All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 590


Chapter 590

Brush! brush! brush!

After a hundred consecutive ultra-long-distance teleportation, I finally sensed a teleportation fluctuation in the distance.

“It’s there!”

Peyton hurried towards the wave with a teleport, followed by a direct ‘space condensation technique’, so that the opponent could not teleport to escape.


Just entered the fifth rank, the beast Bedi is high-spirited and vigorous, and is about to deal with other fourth rank beasts, and it even pretends to remain in disguise The teleport distance is the same as the previous fourth rank.

“en?” The world beast Bedi instantly sensed the arrival of a wave.

It condenses following the surrounding space.

I didn’t sense the existence of the world beast at all, so the powerhouse that came here is not the world beast, then it is naturally the life of the Sea Clan group of universe.

Could the cosmic sea powerhouse quietly penetrate into the hinterland of the dark place? Is it even directly killing it in front of Bedi?

What a coincidence?

There are nearly a thousand Myriad Realms in the Darklands, and they have the ability to get lost. In order not to be discovered by any sector beast, the probability of encountering it Beidi is so low that it can be ignored.

“Then it should be Peyton, the lord of the red moon, and only he, because he enslaved Morosa, can know the location of all the beasts in the whole dark place.” There were so many ideas in an instant.

“Who is it?” The world beast Bedi knew that he couldn’t do it if he wanted to teleport away, and immediately let out a low roar, but it was not in a hurry, but both heads looked towards the wave.


A silver armored human is standing in the void, the five pairs of silver wings behind him are spreading freely, his eyes are staring coldly at the world beast Bedi, as if a wolf is staring at a sheep!

“You are Peyton, the Red Moon Lord of Number One Powerhouse in the Sea of Cosmic Sea?” the world beast Bedi said indifferently, but he was very confident. Origin, the strength has undergone a fundamental leap. Before the teleport distance was short, it was just disguised as fourth rank.

The fifth-order battle strength, in the entire evolution system of the beast, is almost standing at Peak.

The advantage of the sixth rank over the fifth rank is just ‘Avatar’ and the ability to fight for a long time. Other advantages are not great.

“Beddie?” Payton said.

“You know me?” The world beast Bedi’s two one-eyed eyes flashed with a nether glow, “It seems that Morosa told you that you quietly penetrated into the dark place, and all other worlds Even if the beast didn’t find it, you are really amazing… I didn’t even find you in advance, you showed up on your own initiative. It seems that you entered the dark place, and the target was me.”

“Yes.” Payton nodded.

“I’m still thinking about killing you in the future. Since you’re here, thenβ€”” the world beast Bedi’s two one-eyed eyes flashed with madness.

“I killed you!”


Peton’s Divine Force quickly triggered the Secret Art Third Layer of the Red Moon.

The surrounding area for several light-years is shrouded in a vast cloud of mist.

A thought of emptiness!

The powerful binding force frantically bound the world beast Bedi, which made Bedi laugh: “Haha, you used this move to force Morosa to cast the world light channel? Well, this The move is almost the same as dealing with the third rank beasts, but to me, hahaha…but it’s just a joke!”

hum~~~ A burst of misty rays of light spread out, eroding a thought crazily The scope of the void, its strength is even a little beyond the void of a thought, it continues to expand, while the scope of the void controlled by the void of a thought keeps shrinking.

Peyton’s face was unmoved, and a dazzling crystal bead suddenly flew out of his palm, with golden light all over his body.

This golden crystal bead is suspended directly on top of Peyton’s head, and I see that Divine Force, which is burning to the extreme by Peyton, keeps pouring into it. waves.

hua hua woo~~~golden The waves instantly appeared within a few light-years.

The golden waves and the void of a thought blessed each other, their power skyrocketed, instantly suppressing the realm of light, and making the realm of light keep shrinking.

The golden sea is endless, and a single thought of the void, the realm of light that the two pressed crazily shrinks.


The world beast Bedi angrily snorted, the world of light has shrunk to the point that it only surrounds its body, like a thin film.

Even so, the concentration of this layer of ‘boundary light film’ is extremely high, but it still resists all impacts.

The endless black light centered on it and shot out quickly, directly covering Peyton in the distance.

It was so fast that Payton couldn’t dodge.

