All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 580


Chapter 580

The remote realm of Monster Race, shrouded in the virtual world of Secret Realm, the dream ancestor.

There is a plane within the virtual world.

In an endless mountain range shrouded in clouds, a meandering silver snake lives in it, in addition to it, there are other powerful Monster Race Lord of Universe, and some vassal Monsters Lord of Universe by Race. Although most of these Lord of Universes have gone to the ‘Jin World’, they have left Avatar or Divine Force incarnations in Primitive Universe, which can naturally connect to the virtual world and communicate with the dream Monster Ancestor at all times.

“Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous for the army to dispatch the mission-“

The three Lord of Universe members of the Monster Race Alliance are gathering together, one of them is talking. It is a strange bird with gray bones, and the Lord of Universe is listening to the non-Monster Race of the Monster Race Alliance.

At this moment, the strange bird showed panic in an instant, and immediately disappeared into the virtual world.

“Why did you just leave the virtual world halfway through.” The colorful alien Lord of Universe muttered, then he suddenly turned his head and looked towards his side, listening to the Monster Race Lord of Universe There were two Lord of Universe, but now, the Lord of Universe who was by his side has also disappeared.

“It’s all gone!”

The alien Lord of Universe suddenly felt bad.

If only one disappears, it may be because it is too late to explain and leave immediately. But the two disappeared at the same time, and both disappeared without explaining a word at the same time, it would be weird.

“Monster Ancestor,” the alien Lord of Universe shouted.


A huge silver snake suddenly swam out of the clouds next to it, the snake head raised up, looking at the alien Lord of Universe: “Montari” , what’s the matter, call me?”

“Monster Ancestor, just now, next to me were the two of them, the Lord of Meng Wan. The Lord of Meng Wan was narrating some information in the world of Jin. I’ve never entered, and I’m curious, so I’m also listening. But didn’t expect the Lord of Monvan and the two of them suddenly disappeared in the virtual world. They both disappeared without any explanation at the same time.” His blue eyes were full of worry.

“Disappear at the same time? No explanation?” Dream Monster Ancestor growled, and it immediately realized that something was wrong.


Dream Monster Ancestor immediately probed the entire endless mountain range, and this detection turned out to make Dream Monster Ancestor feel a terrifying The cold that froze the whole soul enveloped it. This moment was the most fearful moment after the Dream Monster Ancestor became the most powerhouse in the universe. Even if the Battle of Two Great Factions was lost, it was not as frightened as it was at the moment.

“Disappeared, all, all, all disappeared?” Meng Monster Ancestor found in horror.

All the Lord of Universe from the Monster Race Alliance who went to the Jin world, not long ago, were connected with one by one consciousness, in this endless mountain range.

But now, it’s all gone!

It’s all gone.

In the entire endless mountain range, only it and the other five Lord of Universe are left, and all of these five Lord of Universe have never entered the world of Jin.


A huge silhouette suddenly appeared out of thin air in the sky above the mountain range, which is the jagged monster ‘Monster Ancestor’.

“Dream Tea.” Zhen Monster Ancestor looked down, shouted anxiously, “All the Lord of Universe under my command, as long as they go to Jinzhi World, all disappear.”

“Me too!” Meng Monster Ancestor was very anxious, “Your side has all disappeared?”

“As long as it is the Lord of Universe who went to Jinzhi World, all disappear, and all of them are It disappeared suddenly, without even leaving a message. Those who didn’t go to Jinzhi’s world are fine.” Zhen Monster Ancestor was also anxious.


Because the coalition camp is at a disadvantage, many people go to the world of Jin, such as the Monster Race alliance, even the overwhelming majority have gone to the world of Jin. What if all died? That would be a terrifying blow, a real nightmare.


“Let’s go check.” Monster Ancestor anxiously said.

Dream Monster Ancestor also began to pass through the virtual world, and began to send orders to a universe Venerable, so that these universe Venerables could check their teachers. things, etc.

“Monster Ancestor, the token left by my teacher has become an unmaintained plant, the teacher is dead!”

“Monster Ancestor, the teacher has fallen!”

“Monster Ancestor——”

In fact, before the Dream Monster Ancestor completely ordered it, the universe Venerable had already contacted actively, one by one, like crazy, one by one Lord of Universe fell… …the Lord of Universe that suddenly disappeared from the virtual world has all fallen, without a single exception.

This news is like a heavy hammer, hitting the soul of the dream Monster Ancestor and the shock Monster Ancestor.

They were heartbroken.

They were horrified.

They didn’t want to believe it.

Dream Monster Ancestor and Zhen Monster Ancestor looked at each other, and there was no endless peace in their eyes, as if the collapse of the universe could not cause them to be shocked, but some panic!

“How could it be, how could it be…” Dream Monster Ancestor completely heart in chaos.

“This, this…” Zhen Monster Ancestor also felt confused.


