All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 574


Chapter 574

Wuqilou, First Layer world.

In the vast desert world, gusts of cold wind blow through, it is extremely cold, and there is frost condensation on the desert sand.

There is this huge Space Gate in the distance.

Ten silhouettes flew in from the Space Gate, looked all around one by one, and then landed slowly, standing on the desert.

Ten sergeants, a total of six tribe warriors, and four alien beast warriors, all cautiously and extremely vigilant.

Among the ten sergeants, the only two from the Eastern Army were Luo Feng and Xu Zhong. Naturally, they approached intentionally or unintentionally, and if they encountered danger, they had to deal with it together.


In the calm desert world, there was a sudden loud rumbling sound, and the energy shock wave spread out in all directions, sweeping the endless area in an instant.

Luo Feng and the others sensed the shock wave, turned their heads to look, and saw a dazzling light beam like thunder and lightning in the sky above the desert world in the distance, directly twisting and extending downward, just a few seconds. The bell, the huge azure light column, directly connects the desert and the endless sky.

“What is that?”

“It seems to contain extremely strong power.”

The sergeants were puzzled.

At this moment, on the surface of the endlessly high azure light column connecting the top and the desert, suddenly distorted huge black characters appeared, black like ink, and each character exudes a monstrous sky. The killing intent, that killing intent directly invaded the minds of each of Luo Feng’s sergeants.

The powerful killing intent, even Luo Feng’s will, couldn’t help but begin to stir, his eyes were faintly red, and his heart seemed to be roaring constantly.

The black characters appeared one by one.

“This is the channel connecting the First Layer and Second Layer of Wuqilou.”

“Entering Daoist, you can enter the Second Layer of Wuqilou.”

“You must kill a sergeant to enter the passage.”

“You will never be able to leave without killing the other sergeants… Didn’t enter the Second Layer until the next sergeant opened the gate again. Those who will be annihilated.”

“Those who hide in the warship treasure, when they fail, will be annihilated!”

Black text, floating in the air, exudes endless coercion.

The killing intent contained in the text alone makes every sergeant unbearable. With such power, if you want to annihilate the sergeant who is the master of these laws, it will be annihilated by a sweep. Luo Feng and the other ten sergeants did not doubt their real surnames at all when they played pranks in ‘Wuqilou’.

Because the ten sergeants came in together, they were not far from each other, and all of them watched all around with vigilance. They are all thinking about… Which sergeant to choose as their opponent, everyone who dares to come here is not ordinary, and if they choose a too strong one, they may kill themselves.

Wow~~~ Silent, the surrounding space has condensed, this is almost one thing that several different sergeants do at the same time.


Accompanied by a violent rumbling sound, one of the sergeants moved, causing the previously suppressed situation to explode in an instant, and suddenly bang!bang!bang! A sergeant burst out, killing his target.

“Roar~~” An ugly alien beast with huge scales and wings rushed towards Luo Feng with a roar.

“Go to hell!” A burly sergeant held a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer was surrounded by endless thunder and lightning, and its might was so powerful that Luo Feng instantly decided that the sledgehammer was definitely a piece of machinery. Stream treasure.

“Hoo!” A black light swept straight towards Luo Feng’s head.

Three sergeants attack Luo Feng at the same time!

There were three sergeants who chose him at the same time, Luo Feng laughed.

It seems that admitting that he is a recruit outside Wuqilou really led to something.

The so-called boldness of execution stems from superb skill is precisely because he possesses the strength that absolutely surpasses these so-called elite sergeants, that Luo Feng dares to say that on purpose.


Luo Feng retreated violently.

“Bang!” Endless snowflakes suddenly appeared all around. It was one of the real Divine Grade treasures that had been exchanged before, and the oppression and restraint enveloped the attacking three sergeants.

Luo Feng also saw the three sergeants sneak attacking himself in an instant, especially the most ghostly one.

The three sergeants who attacked him, the first is the strange beast, and the second is the burly sergeant.

The third place is actually… the ‘Xu Zhong’ from the Eastern Army who is the same as myself!

“Xu Zhong!” Luo Feng shouted angrily with a sound transmission.

“You and I are both sergeants of the Eastern Army. This is the First Layer of Wuqilou, so you will attack me?”

“You are a recruit, whoever you don’t kill will kill you!” Su Zhong coldly shouted.


Xu Zhong is also surrounded by layers of purple light, bursts of purple light, and the endless snowflakes forced by Luo Feng to fight against each other.

Apparently this ‘Xu Zhong’ also has the domain class treasure.

