All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 577


Chapter 577

The passage of time…

Luo Feng walked along the ancient and solemn quiet road, this path It is composed of huge square stone slabs, each with different carvings, no two carvings are the same, each one is perfect, if Luo Feng looked down, he couldn’t help being attracted.

The seemingly ordinary roads and courtyard walls actually hide endless luxury.

Turn around the corner and see a door, the door is open.


Luo Feng glanced through the door and saw the messy mechanical parts, weapon parts, etc. that were randomly placed inside. When Luo Feng walked to the door, he saw a man wearing a gorgeous royal robe, staring at some different types of mechanical parts next to him.

The man in the gorgeous royal robe turned his head, looked towards Luo Feng, and couldn’t help but smile: “Since you’re here, sit first.”

In front of him, there is indeed a delicate black throne.

Luo Feng didn’t say much, just went forward and sat down obediently, since that Divine King Your Majesty created ‘Wuqilou’, set up so many difficulties, and let countless elite sergeants in the world of Jin go forward one after another. …definitely on purpose.

“This man…” Luo Feng looked at it carefully, “It’s weird, even the virtual consciousness of the last Duan Donghe would carry a coercion. Why does he have no coercion at all?”


It’s as if I met a grandfather next door on the road when I was a child.

Facing the man in front of him, he couldn’t help feeling cordial, without a trace of dread, just relaxed.

“Amazing.” Luo Feng secretly startled, “With my will, I can’t control my affection for him.”

“You must be curious.” Hua Mei Wang Pao The man looked towards Luo Feng, “Why did the Divine King create this Wuqilou and create so many difficulties… Now I will tell you, first of all, tell you my identity… I am the one of this world of Jin. Divine King.”

Luo Feng was taken aback.

Divine King Your Majesty?

Although I have some guesses, I still can’t believe it. This ordinary man who looks like Earth’s ordinary great grandfather will be Divine King Your Majesty?

“To be precise, I am the virtual consciousness left behind by Divine King after his death.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe looked at Luo Feng.

Virtual consciousness?

Luo Feng inwardly startled in one’s heart, as he guessed, Divine King Your Majesty is really dead.

“You don’t seem to be very surprised.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe looked at Luo Feng, “Isn’t everything too unexpected? Although I observed you from a distance before, I didn’t find anything else…but Now I know that you are not the life of my Jinzhi world.”

Luo Feng was shocked and almost immediately self-destructed.

But on the surface Luo Feng was still calm: “It’s not that I’m not surprised, it’s just that everything you said is too unbelievable. That’s why I’ve always been skeptical. You said you were the Divine King, and you said you were It is the virtual consciousness left behind by the Divine King… The great Divine King Your Majesty is far away from me, and how can the great Divine King Your Majesty die? Also, you said that I am not the life of Jinzhi World, but also What do you mean?”

“Haha…” The man in the gorgeous royal robe smiled, very happy.

“Don’t be vigilant, don’t worry.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe said with a smile, “I’ll tell you carefully, you’ll understand.”

Luo Feng listened carefully.

“Back then…”

There was a trace of reminiscence in the eyes of the man in the gorgeous royal robe, “It was a long, long time ago, I chose a dead end, so before I set off, I Created Wuqilou in Jinzhi World, and left this title task. Once I fail, then maybe I have a chance to reverse.”

“I left.”

“But a virtual consciousness is left here. The virtual consciousness has my memory and thinking, but it is not a real life.”

“Of course – I am In this virtual consciousness, subconsciously, I still think that I am the Divine King.”

Luo Feng nodded expressed his understanding.

After all, the virtual consciousness possesses all the memories and thoughts of the ‘Divine King of Jin’.

“I don’t know what kind of danger the Divine King went through after he left. After all, I can’t contact him.” The man in the gorgeous king robe sighed, “It’s just through the understanding of the world of Jin, I know one day that the Divine King has fallen.”

