets, arranged other means, and even entered in person, but when they touched the membrane wall of the small universe, they were all turned into fly ash and annihilated.”

“Ah. .”

“The small cosmic membrane walls are so powerful?”

“How is that possible?”

Everyone in the hall of the tomb boat was shocked, because The membrane wall of the universe is generally not offensive.

Like the most powerhouse in the universe, it uses its own ‘small universe’ to kill the enemy. It is also after the enemy enters the small universe, and then uses the power of the small universe source to kill. Just touching the membrane wall will kill the enemy. Incredible.

Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall!

All forces in the universe sea, no matter how they searched, they all fell, without a single exception. The result of this absolute death… frightened all the forces.

A glimmer of survival anyway, so that all parties have hope. Can not give a trace of life, who is not in a hurry?

Just when all the forces in the entire universe were anxious and helpless around the huge monster…

As soon as the news came out, Primitive Universe Ancestral God Teach the three Ancestral Gods to summon all the forces of the universe, and the will of the Primitive Universe will be conveyed.

“What, the three Ancestral Gods?”

“Isn’t the Ancestral God in the Primitive Universe never in the Primitive Universe?”

” The decree of the Primitive Universe?”

All parties exploded, but the Ancestral God, who never entered the sea of the universe, has come here, and he has to convey the decree of the original will of the Primitive Universe, no matter which one it is, it will make the sea of universe. All Great Influences are concerned about it, and all parties have hit a wall and suffered losses when they explored the ‘huge monster’.

All influence immediately gathered in the past……

“The Order of the Primitive Universe?” Giant axe frowned.

“The three Ancestral Gods entered the universe for the first time, for this?”

The main face of Primal Chaos City was heavy: “There must be a purpose.”

There are three silhouettes of white robes in the void about ten million light years away. They are standing side by side, and their white robes are faintly exuding colorful light. The three Ancestral Gods spread out, filling all around.

Outside the three white robe silhouettes, palaces are suspended, followed by a large number of powerhouses.

Standing in the void, looking at the three white robe silhouettes in the distance, Luo Feng couldn’t help but sigh: “Really strong coercion.”

Feeling hundreds of lights around The time and space in the year range is dominated by these three Ancestral God Sovereigns, the kind of coercion far exceeds that of any other powerhouse in the universe.

“At this moment, they are the voice of the Universe Source’s will,” Paton explained.

“Their coercion is also the coercion bestowed on them by the origin of the Primitive Universe.”

Luo Feng is slightly frowned, and he already knows many secrets by this point.

The human side has never liked the original will of Primitive Universe, because the original ancestor was suppressed.

Over time, more and more powerhouses are gathered.

The most dazzling ones in this space are naturally the three Ancestral Gods.

“The three major reincarnation eras, the two major Jedi, and the Great Influences have all arrived.”

One of the three Ancestral Gods in the center, the old-faced Ancestral God said slowly: ” Then I will wait and start, this time I and the other three entered the universe sea, because of the will of the Primitive Universe, and came specifically for this huge monster.”

As he said, he pointed finger towards towards A giant humanoid lying flat next to him.

“As soon as you enter it, you will find a natural wormhole. Entering the natural wormhole, you can reach a space where there is a small universe, and that small universe is the ‘world of Jin’. ‘!”

“It is also the only place in the entire huge monster that you can enter alive.

The three Ancestral Gods are the spokespersons of the Primitive Universe, and the colors surrounding them are now Light also contains the power of various laws of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, Wind, Thunder, electricity, light, time, and space, and it exudes endless coercion at all times. Obviously, the three Ancestral Gods alone are If it cannot be done, this is obviously the ‘blessing’ of the original will of the Primitive Universe.

To a certain extent, it also proves that the words of the three Ancestral Gods will never be in vain.

“That small universe, I have tried it, and it will fall when it touches the membrane wall. “

“You can’t get in at all. “

The powerhouse immediately followed up.

The double-sided Ancestral God on the side of the three Ancestral God opened the mouth and said: “If you trespass, you will not be able to enter. The world ‘ is extraordinary… Under normal circumstances, even if there are thousands of times of reincarnation, it will not be born. Of courseβ€”the endless universe sea, everything has its laws of operation, and at this time, it should be born. ”

I don’t care how to enter, but the words of Ancestral God caused a shock in the Great Influence of the universe!

When will it be born?

What does it mean to be born?

Under normal circumstances, thousands of times of reincarnation will not be born?

“The world of Jin. “The face is the most delicate and pretty, with red scales and tails,” said Ancestral God, who looked like a teenager.