“Hahaha…” Luo Feng disliked the sergeant Xu Zhong the most, and immediately roared and moved his body, instantly turning into a vague blade shadow, easily dodging the burly sergeant, straight away. Flutter Clock.

It’s a simple flick, flick!

The complexion of the three sergeants who besieged Luo Feng changed. With this flick, not only did they easily avoid the burly sergeant, but even the alien beast was thrown far away…


The weak might not be able to see it, but they are all elite sergeants, and they can see the terrifying of this ‘Luo Feng’ movement method at a glance.

“Not good!” Xu Zhong growled.

Wow~~~ Layers of white light appeared on his whole body instantly, and soon his entire sergeant suddenly turned into a white bird and beast.

This white bird and beast fluttered its wings, immediately soared, and fled far away.

The chin bird is a kind of mechanical treasure of the Eastern Army that is very good at ‘escape’. It may be poor in dodging, but it can be accelerated in a straight line to escape, but it is extremely fast!

It takes 600,000 military merits to exchange for it! It is more valuable than the Golden Claw God used by Luo Feng, and it is extremely powerful in escape.

This ‘Xu Zhong’ knew that he had hit an iron plate just by seeing Luo Feng’s simple movement method. In front of this kind of melee movement method, Luo Feng attacked him ten times, and he probably only attacked. Luo Feng once, and will be blocked by Luo Feng.

So see that the situation was far from good, immediately take out the ‘chin bird’ and run away immediately!

“You should escape as fast as you can.”

Luo Feng coldly snorted, turned his head and gave up the clock.

He knew that Xu Zhong had this ‘chin bird’ mechanical treasure, and it was too difficult to kill Xu Zhong.


In the distance, the chin bird spread its wings and looked at Luo Feng from a distance.

“A new recruit?”

“This is better than a veteran.” Xu Zhong’s face was ugly.

“He’s lying to me? No, I know all the sergeants of the Eastern Army who are good. Unless it’s a recruit, I don’t know him. He shouldn’t lie, just a recruit. How could a recruit be so good? “


“Even if the First Layer escapes, there is the Second Layer Third Layer…”

Xu Zhong Very sorry.

Why is his vision so poor, and when he picks it up, he will pick one of the most powerful sergeants in their group.



Su Zhong fled quickly, and the other two sergeants saw that the situation was far from good and immediately started a an escape.

The burly sergeant holding a huge thunder and lightning hammer fluttered his wings, and black wings appeared, and he flew away.

On the contrary, the alien sergeant was running away slowly… The slowness here is compared to Xu Zhong and the burly sergeant.

“Who told you to escape slowly!” Luo Feng growled lowly, and rushed towards him with a whimper.


At the same time Luo Feng was chasing after the sky, his whole body began to change in an instant, and he directly transformed into an extremely savage humanoid giant beast. turned into giant golden claws.

Mechanical flow treasure – Golden Claw God!


The Divine Force immediately burned the First Layer!

The burning Divine Force instantly penetrates the center of the Golden Claw God, transforming, and the powerful Golden Claw God exudes an endless madness.


“No.” The ugly scaled and winged beast looked back and was shocked. Because the golden claw god behind is too fast!

“Why is he so fast?” The scaled and winged beast was suddenly distressed, why didn’t he exchange his military merit for one who escaped.

It dares to come here, but it also has mechanical treasure, but it is used to attack.

In terms of attack, it is not afraid of other sergeants at all, but when it sees Luo Feng dodging, it knows that if it continues to fight with Luo Feng, it will lose, so it flees!

However, there is no escape!

“bang!” Luo Feng, who was extremely fast and roared, flew over.

Fly high.

The legs are like two large knives, whistling through! The Blade Technique of “The Light of Water and Fire” is displayed directly through the legs.

Although Luo Feng only used the first layer of “Destruction”, his secret technique level is obviously higher than that of the opponent, the Divine Force burning is comparable to the opponent, and the dodge is more powerful.


As soon as the scale-armored beast fought against Luo Feng, he felt the pain.

You can’t escape.

It attacked Luo Feng and was easily dodged.

Or the block makes the formidable power greatly reduced…but when Luo Feng attacks it, it sometimes can’t even block.

“hua!” The fierce golden claws, like blades, directly grabbed the head of the scale-armored beast and slammed into the endless desert.

hua hua! !

The legs are like blades, and they are brutally slashing at the scale-armored beast again and again.

Luo Feng was wearing the Golden Claw God, and his overall strength had soared, completely pressing down on scaled monsters.

