All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 578


Chapter 578

They waited too long.

Since the Divine King Your Majesty left this Wuqilou, the real mission of the four leaders is to find that peerless figure, which is more important than their lives.


“The title mission is gone!”

“The title mission of the Lord of Laws has disappeared, it’s successful, that sergeant The Milky Way must have reached the top of Wuqi Tower.”

The four leaders in the great hall are always watching, and tasks such as the Four Legions, Divine King Valley, etc. can be seen at the same time. , After Luo Feng entered the Eighth Layer of Wuqi Building, the four of them didn’t know what was going on inside, but they didn’t come out after staying there for such a long time.

Naturally, the four leaders looked forward to it, staring at the task list. The four of them shouted out almost at the same time.

Brush! brush! brush! brush!

The four silhouettes disappeared into the great hall at the same time and came to the downstairs of the majestic Wuqi Building.


“It’s the commander, all four commanders are here.”

Let some true gods guard not far from Wuqilou The guards were startled, and four Great Commanders came out at the same time, which was too rare.

The four commanders all looked at the main entrance of Wuqilou.

“Why haven’t you come out yet?”

“It’s time to come out.”

The four commanders quietly sounded each other, waiting eagerly. They didn’t know that the mission was automatically cancelled when Luo Feng passed the Eighth Layer, but at the moment Luo Feng was still talking to ‘Divine King Your Majesty’ on the Ninth Layer.

For a long timeβ€””Boom!”

The towering main entrance slammed open, and a sergeant silhouette stepped out.

“Come out?”

“Wuqilou has been through endless years, and the living sergeants have been directly moved and teleported, and none of them have been able to walk out of the main entrance. And the other sergeants came out long ago. This sergeant stayed for so long. Could it be that he has reached the top of Wuqi Tower?”

“I didn’t see the four commanders here to greet you? It must be It’s a success.”

Those true god guards don’t know how many sergeants they have seen entering, and naturally they know some inside stories, and they are naturally shocked at this moment.


As soon as Luo Feng came out, he was surprised to see the four silhouettes that appeared in front of him, a cloud of blurry black mist, a burly male surnamed Powerhouse, and a silver-armored female surname powerhouse, a strange beast powerhouse, four great powerhouses stood outside the door of Wuqilou, and they couldn’t hide their excitement and looked at themselves.

“Uh…” Luo Feng looked towards the four, not knowing how to speak for a while.

He doesn’t know any of them.

β€œWe are the four commanders of the Valley of the Divine King, and by the order of Divine King Your Majesty, we have always been the Valley of the Guardian God.”

The burly commander in blood-colored armor had a strong voice,” At the same time, we have been waiting for the existence of a peerless person who will climb to the top of Wuqi Tower, Yinhe Jin, you can succeed, the four of us are really happy.”

“Yinghe Jin, please come to the hall to talk.” Beside The woman in silver armor also said.

Luo Feng was immediately nodded, and followed the four commanders toward the silver-gray palace not far away. They talked to each other before, but none of the surrounding True God guards could hear them.

The burly commander swept his gaze to the surrounding guards: “What happened today should not be shared.”

“Yes, commander.”

Dispersed in the distance More than a dozen guards responded respectfully.

Silver-grey Palace First Layer.

“They are too excited.” Luo Feng talked with the four leaders, and at the same time secretly sighed that the enthusiasm of these four leaders was far beyond his imagination.

“We have been looking forward to someone who can do it to the top of Wuqilou. We have been looking forward to this for endless years, and it seems like a heavy burden that has been pressing on our hearts. We think about it for a while. Since then, I feel ashamed of Divine King Your Majesty.”

The black fog has now condensed into a blurred silhouette and sat there, “Now Galaxy, you have succeeded, and we are relieved.”

“It’s been too long.” The female leader in silver armor sat there, with tears in her eyes.

“Yinhe, stay here for a while, we have just passed the news of your ascent to the top of the Wuqi Tower to the four generals. With the strength of the four generals, it will definitely be within a very short time. Arrive here.” The burly commander explained.

“Like us, the four generals have been trying to cultivate and screen out peerless geniuses who can reach the top of Wuqi Tower. Knowing that you are successful, the four generals will also be extremely excited and happy. I will definitely want to meet you.”

Luo Feng nodded with a smile: “I have heard about the reputation of the four generals, and I have long wanted to meet them, but I never had the chance before.”

As a titled powerhouse, and he got the title by ascending the top of Wuqilou, his status is equivalent to that of a general. This is only superficial… In terms of actual status, the four generals and the four Great Commanders are slightly worse.

Luo Feng chatted with the four commanders, and it didn’t take long.


Four silhouettes entered this great hall one after another, and then condensed one after another.

Luo Feng glanced at it.

