All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 583


Chapter 583

Time passed slowly, in the world of Jin, a war broke out.

Thousands of true gods shot together, and each of them is the backbone of one ethnic group in the sea of cosmos, but here they are all insignificant members of the battlefield,

It only feels… two A huge dark cloud covering half of Heaven and Earth quickly fuses together.

Myriad Transformations in the battle situation, it is difficult to say which side wins, although Void True God has a great influence on the overall situation, but the bottom warrior has a greater influence!

Because the quantity reaches a certain level, it can completely make up the gap in quality.

The Lord of Laws, weaker than the true God?

The Lord of Tens of Thousands of Laws can use the Law of Unity to unite and kill, and any true God will have to flee in embarrassment!

True God is weaker than Void True God?

Thousands of true gods are still fighting with Void True God!

If there is another ‘mechanical flow treasure’, such as ‘dove-painted’, a hundred true gods can be controlled, and a hundred true gods can fully exert the battle strength of the normal combination of thousands or even ten thousand true gods. And ‘higher defense’ and ‘more flexible’, hundreds of true gods control the dove, which can completely match the extremely strong Void True God like ‘Nine Smoke’. And some of the weaker Void True God vassals of Nine Smokes may even be killed.

So – in the real super great decisive battle, once equipped with mechanical flow treasure, like True God, etc., it can play a great role.

If you need Jinluo Heaven and Earth controlled by ‘at least one million true gods’, you can kill a group of Void True Gods with one strike…

The whole war, There are three parts.

It is the main battlefield of the law with the largest number and the most chaos, with more than 10,000 true gods in total, the true Divine Grade battlefield, and the six Void True God’s void battlefield.

Among them, the main battlefield of the law occupies the largest area and is very scattered. The sky, the swamp, and the depths of the swamp… all have the master of the law fighting.

Although there are battles in the sky and swamps, the True Gods are very concentrated, mainly in the area of Wisteriasawa in the ‘Nine Smokes’. After all, there are not too many of them. Enough for them to fight…

And in this area, the masters of the laws also avoided and did not dare to approach.

After all, the true god melee, once it is affected, it is easy to die.




Darkness, chaos, two In the collision of the great Super Influence, the one that fell the fastest was a large number of Lord of Universe warriors. For a time, a lot of Divine Physique was consumed in the sky. In front of some terrifying collective attacks, some Law Lords were even killed by sweeping. , the weapon armor fell.

“Weapons! Armor!”

Seeing the fall of the Lord of Law a in the distance, the fall of weapons and armors also aroused the excitement of Giant Axe.

“This is all military exploits.”

He has thoroughly understood the situation here, and he is very clear that these are all opportunities for him and can be greatly improved. Own.


“The real Divine Grade battlefield.”

On the other side, Luo Feng also quietly advanced all the way, extremely fast, rushing towards the real Divine Grade battlefield go.

He is also like the master of giant axe, and he is completely used to it.

It took a long timeβ€”Luo Feng stood on a swamp and looked into the distance.

“It’s right there.”

Luo Feng watched quietly.

There are a lot of luxuriant purple vines on the swamp in the distance. I can see that there are a large number of real gods of alien beasts and real gods of tribes fighting each other in the sky above this area. There are even many real gods. rushed out of the swamp, and apparently there was also a melee below the swamp.

“It seems that they don’t want to die too much.” Luo Feng watched.

“The true gods on both sides are mixed with each other to kill each other. You have me, and I have you. In this way, there will be no large-scale attacks by collective surnames.”

This one-on-one, or two-on-one fight.

It will be a long time before one falls!

And if it is a collective attack, several people will be killed in one sweep, and both sides will rush into the other’s camp and fight with each other.

After all, the true god is different from the master of the law, and the number of true gods is smaller, and any Super Influence is reluctant to waste the true god powerhouse.


Luo Feng hid not far from the real Divine Grade battlefield, quietly waiting for the opportunity to come.

In another remote area outside the real Divine Grade battlefield, there is also a group of law masters hidden.

“Captain, it’s amazing. It’s so terrifying as a Divine Grade battlefield. Captain can easily win a real dive corpse.”


“For Captain, it seems very simple. If it were me, I would definitely not survive.”

The Lord of the Eighteen Laws is hiding in the weeds in the distance. The Second Eastern Army sent Captain in the squad and a group of sergeants. The other sergeants were touting Captain. Not long ago, Captain showed his incredible strength and won a real dive corpse.

This is touted, one is that they really admire that Captain is indeed powerful.

Secondly, I hope that Captain will snatch more real dive corpse bodies, so that they can also complete the army mission.

