All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 569


Chapter 569

“The Mountaineer!”

The sound of thunder exploded in the seater’s ear .

The face changed on the mountain, and the person who saw it just smiled: “It turns out to be the Lord of the Red Moon.”

Peyton nodded: “It’s not the first time we meet. ”

Sit on the mountain, laughed, not making a sound, it is the default.

He had met Payton, of course, and as the true creator of Earth lineage, he was actually concerned about Earth’s situation.

But Peyton’s growth was unexpected.

Even in the eyes of the current squatter, Peyton’s whole person is covered with a layer of mist, and he can’t see the origin of this person at all.

Peyton smiled slightly: “Maybe we have a chance to cooperate.”


Peton: “I need the resources of Jinzhi World to help me complete the Cultivation system, and in exchange, I can help you get revenge!”

Sit Shanke’s heart changed: ” I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Peton shook his head: “It’s not a lie to you, Divine King of Jin.”

“Who is your Excellency?”

Peyton laughed: “How about a Daoist?”


Three thousand years have passed in a blink of an eye, and the color of the small universe ‘Jinzhiworld’ is always there Changed, from deep blue to light blue, until one day, it became white.

The Supreme Treasure palaces suspended outside the small universe ‘Jin Zhi World’ suddenly moved.

“It has changed to white.”

“You can enter.”


Over 200 at a time Famous powerhouses flew to the world of Jin quickly, and began to try to use weapons to touch the membrane wall to verify. This verification, I was pleasantly surprised to find… Although the membrane wall still has powerful power, even Lord of Universe is Divine Physique. It’s easy to break through.

In Human Race, except for Primal Chaos City, who stayed behind Human Race, giant axe creator, Peyton, and Luo Feng went together.

After confirming that it can be easily penetrated, after the first palace Supreme Treasure flew in, other palaces Supreme Treasure also flew in one after another, and Peyton also flew directly into it.

From the outside, the entire Jinzhi world is about 10 million light-years in diameter, and the powerhouses of all major powers also enter from different areas, so naturally they will not gather together.


After Peyton penetrated the membrane wall of the Jin world, he rushed directly into the other world, the Jin world.

Peton’s Divine Force immediately sensed the incomparable aura that was filled with the outside world.

It was a pleasant atmosphere…

The whole soul was cheering, as if the fish had finally entered the lake from the desert, that wonderful feeling It made Peyton tremble.

“Not being suppressed by the cosmic sea, this place is more comfortable than the cosmic sea.”


“Hahaha, this world of Jin is so wonderful. What a place. There is no restraint at all, and my Divine Force can be fully used.” The creator of giant axe was also very excited after entering the ‘world of Jin’.

Because the power of this stage of ‘Lord of Universe 10,000 times Divine Force’ is displayed at most in the universe sea.

And in the ‘world of Jin’, all the shackles are gone.

This is a free and great world, and the creator of giant axe can burst out the real ten percent battle strength.

“Since becoming the most powerhouse, I’ve never really been able to break out all of Divine Force. It’s so fun.”

The creator of giant axe is delighted.


He rode his own palace, Supreme Treasure, and quickly fell downward, and sometimes teleported, and soon fell into the ground.

This is an ancient and boundless land, surrounded by a majestic mountain range that rolls up and down, and the energy between Heaven and Earth is full of energy…

It is even more giant axe than Chaos Aura Creator Comfort.

β€œThis is where a powerhouse should live.” The creator of giant axe is thrilled.


accompanied by a loud roar.


A ray of light flashes in the distance, the speed is far more than a hundred times the speed of light, and it appears directly in front of the creator of giant axe. This is a head with three heads, The heads are a golden head and two silver heads, all of which have huge fangs, and the three tails are like metal whips with barbs on them.

The monstrous giant beast looked down upon the creator of the giant axe and roared: “Get out of here, this is my domain!”

As soon as the creator of the giant axe saw the monstrous axe The giant beast discovered the other party’s breath… It is also the most powerhouse level in the universe.

“The most powerhouse in the universe?”

The creator of giant axe was astonished. Although he heard the three Ancestral Gods say that there are living beings in this ‘world of Jin’, the third he encountered How could he not be surprised that a living being is the most powerhouse in the universe.

“Fuck off!” the evil giant beast roared angrily, warning again.

The creators of giant axe were even more astonished.