The four silhouettes that came were the powerhouses of the two tribes and the powerhouses of the two alien beasts…all of them restrained their coercion, even if the four of them restrained their coercion, the invisible imposing manner still made Luo Feng secretly emotion.

“Galaxy, this is the Eastern Army General ‘Xue Yong’!” The burly commander was introduced.

Xue Yong, should be the kindest of the four commanders, fair-skinned, with green patterns around his ears, looking graceful and noble, wearing silver white armor, with vertical pupils between the eyebrows, at this moment Slightly excited, all three eyes gleamed at Luo Feng: “We, we have waited too long, until now, we can be considered worthy of Divine King Your Majesty.”

“Introduce me. A tall and strange beast with six heads roared next to him, then smiled at Luo Feng, and the six ugly heads laughed at the same time, “I’m Beiβ€””

“What’s the hurry. “

“One by one.”

Luo Feng finally saw the enthusiasm of the four generals, the four generals and the four leaders, in the endless long years, their goals of struggle It’s just one – for Divine King Your Majesty to cultivate a peerless genius who can reach the top of Wuqilou.

This is beyond their own cultivation, their lives.

How excited they were when Luo Feng appeared.

“Galaxy, you can take risks and grind, but the world of Jin is extremely vast, and your strength is still… Maybe you are in danger. I will arrange a few Void True God guards for you to protect you secretly.”


The four generals were talking.

They regarded Luo Feng as a rare treasure, lest there be any mistakes.

From the conversation, Luo Feng also felt that the four generals and commanders were treating Luo Feng as the ‘heir to the Divine King’.

“By the way, wait a moment, another great character will come over. He is the messenger of the Divine King and the first person to see that you will definitely succeed.”

Luo Feng was full of surprise when he heard the words.

He remembered that the Divine King had passed away, how there was still a messenger.

Not long after, a smiling silhouette appeared, Luo Feng startled.


Luo Feng was surprised, he really didn’t expect to see his teacher here.

Peyton smiled slightly: “Don’t be surprised, the Divine King of Jin has never told you about many things, you will understand later.”

The other four Great Generals and leaders also Qi Qi witnessed such a scene, and now they understand why Peyton has such great confidence in Luo Feng.

Why this Peyton became the messenger of the Divine King.


The Cosmic Sea.

“The three Ancestral Gods?”

“Why are they here?”

“Looking at the pressure that spreads out, it must represent the original will of the Primitive Universe. I just don’t know… what are they going to do!” All the Great Influences were puzzled, although they were not afraid of Source Will, after all, if they didn’t take the initiative to provoke them, they had never heard that Source Will could take the initiative to kill anyone. But no one dared to despise any message of the original will.

After all, even if you are as noble as the most powerhouse in the universe, you always feel that the mysterious sea of the universe is unfathomable.


As time goes by, all the Great Influences of the Third Era will naturally come, and at the same time, everyone will arrive a little earlier, because the small cosmic membrane wall of the Jin World becomes white The maintenance time is not long, so naturally you have to arrive early.


The three Ancestral Gods standing in the void, the old Ancestral God said slowly, but the voice resounded in every place in the surrounding void.

“Now, the three major reincarnation eras and Two Great Holy Lands in the entire universe must be almost here.”

Suddenly, one flew out of the Supreme Treasure palaces in the distance. After another silhouette, a powerhouse with different looks and different life forms, thousands of Lord of Universe and some of the most powerhouses in the universe, all gathered in groups, scattered everywhere, all looking at the three Ancestrals from afar God.

“What the hell are these three Ancestral Gods doing?” Giant axe stood side by side with the Lord of Primal Chaos City, and behind him was the over 100 Lord of Universe from Hongmeng.

The Great Influences are all wondering.

The three Ancestral Gods glanced at the distant places around them, and at the same time the old Ancestral God continued: “I am here by the will of the source, and I am here to tell you something very important, do you know this? There is a huge monster in the small universe ‘Jin World’ in its body, why did it suddenly appear in Jin World?”

It was quiet.

Listen carefully.

“This is the will of the Primitive Universe, which led the huge monster from the far depths of the universe,” said the old Ancestral God.



There was an uproar, and even the giant axe and the Lord of Primal Chaos City looked of Shock, this huge monster flew from the remote depths of the cosmic sea, turned out to be led by the original will of Primitive Universe? This, is this true or false? Or are you just lying to them? Those present are all the cream of the crop in the entire universe, and they will not easily believe these words.

“At the beginning, although you discovered this huge monster, you didn’t know how to get in. If it wasn’t for the guidance of Primitive Universe’s original will, I don’t know how long it would take, and I don’t know how many powerhouses it would take to die in this huge monster to discover it. The final place,” said the old Ancestral God.

All parties are nodded.

After all, the huge monster’s body is very vast. If there is no guidance, there will definitely be many places to explore. Even if the world of Jin is discovered, it will try hundreds of thousands of times in a row, and it will fail every time. I am afraid it will be temporarily. Stop trying.

