All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 579


Chapter 579

Sitting on the mountain in the far corner, listening to the narration of the three Ancestral God, I couldn’t help but feel Shaking his head, he sighed softly: “It’s scary enough to confuse the real and the fake. It’s ridiculous that even the Universe Boat… is said to be created to deal with the beasts.”

The giant axe group of thousands The famous powerhouses from the Great Influence of the Universe were indeed frightened. The Universe Boat was built to deal with the beasts?

“Of course, that is the later stage beast.”

The young Ancestral God’s voice was clear, “The world beast master is divided into two stages, the first stage is the gestation period, and the second stage is the adult stage. Long-term. During the gestation period, the cosmic sea will give birth to a billion beasts.”


“A billion beasts?”

” Isn’t there one world beast?”

All the powerhouses were surprised. I heard from the three Ancestral Gods before that there should be only one world beast.

The young Ancestral God continued: “The sea of cosmos will breed a billion world beasts, and these billion world beasts will kill each other and devour each other, so that the number of world beasts will continue to decrease… After killing each other and devouring other world beasts, the remaining world beasts will become stronger and stronger. Until the last moment… all the other world beasts died, and only one world beast survived.”

One Piece Hold your breath.

It turned out to be so.

Everyone couldn’t help but be horrified, and let billions of world beasts kill each other and devour each other, only one survived. This world beast is very terrifying.

“The last one that survives is the real beast that represents destruction and represents nightmares.” The old Ancestral God said solemnly, “However, once this step is reached, the last remaining beast is considered an entry. In the growth stage, your three reincarnation eras, the Two Great Holy Lands, can no longer stop it.”

“Once the beast enters the growth stage, it must be known that it can devour everything, and it also has a body in its body. The world can breed creatures. Once it enters the growth stage, it can breed powerful warriors.” The old Ancestral God sighed, “At that time, it will be invincible.”

“And to kill it… …”

“It must be killed during the gestation period. Although there are many world beasts during the gestation period, each of them is weak and cannot breed a powerful warrior. It is the best way to kill it. time.” The old Ancestral God said seriously, “If you kill all the beasts, the other beasts will not have the opportunity to devour them, nor will they be powerful.”

“According to the will of the great Primitive Universe Judging, when this reincarnation era is about to end, there will be only the last of the many beasts left. That is the beast that has entered the growth stage, the invincible beast.”

“Kill the beast. They, before this era of reincarnation ends.”

There was silence.

All powerhouses are full of thoughts.

“However…” The double-sided Ancestral God opened the mouth and said, “Even in the gestation period, that group of beasts are still very terrifying, so Lord of Universe don’t go, go, it can be said to be sent to death. The universe has the most powerhouses to fight.”

“The universe has the most powerhouses?”


“Lord of Universe can’t go?”

There was an uproar at the scene.

Thousands of powerhouses gathered here are almost all Lord of Universe. As of now, Lord of Universe is not qualified to fight.

“And.” The double-faced Ancestral God continued, “Even the most powerhouse in the universe must have the Strongest Supreme Treasure armor, and must have the soul-like Strongest Supreme Treasure. There are these two Supreme Treasure bodyguards. , in order to fight with the realm. Otherwise, you will die. Of course, it is best to get some mechanical treasure from the world of Jin, which can improve your strength again.”

“Remember, the soul class Strongest Supreme Treasure, Strongest Supreme Treasure armor, these two are necessary, if not, the most powerhouse in the universe cannot go!”


Listening to the narratives of the Ancestral Gods, all The internal chaos of influence began, and the Hongmeng side was also arguing and panicking.

“This world beast is so terrifying, and it’s only so powerful during its gestation period? It must be a true god, must have armor, and a soul Supreme Treasure.”

“Anyway, we are We can’t fight, and we can’t intervene.”

“It’s so terrifying, we don’t want to go, since we’re not strong enough, we won’t be arrogant.” The Lord of Universe talked to each other, they just When I heard it, I was frightened. Even the true gods must have armor and Supreme Treasure for the soul, the two Strongest Supreme Treasure bodyguards. Who would dare to go?

giant axe and the Lord of Primal Chaos City glanced at each other, feeling the urgency.

There has to be a powerhouse.

