All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 584


Chapter 584

Luo Feng led a group of true gods to arrive, and all of them saw the tall and burly man in the distance at a glance golden silhouette.

“That’s the world beast?” Luo Feng, the ancestor of Blood Orchid, etc. did not dare to be careless.


The world beast in the distance emits one after another zigzagging rays of light from its entire body, penetrating into the void, and at the same time it laughs loudly, and the laughter resounds here. There was a void, “You are the true gods of the universe sea? Are you coming to kill me?”

The True Gods such as Luo Feng on the opposite side became more vigilant.


Fire Insect True Lord immediately steered a warship and roared towards the tall beast in the distance.

“World beast, you dare to come out and devour my small universe without staying in the lair. What a courting death!”

Fire Insect True Lord roared angrily , the roar was transmitted like thunder, and at the same time the warship turned into dazzling rays of light, directly hitting the distant world beast Morosa, facing the collision of the warship, the world beast Morosa did not hide.

Peng! ! !

The bow of the warship directly hit the body of the world beast Morosa, causing its body to dent like a rubber, and then it recovered and shook the warship away.

“So it’s your small universe that I devoured?” The world beast Morosa smiled strangely, “Poor food, you dare not come out to fight me?”

“Fire Insect True Lord!”

Luo Feng in the distance was also angry and sent a message through a communication token.

“Don’t do it yet!”

Let Fire Insect True Lord be the vanguard, just to test out the realness of this beast. Safe, but can’t detect the truth.

This communication immediately made Fire Insect True Lord anxious and angry, it looked towards the outside world beast Morosa, and his eyes were burning with fire!

It hates, everything is because of this beast!

“The beast, damn it!”

Fire Insect True Lord roared suddenly, swoosh, swam and quickly sprang out of the warship, its body winding and long , has hundreds of claws, each claws are extremely sharp, is a natural weapon.

It is specially equipped with a suitable true Divine Grade treasure, which is enough to exert its Peak battle strength.

bang!Divine Force Burning Mystery!

bang! The misty white light shrouded the surroundings, it is the field class Strongest Supreme Treasure!


Fire Insect True Lord was completely crazy. At this moment, the surrounding void showed a vague and ferocious phantom, rushing directly to the beast. Rosa.


The world beast Morosa laughed wildly, and suddenly a violent terrifying Soul Attack rushed into the Fire Insect True Lord’s body instantly. The soul attack immediately made Fire Insect True Lord wailed, and the attack that was being performed was interrupted.

The world beast Morosa was laughing wildly. His body instantly grew arms, dozens of arms, and slapped the Fire Insect True Lord directly.

Although Fire Insect True Lord wailed, he endured it and still greeted him. Every claw of its hooves is a terrifying weapon, every claw light is tore the void, with endless Power.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The arm of the world beast Morosa collided with the hooves and claws of Fire Insect True Lord again and again, killing incomparably crazy.


“en?” Luo Feng in the distance couldn’t help frowning upon seeing this.

“Fire Insect True Lord is just a slight disadvantage?”

“Fire Insect True Lord, among the true gods of our cosmic sea, the strength is ordinary, didn’t expect the gap seems to be Not much.” The other True Gods also had sound transmissions talking to each other.

“It’s not surprising that the original will of the Primitive Universe was to let the true gods and the beasts fight. Although Fire Insect True Lord does not have a mechanical treasure, the soul Strongest Supreme Treasure, Battle Armor, and domain. And so on, it is much stronger than Hitomi Demon God in melee combat. Moreover, Hitomi Demon God and Huanxin Zhenshen were attacked by three world beasts at the same time, and now we only encounter one world beast.”

“Yes, and the world beasts devour each other in their lair, the world beasts must be strong and weak, and the world beasts that escaped are probably weaker.”

True Gods are relaxed.

Of course, deep in one’s heart still retains a trace of vigilance.

“How about Fire Insect True Lord?” Luo Feng asked in sound transmission.

At the moment, the field class Strongest Supreme Treasure spreads out, so it can easily sound transmission.

“Haha, Demon Lord.” Fire Insect True Lord was very excited, “As soon as I fought it, the speed at which it devoured my small Universe Source immediately dropped sharply, to the point where it was almost negligible. .Obviously swallowing the small Universe Source, he must try his best not to be distracted. Once he is distracted and fights with me, he can’t swallow it again. And its strength, stronger than me, should be comparable to the ancestor of Blood Orchid! Just Its soul attack is very strong, which makes me extremely uncomfortable… and when I fight with it, the power it emits consumes my Divine Force all the time, and I can’t stop it.”

“Also, Fighting with me, its power is also depleting, just like our Divine Force, it has the opposite power to ours, I estimate that once it is depleted, it will also die. I just don’t know how much its body has. That power.”

