All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 585


Chapter 585

The world beasts Morosa and Luo Feng fighting with each other in the distance are killing crazy.

Luo Feng relied on the pair of golden mechanical claws to completely suppress the world beast Morosa. However, the world beast Morosa also issued a silent Soul Attack from time to time, which could easily escape Luo Feng’s attack.

“Fire Insect True Lord?” The world beast Morosa turned around, looked towards Fire Insect True Lord, said with a malicious smile, “I wanted to devour you, didn’t expect you If you can escape, then you just die.”

The body of the world beast Morosa suddenly shook.


The zigzag rays of light scattered after the black mist cocoons shattered suddenly brightened and turned into dazzling one after another black light. These black rays of light are no longer tortuous, but all gather together to form a black beam of light! This black beam of light slammed directly into the Fire Insect True Lord, and the attack speed was so fast that the Fire Insect True Lord could not escape.

“chi chi chi ~~~” naked eye can be seen, Fire Insect True Lord body began to gradually disappear part by part.

Insane annihilation!

Two diametrically opposed forces are annihilating at this moment. Kill a thousand enemies, lose a thousand yourself! But the world beast Morosa can do it… just now he devoured a large amount of Divine Force from Fire Insect True Lord, not to mention ‘more than half’ of the small Universe Source, but he couldn’t digest it for a while and turned it into his own power, It is only temporarily stored, so naturally I am not afraid of consumption.

“No.” The ship the Fire Insect True Lord was about to fly towards.

The startled Blood Orchid ancestor even controlled its vines, wanting to block the black beam of light and asking himself to help resist.

“Stop.” Luo Feng was also shocked.

The annihilation rate is too fast.

The black beam of light collided with Fire Insect True Lord, causing Fire Insect True Lord’s body to disappear. , all true gods are affected. The less affected Luo Feng is farther away from Fire Insect True Lord.

“No, no, no…” Fire Insect True Lord tried his best to fly towards the warship, as long as he escaped into the spaceship, he would be safe.

But suddenly the black beam of light suddenly flowed, forming a black mist cocoon in an instant, shrouding Fire Insect True Lord again, making Fire Insect True Lord unable to escape.

“Break open.” The blood-colored vine flowers of the Blood Orchid ancestors finally flew.


The black mist cocoon disappeared out of thin air, and the original Fire Insect True Lord also disappeared, leaving only some weapons, armor and other treasures suspended in the void.

The Fire Insect True Lord who made Luo Feng, the ancestor of Blood Orchid, etc. in the distance all stunned, perished?



The whole small universe began to tremble, cracks began to appear in the space, and it began to collapse.

The Lord of Universes of the Fire Insect family, as well as all the universes Venerable, immortal and even ordinary creatures, all creatures living in this small universe, all fell instantly.


The world beast Morosa in the void, but there is no joy, only anger: “Disappear? Disappear? Kill that Fire Insect True Lord, his The small Universe Source actually dissipated and returned to the universe? My food, my food, if I had known, I would not have killed that Fire Insect True Lord.”


The world beast Morosa is extremely regretful. Devouring a small Universe Source absorbs a lot of energy, more than ten true gods!

But as soon as you kill Fire Insect True Lord, Fire Insect True Lord’s small Universe Source immediately collapses and returns to the sea of cosmos, but it can’t get it.

“The beast!” Luo Feng was completely angry, and started to attack wildly around the beast.

“If I kill another true god, wouldn’t it destroy another small universe? That’s my food…”

The world beast Morosa was reluctant to kill the true god any more. Turning his head and running away, “I have to eat the small Universe Source first, and then kill the true gods! Now, I can’t kill them.”

The world beast Morosa turned and ran away.

“Want to run away?”

Luo Feng and other true gods attacked and blocked one by one, which made the world beast Morosa very angry, because the surrounding void was condensed, and it was impossible to do so. teleport. And by flying alone, how long does it take to fly? Luo Feng and the others can follow it all the time, so that it can never escape.