Countless black silk threads crazily wrapped around Peyton and wrapped Peyton, directly turning Peyton into a silkworm cocoon.

“But you were originally a human, and now you have entered the level of a true god, you must return to your origin and become a human…kill you? You don’t need to fight with you at all, just consume your Divine Force. Yes!” The world beast Bedi looked at the black mist silkworm cocoon sneered in the distance.

“The same move, the third-rank world beasts and the fifth-order world beasts are completely different, my power is more pure and powerful. The power of the ‘world’ is also more powerful. “

chi chi chi~~~ Peyton, who was trapped in the black mist cocoon, didn’t rush to break it out, but burned the Divine Force frantically, and grandiose frantically attacked the surrounding black people. Mist cocoons.

The Divine Force and the power of the beast are madly consuming each other.

β€œComparing me with the Divine Force?”

β€œAccording to Morosa, the Divine Force reserves of the fifth-order world beasts are afraid to be comparable to the true gods hundreds of millions of kilometers high. Peyton secretly said, “However, it’s still less than one-trillionth of mine.”

In the surging golden waves, a huge black silkworm cocoon floated in it, sometimes bulging here, sometimes It bulged over there, as if a monster was struggling to get out of the cocoon.

The diametrically opposed forces are madly annihilating each other.

Under the suppression of endless waves and a single thought of void, the world beast Bedi did not care at all. It looked at the black mist cocoon in the distance, and said with a smile: “Lord Crimson Moon, you are caught in it, Divine Force Not only is it consuming the power of the world beast, but it is also being swallowed by me all the time. In comparison, my consumption is much smaller than yours. In terms of power, how can you, an ordinary human being, compete with the noble fifth-order Compared to me?”

Beddie was confident.

The black mist silkworm cocoon bulged frantically again and again, showing a faint knife shape. It was obvious that Peyton was slashing the black fog silkworm cocoon with a war knife, but he couldn’t rush out.

“Hahaha…” The world beast Bedi became more and more arrogant.


In the black mist cocoon, Peyton seems to be madly slashing the black mist silkworm cocoon again and again, and also burning the power of Divine Force and the power of the beast. But he was very calm in his heart, he knew that the black mist cocoon was extremely tenacious, and he had to forcibly break it, unless the difference in strength between the two was too great!

I can forcibly break the black mist cocoon of Morosa, but I can’t break the fifth-order world beast ‘Bedi’.

The best way is to keep the Divine Force at the maximum power consumption, and then attack with all your strength. This is the best way to break out and escape.

“My Divine Force is consuming, just maintain a relative magnitude. It doesn’t explode with full force.” Peyton secretly said, “Otherwise, I will instantly increase Divine Physique and reach a height of one light-year, Divine Force is surging, and instantly Can annihilate this cocoon.”

Power consumption.

Long spear slashing, Peyton maintains a ‘degree’, showing enough strength to a certain extent, so that the beast Bedi will not doubt.

But he just couldn’t get out of the black mist cocoon.

“Beddie, you are the strongest beast, don’t you dare to fight me?”

Peyton roared furiously, he understood that the beast could sense it Everything from a large enough distance, his own expression, can be seen by Brady.

“If I can kill you easily, why should I fight with you?” The world beast Bedi was at ease.

In its heart.

The biggest opponent is the Red Moon Lord! As long as the Red Moon Lord is killed, other powerhouses in the Universe Sea are not worth mentioning at all… It will also be easier to become the last king!

β€œBreak for me!!!”

Peyton is mad, and the blade light is like a dazzling snow light, slashing on the black mist silkworm cocoon again and again.

“Due to each other’s consumption, I lose 50%, and it loses 50%. However, it swallows my Divine Force at all times, and probably swallows 30%. The ratio of consumption to me… is me. When it consumes 80%, it consumes 50%.” Peyton calculated that although the world beast Bedi is also swallowing, it takes time to transform it!

Like Morosa who devoured the source once, it took so long to transform.

If it devours other world beasts, the same kind of energy can naturally be rapidly transformed. But it would be troublesome to devour alien energy transformation… Eight to five!

Peton consumes eight servings, it consumes five servings.

It continues like this….Bedi’s own power has been consumed by 10% in the blink of an eye, which makes it extremely shocked.