After Luo Feng got the news, he thought for a while.

“Come on together!” Luo Feng’s sound transmission ordered.

“All true gods act together, don’t take risks rashly, and unite with each other to kill this beast in one fell swoop.”


“Act together. “

The other true gods heard the order and did not contradict each other. Since there are many true gods acting together, they are naturally not afraid. At the beginning, True God Magic Heart and Demon God Hitomi acted together.

There are so many of them… Among them is Luo Feng, the Lord of the Galaxy, the second powerhouse in the universe. What are you afraid of?


“Kill this beast!”

The eight true gods also turned into streamers and rushed over. The Fire Insect True Lord, who was frantically fighting with the world beast Morosa in the distance, was overjoyed: “I’ll join forces to kill this world beast!”


Void A gate with white light appeared, the gate slowly opened, and a black silk thread shot out of the gate in an instant, and almost instantly arrived in front of the world beast Morosa.

“chi chi chi~~~” There are also two golden lights entwined in the void. The two golden lights are intertwined with each other, like scissors, strangling all obstacles and strangling directly towards the beast Mora spread.

Scarlet flowers appeared out of thin air, and they flew out, shrouding the world beast Morosa.

The invisible soul attack also came to the past.


In an instant, all the true gods began to use some long-range means to attack the beast Morosa while they flew past.

“Ah~~” was instantly hit by the attacks of many true gods, the world beast Morosa let out a painful howl, the golden armor condensed by its energy even seemed to be corroded, and a A bubble, its own power is frantically resisting these Divine Forces, resisting each other’s annihilation.

The world beast Morosa glanced around, first blasting the entangled Fire Insect True Lord next to him, and roaring angrily: “You have angered me, food, you should be aware of food.”

“Kill it!”


The True Gods don’t care about the beast Morosa, and they don’t really think that the beast is Stupid… a terrifying existence that is destined to represent destruction when it is born, must not be taken lightly. Naturally, they all had to do their best to attack.

Only ‘Luo Feng’ was watching and did not launch its attack.


“The beast, you should die.” The True Gods surrounded the beast one by one and began to use their means.

The most dazzling one is the ancestor of Blood Orchid.

Blood Orchid Ancestral God Founder’s body is majestic, and at the same time it releases vines, each vine has a black streamer, it is a set of mechanical stream treasure she specially obtained in the world of Jin, it is good to cooperate. her means. one after another black streamer vines quickly stretched past, frantically entwining towards the distant world beast Morosa.

Or close combat, or long-range attack, or restraint…

Being besieged by a group of true gods, the world beast Morosa also felt a little unbearable.

“I want to hide my strength and lure all the true gods here. Didn’t expect the others to be so strong.”

The beast Morosa was also besieged. A little surprised, because the blood Orchid ancestors and other strengths are obviously two or three levels higher than Fire Insect True Lord.

In an instant, the persecuting beast Morosa also went crazy.

The eight true gods were besieged.

The strongest Luo Feng was observing the beast.

“The strength is indeed very strong, and it is only slightly inferior to me in the siege of the eight true gods. It is only weaker than me.” Luo Feng was amazed.

“Let the beast grow, I’m afraid that in the future, no one except the teacher will be able to deal with the beast.”

“Kill it first.”

After observing for a while, Luo Feng finally used his means.


In an instant, one after another twisted passage appeared in the void. The nine twisted passages were intertwined with each other, forming a pattern of Jin, which directly covered the To the world beast Morosa.

“Suffer to death.” After roaring furiously, Luo Feng’s whole body instantly appeared rays of light, and the whole body turned purple, it was the mechanical flow treasure.

A spooky pattern of nine twisted passages descends.

It made the world beast Morosa really crazy.

It looked up suddenly.

Open your mouth!

There was no sound, but that silent scream went straight into the souls of every true god besieging it. Even Luo Feng, who was about to rush on, was instantly stunned, while the other eight The true gods all showed pain. Although it was extremely painful, the other six could barely attack, but two of them even screamed in pain, and they had no intention of attacking again.

“Food, it should be food.” The world beast Morosa suddenly turned his head and stared at the Fire Insect True Lord.

Wow, the one after another curve that originally extended towards the void with the world beast Morosa as the center suddenly had more than half of the curve, suddenly turned, and crazily wrapped around the Fire Insect True Lord, and a large number of curves instantly shrouded , making Fire Insect True Lord turn into a cocoon in an instant.

one after another The zigzagging rays of light entangle each other, surrounding Fire Insect True Lord, forming a cocoon that also emits black mist.


The Fire Insect True Lord in the silkworm cocoon was struggling frantically, only to see the silkworm cocoon suddenly bulge, and suddenly another bulge, one after another, Black fog is diffused more and more intense.