The level of the secret technique of scaled monsters is the sixth rank. As a master of the law, it is not bad to be able to create the sixth rank secret technique. He also knows the secret technique of burning the Divine Force once again…the seventh rank battle strength can be erupted normally! The most important thing is that its mechanical flow treasure is a hoof claw, mainly because the attack is extremely strong, which can completely increase the attack by three levels!

In other words, it can explode to the level of tenth-order attack.

But in terms of defense, dodging, etc., it didn’t get any support… which made it impossible for it to attack Luo Feng, but Luo Feng could easily attack it. And even if it attacked Luo Feng… Luo Feng had no damage at all after being blocked and protected by the ‘Golden Claw God’, but once the scale-armored beast was attacked, it immediately lost a lot of Divine Physique.


One-sided battle!

This made the other sergeants a in the distance startled. When they reached this stage, it was already considered the ultimate battle strength that the ‘Law Lord’ level could explode.

If you want to break through even higher…every step forward is extremely difficult, so when you really fight, the gap between each other will not be obvious.

But that sergeant ‘Luo Feng’…

“Too strong, Sergeant Luo Feng’s movement method is too terrifying, and his mechanical treasure is not very strong. , but everything has auxiliary enhancements, once he is attacked, it will be ravaged.”

“His Claw Art is also very powerful, the Golden Claw God’s attack is not strong, but Luo Feng relies on His Claw Art just makes the attack stronger like this.”

When the sergeants were fighting in the distance, they also noticed this.

They know that since the First Layer of Wuqilou will let them kill each other, and the ultimate goal is to reach the top of Wuqilou, then there are so many layers to follow…

It is entirely possible that they have to kill each other, or that they are motivated by some interests.

It is natural to take advantage of the present to see the strength of other sergeants.

The other sergeants, at this moment, immediately made a judgment: “Sergeant Luo Feng, don’t provoke, hide as far as you can!”

“If you knew he was so strong, You shouldn’t deal with him.” Sergeant Xu Zhong was unwilling.

“Deliberately make friends. In the next Wuqilou adventure, it would be better to have such a friend to help.”


“Hua!” Luo Feng’s right hand golden claws were slightly raised and slightly curved, especially those five claws were like curved scimitars.

That claw!

It swiped directly across the back of the scaled monster, and the scaled monster rolled over to the ground, followed by the crazy claw, the dazzling golden claw shadow, as if The turbulent waves, hua hua rushing across the Divine Physique of the scaled beast again and again, made it weaker and weaker.

At this moment, the scaled beast Divine Physique has lost some of its strength, and only about 20% of its strength is left, and it is naturally ravaged.

“Luo Feng, spare my life!” The scaly beast was anxious and called for help.

Luo Feng ignored it.

“I will, I will give all my treasure.” The scaled beast was so anxious that he really didn’t want to die.

“Kill you, your treasure is mine too.” Luo Feng sounded transmission indifferently.

“And since you choose to enter Wuqilou, you must have the consciousness of death. Your strength is greatly reduced now… Even if I forgive you First Layer, what about Second Layer Third Layer Fourth Layer? Do you think you are Can you survive? And without killing other sergeants, you can’t enter the Second Layer, you can’t enter the Second Layer…you will be annihilated by Wuqilou, I don’t want to die! Even if you keep you, you can’t kill other sergeants, so no matter what , you will die!”

The scaled monster also understands.

It just feels that death is coming, it is unwilling, it panics, it naturally wants to live a little longer, as for the next crisis? It is natural to see one step at a time.

“I want your life to go to Second Layer.”

Luo Feng’s voice was cold and did not fluctuate at all.

Just now, this scaled alien beast took the initiative to attack him. If he was weak, he was afraid that he would also be killed.

“No!” The scale-armored beast was angry and unwilling, but no matter how angry it was, in the end, it could only watch itself become weaker and weaker until it was annihilated, and there was no other way.

Because even if it is self-destructed…the attack power generated by self-destruct cannot reach the tenth order.

With the furious attack of the stormy sea…the scaled beasts are annihilated!

“There are quite a few treasures left behind.”

Luo Feng waved his hand and immediately put away a large number of items left in the desert. Among the remaining items, there was a black one. Hoof claws are also the mechanical treasure possessed by scaled beasts before.

“The world of Jin…”

“Has a complete ancient civilization, especially in mechanical flow treasure, very good at it!” Luo Feng sighed in his heart.

“Even a Lord of Universe can reach the tenth-order battle strength in the burning Divine Force secret technique and mechanical flow treasure. In the sea of cosmos… this is the battle strength of the original ancestor.”