An unprecedented blow, the previous Monster Race was still one of the absolute Peak groups of Primitive Universe, but in a blink of an eye, there were originally more than 20 Lord of Universe of their own family, and a group of vassal Lord of Universe. . In such a short blink of an eye, there are only four of the Lord of Universe in the entire Monster Race! The Lord of Universe of the vassal group is only five left!

How prosperous was it before? Now it’s two or three big cats and kittens…

“I, I—” Monster Ancestor raised his head and let out an extremely angry roar.

roar! ! ! ! !

The roar contains endless anger, endless unwillingness, endless pain… The accumulation of endless years of Monster Race is lost in an instant!

“I shouldn’t enter the world of Jin, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t!” The dream Monster Ancestor is also full of unwillingness.


It’s not just the dream Monster Ancestor, the Zhen Monster Ancestor, but also the Father of Machine Race, but also the Queen of Insect Race, the Prison Clan Demon Ancestor, The Holy Lord of the Crystal Clan, the various ethnic groups within the Northern Xinjiang Alliance, and the large and small forces that joined the coalition camp, all fell into an unprecedented nightmare.

There are even some forces, there are ten or eight Lord of Universe, and in a blink of an eye, only one Lord of Universe is left.

Some ethnic groups lost Lord of Universe in an instant.


“So is your insert race alliance? Only six Lords of Universe are left in your entire insert race alliance?”

“Northern Xinjiang Alliance, your Northern Xinjiang Alliance has died more than The 90 Lords of Universe? Even the Galaxy Lord is dead?”


“Crystals, Prisons are as miserable as you.”

When the coalition camps contacted each other, they were all shocked to find that all other forces were like this.

Like Meng Monster Ancestor and Zhen Monster Ancestor, they are a little more balanced. In their opinion, the Lord of Universe who entered the world of Jin will all die in an instant, so there is no reason for other forces to be safe and sound. A look at this inquiry and investigation… it is indeed the case.

Because they are a coalition camp, they can contact each other very quickly.


They began to contact some forces in the cosmic sea again.


“You said that a large number of Lord of Universe died? This did not happen to our skeletons. Our Lord of Universe is in the world of Jin. Well, this group After entering the army, none of them died.”

“Of course not, what a wonderful world Jinzhi is, full of opportunities and endless treasures. We Almost all the ethnic groups have gone, and as long as this group entered the army, none of them died. But the mission of the army will soon be dispatched.”


“haha , How many Lord of Universes did my Eastern Emperor Holy Land enter? There are very few falls, and at most, the ones that enter the army are screened, and everything is fine. What happened to you prisoners?”

Messages came one by one.

The coalition camp was confused. Before they found out that the losses were great, they thought it was a common phenomenon. If it is common, all the forces of the universe have suffered great losses, then relatively speaking, the status of their respective ethnic groups will not be affected much. They look forward to it, too, as do all Great Influences.

However, the cosmic sea forces are all well.


Accurately, they finally found a sympathizer.

“So are you? I, Purple Moon Sacred Land, have also been attacked by the destructive surname in the world of Jin. Somehow, all the Lord of Universes of my Holy Land universe who entered the world of Jin have been destroyed.


“Ah, so is your Purple Moon Sacred Land? All of our coalition camps such as Monster Race, Insect Race, Machine Race, Prison Race, Crystal Race, etc. have all suffered a blow. , who entered the world of Jin, all perished.”

“All dead.”

“None of them survived.”

Purple Moon The relationship between Sacred Land and the coalition camp was good. This connection revealed that in the entire universe, except for Purple Moon Sacred Land and the coalition camp, all other forces were safe.

They suddenly realized the unusual.

If the world of Jin had a mass destruction on the outside intruders, how could the other forces be spared one after another? Looking specifically at them? After all, the Lord of Universe they sent was also absorbed into the army one by one, and almost all of them were scattered. How could Jinzhi World determine the camp?

“Humanity is safe and sound!”

“The entire Lord of Universe of Human Alliance is safe and sound!”

Purple Moon Sacred Land, Allied forces will soon detect At the news, they were both shocked and angry.

Super powerhouse no one is a fool.

Purple Moon Sacred Land and the Coalition… their common enemy is the Humans! And their Two Great Influences are rapidly declining, and the biggest benefit is the human camp! And Purple Moon Sacred Land once plotted against Peyton in the ‘world of Jin’, but it was weirdly unsuccessful. Why would a Void True God let Peyton go?

All of this…

It all points to human beings!

“The only one who can filter out and determine the camp is the internal forces of my universe.”

“It’s not human, and who is plotting against us?”

back down! “The ancestor of Ziyue had a layer of frost on his face, and his angry voice was shouted down.

