All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 592


Chapter 592

Peton was teleporting directly in the vast void of the dark place.

“Morosa, mark all the world beasts that are suspected to be third rank and fourth rank, especially those who came to encircle me.”

The incarnation of Evil God ordered that since the killing was to be carried out , Naturally, try to kill some powerful world beasts. The more powerful world beasts die, the more beneficial it will be for him to understand the extreme destruction of the universe.


Morosa was very cooperative, because he longed for his master to kill all the other world beasts, then it would become the last king.

Will you feel compassion?

How is that possible?

Its camp has changed. It is completely on Peyton’s side. After being enslaved, it longs for the death of all other world beasts, and other world beasts are also extremely eager to kill it.

“Master, the closest Scoro to you! It should be the third rank Peak, of course it may be the fourth rank, and he fought with me many times at the beginning.”


More and more world beasts are rushing towards this vast area, and they are trying their best to find within a certain range around them, but they don’t know that they are in a mountain in one of them. On the range, Peyton had been hiding there all the time, but the world beasts just couldn’t find it by ‘invisibility’.

“Where exactly is that? Where is the abominable Lord of the Red Moon?” The world beast Skorro was suspended in the void, and he also sensed fluctuations when he looked around, his face full of hideousness and anger.

“Six hundred Myriad Realms came to deliberately seek and besiege him, and he would never escape.”

Just as the world beast Scoro was about to teleport and continue searching, suddenlyβ€”β€” A wave suddenly appeared.

Immediately following the surrounding area, the space condensed, and the world beast Scoro couldn’t even teleport.

“en?” The world beast Scoro saw the silhouette appearing in the distance at a glance, but there was a dazzling silver silhouette coming in the endless dim void, and there were five pairs of dazzling wings behind him. , he looked at the world beast Scoro, just stretched out his right hand, a ninth layer Little Pagoda appeared out of thin air, and then flew directly.

A golden sea bead also appeared on top of his head.

“Boom~~~” The golden waves appear within a light-year range, the Red Moon Tower also hangs high and emits rays of light, and the base forms an endless dark vortex directly shrouding the world beast Scoro .

“Lord of the Red Moon!” The world beast Scoro was both shocked and angry.

I’m glad I finally found the Red Moon Lord.

The anger was because he was attacked by the Red Moon Lord. He is only the third rank peak now, and he only needs to devour some beasts to enter the fourth rank. But third rank Peak is only third rank Peak after all, and it is not much worse than the fifth-order Bedi… Facing the lord of the red moon, it is like a little sheep encountering prehistoric dinosaurs, which is not a level at all.


The dark vortex formed at the base of the Red Moon Tower completely binds the beast lord.

Coupled with the oppression of the surrounding golden sea fields, it simply cannot struggle to escape.

“Lord Crimson Moon, you are dead, you are dead.” The world beast Scoro was full of madness and roared, “Don’t try to enslave me!”


The world beast Scoro exploded directly.

Seeing this, Peyton shook his head slightly. Every beast is extremely proud, and he would rather die than be enslaved.

In the beginning, Morosa would rather die than be enslaved, but he was enslaved because he was suppressed and unable to self-destruct. Of course, after being enslaved, he was absolutely loyal to Peyton from the deepest part of his soul. Naturally Standing on Peyton’s side everywhere.

“Everyone knows my whereabouts now.”

There was a trace of anticipation in Peyton’s eyes, and he was immediately disappeared.

“Scoro has discovered the Red Moon Lord.”

“The Red Moon Lord is in Skorona!”

“Found the Red Moon Lord.”

“Scoro is dead.”

The beasts who were frantically searching for the Red Moon Lord were very excited, although they knew Scoro died, but he was not surprised at all, just more resentful.

After all, even the fifth-order Bedi is dead, and it is very normal for any other beast to be killed by the Red Moon Lord.

Now in the hearts of all the beasts, the lord of the red moon is an endless high wall, blocking their way. When the beast alone hits the high wall, it will only smash into pieces and die. Only Only by being besieged by a large number of beasts can there be hope.

“The position of the lord of the red moon has been determined.”

“All the beasts must act together, at least thousands of beasts must act together, alone or even a small amount. The Moon Lords simply can’t resist. Must act in large numbers.”



The beasts really have their hearts on it. When a huge threat to the Red Moon Lord, the discipline surname surpassed any army.

Before, it was to search for Peyton, so they all scattered, and now they found that Peyton was in their encirclement (Scoro was one of them, Peyton killed Scoro, naturally in Within the encirclement), within the encirclement, naturally everyone can shrink wildly, and no longer give the Red Moon Lord a chance to escape.

Shrinking sharply!

All the world beasts are no longer looking around, but madly gathering towards the area where Scoro died before. This time, unlike the previous time when Bedi died, when Bedi died… all the beasts were scattered, but now they are more concentrated.



