All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 575


Chapter 575

At this moment…

“Boom~~~” Ten beams of light descended from the sky, Instantly enveloped their ten sergeants.

The ten beams of light were powerful, speed to the pinnacle, Luo Feng and his ten sergeants had no time to dodge, they were completely shrouded.

“This is the Second Layer of Wuqilou.”

“You will be teleported to a small world and attacked. What you need to do… It is to survive all the attacks in the small world.”

“You wait for two sergeants, the former sergeant rests for a long time, Divine Physique recovers a lot, and the latter sergeant quickly recovers itself, you wait The two groups of sergeants will be teleported one after the other!”

“Those who hide in the warship and avoid the war will perish.”

The magnificent voice resounded in Luo Feng in the minds of their ten sergeants.

followed immediately.

The five sergeants, including the young man in dark red armor, were instantly oscillated in time and space, and the five sergeants were instantly teleported to a distant part of this dark and fiery land. At a glance, the five sergeants were scattered. Open, each sergeant is caught in a small world of about hundreds of millions of kilometers.

“Quickly restore Divine Physique.”


“Do your best to restore.”

Luo Feng and the others are safe and sound Watching on the side, like Su Zhong and others immediately used many treasures to restore Divine Physique as soon as possible.

It also takes time to restore the Treasure of Divine Physique, as they were sent over immediately after their fight on the First Layer ended.

Even if they want to stay in the First Layer, they can’t do it. Fortunately, Wu Qilou’s consideration is perfect, giving them time to let the body treasure develop and gradually restore Divine Physique.


The dark red armored boy looked around all around, this is a small world with a diameter of hundreds of millions of kilometers.


Above, a huge ancient secret pattern with a diameter of hundreds of millions of kilometers appeared. , followed by the rumbling sound, the ancient secret pattern suddenly burst out one after another rays of light downward!


…a series of rays of light, cutting and penetrating downward arbitrarily!

The dark red armored boy held a silver machete, and with a clang, he blocked a rays of light shot at him once, the impact contained in the rays of light instantly made the dark red armored boy be stunned. Shocked and flew away, rolling in midair.

Because of the ancient secret pattern, countless rays of light are falling from the sky.

So there are also rays of light shooting at him during the inverted flight.

“Too strong.”

“Any rays of light attack is comparable to a true god’s attack.”

“It must rely on mechanical treasure. “The dark red armored boy was so frightened that immediately one after another ring pattern began to appear on his legs. The silver pattern wrapped around his legs, and even quickly extended to the whole body. Suddenly the dark red armored boy was faster, resisting those shot. rays of light will not be blasted away.

…five small worlds, five sergeants.

Every sergeant is being ravaged by a ‘small world’.

“It doesn’t look too dangerous.”

“It’s much better than the First Layer of Wuqilou. Fighting against a small world…it is estimated that you will survive a lot.”

Luo Feng and the other five sergeants watched, Luo Feng did not say a word, while the other sergeants were talking quietly, sometimes glancing at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng looked at the five small worlds in the distance.


Those five small worlds all have ancient secret patterns that continuously strike downwards, but their threat level is comparable to that of an ordinary true god. Once the mechanical flow treasure is used…the five sergeants can resist.

“Could it be that First Layer died too much, Second Layer relax?” Luo Feng thought to himself.

Soon, Luo Feng knew he was wrong!


Just as the five sergeants in the five small worlds were all relaxed.

“Although it’s a little more troublesome, it’s not difficult to get through it.” As the five sergeants kept resisting, the earth trembled suddenly.


The earth of the five small worlds is shaking. The earth that originally had a lot of cracks, especially the hot crimson liquid under the cracks in the earth, is now in the Continuously gushing out, directly gushing out of the landmark, these fiery liquids made the five sergeants even fly up, not daring to land.

“hua hua woo~~~”

The fiery liquid of the crimson quickly gathered together and continued to gather.

For a moment.

It’s a majestic crimson giant! Immediately after the crimson giant body icon began to solidify, from the previous liquid giant to a dark red rock giant!

And the body mark of this rock giant is still flowing with fiery hot liquid…


Five dark red rock giants At the same time, he raised his head and roared, and the cracks on the ground continued to gush out the crimson liquid, which was connected to the body of the dark red giant.