Because…he understands, but he doesn’t know how to say it! Because the language spoken by this strange giant beast is a very special language, even if you don’t understand it, you can easily understand the meaning, but the creator of giant axe can’t speak it.

“I, ah, you, you, I…” the creator of giant axe opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

“Roar~~” Xieyi giant beast was furious. It saw that the other party was as strong as him, so it didn’t act immediately, just a warning, but this guy with golden light all over his body dared to ignore it, This is the challenge to it!


The evil Demon God turned into a streamer in an instant, I saw three dazzling arc rays of light appear between Heaven and Earth, it is the evil giant beast. The three rays of light manifested by the three tails…sweep towards the creator of giant axe.

The creator of the giant axe jumped and dodged, and suddenly three huge deep grooves appeared in the surrounding land several millions of kilometers.

The creator of giant axe is in a hurry and wants Divine Force sound transmission. He can fully express his meaning through sound transmission. smashed.

“Soul attack?” The evil giant beast was even more angry.

The creators of giant axe are even more helpless.

Divine Force sound transmission does not give sound transmission.

“I won’t fight you.” the creator of giant axe said.

“Roar~~” The evil giant beast roared and killed him directly.


Over 200 powerhouses from the sea of cosmos come one after another, and they are very happy when they enter this ‘world of Jin’, which is really a wonderful world.

Of course, few are as unlucky as the creator of giant axe. As soon as they come in, they encounter a local true god powerhouse.


Luo Feng also descended on a vast plain, took a deep breath, a fresh but powerful energy quickly poured into the body, and then transformed into Divine Force.

“What a stable world.”

Luo Feng’s Divine Force vibrated slightly.

But the surrounding space didn’t even appear ripples, the stability was terrifying, far beyond Luo Feng’s imagination.

“Beautiful, stable, magical…”

Luo Feng was shocked, such a world is too perfect, I am afraid that this life world really contains the ultimate cosmic sea the secret.


A silhouette leaped forward in the distance, stepping on the ground, the silhouette was like electricity, and soon landed in front of Luo Feng , it was a child with brown and black pigtails, holding a large piece of barbecued meat in his hand and eating it fragrantly, looking at Luo Feng: “outsider, this is the territory of my Ganye tribe, how do you enter the territory of my tribe? , are you the traveler who traveled the world as the tribe elders said?”

Luo Feng was shocked.


The indigenous people in front of me are of average strength, and it is estimated that the king is immortal, but the language… the language spoken by this child turned out to be the language used by the large number of memory stones in the lineage of the Duandong River to record the information. This language is a common language in ancient civilizations, and Luo Feng naturally learned this language easily with the inheritance of ancient civilizations.

“Yes, I’m a traveler.” Luo Feng nodded, and said the common language of ancient civilizations.

“Wow, I also want to be a traveler, but at least I can go out and travel if I become the law Venerable.”

There is a desire in the child’s eyes.

A virtual universe.

On top of the Isle of Thunder, the Lord of Universe sits together.

“I have entered the world of Jin.” Luo Feng said seriously.

“Confirm that it is a very great and powerful world… Judging from the just contact, this world will be beyond our imagination. The language they use is the lingua franca of ancient civilizations. This language , I will. I will leave this language information in the virtual universe.”

“The natives in the Jin world use the common language of ancient civilizations?” startled, the creator of giant axe.

“So, this world of Jin… is likely to be the remnants of ancient civilizations. No wonder there is a secret of transcending reincarnation. The language you speak is indeed very important. Language is the most important way to integrate into the indigenous people. Important part.”

The World of Jin.

Luo Feng carried the sword and went to the Ganye tribe at the invitation of the child. He talked with the child and deduced from the words of the child… Luo Feng knew that in this vast world of Jin, it should be There are many strengths to a certain level, such as the law Venerable can start to travel around.

The law Venerable should be the universe Venerable.

The Lord of the Law is the Lord of Universe.

“Our tribe is ahead.” The child was extremely excited.


“Fly for me!”

I saw two majestic silhouettes with a height of 100,000 kilometers, each other One with the sword, the other with the lance, they clashed like Heavenly God, one of them was directly thrown and flew away, rolling and hitting the foot of the mountain in the distance.

“Lord of Universe.” Luo Feng inwardly startled in one’s heart, “Look at Divine Physique, both seem to be at the perfect genetic level.”

