All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 591


Chapter 591


Like the destruction of the universe, the endless shock wave whizzes away in all directions , Part of the incomplete vortex channel even hit the blade of Peyton’s blood shadow blade, causing Peyton to roll upside down and fly away.

“Too mysterious, too mysterious.”

Peyton was not annoyed at all, but full of joy, his understanding of ‘Annihilated Origin’ was clearer, and his harvest was naturally greater.

The small universe of the True God is too small, and the profound mystery contained in the evolution is also low… Like the birth and destruction of the Primitive Universe, the proven mystery contained in it is enough to make countless powerhouses of ancient civilizations eager to watch.

The mini-universe of True God is the smallest, the mini-universe of Void True God is larger, the inner evolution contains profound mystery, and the mini-universe of Eternal True God is larger and more mysterious.

It keeps increasing!

This world beast is the head of Source of Annihilation, which is of great benefit to Peyton’s evolutionary universe.

chi chi chi~~~

Divine Force and the power of the beasts are madly against each other.

The two heads of the world beast Bedi turned to stare at Peyton, staring at him, gnashing teeth: “Lord of the Red Moon, I remember you.”

“Ah !” The world beast Bedi suddenly raised his head and roared unwillingly. The roar was full of madness and shrillness. At the same time, a rich color light began to emerge from its body, and the most important ‘world’ in the body was burning frantically… This is any one The choice that the beasts are unwilling to make, even if the most powerful house among the beasts does this, it will be a million times more difficult to climb back to the number one position among the beasts.

When Peyton saw this, he immediately understood that this world beast Bedi was going to cast the world light channel!


The original ‘One Thought Void’ dissipated directly, and at the same time…

A small universe with a diameter of tens of thousands of light years was born out of thin air!

Chaos Qi Flow pervades.

This is the Fourth Layer that Peyton and I have perfected the Red Moon Secret Art for countless years – a thought of the universe!

“No!” The realm light channel that was about to be formed was immediately collapsed by the ‘small Universe Source Strength’. crazy.

“Burning again!!!”


The radiance on the beast Bedi is even more intense, and it was originally planned to drop to the fourth rank, Now it’s desperate, even if it drops to third rank, as long as it can escape.

“bang!” Under the pressure of the powerful small Universe Source Strength, the world light channel could not be formed at all.

“This, this, this…” The world beast Bedi was desperate, and it didn’t even continue to burn up, because the world light energy was the most intense when it descended from the fifth rank to the fourth rank. The world light energy generated by the third rank is already much smaller, let alone the future.

It dropped from the fifth rank to the third rank in one breath, but was easily crushed.

This irresistible disparity… makes the beast Bedi understand that even adding a little energy of the world light is still useless.

“How is it possible, how is it possible, I, I have entered the fifth order…”

The beast Bedi looked at Chaos Qi Flow everywhere in disbelief, and then looked at him again. Payton in the distance.

But Peyton smiled, with his realm, unless all the beasts really won a king, it would still cause him a little trouble.

The rest of the fourth and fifth steps, but err, if it wasn’t for Peyton who wanted to see this Destruction Dao wholeheartedly, to understand and perfect his secret technique, how could he have dragged it to this point.

One thought is empty!

One thought is the universe!

It’s all a kind of control over time and space. The control of ‘a thought of the void’ is still limited, but the control of ‘a thought of the universe’ is a strong terrifying of the control of forming a small universe, and it is self-contained. The universe, how could the ‘Jieguang Channel’ rush out?

The Red Moon Tower flew directly out of Peyton’s hands. The Red Moon Tower was suspended high, and an endless dark vortex was formed at the bottom of the tower, shrouding the world beast Bedi in the distance.

Bedi, the world beast who returned to the third rank in one breath, could not resist the dual control power of the Red Moon Tower and the small universe.

“You are cruel!” The world beast Bedi was bound by the dark vortex and flew towards the black hole at the base of the Red Moon Tower. It stared at Peyton in the distance and roared, “Lord Red Moon, You are indeed the biggest obstacle to our world beast family, but, no one can stop the rise of my world beast, no one!”

“We will destroy all those who block it!” World beast Bedi died Staring at Payton.

“You…and your clan are doomed to be destroyed! This is your destiny, an irresistible destiny.”





The world beast Bedi exploded into nothingness.

Beddie, die!

