All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 570


Chapter 570

Time passed, and Peyton continued to complete his accumulation in Jinzhi World.

This world is the evolution of the Divine King. There are countless source rules, true god genes, and the resources of this world can be used by him. This is of great benefit to Peyton’s path of cultivation.

At least the resources of this world are enough for him to push his current state to the limit.

In Wuqilou, time and space vibrate.

Deeper in the ‘Divine Force Route’ the Way of the True God, Peyton appears out of thin air.


Peyton’s mind moved, and the turbulent water of the Divine Force Sea below was absorbed by Peyton.

“Divine Physique, regroup!”


Peton’s deity disintegrated instantly and turned into a grandiose Divine Force, every Divine Force The structure of life was transformed again, and then it suddenly condensed and turned into the deity.

“Phew!” Around Peyton Divine Physique, he frantically swallowed the surrounding river, making Divine Physique replenish quickly.

At the same time, the Red Moon Cosmic Avatar is also being reorganized at Divine Physique, and is also replenishing Divine Force.

After a while, everything stopped.

“Life Map!”

Peyton stepped on the Divine Force River, looking at the more complex three-dimensional maps of life on either side.

Flesh and flesh, rocks, energy, Metal Attributes, plants… All kinds of three-dimensional images of life, from more than 10,000 times to 30,000 times the level of life genes, there are many.

Peton has the fastest grasp of the life map of the flesh-type life, as for the others, it is obviously much slower. Peyton simply focuses on flesh and blood, and the others are temporarily put aside…

Of course, when researching flesh and blood, Peyton will also gain additional benefits on other life types.

Time goes by day by day.

While Peyton is looking at and studying these ‘life diagrams’, in the distant Primitive Universe, the incarnation of the red moon is also studying, experimenting again and again.

Only the fifteenth day.

Naturally… Peyton got a breakthrough again, so that his life gene level directly soared to about 32,000 times.

The main reason is that Peyton’s foundation is good, and it has reached 28,000 times. At this moment, I feel a little touched, and naturally I have entered the first stage of 30,000 times of genes in one fell swoop.


The majestic Peyton, surrounded by turbulent rivers, surrounds him and keeps pouring into him.

Divine Physique first stage, the height of Divine Physique can soar tenfold, with the absorption of a large number of Divine Force… Peyton will soon soar to a height of one million kilometers! Even the incarnation of the red moon universe also reaches a length of one million kilometers.

“Evolving flesh and blood!”

Peyton didn’t hesitate, and quickly added this life map.

This life map is 30,000 times the level of life genes, and Peyton can quickly get it done with a little thought.


The azure light shot from the wooden door enveloped Peyton, directly teleporting Peyton to the deeper part of the path of true God.

Peyton appears out of thin air, and there is still a river channel in front of him, and walls are still on both sides.

It’s just that the river channel is wider and deeper, and the three-dimensional images of life on the walls on both sides are more complex and huge.

“The first stage is a perfect life, and the second stage is 10,000 to 30,000 times. This third stage…should be 30,000 to 60,000 times.”

Peyton’s eyes swept away, and he felt extremely mysterious.


Divine Physique disintegrated in an instant, followed by a drastic change in every Divine Force, and then suddenly condensed again, and at the same time, the surrounding river surged and condensed past, a towering Divine Physique keeps getting bigger, and soon, Peyton’s feet are on the floor of the passage, and his head is nearly touching the highest point of the passage.

Peton… already Divine Physique has reached the level of 100 million kilometers high.

The genetic level of life is broken 60,000 times!

The huge body of hundreds of millions of kilometers, but there is no sense of burden, unlike those huge beings that are difficult to move, Peyton’s life gene is 60,000 times higher at the moment, Divine Physique is so huge, but the speed is flexible and so on. will be stronger.

The deity and the incarnation of the Red Moon universe have all reached their limit states.

“Next paragraph!”


At the same time, the creator of giant axe and Luo Feng also started their own experience, after some discussion, they choose to join the army.

