All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 589


Chapter 589


The Red Moon Tower flew directly into the ten thousand waves The waters began to approach the dark place. At the end of the endless waters, there was darkness. It was a darkness that made the soul develop. Before the beast was born, once it fell into the depths of the dark place, it would be lost forever. escape again.

Generally, you will be at the edge of shopping at most, or if you have Avatar in Lord of Universe, you will dare to go deeper. Even if you die, you will only lose one Avatar.


The Red Moon Tower stopped at the edge of the dark place, looking at the endless darkness in the distance.

In Peyton’s mini-universe.

“Morosa, give me the star map of the beast’s lair.”

“And the location of each of the thousands of Myriad Realms beasts, mark them out.”

Morosa replied respectfully: “Yes, master. But master, although I can remotely sense the location of each beast, because the distance is too far, I can only give a rough indication of the coordinates. It cannot be accurate to a single point.”

“It’s alright.”

As Morosa carefully sensed it, a trace of world began to escape from the surface of his body. The power of the beast, directly suspended in mid-air, condensed into a huge sphere with a diameter of about one million kilometers.

“The entire beast’s lair is spherical.”

“It will affect all senses, and you, True Gods in the cosmic sea, will fall into the depths and will be lost.” Morosa explained, Immediately, on the spherical model with a diameter of one million kilometers, light spots began to appear, and the light spots had halos, countless light spots, “Each light spot here represents a world beast, and the halo is scattered. The range is the area it might be in. I can only give an approximate area.”

Immediately afterwards, some mountain range, water currents, etc. began to appear on the huge beast lair model.

“A dark place, some other substances.”

“Although I am a master and a slave, I cannot sense the master’s position.” Morosa said.

Evil God incarnate nodded.

It is difficult to sense the position in the cosmic sea, so the situation of ‘lost in the cosmic sea’ occurs. Even if Morosa is Peyton’s slave, he still cannot sense the exact position of Peyton. On the contrary, But it can sense the positions of all the beasts, which is one of the innate talents of the beasts.

“The owner can use those mountain ranges, water currents, huge rocks, etc. to determine his own coordinates.” Morosa said, “Of course, you can also use the ‘world beast’ position to determine your own coordinates, but that’s it, It is easy to be discovered by the beasts. The number of beasts now, except for me, has a total of more than 9.2 million”

“Very good, and also mark the waters of ten thousand waves.” Evil God incarnation ordered.

“It can’t be marked.” Morosa said, “The entire dark place is spherical, and the interior is always moving slowly, and its position has not changed relative to some of the interior mountain ranges. In terms of… the dark place is always changing, which is one of the reasons why it is easy to get lost.”

“In that case.” Induction, those world beasts change their positions, and you also change the model. Make sure to follow the changes at all times.”

“Yes, master.” Morosa absolutely obeyed.


“Go in.”

The Red Moon Tower at the edge of the Wan Chonglang waters finally flew directly into the endless darkness.

The Red Moon Tower shrinks.

Peyton is driving the Red Moon Tower forward. Although it is dark, for a powerhouse like Peyton, it is no different from light. Through its influence on time and space, it is still possible to see very far distances. .

“Dead silence.”

“As if there was nothing.”

At this moment, he didn’t know his position at all, and he had to use a reference in the dark place to understand. , and before the reference is found… it is the most dangerous period of time.


The Red Moon Tower disappeared.


I saw a floating stone moving forward in the dark place, sometimes teleporting, sometimes floating.

This stone doesn’t have the slightest Life Aura, it’s a normal rock.

Go forward.

While sensing the space fluctuation, Peyton believed that his teleportation distance was stronger than that of the beast, and the sensing distance was naturally farther.

If you don’t notice something is wrong…then teleport again and again.


A moment later——hua!

An ugly and ferocious world beast appeared teleportingly. With the world beast’s sense of space, he immediately discovered The existence of that rock.

“en?” The world beast’s two blood-colored one-eyed eyes stared at the rock, “Why did a rock suddenly appear? Could it be some rocks from the mountain range that were smashed by other guys when they were fighting?”

“hmph!” This hideous world beast stepped on the rock with one foot, and with a bang, the rock shattered into seventeen or eight parts, and then the world beast left without caring.

Peyton sensed it and waited for a long time after the beast left.


The rock condensed again, but it has changed into another shape.

Brush! brush! brush!

Teleport forward again.