The Stars Tower is advancing in the Chaos Qi Flow void.

Luo Feng, in a white robe, held a communication token.

“Teacher, Fire Insect True Lord is dead, but we won’t give it another chance now, it is trying to escape… But the surrounding time and space are condensed, how can it escape!” Luo Feng message.

“teacher, I can suppress it, but killing it, I’m afraid the price will be huge. Maybe one or two more true gods will fall, so we didn’t force it too much, just made it impossible to escape, We’ll hold off until you and Nine Nether arrive.”

“Okay.” Peyton responded, “Then how did Fire Insect True Lord die? In front of you, it can kill a True God?”

Luo Feng was silent, and there was no more information.

In a few moments.

Only came a message: “teacher, world beast, world beast… escaped!”

“It’s okay!”



“You are…”

The world beast Morosa stared at the man in golden armor who was walking towards the void in the distance.

“Human Red Moon Lord Peyton?”


Suddenly, the world beast opened its mouth suddenly, without making any sound.

But a silent scream resounded through Peyton’s soul.

“Go!” Payton was not affected at all, and suddenly pulled out the huge chain around him.

oh la la!

The chain like a huge snake suddenly flew out of the sky, the chain twisted, flying through the sky, and the surrounding space instantly flew endless snowflakes, white snow fluttering, covering the surrounding ten light years, and even Time and space have been strongly imprisoned. At this moment, Peyton has already used two treasures.

One is the chain, this chain is a mechanical flow attack treasure ‘blue smoke chain’.

The second is the domain mechanical flow treasure, called ‘snowflake world’, which has both domain and space-time control effects.

Peyton has been in the trillions of epochs, and naturally he has made a lot of treasures from the Jin world. This time, he is naturally ready.


The snowflake world came, as if leaving the Primordial Chaos Void and entering a snow-white world.

The snow was fluttering.

The world beast Morosa stood there, surrounded by black mist, and there were densely packed black silk threads around its body.

A huge chain slid across the sky, and suddenly the chain that flew across the sky seemed to turn into a huge stream of water! An incomparably thick stream of water ran across the sky. Wherever the stream passed, every inch of the space turned green, and green grasses began to appear around. The huge stream of water hit the ‘world beast Morosa’ directly.

pa! !

speed to the pinnacle, a seemingly soft whip is incredibly violent. The huge stream of water that the chain turned into slapped down, directly slamming the entire world beast Morosa at once, and dented directly, and the head was dented, as if it had become a piece of gold ingot.

“pa!” “pa!” “pa!” “pa!” “pa!” “pa!” for afterimages.

Peyton stared from afar, Divine Force was burning to the extreme, triggering the secret pattern on the mechanical flow treasure, and displaying his secret technique “Sprouts of Water and Wood”, this move focuses on a ‘life’ Incessantly, I saw that the water column was whipped again and again, but the green grass one after another appeared in the surrounding snowflake world.

And the frantic whipping also turned the world beast Morosa into a rotten cake, but it was not broken.

“Roar~~” an angry roar.

The world beast Morosa was so furious that he was suppressed by the beating in an instant. During the blows of the ‘Blue Smoke Chain’ at this time, its power was constantly being lost.

“go!” Morosa, the world beast, looked towards Peyton in the distance.

hua hua woo~~~

The black silk threads surrounding the world beast Morosa quickly shrouded Peyton in the distance, and the black silk threads flew at a fast speed. Extremely fast, not limited by the speed limit of the cosmic sea at all, he reached around Peyton in an instant, surrounded Peyton heavily, and wrapped Peyton into a silk cocoon of black mist!


Inside the cocoon.

Payton is completely enclosed in it, and this cocoon can be big or small, completely close to the body, and is about to start devouring Payton’s Divine Force.

“The speed is really fast,” Peyton nodded lightly. “Once you cast it, you can’t circle it in an instant… The original Fire Insect True Lord couldn’t dodge this move.”

