All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 581


Chapter 581

No one can stop the pace of human domination.

Primitive Universe, it is destined that human beings will reach the real Peak, and all other races such as Insect Race and Machine Race have to look up to human beings.

This is recognized!


The black giant wolf with three heads appeared in space, looking at a life planet in front of him. There were many monsters living on the planet.

Wow~~~ A wave of fluctuations swept across the entire life planet. The monster beasts on the life planet that hunted, mate, or were sleeping all disappeared out of thin air and were directly moved to the world ring. middle.

“The last planet of life.”

The black giant wolf followed the surrounding with black light, followed by the Divine Kingdom teleportation, disappeared.

Just for a moment.

In a void not far away, it appears out of thin air, and not far in front of it, a huge bird with endless Raging Flames is suspended there, exuding endless coercion , it seems that the distant stars are trembling.

“Venerable, the vast Star Domain I am in charge of, and all the Monster Races on the planet of life, have all brought.”

The immortal black giant wolf said respectfully, and immediately The world ring set on one of its sharp claws flew out directly to the flame bird in the distance.

“en.” The flame bird replied, “Go to Monster Race Secret Realm to assemble.”

“Yes.” The black giant wolf responded respectfully, then teleported away. .

Soon, a head-to-head immortal Monster Race, with their world ring, gave the flaming bird.

For a long timeβ€”β€”

“The whole Sector, all life is here.” The flame bird sighed, “Migration, big migration, didn’t expect my Monster Race to be big too. Migration… This starry sky that gave birth to my Monster Race is destined, we have to leave.”

Wow, it also transferred directly to Divine Kingdom and disappeared here.


The entire Monster Race is undergoing a big migration, from the two Monster Ancestors to the ordinary monster beasts on countless life planets, all of them have been taken away.

Although monster beasts multiply very quickly, it won’t take long for monster beasts to multiply to the current scale with only one tenth of them, but after all, they are of the same clan, so naturally they will all be taken away.

“From now on, we are going to leave this place and head to our new home.”

The huge serrated beast suspended in the starry sky made a low voice, “Mengcha, then Has a vast Star Domain been swept away?”

“I just showed up, and all the different ethnic groups in that vast area were quickly swept away.” The silver snake next to him said slowly, “It’s just that , do we really want to be in such a remote place?”

“Even in a remote place, if the human race does not chase and kill, we have to be lucky.” The sawtooth beast said solemnly.

“They dare! If we don’t even give us the final frontier, then we will kill and keep killing… Don’t make this human better!” the silver snake roared.

In Primitive Universe, anyone can only issue sixth rank Peak battle strength.

So, any one of the most lone powerhouses really goes crazy, it will give the Peak group a headache.

“Because we have two most powerhouses, we can continue to live in the Primitive Universe.” Jagged Monster said, “I believe that humans will not be persecuted any more, after all, this most precious The core territory, we have given up.”

“Let’s go.” The serrated beast was a little sad, “Go to the new home.”

The silver snake glanced back. .

In the end, they all disappeared out of thin air, leaving this territory.


Monster Race Migration, Insect Race Migration, Machine Race Migration, Prison Race Migration, Crystal Race Migration…

There are six majors in the entire universe sea The Peak Clan, the reason why they can achieve the Peak Clan, is that their territories are extremely rare treasures in the Primitive Universe. Of course, relatively speaking, the territories of the Crystal Clan and the Prison Clan are inferior.

But it is also much better than many idle groups.

The five Peak ethnic groups actively migrated, obviously bowing their heads and admitting defeat. As for some ethnic groups such as the Northern Xinjiang Alliance, which did not even have the most powerhouse in the universe, they began to automatically migrate, shrink and so on.

How much power occupies how much territory, the overwhelming majority group in the Primitive Universe is still very wise.

The virtual universe, the top of the island of thunder.

A throne is surrounded by a round table, among which Peyton, giant axe, Luo Feng, and Primal Chaos City lords sit opposite each other, and their thrones are naturally one size larger.

Other Lord of Universe thrones are pretty specs.

This kind of naturally formed status… there is no need to force it at all, everyone has a spectrum in their hearts.

“Everyone.” The Lord of Primal Chaos City looked around, smiling, “Monster Race, Machine Race, Crystal Race, Prison Race, Insect Race, these five races have all migrated and left their territory. .And none of the other idle ethnic groups in the Primitive Universe dared to enter the territory of these five clans.”

“These five clans also know how to advance and retreat.”

The lord of ice peaks is ordinary The cold person also smiled at the moment, “If they don’t know how to advance or retreat, our army will kill them.”

“The coalition camp at this time.” The Lord of Void Gold said with a smile indifferently, “Even if we join forces, without the help of the most powerhouses alone…it is simply impossible to withstand a single blow.”