Before Bedi died, he naturally passed on some words to all the other world beasts (except Morosa) through induction.


The world beast’s lair is dark, and there are nearly ten million world beasts scattered. These world beasts usually fight each other, pursuing the chance to become the king at last. Their destiny is to destroy! The noble ones have never looked down on the beings of the various races in the universe. For them, even in the gestation period, the various races in the universe are just their food.

“I’m Brady!”

“Cosmic Sea Clan Group Number One Powerhouse The Red Moon Lord Peyton has entered the heart of the dark! He has entered the heart of the dark! “

“I have entered the fifth rank.”

“But I am still not his opponent, he is stronger than we expected, all the beasts, we The crisis of life and death is really coming… In the face of the Red Moon Lord, if we do not unite against the enemy, our world beast will fall into his hands.”

“Our world beast’s greatest crisis!”

“A crisis that must be faced by all the beasts together!”

“Abandon all fighting, join forces, and kill the Red Moon Lord!”

“I cast The Jieguang channel can’t escape, I will self-destruct, and all my friends, remember… I, the fifth-order world beast, Bedi, died at the hands of Peyton! And you, you will kill him!”

“Kill the Red Moon Lord!”

“Kill the Red Moon Lord!”

The voice of the beast Bedi, in the whole dark place, Every heart of the Myriad Realms beasts resounded, and all the beasts, no matter how ambitious they were before, are now quiet.

Densely packed nearly 10 million world beasts, at this moment, all are unprecedentedly quiet.

followed immediately.

They all found out that the ‘Beddy’ that could sense before suddenly disappeared.

Beddie, dead!




At the same moment, the entire world Lair of beasts, a thousand Myriad Realms beasts raised their heads and roared.

There is endless rage, madness in the roar.

“Kill the Red Moon Lord!” “Kill the Red Moon Lord!” “Kill the Red Moon Lord!”

All the beasts spread their voices, and every A world beast received the voices from countless other partners. At this moment, the voices of thousands of world beasts merged into the same rhythm and tone – kill the red moon lord!

The countless beasts in the whole dark place were shocked and angry. This red moon lord first enslaved Morosa, and now he killed Bedi, but Bedi has entered the fifth order! A world beast with the most powerful attacking technique ‘Destruction’, he couldn’t even escape. Such a big enemy is definitely a threat to the entire world beast group!

“Have to kill him.”

“Can’t let him escape.”

“Everywhere, our partner in the dark, how could he infiltrate Entering the hinterland and killing Bedi? Even with the guidance of Morosa, when he first entered the dark place, he lost his direction, and he had no way of determining his position.”

“With Morosa’s guidance, It is possible for him to go to the hinterland, and what we have to do now is to kill him. We must surround him in large numbers… There must be enough beasts, otherwise with the guidance of Morosa, he can easily escape again. This time If you kill Bedi, I’m afraid it will be Zia and Long Chuo next time, and he will kill the strongest of our beasts one by one.”

“He must die!”

“Can’t let him escape!”

“He killed Bedi, right where Bedi was before.”

Countless beasts sound transmission to each other, beasts Their conscious computing speed is definitely not inferior to that of the true gods, and it is not difficult to keep several millions of channels communicating with each other.


The terrifying beasts roared and roared, and quickly rushed from their respective positions to the place where Bedi fell. . In particular, the beasts who were close to that area rushed over quickly.

“He must be found, he must not escape!”

Every world beast understands.

The power of the Red Moon Lord… has surpassed any other beast. If he is allowed to exist, I am afraid that the final king will not be born.

And the lord of the red moon has the guidance of ‘Morosa’, so it is not difficult to escape from the dark place… So he must be found as soon as possible, if it is not found for a long time, then the lord of the red moon may escape Lose.

So, if you know that you will die if you touch it, you should rush to it!

In the face of the real enemy… these beasts who were born to ‘destroy’ will be absolutely unanimous.

After Peyton in silver armor killed Bedi, he immediately teleported sharply away from his original position, and communicated with Morosa.

“Morosa, keep an eye on all the beasts and mark them all up.”

In Peyton’s mini-universe.

The incarnation of Evil God was saying this to Morosa, who excitedly said: “Yes, Master! Master, you are so amazing, Bedi has entered the fifth level, They all died in your hands, and they didn’t even escape.”