All of them shrank their heads, it was destined that once those world beasts killed each other and devoured only one left, the real world beast would be killed with the powerful warrior it gave birth to. It will be a real sweeping catastrophe, and even the Holy Land universe will be destroyed. Even if they rush through the reincarnation before this era of reincarnation, it will be useless, and the Holy Land universe will still have to be destroyed.

Must have a powerhouse!

Suddenly a powerful voice came out: “Where are the beasts?”

The young Ancestral God glanced around and said, “The lair of the beasts is in Qingfeng. The core area of the world is the ‘dark place’.”

“It’s actually there!”

“It turns out to be in the core area, and we Lord of Universe dare not go deep there.”

“It’s no wonder that the dark place, once you fall into it, you can’t get out. It turns out to be the lair of the beasts.”

“Because it is in the dark place.” The old Ancestral God said again, “The area around the dark place is the only place to go to the Land of Reincarnation. So if you want to go through the reincarnation, you must Will be intercepted and attacked.”

“Even if anyone in the middle can really break through the reincarnation, your Holy Land universe will be destroyed by the beasts in the future.”

“The beasts If you don’t die, you can’t escape from reincarnation.”

“If the beasts don’t die, all of you will be exterminated, and you will all fall.”

“It must die.”

The old Ancestral God said, “Now, go, go to the world of Jin. Strengthen yourself quickly in the world of Jin, and obtain many Supreme Treasures, and even the mechanical Supreme Treasure. When fighting, it is easier to survive and even kill it successfully. But whoever kills more beasts, will also contribute to the original will of Primitive Universe. The more you kill, you can also get gifts from the original will of Primitive Universe.”

“The powerful ancient civilization treasure, ancient inheritance, and others, as long as the original will can give, you can ask for it. As long as there are enough beasts to kill.”

Three The Ancestral Gods looked at each other.

I immediately entered a three-story ancient palace, Supreme Treasure, and flew away.

The three Ancestral Gods left immediately, but the powerhouses where the Great Influences of the universe gathered here were in chaos. The news brought by the three Ancestral Gods was so shocking that they knew that there was still a lot of power in the universe. With such terrifying creatures, billions of beasts kill each other and devour each other to survive the last one?

A world beast, with a world in its body, can breed a powerful warrior? Can lead a large number of warriors to sweep everything?

“This is a world beast, simply a world.” Giant axe said softly.

“Once it enters the growth stage, it can continue to breed warriors, and it can be swept away by the warriors under its command. If it grows to the later stage… it needs the Universe Boat to kill it, I am afraid it is really possible. !”



The world of Jin!

Luo Feng salutes Payton respectfully: “pay respects to Teacher!”

Payton nodded: “Don’t be too polite, you have made great progress over the years.”

“The teacher has won the prize.”

“Teacher, I intend to kill all the hostile races Lord of Universe and supreme powerhouse in the world of Jin.”

Peyton nodded : “If you want to do it, just do it. After so many years, it’s almost time to close the net. The Four Great Generals will help you.”

Luo Feng nodded: “many thanks teacher.”

“Four generals.”

Payton directly communicated with the four generals of the four major Legions through the Armament World.

Just for a moment——

Four virtual silhouettes appeared not far from Peyton and Luo Feng.

“Your Excellency the messenger!”

“Luo Feng!”

Xue Yong and other four generals all appeared. Since Peyton held the Divine King order, He enjoys the highest authority in the world of Jin.

At the same time, with Luo Feng’s successful breakthrough, they have long regarded Luo Feng as the heir of the Divine King, and they also know that Luo Feng can borrow the ‘Jinzhi World’ World Strength and understand that the Divine King Your What kind of favor Majesty is to Luo Feng, of course who will call him.

Peyton looked towards everyone, opened the mouth and said: “This time, Luo Feng has something to do and needs your cooperation.”

The four of them heard the words and looked towards Luo Feng

“I want to kill a group of law masters.” Luo Feng said directly.

“Kill a group?”

The four generals panicked.

“How many, how many billions?” The four generals were worried, and they were unwilling to kill too many sergeants, it would cause confusion.

Luo Feng said with a smile: “Don’t worry, less than five hundred.”

“Less than five hundred.” The four generals all laughed.

With such a little Lord of the Law, like any tribe fighting each other, the Lord of the Law of Death does not know much. Less than 500…not qualified to bother them at all.

“The reason why I invited four generals is because the nearly 500 sergeants are scattered in the four armies.” Luo Feng said.