The Lord of Universe said one by one.

They have known the news for a long time, and they were all excited when they first learned it!

At this moment, he is already very calm, not going crazy and losing self-control, but he is still very happy and excited.

“This time they died so many Lord of Universe, and they hated me a lot.”

Darkness Lord said solemnly, “There are still some immortal, universe Venerable to take revenge. , although the impact is very small… From this, we can see the hatred of alien races for my human beings. In my opinion, those who are threatening will be eradicated as soon as possible!”

“Other Peak ethnic groups also have the most powerhouse in the universe, and now there are some Take it into account, but once we really don’t give them a way to live, those most powerhouses in the universe will also fight with us.”

The debate is going on.

But plans are soon to be made.

“Occupy the original territories of the five races such as the Insect Race, the Monster Race, and the Machine Race. Let all human beings multiply. And there are many powerful races before, some of them were vassals of the Peak race, and some were There are many alliances, but now that they are declining, they are not qualified to occupy the original territory, as they used to occupy.”

“Occupy these territories.”

“Let me humans be everywhere. Multiply, grow.” The Lord of Primal Chaos City is full of pride.


Humans have acted. Migrate, migrate to the territory of the five ethnic groups such as Monster Race and Insect Race, as well as the territory where many powerful ethnic groups originally lived.


Those powerful ethnic groups, each occupying a small territory, can add up to far more than the five major ethnic groups. In fact, just looking at the number of Lord of Universe before, you can know that the five major groups themselves add up to about a hundred, but those powerful groups have hundreds of Lord of Universe.

The territory of those powerful ethnic groups is a little more remote, and the probability of birth of genius is small, but the territory is too broad.

It spreads like this…

It can be said that the speed at which human beings produce elites and geniuses has skyrocketed tenfold in an instant.

In fact, the Great Influences in the universe have been paying attention to the movements in the Primitive Universe. When Primitive Universe’s coalition camp killed so many Lord of Universe in an instant, it really scared the Great Influence of the universe, they were frightened, and even a little scared.

They also believe that this is likely to be done by humans.

But since human beings can kill hundreds of Lord of Universe from the coalition camp and the Purple Moon Alliance, they can naturally also kill other forces in the Universe Sea!

“Monster Race, Machine Race and other races are all retreating. Those powerful races are all very weak, and they also retreat, or shrink their territories… Human beings are expanding rapidly and occupying large territories. It can be said that, The treasures of the entire Primitive Universe are half human, half human vassals, a large number of idle races, and the other five races.”

β€œHumans, in the Primitive Universe, will be absolutely invincible!”

“This is something that has never happened in any previous era, or in any era that I know of. People like the Divine Eyes have never been as invincible as humans.”

“Fortunately, human beings are not hostile to the Great Influence of the universe.”


“Don’t provoke this human being.”

The Great Influences of the universe are also very afraid.

“Since then, the Primitive Universe will enter a new era – the human age.”


Primitive Universe has indeed entered In the human age, the focus of each Great Influence is mainly in the ‘world of Jin’, working hard in the world of Jin to obtain inheritance, treasure and so on.

And human beings are constantly multiplying and growing stronger.


In the vast Star Domain, sitting alone among the Star Seas.

Peyton immersed himself in the study of the life structure of all true gods. While studying the life structure, he created and perfected his own Cultivation Avenue.

The Divine Force route reaches 90,000 times, which is much more difficult than becoming a Void True God, and the time consuming is also extremely long, hundreds of millions of epochs… just a moment.


The third era of the world of Jin began. After the coalition camp and the powerhouse of Purple Moon Sacred Land were wiped out, all the forces in the universe were shocked. The coalition camp Automatically disbanded, and one after another migrated and retreated, Purple Moon Sacred Land also disappeared and no longer provokes humans. Humans spread rapidly, occupying nearly half of the entire Primitive Universe, and began an era of great development.

In the sixth era, the first God of the Divine Eyes clan, got a mechanical treasure. The news came out, which made all the Great Influences in the sea of cosmos jealous, and they all stepped up in the sea of cosmos. Struggle and strive to win the mechanical flow treasure. Just to get the mechanical flow treasure, you must first have a special Legion, which trapped many forces. Otherwise, those Great Influences who exchanged treasure for military merit could have exchanged for mechanical flow treasure long ago.


In the Twelfth era, the Star Lord Beichi also got the mechanical flow treasure.

In the following years, the true god a in the universe sea worked hard, some of them fell, and some of them gradually got mechanical treasure. After going through the ‘military’ training, the powerhouse in the sea of cosmos has obviously begun to show rays of light. The potential of the powerhouse in the sea of cosmos, the surname, etc., are obviously stronger than one.