“Okay.” Captain, who was enjoying the praise, finally sound transmission shouted.

Other sergeants may not know, but Captain knows very well how thrilling it was just now.

“It’s a must.” Captain’s eyes swept away, directly destroying some of these sergeants’ hopes.

“On the real Divine Grade battlefield before, none of those law masters dared to approach. I suddenly appeared and grabbed a corpse, to their surprise, they were unprepared, and then I was able to escape quickly, even if In this way, I also received an attack, if I run slowly, surrounded by several true gods…”

Captain said and shook his head.

He has gone through too many missions, and he has survived the army mission and even the reincarnation level mission. It is very clear that if you should start at the critical moment, you should fight!

He brought this group of sergeants, but at least he got a corpse first, so that he could complete the mission, and then slowly help other sergeants before it was too late.


looked towards Captain one by one.

“I won’t help you either.” Captain sound transmission.

“If you don’t help, I’ll just leave right now. Wait, when the opportunity comes, you all follow my arrangements, and I will try my best to help you.”

“Captain just orders. , we must obey.”

The sergeants said in their mouths, but they were worried in their hearts.

In any case, Captain himself already has a real dive corpse body, and his military merit is enough, but they have 17 other sergeants, which means that they need a full 17 corpses of true gods and beasts on the side of Jiuyanze. .

“Get 17 real dive corpse bodies…” The sergeants were worried.

“Captain looked easy before, as long as he was unexpected, he grabbed the corpse very quickly, and then fled immediately. Even me, it might be successful.”

Among those sergeants , Some people felt that Captain was very easy before, and they felt that they might take risks, but they might succeed.

Really at the later stage, I didn’t reach the corpse, so I’m in a hurry, so I’ll do the same!

Captain glanced at it, frowned and sound transmission shouted: “Remember, it can’t be two, the first time you are careless, the second time you must be vigilant. Those true gods didn’t catch me, but they won’t let me succeed again, You must not take risks, if anyone takes risks, I will leave this battlefield immediately.”


“We will not mess up.” Replied one by one.

Captain and his group of sergeants are waiting patiently for the opportunity.

Luo Feng is also waiting.

“A single thought of the void.”

“The entire Nine Mist Lake is covered by the void. Within this range, any domain type Supreme Treasure is invalid, even if Slaughter Wu Yuyi is still there, so the control over time and space will be ineffective.”

Luo Feng understands this, on this battlefield, only Void True God can control the overall situation.

Other true gods, the Lord of Laws, can only rely on eyes to see and Divine Force to sense.

“You can only rely on your eyes to see and sense Divine Force.” Luo Feng also stared carefully.


Like heaven falls and earth rends.

The battlefield of the True God was in chaos. Luo Feng in the distance was carefully observing everything, waiting for the opportunity to appear.


A ferocious body was blasted out of the muddy swamp, and rolled out backwards. . Followed by a lightning-like silhouette of the Tribal True God rushed out of the swamp, holding a strange stone stick with a very sharp end.

He held the stone stick high, and slammed it with the body of the flying and tumbling beast!


The sharp end of the stone stick was directly pierced at the head of the alien beast. This thorn directly pressed the tumbling body of the alien beast into the swamp. Among them, the huge body of the alien beast smashed down, causing water to splash.

The stone stick pierced the head of the god of alien beasts, and one after another terrifying wave burst out on the stone stick.

“ε”²~~~~~” With a painful cry, the beast finally lowered its head motionless.

“Hahaha…” The Tribal True God suddenly laughed wildly.


Almost three silhouettes of alien beasts swept over at the same time.

“You can only bully the little fellow who doesn’t have the real Divine Grade Battle Armor.”


Three real gods of different beasts roared and rushed Come, so that the true god of the tribe did not dare to deal with it, and immediately fled.

The so-called persimmons are soft, more than half of this large number of true gods and beasts and tribal true gods have never joined the army!


“It’s a real dive corpse! One of the nine smokes!” The group of sergeants under Captain’s command were all greedy.

“Don’t take risks! I said, don’t take risks.” Captain glanced around, his prestige and strength made these sergeants can only hold back their greed. After all, they had no confidence and wanted to Captain for them… but Captain is not stupid…. Really Divine Grade far away on the battlefield.

Luo Feng was also staring, watching the hideous corpse lying in the swamp in the distance. More than half of the hundreds of thousands of kilometers of corpses were under the surface of the swamp… other is exposed outside.

“It’s a real dive corpse, from the Nine Mist Lake.” Luo Feng’s eyes shined.

