All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 586


Chapter 586

β€œsou!” The hideous and ugly world beast, Morosa, was directly sucked into the red moon The base of the temple is in the abyss.

Everything returned to calm, the dark vortex disappeared, and the red moon temple with dazzling rays of light fell back to Peyton’s palm.


“Suppressing at will.”

“The Red Moon Lord is indeed the absolute number one true god in history.” One by one true Divine Many thoughts emerged in Heart.

Flying over one by one, they all seemed extremely relaxed, and the master of giant axe said with a smile: “Haha, breakthrough true god, this world beast, I can’t catch it with all my means, kill it. Once you get it, when you get to Peyton, you can easily capture it alive.”

Luo Feng also sighed: “Teacher is really powerful, the world beast is difficult to deal with, it is easy to defeat, but difficult to kill.”

“It’s harder to catch alive.” The Dark God added.

Many True Gods said one sentence to me, and suddenly burst into laughter, obviously capturing the beast alive made everyone feel very good.


The True Gods of the human race all left one after another, and Peyton returned directly to his own small universe in the Red Moon Palace.

After all, in his own small universe, with the help of the source, he can exert his strongest strength.

In the hall.

A repressive space.

The hideous and ugly world beast Morosa stood on the ground, an invisible and powerful oppression shrouded it all the time, but it was very calm, just waiting silently.

“The beast.” The white robe silhouette appeared, stepped into the void, and then landed on the ground.

“Lord Red Moon…” Morosa stared at Peyton, hoarsely said, “Peton!”

“Beast, you…” Peyton said .

“Call me Morosa!” Morosa raised his head, “You are qualified to call me by my name.”

Peton smiled: “Okay, Morosa “

Morosa nodded: “Looking at the various races in the universe, you are the only one that I admire! Your strength is really strong terrifying, even if I am still third rank, I can’t escape you. Red Moon Palace.”

“I’m nothing but a Second Rank Beast, what greets you, and what greets your human race will be a real disaster, hahaha…”

In madness With harsh laughter, Morosa suddenly began to want to self-destruct.




At the same time, the power of 3rd-layer descended on Morosa instantly, the power of First Layer It is the suppressing power of the secret technique ‘One Thought Void’, the Second Layer power is the suppressing power of the Red Moon Palace’s ‘suppressing space’, and the Third Layer power is the powerful power possessed by Peyton’s small Universe Source.

The 3rd-layer force suppresses Morosa’s self-destruct.

“What?” Morosa looked at Peyton in astonishment.

Peton smiled.

An immortal encounters the cosmic Venerable, in front of the cosmic Venerable, even self-destruct can’t be done! This is the absolute strength gap!

And now in Second Rank Peak’s Morosa, in front of Peyton, he can’t even do self-destruct.

Morosa was furious.

If it is Divine Force, Morosa’s power will be madly consumed.

The power that Peyton can use, whether it is a thought of void, or the suppression of space in the Red Moon Palace, or the amount of source power, is not Divine Force. There was no room for Morosa to struggle.

“You don’t have to rush to die,” Payton said.

“It’s useless, I can’t self-destruct, but you can’t get any news from me.” Morosa sneered.

“Not cooperating?” Peyton shook his head, “When you become my servant, I will see if you will cooperate or not.” The triangle-shaped rays of light flew out of his fingertips and flew directly to Morosa. Morosa wanted to dodge but could not escape under the suppression of many forces, and the triangle-shaped rays of light fell directly into his chest.

As long as Morosa becomes his Soul Servant, as a slave, he absolutely trusts Peyton in the depth of one’s soul, and even is willing to die for Peyton, when the time comes, he will naturally know everything. Words are endless.


When the triangular temple-shaped translucent rays of light sank into Morosa’s body, there was a slight sound, followed by Peyton who could no longer sense it.


“Hahaha…” Morosa’s two heads laughed wildly, and his face was full of disdain, “Lord Crimson Moon, you are too Confident. Want to enslave me? I am an incomparably great being bred by the sea of the universe. I am an existence that represents destruction in opposition to the Primitive Universe, and you want to enslave me too?”

Peton indifferently said: “Accurately speaking, it is the king who was born in the end of a billion beasts. That is the one that represents destruction and is the opposite of the Primitive Universe. As for you? It is not enough.”