“Wuqilou has a ninth layer, and this ninth layer can connect the core of the universe source of the entire world of Jin.” The man in the gorgeous king robe said, ” I often go to the source core of Jinzhi World, the fall of the Divine King, and the natural big changes in the Jinzhi World Source core.”

The man in the gorgeous royal robe looked at Luo Feng: “Also, my Therefore, it is determined that you are not the life of my Jinzhi World, becauseβ€””

“When you entered this Ninth Layer, the core of the Universe Source that this Ninth Layer was connected to did not recognize you.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe said, “If you are a life in the world of Jin, you are the child of the world of Jin, and you will naturally be recognized, and you will be extremely loyal to the Divine King, willing to die for the Divine King.”

Luo Feng understood.

Like the Lord of Nine Nether, the beings created by the Lord of Nine Nether are also absolutely loyal to the Lord of Nine Nether.

A truth.

The life in the world of Jin is also absolutely loyal to Divine King Your Majesty. Like the four Great Commanders, the Divine King ordered them to die, and they will not hesitate.

“Oh… Since you already know, what do you want to do.” Luo Feng was vigilant.

To kill oneself, it is too easy for the other party to be capable, so there is no need to talk nonsense.

A dignified Divine King, talking to himself so much, there must be some purpose.

“You just need to make an oath.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe said softly with a smile, “When you become the first-class powerhouse of the Divine King in the future, you must do your best to kill the other three Peak beings.”

“en?” Luo Feng startled.

A vow?

The ancient civilization naturally has many vows that go deep into the soul. Once violated, the soul flew away and scattered, and the dead can no longer die.

“Will I become the first-class powerhouse of the Divine King?” Luo Feng was shocked, “I, I am the master of the law now.”

“So you don’t need to worry.” Hua Mei The man in the king robe shook his head and said, “It’s too far for you now, and you can’t help me in the world at all. This is just a promise you made when you become a Divine King. Don’t worry…Once you promise, you will naturally have it. Your benefits. If you refuse, even if you choose to self-destruct, at the moment of self-destructing, I can annihilate your soul. I know that many of the beings from outside the Jin world have the power of Avatar .”

Luo Feng was stunned.

It seems… This Divine King Your Majesty knows a lot.

“I know more than you think.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe looked at Luo Feng, “Make a choice. Promise me or reject me.”

Luo Feng smiled helplessly: “Do I still have a choice?”

Just kidding.

As a means left by the Divine King, Luo Feng also believed that even if he self-destructed himself, at the moment of self-destructing, his soul would probably be annihilated, and his many Avatars would be destroyed at the same time. Then you really can’t die anymore. even more how this oath, is to wait until after becoming Divine King.

O Divine King, how far above the Eternal True God. Luo Feng didn’t even know if he could be cultivated.

After all, according to my guess based on clues, the Divine King should be equivalent to the third-generation Ancestor Master.

…”I have to confirm that your oath is true. After all, I am only a virtual consciousness, if you are deceived…” The man in the gorgeous royal robe said with a smile, and then pointed to the surroundings, Immediately around in the midair, patterns of laws began to appear, and in an instant, the surroundings fell into a cage composed of huge patterns of laws.


The azure light shrouded Luo Feng.

“In this way, I can know all the changes in your soul.” The man in Huamei Wangpao said with a smile, “If you cheat, so do Iβ€”ah!”

Huamei Wangpao The man stood up abruptly with a look of shock on his face.

Luo Feng was shocked.

The man in the gorgeous royal robe looked towards Luo Feng in shock, very surprised: “You, you…”

“What’s wrong with me?” Luo Feng wondered.

“Hahaha, hahahaha…” The man in the gorgeous royal robe was laughed, laughing happily and happily.

Luo Feng is even more puzzled, what’s going on?

“Disperse.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe pointed to the midair, and the lines of laws that were originally formed floating in the void all dissipated.

“Divine King Your Majesty, don’t you want me to make an oath?” Luo Feng was stunned.

“No need.”

The man in the gorgeous royal robe smiled and looked at Luo Feng, “Because you have cultivated “Secret Art of Nine Tribulations”, you don’t need to make an oath.”