“It contains endless dangers and endless opportunities. It is more special than the other three Jedi…that The huge monster is not beneficial to the entire universe, the ‘world of Jin’ in its body is the real important place. “

“If you want to enter the world of Jin, you must wait for the opportunity. The power of the cosmic wall of the world of Jin changes periodically. When it becomes black, it is the strongest. When it becomes white, it is when the formidable power is the weakest, and ordinary Lord of Universe can easily pass through. Each cycle…is about an epoch. “

“Everyone just needs to wait and wait until the ‘world of Jin’ membrane wall becomes white, then you can enter.” ”

With the words of this Ancestral God, all the Great Influences begin to stir immediately.


For a time, even many powerhouses want to immediately I rushed over, but when I thought that the cycle was a full epoch, I still suppressed it and continued to listen.

“The world of Jin is unfathomable. “The old Ancestral God in the center said.

“There are even living beings in the world of Jin. “

“Life? “

“What! “

“Is there life?” “

Thousands of Peak beings in the entire universe are started, and the three major Jedi like Universe Boat do not contain living beings.

“The living beings in the world of Jin can only live In the world of Jin, they cannot come out. “The old Ancestral God continued.

“Once you come out, you will surely die. If you enter, you can only bring some lifeless dead objects when you come out. If you bring out living beings, it is equivalent to killing each other. “

“At the same time, the world of Jin… also contains the secret of transcending reincarnation. ”


It exploded, the thousands of beings gathered were really excited, the secret of transcending reincarnation? Isn’t this what they desire most?

“Remember! “The old Ancestral God said, “The secret of transcending reincarnation, the secret of Jin’s world, you can explore it after you enter. But once you leave the world of Jin, you must not leak it. Of course… if you want to leak it, you can’t leak it. “

Everyone looked thoughtful.

“The world of Jin should be the fourth Jedi in the universe.” “The old Ancestral God said.

“You must remember that when an opportunity comes, a crisis also lurks, and the world of Jin is much more dangerous than Qingfengjie, Liuzhongshan, and Universe Boat. “

“Let’s go.” ”

The three Ancestral Gods looked at each other, then disappeared out of thin air and left.

Thousands of powerhouses in the sea of cosmos were also very fast, one after another all returned to the palace Supreme Treasure A large group of powerhouses from Hongmeng also immediately returned to the boat of the tomb.

Three generations of Ancestral God are the spokesman of the original will of Primitive Universe. Although they have delivered messages and advice, the Great Influences of the universe did not dare to Quanxin, let’s cautiously explore first, and suddenly found… There is no danger on the route to the natural wormhole. Once you pass through the natural wormhole, you can reach the hidden space and see the small universe – the world of Jin.


The space ripples.

One silhouette appears out of thin air, with crystal horns on his forehead, wearing a The black robe glowing with black light is exactly the ‘Mounted Mountain Guest’.

Although the Sitting Mountain Guest has already arrived, no matter the previous investigations or the public communication of the three Ancestral Gods, no one can I found the squatter.

The squatter stood in the void, silently looking at the huge humanoid creature in front of him, just watching silently, his eyes fell on that kind of humanoid creature through the transmission of time and space He looked at every inch of the humanoid’s hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and the ancient armor.

Looking very carefully.

As if observing an incredible treasure.

“Finally…” The mountain-passenger whispered softly, “Come.”

He moved forward step by step.

Teleported forward, and soon landed on the humanoid’s body.

Walking on the vast and endless undulating mountain range, the mountain traveler advances step by step, each step is teleporting forward, he came to the finger of the humanoid creature, and came to the humanoid creature’s finger. The shoulders, and even came to the waist of the humanoid, where there was a broken wound.

This is the wound of the armor.

The mountaineer touched the damaged part of the armor, but for him, the 9 million light-year-long damaged part was too big.


The mountain passer suddenly gave a hoarse smile.

“haha, hahahaha…” The mountaineer suddenly burst into laughter, his whole body trembled as he laughed, and the laughter was insane. That hysterical hatred and madness.

The laughter fades away.

The mountaineer sat down slowly, stroking the armor lightly, and the tears of crystal glittering golden light fell silently.


“Come.” The fingers of the mountain-passenger stroking the armor were trembling.

“The world of Jin!”

“The origin of the Primitive Universe, named the world of Jin?

“The original will of the Primitive Universe without emotion, do you still remember ‘Jin’?”


Void Chaos Qi Flow is running, and a strong will looms.

“I won’t be as stupid as the original ancestor, I’ll give you a chance.”

The mountain passer shook his head, and immediately walked away into the void, disappearing into the void.

(End of this chapter)

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