The rolling barracks that can’t be seen at a glance, the warriors that can be seen everywhere densely packed in the barracks, the most common is naturally the ‘Lord of Universe’. In addition to countless warriors, there are also some ‘exotic beasts’ who join the army.

The Eastern Army barracks are endlessly vast.

About 1/4/2022, tribes and alien beast forces in the entire Jinzhi world will join the Eastern Army.

So it can be said that every day all has a ‘warrior’ to join… and the screening assessment is strict, which makes the warriors waiting for the screening assessment long lined up. to the end.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

Warriors from various tribes, alien beasts in various territories are constantly screening bloody, roaring, roaring, painful The shouts were constantly coming from the front, and it was obvious that the screening of entering the army was extremely cruel.

Luo Feng was also advancing with the team. Indeed, after half a month, it was Luo Feng and the Ganye tribe warrior.

“The next batch, three thousand people, all come in.”

As an alien beast with scarlet horns glanced and roared, including Luo Feng and Ganye tribe in The 3,000 warriors (including alien beasts) in it were all led and had to undergo a bloody screening to join the army.

The bustling 3,000 warriors and beasts, led by several true gods, walked directly towards the huge stone arch in front.

“Wait a while to kill with all your might. If you perform very well, you may be selected for a special legion.”

“A special legion?” Luo Feng was surprised.

“There are many Legions within the Eastern Army, and the general army occupies 99% of the total. Like our 3,000 screening…not necessarily one can enter the special Legion.” Beifeng sound transmission channel.

“However, Yinhe, you are strong, there is still hope. By the way, remember, we have to get closer when we first enter.”

Speaking, Beifeng and Luo Feng With the tide, he directly entered the stone arch.

Boom~~~~ After entering the stone arch, the time and space suddenly changed, and it entered a vast and desolate land, where the ground was full of sand.

“Where is this?” As soon as Luo Feng entered, he couldn’t help looking all around, and the other 2999 warriors and alien beasts who came in soon also looked all around.

You can vaguely see hundreds of millions of kilometers around, and there is darkness in the distance.

This is a barren desert.

“The ancient civilization’s control of time and space has reached a perfect level.”

Luo Feng secretly praised, he and Beifeng were close together, and the other members of the Ganye tribe Many warriors were also around, and just as everyone looked around, an invisible coercion descended, covering the entire desert.

All warriors and alien beasts looked up towards the top.

Above is a unicorned man wearing a black streamlined Battle Armor. The icy golden pupils look down, and suddenly this pair of golden pupils emits a golden light at the same time!


Two golden lights landed on the desert in an instant, and even bent, circling randomly among the 3,000 warriors and alien beasts …Two golden lights, respectively encircling 1500 warriors and alien beasts. The group of warrior alien beasts enclosed on the left had a hazy layer of red light on the surface, while the group of warrior alien beasts enclosed on the right had a layer of yellow light.

Invisible coercion shrouded.

Everyone was horrified.

The coercion is not too strong… But the natural aloof and remote, as well as the trembling of his own Divine Force, make everyone understand that this existence in the sky should not be the true God, But a higher level… Void True God!

Luo Feng even looked up.

Void True God?

Existence that can surpass reincarnation?

“You wait, divided into two camps.” The one-horned man looked down, shouted, “Kill each other, kill each other, and when I tell you to stop, the ones alive can enter the army. If there are If you have special talents, you may be selected for special Legion!”

“Let’s start!” The unicorn man shouted, and then black light enveloped him and disappeared into the darkness middle.

…The Two Great Factions warriors and alien beasts in this desolate desert are covered with a layer of red light and yellow light respectively, and at this moment, they can’t help but burst into killing intent.

“Damn.” The north wind gnashing teeth.

Luo Feng looked towards the opposite.

Although the warriors of the Qianye tribe who came this time were all close together, nearly a hundred warriors were still circled to the opposite camp.

“No wonder the North Wind asked me to get closer to him.” Luo Feng glanced at all around.