Morosa stared Peyton smiled evilly: “Yes, I’m not qualified, but you are just a life born from the Primitive Universe… and you want to enslave me?”

“Look at it.” Peyton indifferently said .

Peyton’s fingers flicked slightly, strands of invisible silk threads quickly condensed in front of Peyton, and hundreds of millions of silk threads quickly formed a strange symbol. That is the text of ancient civilization – slave! Immediately, the transparent symbol flew through the air and directly penetrated into Morosa’s body.


A slight voice came out, and Peyton lost his sense of the icon again.

β€œen?” Payton frowned.

“How is it?” Morosa was extremely pleased, “What else is there to do? Come on, go ahead. The world beasts in my gestation period are at the same stage as your true gods. You are also a true god… how? It may enslave me, hurry up, and use it.”

Morosa was suppressed by Peyton at this moment, and it was extremely happy to be able to deflate Peyton.

“humph.” Payton’s eyes narrowed.


Two beams of golden light shot out from Peyton’s eyes, intertwined with each other in the midair, and immediately countless golden threads were entangled, forming a huge golden mesh… … directly shrouded Morosa’s body, invaded his body, and the sound of chi was completely dissipated.

“How could this be?”

The sneer of Morosa rang in Peyton’s ears, but Peyton was simply disinclined to pay attention to , just a suppressed beast .


Morosa was extremely happy, and sneered and laughed at Peyton: “You still want to enslave me? Hahaha…Come on, come on, See what else you have – how is that possible!”

Morosa looked at the white robed man in front of him in astonishment, and saw that Peyton’s breath was changing rapidly, and his strength was also changing.

Soon Peyton’s body was black, exuding evil aura, just like a real world beast, the only difference is that the world beast has two heads, and Peyton has only one, and he doesn’t bother to look at his appearance. All changed the same.

“How could you become…” Morosa immediately shook his head, “It must be fake, it must be just an appearance simulation, and your power is definitely not the power of the beast.”

A normal world beast can also transform into a true god, exuding the aura of Divine Force, but it’s all ‘false Dakong’, not a real Divine Force.


Peyton pointed at a distance, and the invisible strands of silk quickly condensed in the air, and soon condensed into the icon again. Ancient civilization ‘slave’ word. However, the difference between this symbol and the last time is… the power that constitutes the symbol is the power of the beast that burns to the extreme.

The symbol flew away quickly, Morosa was also nervous, and the symbol sank directly into his chest.


Infiltrate quickly.

“Boundary?” Peyton raised his brows. He could sense the ‘boundary’ in Morosa’s body through the ‘symbol’, and many of the means he used just now were all touching the boundary. After that, it collapsed automatically, making it impossible for him to sense it, but this time, after touching the world, he easily penetrated and entered.

Morosa’s soul resides in the depths of the most important ‘world’ within the body.


The soul roared, trying to resist.

The icon emits endless rays of light, the force wants to suppress, wants to stick to the soul, wants to be integrated into the soul.

“Roar.” The soul tried its best, and in the ‘world’, it already had the blessing of power.

After a long stalemate…Peng!

The symbol eventually collapsed and the enslavement failed.


Morosa looked at Peyton in disbelief, it really didn’t expect… In its eyes, the beings of all races in the universe, which are just food, actually have a powerhouse can use ‘the power of the beast’!

Although Peyton is powerful, in its eyes, Peyton was only a relatively powerful food.

Can’t kill Peyton, just because he is too weak.

But at this moment it was shaken, and the weak food in its eyes could use the power of the beast. This Peyton didn’t take refuge in the ‘world beast’. After all, if he did take refuge… If it was a single thought, Peyton would not be able to resist.

Without taking refuge in the world beast, and without being gifted, you can display the power of the world beast by yourself.

“You’re amazing, you’re more terrifying than I thought. But what can I do? Since the birth of my world beast, the will is extremely strong.” Morosa stared at Peyton, “The soul is also approaching. Perfect, do you want to enslave me? Impossible! Even if you have the power of a world beast, it is impossible to enslave me.”

But Peyton laughed, and he was completely indifferent to Morosa’s appearance. not give a damn about.