“Why is he still not dead?” The world beast Bedi stared at the black mist silkworm cocoon in the distance. The silkworm cocoon bulged again and again. Obviously, Peyton, who was trapped inside, was trying his best to break through and escape.” Even if his Divine Physique is tens of millions of kilometers high, it should be exhausted.”


“He is a human, how can he have such a big Divine Physique? “

The beast Bedi doesn’t understand.

Naturally I don’t understand, Peyton is walking the way of genes, and the evolution of Divine Physique is beyond imagination.

Beddie didn’t understand but realized that something was wrong, and he didn’t dare to continue.

“Take it!” There was unwillingness in the world beast Bedi’s two one-eyed eyes, and the black mist silkworm cocoon in the distance instantly scattered countless threads and retracted into its body.

Peyton in silver and white armor stood in the distance, five pairs of wings spread out behind him, and he held a long spear in his hand.

“Why not continue?” Peyton stared at Brady.

“As expected of the Number One Powerhouse in the Universe Sea.” Bedi dared not underestimate the Red Moon Lord, “Your Divine Force reserves far surpasses my imagination, it seems that you are going to kill you with such a simple trick. , it is impossible.”

Payton held a long spear, shook his head and sighed: “I wanted to destroy most of your strength with this move, didn’t expect you to give up so early.”


“It really is a disguise.” The world beast Bedi suddenly roared, “I don’t care about other things, just crush and kill you.”


With a growl.

The blood-colored secret pattern on the body of the world beast Bedi suddenly lit up with rays of light, and a blood-colored halo appeared all over its body. Fast, even beyond Payton.


Bedi, the world beast bathed in a blood-colored halo, stretches out his left and right hands one after the other, as if each is holding an endless universe Similarly, the fingers of the right hand changed one by one, and a vortex channel appeared directly in the golden waves.

The fingers of its left hand also changed, and another vortex channel was born.

The channel walls of the two vortex channels are like mirrors, reflecting everything outside.

The two are intertwined with each other, making them reflect each other. The mirrors contrast with each other, which naturally reflects the endless world.

The two vortex channels are intertwined with each other, but it seems to form an endless world.

“Samsara Channel!” The world beast Bedi shoved with both claws.

Wow~~~ The two vortex passages entwined, forming an endless reflection of the world, with a strange atmosphere, directly enveloped Peyton.

Peyton instantly felt how novel the proven mystery in this move was. Just two vortex channels seemed to give birth to billions of spaces.

“Space annihilation.”

At this moment, the long spear in Peyton’s hand seemed to turn into willow silk, and the willow silk danced, causing endless space ripples, endless space ripples gathered, but finally An endless annihilation was formed.

bang! !

A piece of nothingness formed by Peyton’s long spear, the golden waves all turned into nothingness wherever they passed.

“Bang peng~ peng~!! !”

The two vortex passages intertwined with each other have unpredictable formidable power, when they collide with the crushed nothingness , the endless rumbling sound suddenly sounded, and I saw the two vortex channels advancing again and again with all their strength, and the billions of reflections on the world burst out with powerful power, impacting again and again.

The emptiness created by Peyton’s long spear is constantly crushing!

Whether it is a thousand reflections in the world, or ten thousand, or even a hundred million, all will be annihilated!

“Boom~~” In the end, the two vortex passages completely collapsed, and the crushing void continued to sweep for a certain distance before dissipating.

“What.” The world beast Bedi was startled, “It’s actually at a disadvantage?”

“Go!” The world beast Bedi turned his head and ran away without the slightest hesitation. The speed is soaring rapidly, a hundred times the speed of light, a thousand times the speed of light… The world beast Bedi is maintaining the realm of light, and is performing the Bloodburn Secret Technique, and then performing this breakthrough is the fifth order. Part of the Annihilated Origin is realized after comprehension. The trick ‘Samsara Channel ‘ came out, which is already considered to be the strongest move under the premise of not hurting one’s strength.


It has an even more powerful method, ‘Destruction’, although it does not understand it, it can use it.

Once cast, even a small universe can be easily annihilated.

But the cost is also very high. After all, it has just entered the fifth order and has not reached the fifth order Peak! So do not want to display that trick.


“I will run for my life, until my strength reaches the fifth rank Peak, and even the sixth rank, it will not be too late to kill him. He has become a true god, no longer I can’t improve. But I still have enough room to improve.”

Although Brady thought so, there was also a trace of fear in his heart, because this was the first time he escaped!