“No need.”


“Secret Art of Nine Tribulations?” Luo Feng was shocked, completely lost self-control.

Nine Calamities Secret Art?

This… This is a Secret Art that really changed my destiny. It is because of “Secret Art of Nine Tribulations” that my powerhouse road can reach this point. Without the Secret Art of Nine Tribulations, maybe I could become a powerhouse myself, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be as good as it is now. “Nine Tribulations Secret Art” according to what the teacher said, it was created by the teacher, and it can only be passed on to one cultivator, and it must be an Earth person lineage life before cultivation.

“What, what’s going on…” Luo Feng’s mind seemed to explode in an instant, and countless thoughts emerged.

It can only be the “Secret Art of Nine Tribulations” by Earth people’s lineage cultivation.

Only one Secret Art of cultivator cultivation.

Even the Secret Art created by Zanshan Ke.

Why… This Divine King Your Majesty knows?


I have long suspected that “Secret Art of Nine Tribulations” is too heaven-defying, and all other true gods can’t do it, let alone true gods, even the ancestors of Ziyue and Dongdi have not heard of it. There is a similar creation of Secret Art. However, Zanshan Ke quietly created such a Secret Art.

“What happened to the Nine Tribulations Secret Art?” Luo Feng asked.

“Haha, this Nine Tribulations Secret Art…” The gorgeous man in the royal robe said with a laugh, “It is one of the Absolute Art that is not known to the public in the world of Jin Jin. The cultivation, not only Divine Physique quickly Transformation, and it also has great benefits for the soul. It is a super Absolute Art that absolutely changes Wu’s innate talent. Any cultivated Secret Art of Nine Tribulations is the true core of my Jin Kingdom. You cultivated Secret Art of Nine Tribulations is naturally My lineage of Jin… When you rise up in the future, if you don’t kill those three, those three will kill you, so naturally you don’t have to make an oath.”

It’s no wonder that since he entered the world of Jin, he has been sitting on a mountain. The guest teacher has never contacted him, nor has he inquired about the situation in the ‘world of Jin’, and he has never heard of a mountain guest entering the world of Jin.

“There are many powerhouses in the universe, who is not curious about the world of Jin?”

“Primal Chaos City Lord, and other powerhouses in Hongmeng, all of them are curious, and many of them ask me. But the teacher on the mountain never asked.”

β€œI have always wondered, the teacher on the mountain is only a true god, why can he create “Secret Art of Nine Tribulations” and why he can refine the Stars Tower!” Luo Feng understood a little in his heart. Although he still didn’t really understand the Mysterious Mountain Guest, he at least understood that this Mountain Guest had something to do with the world of Jin!

The core of Jin?

The Jin Kingdom was destroyed, the Divine King fell, and a large number of super powerhouses that fought with Divine King Your Majesty would also fall. There is no doubt that the mountain guest is the true god. Then… “Do mountaineers get inheritance like me? Get the inheritance of Divine King Your Majesty, or the inheritance of a super powerhouse under Divine King?” Luo Feng had a lot of thoughts, and then temporarily buried all doubts in his heart.

At least, I know a little bit about Sitting Mountains.

…Lots of thoughts flashed through Luo Feng’s mind in an instant, and he still talked to Divine King normally: “Divine King Your Majesty, who are the three Peaks you mentioned? I have to know their identities first. “

“This is nature.” The gorgeous man in the royal robe said with a smile, “These three are another Super Influence — the three founders of the barbaric ‘food kingdom’.”

“The three founders of the country?” Luo Feng nodded, and immediately wondered, “Where are they now? Could it be… this food country has been destroyed?”

himself The traces of ancient civilizations discovered are all traces of destruction, and this Jin world still survives.

“Destroyed?” The man in the gorgeous royal robe started, looked thoughtful, and sighed softly, “Yeah, it’s been a long, long time, maybe the food country is destroyed.”

Luo Feng couldn’t help but said: “Divine King Your Majesty, if they are still alive, how should I find them in the future?”