Although the previous attempt failed, Peyton understood that it was possible to succeed in using the ‘world beast’s power’ to use the means of slavery.

The only problem lies in the details, the next step is to improve this step.


Time has passed, and this door to Absolute Art is extremely difficult, and more than a year has passed in a blink of an eye.

“Peton? Why hasn’t he come back yet?”

The owner of the giant axe couldn’t bear the inquiry.

Before, when Peyton captured the beast alive, he said he wanted to ask for some information from the beast, and let the master of giant axe take a step ahead for the time being. He would return soon, didn’t expect to pass by in a blink of an eye. It’s been over a year and Payton hasn’t returned.

In a ‘mini-universe’ full of endless Chaos Energy.

A red moon hall is suspended.

In the space of suppression in the Red Moon Hall, the world beast and Peyton were facing each other. The world beast had been ridiculing, ridiculing, cursing, and provoking, while Peyton sat cross-legged and turned a deaf ear.

“I’ll be back soon.”

Payton finally turned over and took a token and replied.

“You…” Morosa started, and Peyton, who had been sitting cross-legged for more than a year, actually stood up.

“I wonder if you can hold on this time.” Peyton looked at Morosa.


“Although come!” Morosa was stern, but under the pressure of the 3rd-layer force, he couldn’t even dodge.

Peyton pointed at a distance, and a drop of water droplet-shaped crystal flew out between his fingers. The surface of the water droplet also flowed through one after another rune, and the water droplet directly submerged into Namorosa’s. In a bloody one eye, Morosa blinked down two one eyes, and then stood there in a daze.


“Beddie, I am the last king, I am, hahaha!”

Standing beside a broken corpse, Morosa raised his head and laughed wildly, then lowered his head and swallowed a few mouthfuls, “You will still be eaten by me.”

“Eat you, I’m the last king. I’ll kill the human Red Moon Lord.”

“I’ll be truly invincible.”

“The sad Red Moon Lord… too Underestimate me, I will let him know that he regrets it.” Morosa was very arrogant.


Peyton looked at Morosa, who was still motionless. Suddenly, a strange three-point water drop mark appeared on its chest, and then the mark was lurking disappears.

“It’s done.” Peyton saw the water drop marks appear on the beast’s chest, and quickly sensed Morosa’s soul, and couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

Morosa blinked his eyes, froze for a long time, muttered: “I, I am the last king…”

“It’s time to wake up.” Peyton road.

“Mingming, obviously I escaped from your hands.” Morosa said stunned, “You fought with countless beasts, causing chaos in the beast’s lair, and I struggled to get up step by step. , getting stronger and stronger. He even ate the badly injured Bedi in the end…I became the last king. How could…”

Payton shouted: “Morosa!”

Morosa startled, and the absolute reverence from the soul made it bow: “Master.”

Peton smiled.

“Master, what kind of enslavement method is that, so I fell into it without even noticing it.” Morosa even asked, although it was enslaved, but the memory is still intact, naturally remembering what happened before what. It’s just that from this moment on, the object of its most obedience and obedience is Peyton.

Peyton smiled slightly: “Wanchuan Fa!”


In Peyton’s small universe, there was a sudden shock, a sudden shock. A powerful coercion swept past, and also swept through Peyton’s Red Moon Hall.


“It’s the rule.” Morosa said in shock.

Peyton looked thoughtful nod, the Supreme’s coercion swept away and passed, with a faint warning… It was a warning of a life and death crisis.

“It’s not that easy to enslave the beasts.”

He understood.

World beast, representing destruction.

If you enslave the world beast yourself, then you have the possibility to enslave the ‘world beast king’. The world beast king is opposed to the Primitive Universe and represents the existence of Annihilated Origin!

Enslavement… will definitely cause a chain reaction, and it will never allow yourself to succeed easily.

On the outskirts of the Universe Boat, sitting on a huge fragment of a bulkhead flying at high speed, sits a mountaineer.

He suddenly opened his eyes and raised his head to feel the faint fluctuations.


“Last time my Disciple breakthrough led to Supreme’s rules. What happened now?” Sitting Mountain was a little worried, “Is it the king of beasts? Birth? Or other major events that affect the entire universe?”

Anything that can cause the Supreme Rule to respond must be a major event.

(End of this chapter)

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