The warriors and alien beasts of Two Great Factions roared instantly, turning into a stream of light Lightning, the warriors of the Ganye tribe are naturally very tacit, and will not fight with their own warriors. Instead, they selected some other tribes or alien beasts, and they all tried their best to use their methods to kill each other.

“A special Legion?” A fierce light flashed across Luo Feng’s eyes.

This time, I have three goals for entering the world of Jin.

The first is to collect the creatures in the world of Jin, especially the corpse of the true god powerhouse, to study the composition of life, so as to let oneself break through earlier, and the level of life genes reaches 90,000 times to become a true god.

The second is to explore the deep-seated secrets of the universe.

The third is the mechanical flow treasure!

Luo Feng knows the ancient civilization, so he is very clear… the ordinary class of the ancient civilization and even the ‘powerhouse’ class, the mechanical flow treasure has a great use. Only when it reaches the super-level existence level…the mechanical flow treasure becomes useless. The more ordinary the class is, a piece of mechanical flow treasure can perform exceptionally well!

For example, a true god, if you get a precious mechanical flow treasure, you may even be able to rival Void True God!

Although I have a ‘boat of the tomb’, it is purely defensive. ‘Murder Wu Yuyi’ also belongs to the auxiliary class and is very high-end, and the complete Slaughter Wu Yuyi should be used at a very high level.

What Luo Feng needs…is what suits him best!

East Army, the mechanical treasure of this huge military camp is so frightening, even the taboo-like mechanical treasure used by millions of true gods and tens of thousands of true gods collectively exists. Not to mention the mechanical flow treasures used by individual individuals. Luo Feng’s goal is that! As long as two or three pieces are obtained, human beings can rely on this to have an extremely stable position in the sea of cosmos.

Ke Luo Feng also guessed… The Primitive Universe is very clear about everything, and let the three Ancestral God’s guidance not hinder it, I am afraid that the more against the sky, the more difficult it is to get hands, just look at it all the way. The true god powerhouse that I have seen has no mechanical treasure, so I can understand… I don’t have enough status, I’m afraid I won’t get it. A normal warrior certainly won’t work.

To enter, you must enter a special Legion!

Like the army on Earth, there used to be special forces. For example, the virtual universe company has also selected talents to cultivate… One reason, this ancient civilization ‘Jin Zhi World’, since it is an endless Legion battle. It’s normal to get some elite armies with some treasures that regular armies don’t have.

The blood of the stumps flew and quickly merged into one, the Two Great Factions powerhouse were fighting frantically.


Luo Feng was holding a blood shadow knife, and he was also a warrior and alien beast who was killing the ‘red light’ camp in front of him. When you see red light… just kill it!

blade light howling!

The time and space of this side is extremely stable, and even though so many Lord of Universe are fighting, they have not caused any space ripples.

“The world of Jin is a world that has been fighting for a long time. In addition, the ancient civilization has not been cut off. The powerhouse here is generally stronger than the universe sea.” Luo Feng secretly said, he found at a glance that the fourth rank Peak level It should be regarded as the worst I have seen, most of them can reach the fifth-order, or even the fifth-order Peak.

Even like the north wind, the whole body is covered with gray rays of light, and every punch and claw reaches sixth rank battle strength. As the core of the dry wild tribe this time, the north wind has a Strongest Supreme Treasure Battle Armor.



The fighting is frantic, and if you are not careful in the group battle, another opponent’s powerhouse will come to you, This makes the fight crazy! Because it’s all Lord of Universe… It’s hard to do one hit instant kill, but because Lord of Universe’s fighting speed is already fast, it’s normal to die on 2/3/2022 within half an hour, so the weaker the strength, the better It is to be vigilant and careful, try to delay the time to live longer, as long as the one-horned man calls to stop, it will be considered a success.

The weak beware.

The powerful powerhouses, especially the two with Strongest Supreme Treasure, tried their best to be selected for special Legion if they wanted to perform well. These two are… the ‘North Wind’ from the yellow light camp and a strange beast from the red light camp.