Universe Sea…too mysterious.

No one has been able to explore the edge of the cosmic sea. For example, the huge monster suspected to be the body of Divine King Your Majesty flew from a faraway place in the universe! So, in the far-flung depths of the cosmic sea, will there be other existences? Other terrifying forces?

I don’t know.

For the true God, the universe sea is too vast and far away. If you go too far, it is easy to get lost.

“Are you looking for them? Don’t worry.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe said with a smile, “When your strength is really strong, all the secrets will gradually emerge in front of you, about whether the food kingdom will be destroyed or not. , I thought about it carefully just now, even if the food country is really destroyed, it is unlikely that all the three founding country lords will perish.”

Luo Feng nodded down.

“Look.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe pointed to the open space not far away, and a machine appeared out of thin air.

“This is…” Luo Feng looked carefully at the machine in front of him, with a streamlined body, a monkey-like body, and a flexible tail. Sitting there silently, there was an aura that made Luo Feng’s heart palpitate.

The man in the gorgeous royal robe said proudly: “This is the real Divine Grade machine ‘Wu Qishen’ that I created, which can be used by only one powerhouse. In a single true Divine Grade machine…

It is definitely the most cream of the crop, a mechanical treasure that can display your strongest battle strength. The only downside is that it consumes Divine Force very quickly. Your Divine Physique is already very big now, but you still have to be careful and don’t be reckless If it explodes, otherwise the consumption will be too high, and it will be very troublesome for Divine Physique to recover.”

Luo Feng nodded, his eyes gleaming, staring at Wu Qishen in front of him.

Add trouble?

Just kidding, I have the Avatar of the Endless Sea!

“You complete the title task and become a titled powerhouse, and you are qualified to exchange for this Wu Qishen. This Wu Qishen belongs to you.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe said.

“It’s mine… but military merit…” Luo Feng looked towards the man in the gorgeous royal robe.

Wu Qishen, but it takes 30 million military merits in exchange.

“Haha, any mission will be rewarded for military merit.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe laughed, “How difficult is this titled task, the reward I set is 30 million military merits. Are you not going to exchange for Wu Qi? God, in exchange for other treasures? Of course it’s up to you.”

“In exchange, of course.” Luo Feng continued.

Unexpectedly, it is so.

The completion of the title task will reward 30 million military merits, so simply send Wu Qishen to the powerhouse who completes the title task.

“Wu Qishen…” Luo Feng looked at Wu Qishen in front of him, “There is a lot of turbulence in the universe right now, especially the appearance of the Fourth Jedi, and the Primitive Universe’s original will is actively guiding it! Hao Lei Xing The power that the Lord exerted before his death was diametrically opposed to the Divine Force… there must be something hidden behind it.”

Luo Feng felt a kind of depression before the storm.

“The stronger I am, the stronger my coping ability will naturally be.” Luo Feng secretly said, “And this time I broke into Wuqilou, especially in the Third Layer, I got a lot of money from other sergeants. Mechanical treasures, real Divine Grade armored weapons, etc. I can completely transfer some of the mechanical treasures to the armament point, exchange them for military merit, and use military merit to exchange for something suitable for my human race.”

I am alone , how many pieces of treasure can be needed?

Especially after I become a true god, there is only one deity.

As long as you have a few powerful treasures. So other mechanical flow treasure, mostly or for the human race to consider preparing! Of course, it is absolutely impossible to distribute it directly, after all, there is no such thing as a pie in the sky.


Luo Feng stretched out his hand and stroked Wu Qishen, and the imprint of his life was easily imprinted in it, wow~~~ this dark monkey-like mechanical treasure , instantly merged into Luo Feng’s body, making Luo Feng directly transformed into a humanoid monkey with a tail, but his face was still the same as Luo Feng’s own.

“It’s very complicated.”

Luo Feng researched a little, and felt that some of the secret patterns of Wu Qishen were very complicated, far exceeding the ‘Chin Bird’ ‘Golden’ Claw God’ and so on.