The sky of the five small worlds is also continuously strikes downward, and many rays of light strikes the dark red rock giant, just to make The distributed rocks on the rock giant fell off, but the fallen rocks quickly turned into crimson liquid and condensed on the giant again, without any damage.

It was accompanied by a thunderous roar.

Five dark red rock giants rushed to five sergeants at the same time. These dark red rock giants either trampled with big feet or swept away with big rock fists. Just the first time they fought, they made five The sergeants all smashed into the air.

“Not good.”

“Too, too cruel.”

“This time they are miserable.”

In In the distance, Luo Feng, who was still resting and recovering from Divine Physique, and the other five sergeants, also started, and at a glance…the five sergeants in their respective small worlds were facing what kind of dangerous environment.

It can be judged by the first fight alone – the dark red rock giant, definitely has the battle strength of the true god!

Although these rock giants do not have body protection like ‘Battle Armor’, they are definitely a real ‘Immortal Body’ because of the endless supply of crimson fluid below, and they will recover even if they are injured.

It’s just a matter of dealing with rock giants.

It should be noted that the rays of light of the ancient secret pattern are overwhelming!

Before dealing with it alone, I could try to dodge as much as possible, and occasionally I could not dodge until I resisted a few times. But now being attacked by the dark red rock giant all the time, the five sergeants couldn’t do their best to dodge the rays of light, so they were struck almost all the time.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!” “bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

Continuously hit by rays of light strikes.

The five sergeants were very embarrassed.

If they do their best to avoid the rays of light, they can easily be blasted away by the rock giants.

The endless streamer is coming! The rock giant is roaring!

The five sergeants are extremely embarrassed, and the Divine Force is frantically consumed.

The first five sergeants were extremely embarrassed and dangerous in that small world.

It’s not that the five sergeants are weak…but it’s really dangerous in a small world.

“What should I do?”

“I’m afraid we will also face similar dangers! Countless streamers are falling from the sky, and we have to deal with the rock giant… How to fight? Avoid the streamer, then If you can’t stop the rock giant, you will be struck by the streamer. If this continues, the Divine Physique will be consumed too fast, and I’m afraid it won’t last until the end.”

The sergeants were anxious.

The other four sergeants were in a hurry, Luo Feng was still calm, but he was also serious: “This danger alone is nothing to me. But the ancient secret pattern comes rays of light, Rock giants have emerged, after these two dangers, will there be a third danger? Or even a fourth danger?”

Luo Feng doesn’t care about the dual dangers of ancient mystic patterns and rock giants.

I’m afraid that more danger will emerge one after another.

No matter how strong Luo Feng is, he will always be crushed.

“Of the elite sergeants who enter Wuqi Tower, ten will usually survive one.”

“Since one can survive, then I can survive.”

Luo Feng secretly nodded, while continuing to watch intently.


Wuqi Building, the tallest building in the Divine King Valley.

Not far from Wuqi Building, there is a three-story silver-gray ancient palace. There is a group of true god guards outside this palace, which is also the highest power center of the ‘guards’ in the entire Divine King Valley.

At this moment, Peyton stood here, watching everything in Wuqilou, and the four Great Commanders stood beside him, looking extremely respectful.

Here, Peyton, holding the order of the Divine King, came in person equivalent to the Divine King, not to mention, with the constant Evolution Realm of Peyton over the years, the obscure atmosphere directly reminded them of The original Divine King.

This is respect for the powerhouse!

“One batch is still too bad!”

Peyton just smiled when he heard the words: “Otherwise, there may be a surprise for you.”

The four looked at each other in blank dismay and did not dare to refute…

Soon, the other five sergeants were also teleported, and began to be teleported to their respective small worlds.

The vast world of Second Layer in Wuqi Building, the dark red earth one after another is hot into the sky, like the neutron stars in the sea of cosmos, if they reach this, they will burn into nothingness in an instant.

Five areas, five small worlds.


The five dark red rock giants were arrogant and rampant, and the five sergeants battered and exhausted.

In the distance.

Luo Feng and the other five sergeants watched silently, while the other four sergeants all had concerns in their eyes.

“The rock giant can’t be killed at all, and we must try to delay the time.”