Peyton Divine Physique is rapidly getting smaller.

The black mist silkworm cocoon also quickly became smaller.

“Big, big, big!” The Divine Force under Peyton’s extreme burning, frantically resisted the black mist cocoon next to it, even if the beast Morosa wanted to devour such a violent burning Divine Force, Also very difficult.

As Payton grew bigger, the black mist cocoon reached a height of 100 million kilometers in an instant.


The world beast Morosa was controlled from a distance, but he felt that he couldn’t devour much Divine Force. Not good: “He’s going to break out! I don’t believe it anymore, my strength is much stronger than before, and I want to come out…”


“Broken! !”

As Peyton roared, trapped in the black mist cocoon, the huge chain in the sky instantly changed from soft to straight, like a long spear, hua! Dazzling The long spear of the chain directly crossed a dazzling white light. Wherever it passed, the space was not broken, but there were circles of strange whirling ripples.

At the same moment, Peyton, who was inside the black mist cocoon, also swung out a claw like a knife, but it made no sound, and the space where he passed collapsed inch by inch.

One outside, one inside.

Outside the chain long spear, inside the sharp claw, all are mechanical treasures.


Strikes inside and out!

The black mist silkworm cocoons trembled suddenly, and a tiny crack appeared, but it quickly healed, and Peyton was still trapped inside.


“Want to come out?” Seeing that Peyton didn’t come out, the world beast Morosa suddenly laughed proudly, but the smile froze after that.


The burning Divine Force of ‘Peton’ trapped in the huge black mist cocoon 100 million kilometers high has not been transformed by the mechanical flow treasure. Directly madly pouring all around, this pouring is surging, as if water and fire collide.

chi chi chi~~~ The energy contained in the black mist silkworm cocoon is also being annihilated wildly.

Crazy against each other!

Peton stretched out his hands like a sharp claw, and as soon as his claws stretched out… a vague beast roar sounded, two alien beasts hovered on his hands, grabbed the black mist silkworm cocoon in front of him, and suddenly he was heading towards him. Torn on both sides.


The black mist cocoon is already in a frenzy with Peyton’s Divine Force, maintaining a height of hundreds of millions of kilometers. The energy consumption is so exaggerated that even the world beast Morosa is discolored. The silkworm cocoon consumes too much, and the restraint naturally becomes weaker. Peyton tore it with both hands with no difficulty. Although he performed the secret technique, it seemed that he was killing the chicken with a bull’s knife, which was not necessary at this moment.

Tear the black mist cocoon with both hands, and Peyton stepped out of the void.

“World Beast, that’s all you have to do?”

Peyton instantly turned into a streamer and rushed towards the distant world beast.

The face of the world beast Morosa changed. After all, it is not the ultimate king, and the world beast became the queen. It rarely fights, which makes the world beast weak in combat and extremely strong in survival.

“My strength has improved, and he can rush out so easily. He has so much Divine Force, and the Divine Force that was consumed in just a moment… is completely comparable to hundreds of thousands of kilometers. High true god.” The world beast Morosa immediately decided to run away.

“It seems that my strength is not enough, I have to devour more small universes and become stronger.”


Suddenly the world The beast Morosa let out a roar, and a layer of patterns with black as the edge and golden as the bone appeared on the whole body, there were ninety-nine large patterns, and then with a bang, its body exploded, turning into ninety-nine streams of light , escaping directly towards all directions.

Peyton frowned and said, “It’s too timid to run away as soon as we fight.”

“Cosmic Chains!”


The thick chain that was originally suspended in the sky quickly spun and began to disintegrate into slender long chains. Tens of thousands of long chains were disintegrated, but One of the ends is all connected together.

hua hua woo~~~ Tens of thousands of slender chains are flying in the sky, like tens of thousands of big snakes, suddenly extending and covering all directions, as if an umbrella suddenly opened, and for a moment, as if the whole The universe is shrouded.

How can it be compared to the speed of mechanical flow treasure flight?