This mountain range is trillions of kilometers high, stretching continuously, floating in a dark place.


A rock fell in the mountain range and instantly transformed into a human shape.

“My position is completely determined.”

Determining the coordinates is just the first step.



In the dark place, a world beast was flying at a high speed and fled, and at the same time roared angrily, “You are already the fourth rank Peak. There are several of us who have entered the fourth rank in the beast’s lair. Why don’t you deal with Zia and Mohe. If you eat one of them, it is worth eating a hundred of us. You keep chasing them now. Killing us will only make Mohe and the others stronger, if they step into the fifth step before you, they will definitely eat you.”

There is another world beast behind it. Chasing at a high speed, the two heads of the world beast he was chasing were full of colored lights, saying solemnly: “What should I do? !”

The beast Bedi behind him continued to accelerate, and the speed was significantly faster.

Beddie didn’t know that his hunting strategy made him unable to control the overall situation, which gave some Peak world beasts in the entire world beast group a chance to break away from Bedi’s control. Kill those weak world beasts and focus on a group of strong world beasts, so that those powerful world beasts have no chance at all!

The previous strategy was simple but doomed to be slow.

The threat of the galactic lord Peyton… makes Brady afraid to slow down, it must be continuously devoured, constantly getting stronger.

“I’m better than Mohe and the others. I’ve been devouring it all the time, and I’ve been speeding up my evolution like crazy. I was strong in the past… I will always be strong in the future.” Bedi’s one-eyed eyes were full of madness, Seeing that, he was about to catch the world beast.


The body of the world beast that fled before split instantly and turned into ninety-nine Avatars to escape. Because the beasts are fighting each other, its life-saving trick ‘Jieguang Channel’ will be interfered by Bedi’s ‘Jieguang Field’, and it cannot be formed stably at all, so it will not use that move at all. Even if you can actually cast the ‘Boundary Light Channel’ to escape from it, you will be weaker, and you will die even worse in the world beast’s lair.


Beddy’s whole body immediately burst out with colorful light, and the endless colorful light enveloped the surrounding time and space, which is unique to fourth rank beasts’ Realm of Light’, the powerful binding force acts on the ninety-nine Avatars, making the ninety-nine Avatars seem to be stuck in a quagmire, and the flight speed is ridiculously slow.

“Peng!” Bedi also instantly shattered into ninety-nine Avatars, and split into the other’s ninety-nine Avatars.

Ninety-nine world beasts shrunk down to size one, biting at each other frantically.

“Beddie!” The other Avatars on the fleeing side all dissipated, only one Avatar condensed into this deity, full of madness.

“Kaqiong, die.” Bedi’s ninety-nine Avatars and others also dissipated, turning into a deity, still biting each other. The two are biting and rolling frantically… In this dark place, they are fighting endlessly, their skins shattered, and black blood is flying around.

Beddie is fourth rank Peak and Kadome is third rank.

And with the blessings of the Realm of Light around, this fight is completely one-sided.


blood light surrounds the sharp claw and instantly pierces the chest of the world beast ‘Kaqiong’, causing a big hole in the chest of the world beast Kaqiong. The ‘world’ was gone, the whole body trembled, and the power of resistance was completely lost.

“Bedi, you will definitely die, you will definitely.” The one-eyed on Kadong’s head both stared at Bedi, “You don’t hunt Mohe and the others, but deal with us… you must Will die, on your stupidity.”


Beddy’s bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, while The two heads that bit Kaqiong were directly smashed, and then the crack crack chewed, its teeth were easily crushed and then swallowed into the abdomen, and then continued to bite and swallow with big mouths, and soon, a whole beast was given to it by it. eat up.

“Another one.” Brady raised his head, his eyes flashed with rays of light, “It’s a little bit worse, a little bit worse.”


Beddie disappeared with a teleport.


About half a month later.

The world beast Bedi is frantically chasing and killing another world beast, because Bedi condenses the surrounding space and cannot teleport to escape at all.

One chase and one escape!

“Eat it, I’ll be almost level 5.” Bedi looked forward to it, chasing the other beast at high speed.


“Master, the message I spread at the beginning. And I worship under the command of the master… The evolution of the beasts has greatly accelerated, and they are usually very leisurely. Everywhere, I only hunt once in a while. But now everyone is crazy, and they are constantly moving. The same is true for Beidi. Beidi should be hunting wildly now, because other world beasts can sense it, so they can detect it early. Just run away, making Bedi go on an errand for nothing many times.”