The other four sergeants are thinking about the solution in their hearts. They have just experienced the First Layer fight, unlike the previous ones. The five sergeants were off for so long, so they took a little more rest and could see the danger of Second Layer in advance.

This is also a compensation.

After the first group of five sergeants fought hard for about half an hour.

“bang!” “bang!” “bang!” “bang!” “bang!”

Luo Feng and the other five sergeants oscillated in time and space, and were quickly teleported.


Luo Feng felt that the surrounding time and space were distorted, as if he was teleporting into a wormhole. After the surrounding time and space were stable, he had already entered a small world.

“Teleportation only gives us such a short rest. But it also makes us aware of the danger in advance, which is fair.”

Luo Feng looked up at the sky.

A huge ancient mystical pattern appeared in the dark clouds above. The secret pattern was extremely gorgeous, mysterious and unpredictable, covering this small world…

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

The ancient secret pattern is like a large-scale battleship with countless barrels. It frantically pours countless rays of light downward, and each rays of light can be compared to the blow of a true god! Fortunately, this is just a test of grinding, so those rays of light are scattered in all areas. If they are concentrated together, Eternal True God will not dare to resist.

“en?” Luo Feng looked up at the sky, the ‘blood shadow knife’ like a stone blade was instantly unsheathed.


The blood shadow knife blocked the attack of the first-class of light, Luo Feng couldn’t help but retreat six steps in a row, and six footprints appeared on the trampled ground.

After a while——”I resisted the nine streams of light one after another, but the power is the same in different colors.”

Luo Feng had an accurate judgment in his heart, and immediately looked at it. Go down to the ancient mystic pattern in the sky, laughed, and then overlook the earth.

“The rock giant… hurry up and appear, otherwise it will take a lot of Divine Force to deal with this ancient secret pattern.”

“Golden Claw God!” Luo Feng’s heart moved .


Luo Feng’s body surface changed instantly, the color of the surface of the Golden Claw God as a mechanical treasure could change at will, I saw Luo Feng instantly turned into a black humanoid monster, The burning Divine Force spurred the Golden Claw God, instantly causing Luo Feng’s speed, defense, resistance, and attack to soar by two levels.

Luo Feng is reluctant to use “Destruction”, once it is used, it will consume Divine Force too quickly.

To cope with this level of crisis, the strength in this state is enough.

“Rumble~~” The earth trembled, Luo Feng immediately lifted off and looked down.

In the depths of the huge crack in the earth one after another, the hot and flowing crimson liquid is constantly erupting, surging, and a large amount of crimson liquid quickly gathers and directly condenses into a huge liquid monster, followed by this The crimson liquid quickly condensed and turned into a dark red rock giant! And the crimson liquid in the earth is still pouring in, always replenishing the rock giant.

“Roar~~~” The dark red rock giant raised his head and roared, roaring directly towards Luo Feng.

“It’s good to come.” Luo Feng showed a smile.

With a slam on his feet, he left a huge claw mark on the hot ground, and the Golden Claw Shen Luofeng directly charged towards the dark red rock giant. In terms of volume, the Golden Claw Shen Luofeng Maintained at an altitude of 100,000 kilometers, this is the state where he can exert his strongest strength, while the dark red rock giant is nearly 200,000 kilometers high, and the Golden Claw Shen Luofeng only reaches the waist of the rock giant.


The dark red rock giant roared, followed by a huge rock fist like a mountain peak, before reaching the Golden Claw Shen Luofeng in a flash.


Luo Feng’s silhouette was phantom, as if to dodge.

The fist of the dark red rock giant also changed, chasing after Luo Feng and smashing.

Golden Claw Shen Luofeng was like a huge blade shadow, changing directions three times almost instantly.

Three times, it seems very few.

The ultimate movement method is not to change the direction of the more the better, but to change the direction only once and let the opponent’s attack fail.

This is amazing! When Luo Feng was in Jiuyanze, he easily avoided the attack of the True God.

In the face of this dark red rock giant, it changed direction three times in a row before dodging this fist.


At the same time as dodging, the sharp claw of the Golden Claw Shinra Peak deliberately touched the rock giant’s arm, making the rock giant unstable. .

Golden Claw Shen Luofeng took the opportunity to hide by the side of the rock giant.