The ninety-nine Avatars of the world beast Morosa, all felt that everything was dark, and had already entered a miniature universe formed by endless chains.

Bang! boom! boom!

The ninety-nine Avatars of the world beast Morosa flew at high speed in different directions, and the speed soared beyond the speed limit of the universe sea. However, the endless chains formed a miniature universe, which completely closed the surrounding space! Immediately, one Avatar, one after another, fiercely collided with the membrane wall of the chain universe. The membrane wall of this ‘miniature universe’ was entangled with layers of chains. This impact even made a metal crash sound.


Ninety-nine Avatars instantly dissipated nine Eighteen and converged into the golden world beast Morosa.

Morosa looked around, and in the distance around him was a miniature universe formed by chains, and there was nowhere to escape.


In the Chain Universe.

At a glance, the distant membrane wall is made up of countless chains entangled, and the outside world is blessed by the power of Snowflake World, which is extremely solid.

“Haha…The Red Moon Lord!” Morosa, the world beast trapped in it, laughed wildly, “Do you think you can trap me?”

The world The beast Morosa suddenly roared fiercely, and his whole body instantly turned into a thick black light.

Boomโ€”the speed immediately soared, and a dazzling black light pierced through the void, directly hitting the chain cosmic membrane wall in the distance, and the countless chains entangled with each other were shaken by the crashing impact.

The entire Chain Universe vibrated suddenly, and the Snowflake World outside the Chain Universe also worked hard to help bless and consolidate. And the world beast Morosa was so shocked that it retreated violently. It stared at the chain cosmic membrane wall in the distance. He was hit by ninety-nine Avatars before, so the formidable power was not strong. At this moment, its body condensed and tried its best. This impact is comparable to the strongest attack of powerhouses such as Luo Feng.

It didn’t break out?

“You can’t escape.” The grand voice resounded throughout the chain universe.

โ€œimpossible.โ€ The world beast Morosa roared, turned into a beam of black light again, and slammed into it again.

bang!bang!bang! After hitting one after another, the world beast Morosa went completely crazy, hitting the ‘chain universe’ one after another, causing the entire microcosm to vibrate continuously, and the snowflakes outside The world also continues to support and help unload.

Immediately, the black mist around the world beast Morosa filled the air, and at the same time, its appearance changed rapidly. From the tall golden body before, it instantly turned into an ugly black monster. This monster has hands, Feet, naked, with two heads, front and back, with one eye on both heads. It has a nose and a mouth, but no ears or eyebrows.

Standing in the void, exuding evil aura.

โ€œBreak for me!โ€

The two heads of the world beast Morosa suddenly turned to the same side at the same time. There were two heads, one was facing forward and the other was facing forward. Facing the back, the head at the back is now facing forward with a twist. Andโ€”โ€”the entire ugly body of the beast burst out with dazzling black light, and the black light quickly condensed into dazzling blood-red rays of light.

The dazzling blood-red rays of light were directly transferred to the one-eyed eyes of the two heads of the beast.

Hey! call out!

Two one-eyed eyes, each emits a red light.

The speed of red light to the pinnacle, like teleportation, went directly to the cosmic membrane wall of the chain, only to hear a loud ‘bang!’, and the countless chains that were originally entangled suddenly collapsed. The entire chain universe dissipated directly, and the ‘blue smoke chain’ that appeared in the original size in the void also trembled and flew away, and after a turn, it was suspended above Peyton.


The world beast Morosa has already fled into the distance.

“Want to escape?”

“Stop for me!”

Peyton’s eyes were like electricity, staring at the world beast Morosa.


The world beast Morosa, who fled immediately when he opened the chain universe, suddenly felt that a huge Divine Eyes faintly appeared in front of him, and that eye was far away. Appearing in the void ahead, an invisible terrifying will impact instantly enveloped it, fiercely strikes on its will.

“Ah!!!” The world beast Morosa roared in pain.

(End of this chapter)

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