A group of Lord of Universe below all knelt down, trembling, and all of them were very uneasy. This time they were in the Ziyue Alliance. The loss is too great, but more than half of the Lord of Universe who entered the world of Jin are dead, so that there are less than 100 Lord of Universe alive in Purple Moon Sacred Land, even the ‘quasi-Lord of Universe’ have broken through one after another. , which also makes the number of Lord of Universe barely reach the limit of 100 this realm.

It is possible to qualify Lord of Universe, but there is really no one.

“The ancestor, I, we Are you still going to Jinzhiworld? “Among the many Lord of Universe knelt down below, they did not retreat, and some Lord of Universe was still unwilling to ask.

The ancestor of Ziyue looked down, his face was even more ugly, he was silent for a long time, and squeezed out a sentence: ” The new Lord of Universe, you can go to the world of Jin! Do not reveal that it is my Purple Moon Sacred Land! “

“Yes. ”

Some of the new Lord of Universe responded with joy.

They have never been out of Purple Moon Sacred Land, this time because of the death of a large number of Lord of Universe, These ‘quasi-Lord of Universe’ are able to break through. As long as they change their appearance and don’t appear in the form of ‘three heads and eight arms’, ‘double-sided four-armed’ and other symbolic names, then other forces in the universe will definitely not recognize them. Their identities.

They entered the world of Jin…Even if other powerhouses in the Universe Sea see it, I am afraid they will think they are the natives of the world of Jin.

“Go on. “The voice of the ancestor of Ziyue became more and more cold.

Wow~~~ A group of Lord of Universe finally disappeared and left here, only the ancestor of Ziyue was left in the great hall, proud as the ancestor of Ziyue, just now I had to Saying ‘it is my Purple Moon Sacred Land not to be exposed’ makes the ancestor of Ziyue feel endless humiliation.

“Lord Red Moon Peyton! “The ancestor of Ziyue gritted his teeth.

He was angry.

He was unwilling.

But what? …except humans, he can’t think of any other force that would do this!

“I can’t help you, but this time the world beast is born, I don’t believe you can survive. “The ancestor of Ziyue, gnashing teeth, just thinks of the world beast, he is even more irritable, because… the world beast also poses a huge threat to him.

“Ahhh ~~~~”

The ancestor of Ziyue raised his head and roared.

How long has it been, I haven’t been so powerless for a long time.


There is no way for the ancestor of Ziyue to be angry. He has no other method to kill Peyton. Even if he wants to use the ‘world of Jin’ to kill Peyton, he will not only fail, but also a large number of Lord of Universe that he has entered have died. What should I do.

If the ancestor of Ziyue is just angry and unwilling, then there are many ethnic groups in the Primitive Universe coalition camp, that is endless hatred and resentment!

“elder sister! “

“elder sister! ”

In the void, a translucent and beautiful girl with butterfly wings stood in the void. She was in great pain. Her eyes under her delicate eyebrows seemed to contain endless pain and sadness. Recalling the scenes, growing up with the elder sister, the elder sister guided her, guided her all the way, protected her, the elder sister was a peerless genius, and became a great Lord of Universe in the inspect race, and she was in the elder sister. Under the guidance and help of sister, she has become a cosmic Venerable after endless years.

Endless years have given birth to feelings that transcend everything.

The love of sisters, transcends everything, transcends her Her life, elder sister, is the most important thing in her life.

“No! ! ! ! ! ! The beautiful girl raised her head and shouted sharply.

Immediately, her face began to twist, the fire of hatred in her eyes was burning wildly, and she made a hoarse voice with endless resentment: “Human! ! ! “

“Humans, I want you to die!” die! die! ”

Light blue rays of light suddenly appeared in the space around the beautiful girl, enveloped the beautiful girl and teleported away in an instant.

Only after 3 minutes.

The Human Frontier.

An endless majestic insert race brood, suspended in space, surrounded by a large number of insert race warriors.

“Kill me.”

“Kill all human beings.”

There are waves of fury from the insect race brood.



All kinds of weird roars, these powerful inspect race warriors, roaring and roaring Straight across the void, rushing towards the distant life planet. And the insert race brood has disappeared directly with a teleport.


Lightning teleportation, reaching tens of thousands of light-years away.

“Go kill, kill all human beings.” The insert race hive continued to issue orders, and large numbers of insert race warriors roared out.

This insect race brood is teleporting frantically, and every tens of thousands of light-years away, a large number of insect race warriors are released. Most of these insect race warriors are only universe level, and a few are domain masters. Very few are world masters! As for immortality, there is none.

“Kill all human beings!”

“Children, kill me!”

The insect race mother nest is moving like crazy, unleashing endless Insect race warrior.

For a Venerable Queen of the Universe, it is not difficult to create hundreds of millions of Universe level insect race warriors, but to slaughter countless planets, some Universe levels are enough.