On the suspended super-large spherical model, nearly ten million light spots scattered all over the dark place suddenly appeared. More than a million light spots began to move, mainly in the area that was originally close to Bedi’s position. More than one million light spots rushed towards it. It was obvious that these light spots continued to shrink, and the light spots in that area. Density is increasing rapidly.

Evil God avatar looks serious.

He understands that every light point is a world beast, and the more than one million light points are quickly gathered in the center of the Imperial court, obviously more than one million world beasts are gathering.

“Master, about 1.63 million world beasts are rapidly gathering towards the master’s location.” Morosa said, “These world beasts are at least Second Rank Peak, and they cast Blood Burning. After the surgery, they are slightly weaker than the master teacher Primal Chaos City. So many beasts… Master you…”

Morosa was obviously worried.

A world beast with over a million is equivalent to a true god with over a million! And it is not an ordinary true god, but uses the mechanical flow treasure, which is equivalent to the Blood Orchid ancestor level.

So many only need one joint attack, even ten hundred Void True Gods will be annihilated.

“That’s all?” The Evil God avatar frowned.

“Master…” Morosa was shocked.

Still too little?

There are over a million world beasts.

“How can we get all the other beasts to gather together.” Evil God incarnate asked.

“Master, because you killed Bedi and failed to let him escape. This made countless beasts attach great importance to you, and over a million beasts gathered there! This is already It is more important than ever.” Morosa said, “It is difficult, really difficult to let more beasts pass by.”

Evil God incarnates nodded.


In the endless darkness.

A huge rock floats.

“It seems that more world beasts need to come over, and the world beasts must be made aware… It’s not enough just to deal with me with over a million world beasts. They will gather more.” Dayton thought.

“The beast must be the more the better.”

“The more I can use to perfect the way of the universe.”



1,6 million world beasts are rapidly surrounding from all directions, all of them are teleporting their limit distances, constantly approaching , and the fluctuation of the surrounding area is always sensed. If fluctuations are sensed and there are no other beasts in that area, it is almost certainly the Lord of the Red Moon.

“Hoo!” A hideous beast stood in the void, looking around.

“I’ve already reached the place where Bedi died, but the Red Moon Lord is not here.”

“It’s only been a while, and the Red Moon Lord can’t escape very far. It must be in the surrounding area. We all try to surround ourselves with each other and keep a good distance from each other. Every world beast can sense and control a certain area, and try not to leave a trace of escape space.”

The densely packed world beast They sound transmission to each other more delicately than the most sophisticated military coordination.

Each maintains a certain distance, and each senses an area.

Keep shrinking the encirclement!

The smaller the encirclement, the less space the Red Moon Lord has to escape.

The passage of time…”Why haven’t we found it yet?”

“Our encirclement space has been reduced to the point where there is no loophole. As long as it is within this space, this red moon lord We will definitely find it.” All the beasts were frantically searching, but no matter how they looked, they couldn’t find it.

Then there is only one possibility!

“The tightest encirclement we formed took too long. He must have escaped from our loophole before we were completely surrounded.”

“It must be Moro Sarah has been guiding.”

“You can’t let him escape.”

“Even if he escapes the encirclement, he won’t be able to escape too far. We are in the dark heartland.”

“We need more companions.”

“Catch him!”

With the sound transmission one by one, This made the world beasts in the entire dark place shocked. The more than one million world beasts were the closest to the area where Bedi died. Didn’t get stuck?

hua hua hua! !

densely packed, more beasts have acted, and madness has also been rounded up from many areas. The more than 100 Myriad Realms beasts who had already formed an encirclement also began to teleport outwards in the opposite direction, continuing to search for Peyton. So many world beasts… As long as one finds Peyton, the surrounding world beasts will quickly surround him.

…”Master.” Morosa was controlling the huge Dark Land model, and continued, “Including the more than one hundred Myriad Realms before, there are now about six hundred Myriad Realms in total. When they act, they are quickly besieged from many areas…and the area is constantly shrinking, it is too difficult for you to escape, master.”

Under the intentional control, and each world beast can sense each other, Morosa And in the distant Peyton small universe, the induction was blurred and not accurate enough, and it was no longer possible to find an escape route for Peyton.

“I know.” Evil God’s avatar smiled, “Six million?”

Morosa looked at Peyton suspiciously.

The more beasts there are, the happier the owner is?


(End of this chapter)

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