Luo Feng glanced at the positions of the other True Gods on the battlefield, and Divine Force sensed them, constantly confirming each position with precision.

“At this moment, they are fighting, even when the time comes to stop me, depending on the distance between each other, up to five true gods have time. There are only five true gods…no threat!” Luo Feng’s mind emerged. Eight forward routes, even if they acted directly, Luo Feng was constantly adjusting his route and calculating the danger as he approached and moved according to the True Gods fighting with each other.


“I am about to reach the danger zone.”

“From now on, every second may be discovered. The later I am discovered, I will run away The easier it is.”

Luo Feng had already rushed into the terrifying real Divine Grade battlefield like heaven falls and earth rends.

Luo Feng is as big as a grain of dust, but he is advancing at an extremely terrifying extreme speed in the vast purple vines. Although he has become very small, the ‘fluctuation’ caused by that speed is still It can be detected by Divine Force induction.


Thousands of true gods are fighting each other, the sky is dark and chaotic. Unless they were close to Luo Feng, the relatively small fluctuations caused by this flight would not attract attention at all.

“It’s right there.”

Luo Feng quickly flew towards the real dive corpse.

That alien corpse was lying in a huge swamp, and more than half of the hundreds of thousands of kilometers of corpses were submerged under the swamp, partially exposed. And when Luo Feng approached quickly, the three true gods who were closer to the alien corpse were the two tribe true gods besieging a alien beast true god.


All three of them locked onto that relatively tiny fluctuation, and according to the fluctuation, they locked onto the object instantly.

“Lord of Laws!” All three of them saw the tiny silhouette of Luo Feng as big as dust.

“Before there was a Lord of Laws who stole the body of my Jiuyanze powerhouse. Those who stole the corpse… must be taking on the army mission. The army mission is very difficult, but they can take away my Jiuyanze.

The corpse of the powerhouse is even more damnable.”

The true gods of the two tribes, and the true god of a different beast, stopped fighting in an instant.

Over the years, the adjacent Two Great Influences ‘Jiuyanze’ and ‘Xuanshan’ often fought each other.

But this kind of fight, in addition to some interests, is actually to sharpen the ‘Lord of the Law’.

So in addition to the madness of the law masters, like the true gods, and even the Void True God, they are very controlled. Every time they fight, some weak true gods are killed, and those who have really experienced the temper of the army. Few of the true gods have fallen, and everyone has a consensus, but every fallen true divine body is stolen and used as a spoΓ­ls of war, but this group of living True Gods can’t bear it.


Three streams of light, crossed three dazzling arcs, and directly intercepted Luo Feng.


A rainbow-like afterimage of three colors strikes the tiny dust-like point at a faster speed.

“I’ve been discovered!” Luo Feng glanced at the three streams of light that flew over.

“But there are only three true gods, nothing to worry about!”

“Peng!” , then, there is no need to hide it.

“Bang!” Luo Feng Divine Physique suddenly soared to a height of 100,000 kilometers.

Not far from the periphery of the real Divine Grade battlefield, a group of sergeants headed by Captain are always vigilantly watching the real Divine Grade battlefield, and many of them still pay more attention to the 19 Yanze side. Really dive corpse on the body.

“Someone is going to take the body!” Suddenly a sergeant’s sound transmission shouted.

Suddenly Captain looked at them all.

“There really is.” Captain said with a laugh, “Everyone, see it, you should be careful when you go to grab the body. But you were blocked by three true gods in an instant, why? Because you Captain me They took a corpse once before, and they were vigilant! If you go, you will also be besieged by three true gods, and if you cannot escape in a very short period of time, you will be besieged by five, seven or even ten true gods.”

The other sergeants, especially those who were going to fight, were immediately apprehensive.

“Look, which arrogant guy is that, is it Kufa? Is it Yuluo?” Captain was very leisurely.

“It must be that idiot Yuluo.” Suddenly a sergeant said.


In the distance, with Luofeng Divine Physique skyrocketing.

“Yes, yes…” All of a sudden they looked at Luo Feng’s face in astonishment.

“It’s that recruit!”

“It’s called Luo Feng!”

“The recruit called Luo Feng! He, he actually dared to take the body, Dare to learn Captain?” One by one was extremely stunned.

“He’s dead.” Captain indifferently said.

Captain is very clear about how bad the situation that recruit Luo Feng encountered, even he himself, under such circumstances, must take out his most precious mechanical treasure, and use the mechanical treasure to play his role. Extraordinary battle strength is required to escape.

“It’s dead.”

“Let’s see how he dies.” The sergeants stared at each other, who had little friendship with their new squadmate.

(End of this chapter)

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