No one will know that the small cosmic membrane wall must be white to enter.

If there is no guidance, each Great Influence will definitely suffer some losses, and it will take a long time.

“Original will, follow the rules of operation, when disaster strikes, you should seek a trace of life for all life.”

The old Ancestral God said, “This world of Jin is us. The vitality of all living beings in the Great Influence of the universe.”

“The catastrophe?”

“What catastrophe?”

“The catastrophe?”

This word immediately touched the nerves of all influence.

All powerhouses in the first round, the second round, and the Primitive Universe era are all staring at the three Ancestral Gods.

The voices of the three young Ancestral Gods are clear: “The Primitive Universe breeds all things and breeds all living beings. In this vast world, everything has both positive and negative sides, and there is a Primitive Universe that breeds all things… There is the existence of destroying myriad things.”

“This existence is called… the world! Beast!” The young Ancestral God glanced around.

All powerhouses are quiet.

“The beast?”

“The Primitive Universe that nurtures all things and nurtures all living beings? The beast that destroys everything?” .

“The beast? Really or not? Why have I never heard of its existence…”

The three Ancestral Gods also seem to know that the powerhouses of all parties are stunned by this news , and also temporarily paused, so that many powerhouses first accept this message.


In a corner of the Great Influence powerhouse crowd in the sea of cosmos, there is a silhouette in the midst of nothingness. This majestic old man is sitting on an azure mountain peak. Above, it is the sitting mountain passenger.

Sitting on the mountain has never entered the world of Jin, and doesn’t seem to care at all, but these three Ancestral Gods are here, and he is here too.

“The beast?”

A strange brilliance flashed across the eyes of the mountain guest, vaguely recalling, “The beast, is it going to be born? If it is born, it is indeed called It’s a great calamity.”

“It’s ridiculous when I think about it now.” Sitting on the mountain sighed softly.

“The beast…”

“It’s a pity…” The mountain guest shook his head.

The three Ancestral Gods glanced around, and then the double-sided Ancestral God opened the mouth and said: “The beasts are the most terrifying creatures bred in the entire sea of cosmos, and undoubtedly the most terrifying creatures. Creatures! It is the opposite of the Primitive Universe. After an incomparably long period of time, a beast is born. When the beast comes out…it is a great calamity…”

“Why Since the Endless Era, there are only two Holy Land universes in the entire universe?” The double-sided Ancestral God looked towards each Great Influence.

Suddenly, all powerhouses have guesses in their hearts.

Everyone’s heart moved, yes, in the Endless Era, some peerless geniuses should be born. There are only two Holy Land universes, which is too few, don’t you think…

“Guess what? That’s right, the previous Holy Land universe was destroyed by the beasts.” Double-sided Ancestral God solemnly nodded.

“When it does come into being, it will destroy all universes, whether it’s the Holy Land universe, the mini-universe, or even… the Primitive Universe!”


“What, all the mini-universes? Even the Primitive Universe?”

All sides were shocked.

“The universe itself has no resistance, and can only be passively attacked.” The double-faced Ancestral God continued, “When all living beings disappear, naturally all universes will also disappear, but the Primitive Universe is only a temporary surname. It becomes the source, and in the future, it will evolve into the Primitive Universe again.”

When the three Ancestral Gods and the Great Influence narrated.

Purple Moon Sacred Land universe.

“The world beast? The three Ancestral Gods said that the world beast is going to be born?” After hearing this, the first ancestor of Ziyue suddenly got up from the throne, “How could it be, how could it be like this…”


Dozens of Lord of Universe knelt down below, feeling extremely apprehensive.

“All out.” The ancestor of Ziyue was shouted.

All of them left in panic.

The ancestor of Ziyue couldn’t hide his anxiety: “How come, every time I go through tens of thousands of reincarnation times or even longer, will the beasts be born. How long have I been a Void True God, how, how? So unlucky… just happened to meet a beast born? I, I must hurry, I must cultivate success as Eternal True God as soon as possible, once I become Eternal True God, I will be able to resist the beast, at least the small universe will not be destroyed. “

…The ancestors of the Purple Moon and the East Emperor were all panicked.

…And in the void outside the world of Jin, the three Ancestral Gods were still talking: ” Now the beast is very weak, killing it while it is weak is the best chance! Once it grows up, all life in this period will be extinct, and no one will survive. Even the Primitive Universe had to be temporarily destroyed and reduced to its source. “

“And the world of Jin can make your strength improve and have a stronger treasure. In this way, you can destroy the world beast. “

“It must be in this era of reincarnation, no delay! Did you see that Universe Boat? Why was the Universe Boat created? From the beginning, I must be in order to deal with the beast! ”

The voice of Ancestral God reverberated in the minds of thousands of powerhouses from the Great Influence present.

(End of this chapter)

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