While teleporting, the beasts sensed the position and fluctuation of their partners, and naturally began to approach .

The two world beasts move quickly together, and soon they become three world beasts, six world beasts… The world beasts teleport, the higher the density, they naturally gather crazily, and fifty of them move together , and teleported twice, it became more than a hundred, and teleported a few more times, and it exceeded five hundred, and soon reached the number of thousands of beasts.


After Peyton killed the world beast Scoro, he immediately teleported to a rushing river in the nearest vertical and horizontal void, and directly transformed into a river. flowing in the river.

“Master, the world beasts have begun to unite continuously. Now the largest team has more than 100 world beasts. Oh, it has reached more than 300 now…” Morosa sensed the fluctuations. , and quickly conveyed the message to Peyton, “The biggest team is the nearly five thousand world beasts moving together.”

“Which team is the largest in the surrounding area near this river?” Evil God avatar ask.

“It’s right here.” Morosa guided, and the light in that small area suddenly increased, “One of the teams here has reached nearly 2,000 world beasts. The largest team in the region. There are also three other teams, namely about eight hundred beasts, one thousand two beasts, and one thousand beasts.”


Pentium Suddenly a mass of water in the river flew out and condensed into a human shape, Peyton said softly.

“I want you to be frightened, really frightened, and the more frightened you are, the more you will kill me at all costs.”


Peyton teleported directly towards the team of nearly two thousand world beasts.

The so-called β€œvast crowd” is a crowd of tens of thousands of people. This world beast is inherently large. Nearly 2,000 world beasts are densely packed at a glance, and the evil aura emitted is enough to make those True Gods panicked.


Nearly two thousand world beasts all sensed it.


The surrounding space condenses instantly.

“Everyone.” The silver armored man appeared in the void, his dazzling wings spread behind him.

“The Red Moon Lord!” Nearly two thousand world beasts were shocked.

“Kill him.”

“Kill the Red Moon Lord.”

The nearly two thousand world beasts without the slightest hesitation are extremely crazy He unleashed his own attack, and the blood light burned on the surface of each individual at a time. Obviously, they all used the ‘Blood Burning Technique’, and they all directly punched in the direction of Peyton. Countless dazzling black lights covered the sky and the earth for a while. , shrouded Payton.

“shua.” Peyton took a step and entered the red moon tower that appeared out of thin air in front of him.

Peng! ! !

The strikes of nearly two thousand world beasts caused the Red Moon Tower to be thrown backwards in a shock, and Peyton in the tower nodded lightly: “The combined force of the two thousand world beasts is comparable to the fifth-order world beasts. The power of ‘destruction’ is gone, but the fifth-order world beast can only perform a few times, and the attack of two thousand world beasts is very easy to perform a hundred times.”

Although the general ability of thirty-three world beasts A higher-order world beast is born.

You can really kill it, and the combined attack of seven or eight Second Rank Peak beasts can be comparable to that of Third Rank Peak.

Obviously it devours other world beasts to evolve, and there is a lot of energy loss in the process.

“Hiding in the Red Moon Tower?” Nearly two thousand world beasts looked at the Red Moon Tower in the distance and were all worried. Now every world beast knows some information about the Red Moon Lord. The most powerful treasures of the Red Moon Lord.

“Now hiding, he can’t hide forever, there will be more and more world beasts, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions… When the time comes a joint strike, this Red Moon Tower will have to Broken. Even if it is not broken, he who is hiding inside will be directly shocked to death.”

These world beasts did not continue to attack, but surrounded the Red Moon Tower while waiting for other world beasts to gather.

“The Red Moon Lord is here.”

“The Red Moon Lord is here.”

The message spreads.

But at the same time they surrounded the Red Moon Tower.


A few light-years around, a grandiose small universe appeared in an instant, and Chaos Qi Flow filled the small universe. Although the size is not large, the power is not reduced in the slightest.

Because the power of a small universe depends on the source, and the small universe source of “universal formation” is Peyton himself.

“Wow~~” endless golden waves instantly appeared in the entire small universe.

Peyton looked into the distance and could easily sense the position of any beast.


Payton a single thought.


The combination of small Universe Source Strength and ‘golden sea power’, even the fifth-rank Bedi has to be suppressed, not to mention those Second Rank beasts. The mixed power attacked the five hundred beasts in an instant, and five hundred big palms were born out of thin air, and suddenly grabbed one head of the beast, and five hundred big palms mixed with golden waves and Source Power, and grabbed it directly. !


The five hundred world beasts were crushed in an instant, and even the world within their body was shattered, and they died immediately!

Like the real Eternal True God, such as Xueyong, they deploy a small universe, and a single thought kills tens of thousands of True Gods with no difficulty. Peyton was far worse, but killing five hundred Second Rank Peak Beasts at one time was quite easy.