In the 91st century, a happy event made Peyton extremely happy. His teacher, Venerable, finally broke through and became the new Lord of Universe. After Peyton got the lineage inheritance of the East River, the third Lord of Universe was born.


The first thousand and third era, although the human race occasionally gave birth to a Lord of Universe. However, a new most powerhouse has never been born, and in this era, the second most powerful powerhouse in the universe has finally been born – True God Peng Gong!

The master of Peng Gong actually broke through and became a true god, which is indeed beyond the outside world’s expectations, and also surprised the human powerhouse.


In the thirteenth thousandth century, the Earth people lineage gave birth to a new Lord of Universe – Hong!

Hong, a low-key Earth person whose rays of light were covered up by Peyton, was a lineage peerless genius. Under the guidance of the inheritance of the ancient civilization, he only spent over 10,000 epochs to become a Lord of Universe.


In the 39th millennium, Huyanbo was absorbed into the core of the virtual universe company, and under the guidance of the inheritance of the ancient civilization, he finally entered the ranks of the universe Venerable .

In fact, there were no ancient civilizations in the past, and those who could become immortals as kings and lords, all had great innate talent. In particular, a loner like Huyanbo simply doesn’t have anyone’s guidance, and even some secret techniques are created by themselves. In fact, the innate talent is already high… Now not only is there powerhouse guidance, but also ancient civilizations are assisted, and breakthroughs are normal.

After all, the probability of the emergence of the universe Venerable is too high for the human race.

Like a large number of powerhouses that have been stuck in the King Peak in the past, with the help of the inheritance of ancient civilizations, these tens of thousands of epochs have successively achieved powerhouse breakthroughs, and the number of Venerables in the human universe has exceeded 50,000. .


Time flies.

A large number of immortal Spiritual Gods accumulated over a long period of time before, with the help of the inheritance of ancient civilizations, became a large number of Venerables of the universe, and a large number of Venerables also had many breakthroughs as Lord of Universe. The number of human Lord of Universe has been growing. It’s just that the number of ‘true gods’ increases very slowly.


The first ten billion epochs were regarded as an explosion period for mankind. The accumulation of the long years before had an unprecedented explosion in this hundred epochs.

The number of human Lord of Universe has skyrocketed to 239, and the most powerhouse in the universe has skyrocketed to 21!


The skyrocketing growth of these ten billion epochs is entirely due to the accumulation of too much before, so it can skyrocket in a short period of time.


Not only human beings are entering a period of inflation, but other Great Influences in the Primitive Universe, as well as the forces in the cosmic sea, are also entering a period of inflation. After all, the inheritance of ancient civilizations is indeed very helpful, but the inheritance they get is not as much and detailed as that of humans, and the treasure they have is not as much as that of humans. After all, Peyton’s status in the world of Jin was second only to Divine King, and many treasures were sent back to the tribe.

Even so.

Like Monster Race, the number of Lord of Universe has skyrocketed to 51, and the number of true gods has reached four! (Originally there were two).

Insect race, the number of Lord of Universe has also reached 32, and the number of true gods has reached two.

Machine Race, the number of Lord of Universe reached 39, and the number of true gods was three.

Prison family, the number of Lord of Universe reached 78, and the number of true gods was four.

In the crystal family, the number of Lord of Universe reached 49, and the number of true gods was five.

As for the Hongmeng, those ethnic groups that were originally human vassals… have another major expansion. Although humans deliberately suppressed and deliberately slowed down the development of vassals, after all, the number of Lord of Universe before the human vassal groups There are hundreds, and at this moment, the vassal Lord of Universe has also skyrocketed to 1220, and there are seven true gods.

In fact, there are only 1220 Lord of Universe members of the Hongmeng alien race, which is already the result of human suppression and the screening of the world of Jin.


The entire sea of cosmos, because of the ancient civilization, in the first hundred epochs, has undergone a big explosion-like growth.

The first round went back to the era and the second round went back to the era. Although the true gods could no longer be born, a large number of Lord of Universe also emerged. These newly promoted Lord of Universe naturally go forward one after another, killing the world of Jin again and again.


Because Peyton holds the power of Supreme in the world of Jin, although there have been several ethnic groups that have provoked human authority because of the territory, Peyton will soon be in Jinzhi. fiercely punishment in the world.

Therefore, no one dares to challenge human authority.


In the following years, the development of all the forces in the universe will slow down significantly. After all, the accumulation of the previous endless era has completely erupted in the ten billion era.

Like humans, it’s all up to new-born genius to emerge into a powerhouse.

Fortunately, the human frontier is large enough.


If the previous ten billion epochs were explosive growths, then the next trillion epochs did not grow as much as the one hundred billion epochs.

The 1.6 trillion Era.

Mankind gave birth to the 23rd true god, Hong.

(End of this chapter)

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