“bang!” “Kill! “

Luo Feng sensed it carefully, but found that there was a pair of powerhouses fighting in the distance, and all of them were at the Lord of Universe level.

“My tribe’s warriors are all training.” The boy said, “We have a billion tribes in the Ganye tribe. These are all great warriors. They have gone through countless life and death battles to become the law. Lord’s.”

“One billion tribes?” Luo Feng’s mind immediately passed many thoughts, “Very great, it seems that he wants to become the Lord of the Lord of Universe. It is also very difficult in this world of Jin. “

Talking with this child, Luo Feng carefully inferred a lot of information from every sentence of this child, after all, he knew nothing about this world of Jin.


Luo Feng and the children flew all the way.

Getting closer to the tribe.

“en?” Luo Feng saw the three towering silhouettes standing high in the sky at a glance. The three silhouettes exuded an extremely powerful atmosphere, all wearing black Battle Armor, and carrying Warhammer, Axe and other weapons, the endless and majestic terrifying breath permeates… “True God!”

“Three True Gods.”

Luo Feng was startled, he just entered the world of Jin, he could easily After discovering three true gods, how strong should the overall martial power of this world of Jin be?

In such a powerful world, according to the words of the three Ancestral Gods, once these creatures enter the sea of cosmos, they will die.

This world is so powerful.

But being so restrained…it really has a big secret.

Luo Feng became more cautious.

On the other side, Peyton also activated a jade order.

This is an investment given to him by Zanshan Ke. Facing the temptation of revenge, and Peyton who cannot see the depths, he finally chose to invest.

Not long after, several incomparably powerful auras came together.

Looking at the jade decree in Peyton’s hand, he bowed respectfully: “I have seen a guest.”

Peyton nodded: “Let’s go, take me to Wuqilou!”


Wuqi Building, the tallest building in the Divine King Valley.

Not far from Wuqi Building, there is a three-story silver-gray ancient palace. There is a group of true god guards outside this palace, which is also the highest power center of the ‘guards’ in the entire Divine King Valley.

The Third Layer of the silver-grey palace.

In the incomparably vast great hall, there are incomparable gigantic thrones on all sides, and on the leftmost throne is a huge black fog, the black fog oscillates, and the entire black fog overwhelms the huge throne. Most of them were shrouded, and only the legs of the throne could be faintly seen, and the black mist was constantly emitting evil aura.

The other three thrones are empty.

There is no silhouette.


A light curtain appeared in the midair in the center of the great hall. The scene of Second Layer of Wuqi Building was emerging on the light curtain. Battered and exhausted in a small world.


A sigh came from the black mist: “It’s really trash, this group of sergeants is still trash. If this continues, I really don’t know when it will appear. Divine King Your Majesty is looking for such a peerless person.”

It, as one of the four Great Commanders of the Divine King Valley.

Although it is only Void True God, it is personally sealed by Divine King Your Majesty as a titled powerhouse.

Even if it is Void True God like the ‘Master of the North True Sea’, it can easily annihilate the master of the North True Sea…

“too weak.”

“too weak.”


β€œtoo weak.”

β€œBao Xian is so weak in Wuqilou Second Layer! Generations of elite sergeants, Biao Xian is stronger than them all… but none of them can succeed. .As for them, there is no hope.”

The pervasive black mist let out an old sigh, the world of Jin is the world of ‘Divine King Your Majesty’.

Divine King Valley is where Divine King Your Majesty lives.

In fact, there is no danger at all, and there is no need to arrange any guards.

But it’s here…that’s what Divine King Your Majesty trusts in it.

The ‘guarding’ task is empty, the real task is to find the peerless characters who can break into the Ninth Layer of Wuqilou.

“It’s been too long.”

“Divine King Your Majesty has given us the only task.”

“We haven’t done it yet, if anyone To be able to climb to the top of Wuqilou is to let me die immediately, and I am willing.”

The old voice in the black mist contained endless guilt for Divine King Your Majesty.

“Could it be that the screening competition in the world of Jin is not enough? Should it be more cruel?” The old voice muttered in the black mist.

“Well, this is the breath under the God King Temple!”

“Messenger of the Divine King!”

For a moment, Peyton’s silhouette, holding The jade order appeared: “Next, mobilize the resources of this world for me.”

The four Great Commanders looked at each other: “Yes!”

(End of this chapter)

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