“Ang~~~” The alien beast roared and charged directly towards the North Wind, “Die.”

“It’s you!” The North Wind also charged.


The two clashed like lightning. After just a few clashes, Beifeng was struck by a claw on his head, and the whole rolled and flew backwards. He immediately stood up, gnashing teeth: “Burning Divine Force!”

“My father, the master of the Northern True Sea! This is my Northern True Sea Secret Burning Divine Force secret technique.” The two-winged beast roared wildly, which made Beifeng’s face even more ugly.

Luo Feng, who was flying a warrior from the opposing camp in the distance, turned his head to look, and immediately shouted angrily: “North Wind, let me come.”


Luo Feng was like lightning, killing him directly.

“Okay.” The North Wind receded immediately, and just after a short fight, he discovered that the alien beast’s terrifying… It was definitely carrying a set of Strongest Supreme Treasure, and had the burning Divine Force secret technique , Although the army has rules, some inheritances and some retired powerhouses in the army are forbidden to spread, but if you feel yourself, you are not among them.

Beizhenhai is the Super Influence among a strange beast.

There are also nine Void True Gods in Beizhenhai, and the leader of the Beizhenhai Sea Lord is the ‘Void True God Limit’ and is extremely powerful. In the whole world of Jin… that is a great character. At least the Xiaoxiaoganye tribe is by no means an opponent.

“Die.” The alien roared and rushed towards Luo Feng.

“Burning the Divine Force Secret Art?” Luo Feng sneered secretly, he is not surprised, the “Duanxie” created by the third generation Ancestor Master is divided into many volumes, and the first three volumes can be studied at the most powerhouse stage of the universe alone. ! Therefore, it is not surprising that some powerful powerhouses have realized some secret techniques similar to First Volume and even Second Volume.

After all, the world of Jin…is also rich in inheritance from ancient civilizations.

“Cut!” Luo Feng’s silhouette fluttered.

Wow~~~ in an instant, it went around in front of the alien beast, followed by the blood shadow knife and instantly turned into a thin rays of light, followed by rays of light and quickly enveloped , turned into a miniature universe, and directly wrapped the alien beast in it.

… The fighting was fierce, and as time passed, a warrior and alien beasts fell.

Among them, the craziest and most dazzling ones were undoubtedly Luo Feng and the alien beast.

An alien beast with a set of Strongest Supreme Treasure and a burning secret technique.

Luo Feng has been in cultivation for more than 8 million years some time ago, and even more than 8 million epochs under the 10,000-fold acceleration. The long cultivation has made his Blade Technique and melee movement method advanced by leaps and bounds improvement. Because the internal situation of the barracks is still unclear, Luo Feng did not burst out with all his strength… After all, once he burst out with all his strength, it would be too scary.

It was the full guidance of ‘Duandonghe lineage inheritance’ that cultivated such a heaven-defying genius.

And in the world of Jin, the precious inheritance is in the army.

Isn’t it so unbelievable without special inheritance? Not realistic! I’m afraid it will cause the army to investigate Luo Feng’s origins, then it will be troublesome, wait until you know more about the army, and you are sure, and then gradually improve your strength to get what you want.

“Your Divine Force is less than 50%, you are still fighting with me!” Luo Feng was insane, his silhouette flashing like electricity, terrifying quickly.


The alien beast rolled and slammed into the endless desert, causing the sand to fly. His Divine Physique was less than 50%, and his strength was ten times weaker. He was no match for Luo Feng at all.


A powerful pressure came instantly.

If the last coercion was aloof and remote but it was only a soft wind, then the coercion this time… is like an endless mountain pressing down, booming, and all the fighting Lord of Universe warriors are exhausted. Everyone was oppressed and fell down, Luo Feng also fell down, there’s no resistance.

The one-horned man stepped down from the sky and looked down.

At this moment, there are 921 survivors left.

“You, and you!” The one-horned man pointed at Luo Feng and the strange beast, “You two, enter the Manghe Army.”

(End of this chapter)

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