Actually this is normal.

Mechanical flow treasure, at the master level of the law, has the power of skipping grades to battle!

Luo Feng collected a lot of treasures, and also understood that the reason why the scaled monster was killed by himself just now was that he had an absolute advantage in moving and dodging!

In addition, his own advantage has an absolute advantage in the face of the true god, which has been proved in Jiuyanze.

“Killing one elite sergeant is more profitable than killing ten true gods.” Luo Feng glanced all around.

In the icy desert.

The cold wind was still blowing, and battles were taking place in several incomparably distant directions. The sergeants who were fighting occasionally glanced at Luo Feng.

“It’s all far away from me.” Luo Feng couldn’t help shaking his head.

“According to the laws of the ages, generally only 10% of the people who can leave Wuqilou alive, this First Layer only died 50%! They fight, and the victor can also get the treasure. In the future, I will If you kill the victor among them again, you will naturally get more.”

Luo Feng glanced at the four major battles without hesitation, and immediately turned into a streamer and flew directly to the huge giant in the distance. azure light column.


When Luo Feng flew towards the azure light column, the azure light column did not block it, and let Luo Feng enter it.


Under the guidance of the azure light column, Luo Feng immediately turned into a golden light, which was extremely fast. The top of the light column.

“He’s in Second Layer.”

“Wow, this terrifying guy, finally in Second Layer.”

“That’s good.”

Sergeants sighed in relief.

If Luo Feng was by his side all the time, glare like a tiger watching his prey, they would feel flustered even if they were fighting each other, because they obviously felt that… they were not on the same level as Luo Feng.

“We are all the best among the special Legions of the Fourth Army. It stands to reason that those who are stronger than us are not much stronger. How can this sergeant Luo Feng be so much stronger than us? Especially him How could it be so terrifying? Even the true gods don’t have such a terrifying movement method.”

As soon as Luo Feng left, the remaining eight of them quickly gathered their hearts and fought against each other. .

But different from Luo Feng… Luo Feng kills very fast, but because they are not far from each other, the fight is much slower.

Luo Feng only felt that the time and space were distorted, the misty rays of light flickered, and he appeared in a new place from the previous azure light column.


Luo Feng looked around.

This is a vast dark red land, and there are cracks in the entire dark red land. Crimson liquid is under the cracks. One after another hot air flow erupts from the cracks into the sky, and the whole sky… The dark clouds covered the sky, and the thick dark clouds covered most of the sky.

“Five sergeants?” Luo Feng saw at a glance that there were five sergeants scattered in the distance.

“The previous batch?” Luo Feng’s heart moved.

“The latter group of sergeants has actually arrived.” Among the five sergeants in the distance, one of them looked like a teenager, very handsome, wearing dark red armor, and said with a smile.

The surrounding area is the dark red earth… He is wearing dark red armor again, and his breath is in perfect harmony with the entire world.

“Why, you’ve been waiting for our next batch?” Luo Feng asked.

“I’ll wait for the five to arrive together.” The dark red-armored boy smiled, and there was a ferocious aura in his eyes.

β€œWu Qilou informed us that for every ten sergeants, there are only five sergeants left in this group after going through the First Layer. Naturally, we have to wait for your next batch of sergeants.”


Luo Feng nodded.

Before me, there were indeed three batches of them.

Three batches are 30 sergeants, and should be able to live 15! Unless something special happens…there will be less than 15. Apparently, fifteen of the first three batches did survive.

“How is this Wuqilou Second Layer going to temper us?” Luo Feng asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Neither do we.”

Several sergeants spoke.

“You’re the first to come here. It seems that you are the strongest among your group of sergeants.”

“Good luck.” Luo Feng said casually.

“What about the other sergeants in your group?” the dark red armored boy asked Luo Feng.

“It will come later.” Luo Feng said with a smile.

…will come later, but this ‘moment’ is really long, it took about half an hour before Sergeant a arrived one after another, and the other four sergeants arrived at the same time. .


As soon as Xu Zhong appeared, the ‘chin bird’ that he transformed into immediately fluttered his wings, dodged far away, and then he was vigilant looking towards all around, His eyes locked on Luo Feng in the distance.

These four sergeants are all far away from Luo Feng.

And the five sergeants including the dark red armored youth before seeing this, as long as they are not fools, they can naturally see that the other four sergeants in this new batch are the first sergeant to arrive. How vigilant and fearful!

“It makes many elite sergeants so fearful.”

“Be careful of him.”

The five sergeants in the previous batch were all shocked.

(End of this chapter)

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