“And I want to kill them at the same time in an instant, and… the request is a soul kill, because they are scattered all over the barracks, it is difficult to kill them at the same time, so I can only ask four The general personally took action, and spread out a small universe to cover the entire military camp, and directly killed the Soul Destruction at the same time, without leaving one.”

At the same time, the Soul Destruction killed without leaving a single one!

Luo Feng’s requirements are indeed harsh, but this is the first time he has asked the four generals for help, and it’s just no effort at all, how could the four generals refuse?

“It’s easy.”

“with no difficulty.”

“Galaxy, you told me all about the Life Aura of nearly five hundred sergeants Just wait.”

The four generals don’t care at all, to the vast world of Jin, the Lord of the Five Hundred Laws? That is a drop of water in an endless sea.

Luo Feng nodded, turned his head and looked towards the golden silhouette next to him: “I have detected all the masters and sergeants of all the laws that I have locked, and simulated them. And according to the distribution of the four armies, they were passed to the four. General.”

“Yes, Lord Galaxy.” The golden silhouette respectfully said.

Suddenly, one after another sergeant silhouette appeared in the ‘armament world’ formed by the four generals using their armament rings.

“There are less than 500 in total, but I have 201 here.” Eastern Army General Xueyong said with a smile.

“My northern army is much smaller, only 60.”

The four generals chatted and laughed.

According to the orientation of the Four Great Military Camps, it is obvious that most of the Great Influences in the universe landed in the territory of the Eastern Army, and naturally many joined the Eastern Army.

“A total of 443.” Luo Feng looked towards the four generals, “Four generals, please trouble the four to use the mini-universe… Once all four generals have locked their targets, let me know. Pass the summon token, and then send messages to the four generals at the same time, as soon as they get my summons, the four generals can immediately kill the target with Soul Destruction.”

“Okay.” All four generals are nodded,” Then I can do it now?”

“Yes, I can do it now.”

Luo Feng nodded.


Eastern Army Barracks.

General Xueyong in a silver robe is standing at the height of the entire military camp, overlooking the boundless military camp below, his eyes are cold.

“Get up!”

General Xueyong thoughts move.

Suddenly, a vaguely transparent membrane wall, a huge cosmic membrane wall was formed around the outer periphery of the entire military camp.

All the sergeants and so on in the barracks were unaware, only the Void True God commanders.

“It’s a small universe.”

“It’s a general.”

The Void True God commanders of the entire Eastern Army were puzzled, but They are not afraid, Eternal True God can form a small universe with a single thought, and with the small universe, it can exert super-strong battle strength. However, it is still difficult to kill a Void True God simply by virtue of the coercion emanating from the universe itself.

“You wait for silence, and it will return to normal in a while.” That cold voice resounded in the minds of every Void True God leader.

“Yes, General.” All Void True God respectfully.

And the sergeants of the Lord of Laws and the sergeants of the True God don’t know it at all.

“The targets of the Eastern Army have been found.” General Xueyong informed Luo Feng directly.


“The targets of the Western Army have been found.”

“The targets of the Northern Army have been found.”

“The targets of the Confederate Army have all been found.” The four generals communicated one after another at almost the same time.

A secluded island, but the lake water all around is hitting the lake shore again and again. After all, this lake is much wider than any ocean on Earth.

In the center of the island, the roof of the stone house.

Luo Feng was sitting there, next to a table, on the table were a wine jug, a wine glass, and a token, Luo Feng poured himself a glass of wine and held the wine glass.

Luo Feng sent a message directly through the message token: “Start!”

“Start!” “Start!” “Start!” “Start!”

Four messages were received by the four generals at the same time.

The four generals who all started small universes will not pity those sergeants who are the masters of the law at all. They can reach this stage of them, and I don’t know how much life and death they have experienced.





The four generals, at the same time condensed one after another virtual Divine Transformation power, directly attacked the a sergeant. If you want to kill hundreds of millions or more at the same time, even four generals can’t do it in an instant, but they only need to attack the dozens at least, and how easy is it to kill more than 200?

In the Eastern Army Barracks.

“The order of God the Father is to let us get more mechanical inheritance. Once we get it, my Machine Race will be stronger.”

“But we have to Get used to this first, and work hard to get military merit.”

The two Machine Race powerhouses sound transmission to each other, with anticipation in their eyes.

Suddenly they froze.


Down at the same time.

(End of this chapter)

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