“But because there are so many beasts in the entire lair, Bedi chased and killed in one direction, that one. The direction may be scattered among dozens of Myriad Realms beasts, all fleeing, some even fighting… This gives Bedi a chance, and because Bedi teleports the farthest distance, it can still be successful occasionally.”

Evil God’s incarnation listened to nodded: “Mark its coordinates at the moment.”

“Yes, master.” Morosa responded respectfully.


Peyton turned into a floating rock, teleported over a long distance again, and kept chasing the past.

In terms of teleport distance, Payton is still above Bedi.

Beedy wants to go there unscrupulously, but Peyton needs to avoid many beasts, because approaching the beasts will cause the beasts to sense teleportation fluctuations… the beasts sense it. The teleportation fluctuates but cannot sense where other world beasts are, so they will doubt it and will immediately besiege them.

This makes it easy to expose.

So he had to avoid a lot of beasts, which made Peyton take a lot of wrong paths.

Time passes.

Morosa has always maintained the model of the dark place, and also maintained the light spots of all the beasts. From those light spots, it can be judged that once Bedi touches a light spot, it will soon be Another spot of light dissipated.

Apparently, Brady is on the hunt!

It has been more than three months since Peyton entered the dark place.

Above a suspended weird bald mountain, the world beast Bedi is entrenched on it, the breath is restrained, but the energy escaping in the surrounding space is constantly gathering towards Bedi, naturally condensing. into an endless black mist. The ‘dark place’ is the nest, the cradle of the beasts, and naturally contains some special energy.

A black mist surrounds the beast Bedi.



The black fog sometimes diffuses, sometimes shrinks.

As if a big heart is constantly expanding and contracting, this state continues.

In another part of the dark place, he found that Bedi didn’t move, and Peyton was naturally overjoyed and rushed in this direction: “It stopped temporarily, such a long distance, although it is necessary to bypass There are many places. But as long as you give me half a day, I will definitely be there.”

Swipe! brush! Brush, the rock is teleporting forward rapidly.


The heart of the black mist expands and contracts again and again.


“Suck!” The entire black mist shrank suddenly, and it shrank violently, all of it shrunk into Bedi’s nose, and the endless black mist poured into Bedi’s nose, revealing its When the body came, I saw bursts of blood light began to appear on the surface of its body, blood light surrounded it, and the blood light gradually became richer.





The time and space where the world beast Bedi is located trembled again and again, and an incomparably powerful terrifying wave of destruction descended, covering it, the blood light on its body became more and more intense, and its size gradually became larger.

In terms of body size, the higher the level of the beast, the larger the body size of the deity.

It lasted for about an hour, and the blood light began to gradually converge, sticking to its jet-black skin, and strange blood-colored silk lines began to form on the skin of the beast Bedi, and everything dissipated in a moment. The whole body of the world beast Bedi is covered with blood-colored silk patterns, exuding an aura that makes the soul tremble.

“Phew.” Beast Bedi slowly exhales one breath saying, opening two one-eyed eyes.

It had a relaxed smile on both of its heads.

“Finally… finally entering the fifth rank.” The beast Bedi finally relaxed.

Ever since the news came from Morosa, and Morosa was suppressed and even enslaved, the beast Bedi started a new strategy… It has never been easy for a moment, it knows that it is gambling, If other world beasts enter the fifth order first, it will be troublesome. But it has to bet! Payton is too much of a threat to it.

In this period of time, it did not dare to relax for a moment.

“Step into the fifth order.”

“In the beast’s lair, no one is my opponent anymore. Mohe and the others are doomed to die.” A bit of madness.

Mohe, Zia and several other world beasts have entered the fourth rank.

Although Bedi has an advantage, it can be suppressed at most… It is very difficult to kill, just like it was difficult for Bedi to kill Morosa at the beginning.

And now it’s different, it’s in the fifth order! There are only a few fourth rank…

“Mohe…” The world beast Bedi teleported and started to act.

“However, my teleport distance is still the same as when I was on the fourth rank. In this way, Mohe and the others may not know that I have entered the fifth rank.”


“Only moved position now?”

Not far from the beast Bedi, a huge rock was suspended in the void.

“Late! I’ll catch up with you in five minutes!”


The rock quickly approached the beast Bedi.

(End of this chapter)

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