“This is a real Divine Grade machine, and it’s the cream of the crop among the real Divine Grade machines.” The man in the royal robe next to him said, “If you want to burst out its strongest power, it is necessary for secret. The perception of technique must also reach the very high-end level of the true gods. Of course, although you are the master of the law now, you can still use it, because it can be divided into three different levels of battle strength.”

Luo Feng smiled.


There are three different ways to control the fuck, but the first one is more complicated than the Golden Claw God and the Chin Bird. Not to mention Third Type, I am afraid that Third Type can only hope to perform after becoming a ‘true god’.

“Keep your Wu Qishen.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe said, “I just don’t want a lot of sergeants to know that this ‘title mission’ has a big secret, so I took out Wu Qishen. When tempting, tempting the Lord of the Laws and the True God, in fact, it can’t be considered a treasure.”

Luo Feng did not argue.


What is a true Divine Grade machine to a great Divine King Your Majesty? Even the king of true Divine Grade machinery.

But he is only the master of the law, in the master of his own law and even the true Divine Rank segment, this ‘Wu Qishen’ is his best treasure, which is to become Void True God, I am afraid this Wu Qishen has a certain purpose.

“Since I hope you will become a Divine King in the future, I will naturally give you a cultivation method.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe shook his head, “But what I am good at is treasure refining. Obviously, you are not good at this. As for I’m not good at fighting battles… but I also prepared an inheritance for the sake of it.”

Luo Feng’s eyes shined, inheritance?

The more the better.

“Comprehend yourself.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe threw a black light spar.

“I am the Jin Kingdom, and only I am the Divine King. So the inheritance of the battle flow, I give you a little less natural.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe explained, “This is my powerhouse and Some of the powerhouses I killed are gathered from many inheritances. It will also help you to become a Divine King.”

Luo Feng nodded, touched the inheritance spar, looking forward to it.

It only takes a long time to accept inheritance, it is better to wait and study slowly after leaving Wuqilou.

…”I give you inheritance, you need time to improve your cultivation. Although Wu Qishen is of great help to you, once you encounter Void True God, you are still in danger of falling.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe He added, “In this world of Jin, I grant you the qualification to borrow World Strength.”

“World Strength?”

Luo Feng was surprised.

“You complete the title task and get a seal.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe said directly, “Your status is comparable to that of the Four Great Generals. This is only on the surface, but in fact…the Four Great Generals also I know that you are the most important thing in my world of Jin, and there is no room for loss. In this world of Jin, you have absolute authority, and if anyone dares to offend you, you can use World Strength to deal with him.”

Luo Feng showed a happy expression: “How mighty is it to use the World Strength of Jinzhi World?”

“It can suppress Eternal True God and kill all Void True Gods.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe directly Said, “However, you must not kill at will.”

Luo Feng nodded: “Understood.”

The reason why this Divine King of Jin is so good to himself is because I got the inheritance of “Original Art”, and the hope of killing the three founding lords of the ‘Food Kingdom’… This Divine King is obviously all placed on himself, after all, the Divine King itself has fallen.

Because I have too much hope for myself, I naturally have to give myself enough status and power.

At least in the ‘Jin World’, you can give yourself enough power.

“Can I borrow the World Strength of Jinzhi World?” Luo Feng felt extremely happy, “In this way, the lives and deaths of those Great Influence powerhouses who entered Jinzhi World in our Universe Sea will not matter. It’s all on my mind?”

Even the Divine King just told himself not to kill at will.

The meaning is obvious… If you really want to kill, you can still kill.

“I’ll give you everything I can give you, and I’ll help you who can help you. I’ve fallen, so that’s all I can give you.” The man in the gorgeous royal robe said, “The rest is up to you. Now, let’s go, it’s time for you to leave this Wuqilou.”

Luo Feng immediately bowed to express his gratitude, no matter what, the other party helped him a lot.


A beam of light descended, strikes on Luo Feng.

Luo Feng… disappeared in the Wuqi Building and appeared outside the Wuqi Building.

(End of this chapter)

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