On the sixth minute she entered the human domain, that hideous insect race hive was suspended motionless in space, everything was quiet, the surrounding The suspended mass of the inspect race warriors came to a standstill.


A silhouette came from the depths of space.

“Lord Red Moon!” A shrill, frantic voice came from the insert race brood.

Peyton walked over, shook his head and sighed softly: “Why bother?”

Pointing away.


A piece of void in the distance suddenly shrank and expanded suddenly, and that piece of space was immediately annihilated, including the original insert race mother nest and a large number of insert race warriors around it, all turned into nothingness.

Peyton shook his head and sighed, because the area that the Venerable Empress of the insect race universe entered was the area of the Ganwu Universe Country. As soon as he got the message from the virtual universe, he immediately sent a message from Divine Kingdom. Teleport rushed over, because the insect race brood was constantly teleporting to change its position, and it was only caught up by Peyton after it entered the human territory for six minutes.

“A cosmic Venerable perishes in one revenge. Is this hatred?”

Peyton sighed softly, then disappeared into the starry sky with one step.

The starry sky was quiet and dark, as if nothing had happened.


Red Moon Holy Land.

The cluster of palaces came and went, and Peyton came back here.

“Your Excellency.” The three Universe Venerables in front of them saluted extremely respectfully, and one of them, the tall Universe Venerable with green tentacles, said, “We teleported one after another and killed all the raging insect race warriors everywhere. Many insect race warriors were killed by us before they came to the planet. It’s just… there are still 369 lives on the planet, all humans on the planet have died, and there are 102 of the 369 lives on the planet, and even the planet is completely broken .”

Peyton nodded.

My heart is secretly sighed.

Humans who have passed 300 lives on the planet, I am afraid it will reach trillions of humans, just in a blink of an eye, all are dead. Although for the entire human race, the ordinary person breeds from generation to generation, and death is nothing to humans. It’s just that they are all living beings after all. Perhaps geniuses may also be born among them, and even people like Rong Jun or even Peyton… Although they may have a small surname, but now, everything is dead.

“There are so many people who take revenge.” Peyton said silently in his heart, “There are so many people who hate me as a human being.”

In the past few months.

Since the major ethnic groups in the coalition camp have died a large number of Lord of Universe, some of these Lord of Universe are Peak ethnic groups, but more are a large number of other ethnic groups, and those powerful ethnic groups generally only have one or two Lords Of Universe, and the leader of the group, to the universe Venerable in the group, he is like a father like a mother like a teacher!

Some people who couldn’t bear the hatred in their hearts even killed them directly to take revenge.

There are also some who endure hatred for the sake of the ethnic group…the reason why they endure is also for the ethnic group.


“Fighting with humans? How to fight? How weak is our Northern Xinjiang Alliance now, our Alliance Leader has long abandoned us. Now we are The major ethnic groups are weak and weak, and the Lord of Universe combined…I am afraid that Lord Hongyue is not enough to kill alone. Fighting?”

On an ordinary desert planet, there is a One after another Divine Force avatars gather here to negotiate.

They didn’t dare to come here at all, lest they be caught by humans.

“How can I not avenge this great hatred?”

“The hatred is great, my two brothers are dead, they have been with me for endless years, and they will lead me together The Clan has a foothold in this vast universe. Now they are both dead! They are my most important relatives, my most important partners, I can’t wait to rush to the Human Clan now, wantonly slaughter … But what happens? If we go to primordial Secret Realm , Red Moon Holy Land and other important places, you can’t kill anything, only kill them. If you just kill some ordinary person species, for the human race, after decades, it can reproduce a generation, which has no effect at all. Let’s go… just to vent our hatred for a while. We have to live, we have to live for the group!”

“Yes, but I am not willing to, I am not reconciled!”

“I’m not reconciled, the tribes such as the Quyu tribe have no Lord of Universe dead anymore. They are all busy fleeing and making the tribe even more unwilling! But what can we do? When we were strong, the human camp They are all pressing on us, now what? Many small groups are scared to leave the coalition camp, how many points of Lord of Universe are left to dare to fight against humans? Especially those most powerhouses who walk alone, also saw that the situation was far from good , leave our coalition camp. The remaining ones who dare to hold on are the Lord of Universe… As long as the human camp kills the army, a large number of them will be wiped out by the will shock alone, and a few will still be able to stand and fight with humans. Fight?”

The surviving incarnations of the Lord of Universe Divine Force in the Northern Alliance were silent for a while.


Many small groups left the coalition camp because they couldn’t afford another loss.

Lonely most powerhouse also leave, because there is no hope.

The rest? Insect race, Monster Race, Machine Race, etc., which one dares to fight humans again?

Which dare?

“Even if the hatred is monstrous, what can it be?”

“I don’t know how many ethnic groups hate humans, but it is doomed… In the entire Primitive Universe, the human race will truly dominate, No one can stop it, no one!”

(end of this chapter)

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