“Come again.” Five hundred big palms appeared again, and they directly grabbed the five hundred beasts.

The more than 1,000 world beasts that were still alive in this team were suddenly terrified.




“How is it possible!”

Although their combined attack is very terrifying, their defense alone is very weak, this is a group Weakness of attack, so the ancient civilizations have groups such as ‘Jinluo Heaven and Earth’. Tens of millions of true gods are in Jinluo Heaven and Earth. The attack is strong, and the defense is also strong.

Like the beasts, they don’t have treasure. They are weak and naturally killed on a large scale.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Five hundred big palms appeared four times in a row, nearly two thousand world beasts were all annihilated, not a single one remained!


One thought of universe formation and endless golden sea are powerful means suitable for group attack.

The combination of the two really swept away everything, killing nearly two thousand world beasts in an instant.

In fact, this time Peyton came to the dark place, and he was very well prepared. Whether it was a single attack or a group attack, he had been prepared for countless years, even if it wasn’t for the comprehend of Destruction Dao , it is the easiest choice for him to directly cast the will secret technique.


“must kill the Red Moon Lord, otherwise he will kill 2,000 this time and 2,000 next time, and our 900 Myriad Realms will eventually be killed. !”

“I can’t let him live.”


The beasts were confused at first, followed by anxiety and anger , everyone has to kill Peyton quickly!

The other team of about a thousand world beasts closest to Peyton is in a panic. They have received the news that the nearly two thousand world beasts not far away have been wiped out, and the entire world has become extinct. A consensus has long been formed within the beast group: “You must count Myriad Realms to act together, otherwise there will be danger.”

So after the shock of this group of about a thousand realms, they just decided to completely disperse open.

As long as they are scattered, how many can the Red Moon Lord kill even if he kills them?

“Om.” This space condensed.

“It’s too late!”


About a thousand world beasts are blinded, they know it’s too late, mainly about two thousand worlds The sudden fall of the beast was too shocking, but after they had made a decision, Peyton had already arrived.

“Lord of the Red Moon.” Nearly a thousand world beasts all with grim faces, staring at the silver armored man walking in the distance. The silver armored man has five pairs of dazzling wings behind him, emitting endless rays of light.

This silver armored man is the biggest threat to their beasts.

one after another black light beam lights up!

About a thousand world beasts attacked at the same time, killing Peyton. Facing this blow, Peyton just waved the long spear in his hand, and a vague gun shadow flew out. When this vaguely ethereal huge gun shadow touched those black beams of light, it instantly annihilated all the black beams of light, with no difficulty.

The attack of the two thousand world beasts is comparable to ‘destruction’.

The combined attack of about a thousand world beasts can be blocked by Peyton in front of it!


The surrounding space instantly turned into an endless Chaos Qi Flow. At the same time, a golden bead was suspended in front of Peyton, making all the beasts around All formed monstrous golden waves.

“Rumble~~~” The endless golden waves are mixed with Universe Source Strength. With just two impacts, these nearly a thousand world beasts will be wiped out.

As soon as Peyton took a step, he disappeared and went to deal with the other team.


In the distant Peyton mini-universe.

Morosa was constantly sensing the situation in the dimly lit land, and while manipulating the positions of all the light spots in the model, he exclaimed at the same time: “Master, you instantly killed nearly two thousand world beasts. , caused the entire beast group to shake, and the number of beasts who came to hunt down your master has increased again.”

“How much has it increased?” Evil God incarnate looked forward to it.

Do your best.

I just want more beasts to chase and kill me.

Come and kill yourself the more the better!

“6.8 million, no, almost 6.9 million,” Morosa said.

“Not enough.” The Evil God avatar shook his head slightly.

“Master, you killed another team, a thousand beasts.” Morosa was very excited.

The avatar of Evil God just stared at the light spot on the huge model, and the deity Peyton was trying his best to kill.

In just a moment, it swept a large area around. Although the team of beasts near Peyton had begun to completely disperse, Peyton still killed nearly one Myriad Realms beast in one breath, making a A large area has become almost Peyton’s domain.

This overwhelming strength obviously stimulates the beasts even more.

“Master, the number of beasts heading to the hinterland has exceeded seven million! It has exceeded seven million!”

Morosa was excited and worried, worried whether Peyton would be able to escape alive from it.

“Very good.” Evil God incarnates nodded, “However, this is not enough.”

“Seven million.” Morosa worried, “The whole world There are more than 9.2 million points in the beast group.”

“I hope they all come.” Evil God incarnate within both eyes full of fiery heat.

Morosa really didn’t understand why the master did this. Facing the massive beasts, Morosa couldn’t think of how the master could escape.

“Just follow my orders.” Evil God incarnate commanded.

“Yes.” Morosa thought no more.


(end of this chapter)

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