“Rescue Fire Insect True Lord!”

The angry Luo Feng was angrily roared, and at the same time his Divine Force quickly burned to the extreme, turned into a dazzling golden light, and directly attacked That world beast Morosa.

The world beast Morosa also knows that Luo Feng is not to be trifled with.

It opened its mouth again!



That silent scream was only aimed at Luo Feng, Luo Feng slightly stopped, but then continued to kill him.

“The beast.” Luo Feng has golden’s sharp claw in both hands.

This pair of sharp claws is a mechanical treasure.


Luo Feng growled.

Immediately, his hands sharply grew bigger, turning into a pair of sharp claws that are millions of kilometers in size. It has two sides of one black and one white, and its sharp claw controls the two sides of the void and descends directly to the beast Morosa.

“Go away.” Two of the palms of the world beast Morosa suddenly greeted him, rapidly expanding and expanding.

Boom! ! !

The pair of golden sharp claws instantly smashed the pair of palms, grabbed the body of the world beast Morosa and ripped it abruptly!

Wow~~~ This move tear is the essence of Luo Feng’s attack, but the body of the world beast Morosa is like rubber, and it is torn and stretched for tens of thousands of kilometers to both sides. , still not disconnected.

The elongated world beast Morosa angrily roared: “You are Luo Feng? Sure enough, it is stronger than other food, but it is useless, you can’t kill me!”

“Save me!”

“Save me!”

The huge black mist cocoon in the distance continued to bulge, and the Fire Insect True Lord inside was struggling frantically. At the same time, with the help of the domain class Strongest Supreme Treasure sound transmission.

“You guys attack that black mist silk cocoon!” Luo Feng sound transmission shouted.


“Leave it to us.”

After hearing the order, the other seven true gods immediately attacked the black mist cocoon frantically. All kinds of tricks are displayed one after another, strikes on the black mist cocoon. But the black mist silkworm cocoon is extremely tenacious, and every strikes, it just makes the silkworm cocoon sometimes sag, sometimes elongated, but it cannot be broken at all.

And one after another black light of the black mist silkworm cocoon is connecting with the distant world beast Morosa, who is maintaining the existence of the silkworm cocoon.

“The Lord of the Galaxy, this black mist silk cocoon can madly annihilate our Divine Force, and it is extremely tenacious. That beast should be providing power, so that the power and us continue to cancel… We simply attack Don’t break this cocoon.”

“We can’t break through from the outside, but it may be easier from the inside.”

The seven true gods were anxious and helpless.


The Fire Insect True Lord in the black mist silkworm cocoon roared furiously, booming, the silkworm cocoon suddenly expanded, continued to expand, and expanded more than ten times. Fire Insect True Lord is obviously hysterical, but it just can’t get through.

“Everyone, it is devouring my Divine Force frantically, constantly devouring its energy, instead of decreasing, it may be increasing.”

Fire Insect True Lord anxious sound transmission Said, “But I am trying my best to resist, burning Divine Force and its resistance, it must use its power to suppress, annihilate each other, just now you attacked this black mist silk cocoon from the outside, I feel its resistance has weakened significantly… everyone Continue to attack and attack the black mist silk cocoon. The tolerance of this black mist silk cocoon is limited. There is no need to use other methods. Make this black mist cocoon collapse.”

“Give me the power to consume it.” Luo Feng ordered.


Blood Orchid’s ancestor was the first to take orders, and a large number of flower vines spread out, frantically entangled the black mist cocoon, and a large number of Divine Force directly attacked.

chi chi chi~~~ Like red-hot tongs being sent into the water, Divine Force and the black mist cocoons were consumed like crazy.

“Boom~~” Fire Insect True Lord in the black mist cocoon is also struggling to resist.

“Everyone, work hard together, as long as it can’t hold up, the cocoon will burst.” Fire Insect True Lord sound transmission anxiously said, “It only takes a moment!”

The other hesitant true gods looked at each other, immediately gritted their teeth, and released the Divine Force of grandiose, directly attacking them.

Boom~~~ Combining inside and outside, the eight true gods combine, all Divine Forces collide with one blow, and immediately one after another of the zigzag rays of light scattered by the world beast Morosa, all wrapped around the black cocoon.

At this moment, not a single light penetrated into the void, and everything was wrapped into a cocoon of black mist, obviously spare no effort.

“Peng!” In just a few seconds, the black mist cocoon burst, and the battered and exhausted Fire Insect True Lord rushed out of it.

“hahaha…” Fire Insect True Lord was extremely surprised and scared.

Its Divine Force has consumed as much as 70%, and the speed of the black mist cocoon is too fast.



(End of this chapter)

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