“bang!” The ancient secret pattern above the sky descended countless streamers, and many of them struck the rock giant, but none of them attacked Luo Feng.

“Roar~~~” The rock giant turned around and attacked Luo Feng.

“Once you get close to me, feel at ease as my shield.” The Golden Claw Shenluofeng is like a ghost. Every time it moves, it seems to be a straight line. The red rock giant is playing around! The dark red rock giant roared, or turned sharply, or swept the four directions with one punch! Even the fist turned into a liquid of crimson, covering Luo Feng.

All in all.

But the Golden Claw Shinra Peak has been entangled with the rock giant, surrounded by the rock giant, using the rock giant as a shield, and none of the streamers falling from the sky will attack the Golden Claw Shinra again. peak.

Golden Claw Shen Luofeng would rather fight the rock giant occasionally than be struck once by the streamer.

“For me.”

“The rock giant is not only a trouble, but a great help. With it, it is equivalent to a huge shield. Using this shield…easy You can avoid all streamer attacks.”

Luo Feng showed his terrifying movement method to his heart’s content.

Luo Feng will never fight against the rock giant!

Because Luo Feng understands… Even if he fights, the rock giant will recover quickly from injury. He is completely an Immortal Body. Fighting hard on his own will only accelerate the consumption of Divine Force.

And now he doesn’t use “Destruction”, and he focuses on dodging, and even the streamers falling from high altitudes have shields ‘rock giants’. Luo Feng’s Divine Force consumption is extremely slow… Divine King Valley, the silver-grey palace next to Wuqi Building, Third Layer.

Within the great hall.

The ten battle scenes in the small world are showing on the suspended light curtain, and the scenes of the ten sergeants are all clear.

“movement method…”


Originally, there were ten small world scenes on the light curtain, but the other nine small world scenes changed instantly. Small, but there is a small world scene that quickly becomes larger, occupying 90% of the entire screen area.

The one who is fighting the dark red rock giant in that small world scene is Luo Feng!

“This movement method…”

“So, so…”

The Black Mist Commander seemed to be completely taken aback, as the Divine King Gu Si Great Commander, who has screened Wu Qilou from generation to generation, does not know how many elite sergeants he has seen.

But it is the first since it was discovered to show such a terrifying movement method!

Although only the movement method is against the sky, it does not mean that it can be extremely against the sky in other aspects.

However, the movement method can reach such a level, which shows that even if this sergeant is slightly inferior in other aspects, he is probably far better than many elite sergeants.

“What a brilliant movement method!” exclaimed the burly commander in blood-colored armor among the four Great Commanders.

“There are so many exquisite ideas of movement method, really… He, a master of the law, can create such a movement method. And so skilled, he is completely teasing the rock giant when he fights with the rock giant.”

“Even me, I was a little touched when I saw it.” The burly commander sighed with emotion.

“You are Eternal True God!”

“You are an Eternal True God, are you touched?”

The other three commanders all said.

Four Great Commanders, when Divine King Your Majesty left, they were all sealed Void True God.

And after a long time, one of them still has a breakthrough as ‘Eternal True God’, but according to the Divine King the order of His Majesty, the four Great Commanders have responsibilities and must not leave the world of Jin at all.


Like the Four Great Generals, although they are also Eternal True Gods, they must not leave the world of Jin.

After Divine King Your Majesty left, some Eternal True Gods were indeed born, one After another left the world of Jin, of course never came back.

The four Great Commanders were all conquered by Luo Feng’s movement method. If a Void True God used this movement method, they didn’t care at all.

But this is a Lord of Laws!

The basis of perception between Lord of Laws and Void True God is completely the difference between Heaven and Earth… Lord of Laws can do this step , they have never seen it!

“At least since our Guardian God, he is the strongest movement method we have ever seen. ”

“movement method is the strongest! Others are not far behind. “

The four Great Commanders spoke one after another.

“Perhaps…he has hope and climbs to the top of Wuqi Tower!” ”

The other three commanders became quiet immediately, and the whole great hall was shrouded in an atmosphere of wind and rain coming. They were all staring at the screen, watching the completion of Divine King Your Majesty. expectations, which is more important than their breakthrough to Eternal True God, or even their lives!

(End of this chapter)

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