No one ever made it run away, but Peyton made it run away.


“Stop.” Peyton cast endless golden sea, a thought of void, and at the same time pointed a finger away, only to see the ninth layer Red Moon Tower flew out directly, radiating dazzling light rays of light, and the base formed endless darkness, shrouding the beast Bedi in the distance.

Boom~~ Endless dark vortex, madly swallowing the beast Bedi.

A thought of the void is the control of time and space.

The endless golden sea is a domain type.

Qianse Ze is a bondage treasure of the power weapon-type.

The three are all mechanical! Among them, Qianshi Ze and golden sea beads are generally used by Void True God, and both of them have extremely strong formidable power. On the contrary, ‘One Mind Void’ is the weakest of the three.

The three superimpose…the world beast Bedi is trapped in it.

“Break open.”

“Samsara Channel!”

Bedi, who was trapped in it, felt that the ocean was filled with him, and time and space were still suppressing him, far away. The place is a sealed world formed by densely packed countless branches and leaves. It is now in this sealed world. Its whole body is full of blood-colored halos, and it tries its best to attack. It strikes on the countless branches and leaves again and again, but those branches and leaves are extremely tenacious. , which cannot be broken.

“roar!” The world beast Bedi raised his head and roared angrily, with thick blood vessels on both necks, and even more crazy in his one eye.

There’s no way to escape, and with Peyton’s means, it’s enough to kill it.

So you must charge ahead.

There is no other choice but the strongest move.

“If you want to die, I will give you death!” The world beast Bedi roared wildly, and directly used the strongest method ‘Destruction’…β€”β€”

After the world beast Bedi entered the fifth rank, there were blood-colored lines on the black skin, and at this moment, accompanied by When Bedi’s roar performed the strongest method ‘Destruction’, these blood-colored silk lines actually swam on the surface of Bedi’s body, followed closely, and even swam out of its body surface and suspended behind it. .

A huge blood-colored pattern hovers behind Bedi.

There was no trace of blood on the surface of Brady’s body.

“Roar~~” sounded like a roar from the endless past, but the huge blood-colored pattern behind Bedi burst out with dazzling rays of light. This blood-colored pattern was like a skeleton. The rays of light that burst out at this moment are like flesh and blood, and it is rapidly condensing, turning into a huge light and shadow of a world beast with two heads.

A world beast formed with a blood-colored pattern as a skeleton.

Emitting endless rays of light, dazzling.

“Destruction!” The world beast Bedi roared.

“Destruction!” The huge beast of light behind it also roared, and the roars resonated with each other. The resonating roar even made Peyton, who had been observing through the void, tremble.

Beddie’s right hand stretched out suddenly.

The huge beast of light behind him also stretched out his right hand.


The five fingers of the right hand move one by one, instantly triggering time and space, rumbling~~~ A huge endless dazzling white vortex channel was born out of thin air, its The dazzling rays of light are billions of times stronger than the constant starlight.

“Go!” Brady’s right hand shoved suddenly.

The Beast of Light behind him also pushed.

This dazzling white vortex tunnel spins, rushing frantically forward, smashing everything in its path.

“Ang~~” The vortex channel is moving forward, while it is still spinning, and the force of this rotation can smash everything.

“Peng!” The endless wall of tenacious branches and leaves was completely scattered by the agitation, countless rattan branches and leaves shrank wildly, and the sphere composed of huge vine leaves, branches and leaves covering hundreds of billions of kilometers was instantly disintegrated. Shrink back to that dark green plant treasure ‘Chisuzawa’.

vortex channel, seems slow.

But that is the effect of the near stagnation of time. It actually speeded to the pinnacle, after penetrating the restraint of Qiansuzawa, it rushed directly to Peyton in the distance, and it was on the golden waves in the distance. With a ninth layer tower, Peyton has already entered the Red Moon Tower.

Although he was confident that he could resist the blow, Peyton didn’t dare to be reckless.

“Die!” The world beast Bedi stared at Peyton from a distance, with anticipation in both of his one-eyed eyes.

Peyton in the Red Moon Tower also looked at the dazzling vortex passage that came from the impact.

“Destruction? This is Destruction? The strongest one-shot attack method in the six stages of the beast, contains part of Annihilated Origin?”

(end of this chapter)

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