All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 593


Chapter 593

In the vast area, all the beasts have fled, and this area has completely become Peyton territory.

However, outside of this area…

A team of Myriad Realms is gathering and advancing from all directions. Dayton’s chances of survival will be even slimmer.


“Don’t give the Red Moon Lord a chance.”

“We are in charge of this area.”

The ferocious world beasts that are densely packed are naturally arranged in a row, and there are so many world beasts that they even cover the void.

Each team has tens of thousands of beasts.

There are tens of thousands of people, vast crowd.

There are tens of thousands of world beasts that are a million kilometers high, and they are covering the void.


A huge team of beasts arrived quickly and gathered around the Foreign Domain in Peyton District. They weren’t in a hurry to get in.



One of the huge world beast teams is also comparable to covering the void. The world beasts are densely packed, and there is a total of one. As many as eighteen thousand. At this moment, the 36,000 heads of these world beasts all turned in one direction and looked directly over… Because there was a wave there, a man with silver armor and wings appeared with a smile.

“The beasts.” The silver-armored winged man smiled, “I declare… you have been eliminated on the road to becoming kings.”



A small universe and an endless golden sea were formed at the same time.

“Lord of the Red Moon!”

All the 18 thousand world beasts were furious, too arrogant, all the world beasts attacked at the same time, one after another black beam of light Instantly shot at Peyton in the distance.


The endless black light sweeps away everything, wherever it passes, everything Chaos Qi Flow is annihilated, and the void is broken.

No one can stop it.

Even the golden waves were dispelled and shattered. Finally, the huge black beam of light formed by the combined strike of the 18,000 world beasts struck directly on the Red Moon Tower.


A blow of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

Even if the ten true god miniature universes are annihilated here, the incredible shock wave generated by the strikes on the Red Moon Tower will be swept away directly. The universe collapsed and collapsed directly, and the Red Moon Tower was blasted far away at more than 100,000 times the speed of light…


“Kill Lord of the Red Moon.”

The densely packed beasts covered the void and directly chased the flying Red Moon Tower.

The imposing manner is like a rainbow!

murderous intention skyrockets!




The Red Moon Tower disappeared in an instant, and Peyton instantly turned into a Divine Force Sea Ocean, a Divine Force Sea Ocean spread over 10 billion kilometers, which almost enveloped more than 300 world beasts.

“Attack!” Seeing the appearance of Divine Force Sea Ocean, the beasts were overjoyed.


Divine Force Sea Ocean disappeared again, and Peyton in silver armor reappeared, but at this moment Peyton had already reached the interior of the beast group.


Peyton’s eyes swept to the group of beasts in front of him.

The large group of beasts were suddenly blinded.

They vaguely saw a huge Divine Eyes, the huge Divine Eyes suspended in a misty void, everything around disappeared, only their existence alone, the terrifying will shock contained in the Divine Eyes As if a sharp sword had pierced into their souls, there were more than 900 beasts recently hit by Peyton, not only the souls were in so much pain, but they were even blinded in an instant.

Eye of Destruction!

Peton’s willpower secret art comprehend by Destruction Dao, the ultimate universe!

At the same time as Peyton casts the Eye of Destruction, he also wields the blood shadow gun in his hand.

The ten basic Source Laws and part of ‘Annihilated Origin’ are combined into one trick.


The gunshot flew out instantly.

The speed is naturally much higher than the speed of Peyton’s flight. It has reached a million times the speed of light just after flying out and continues to soar. The light of this gun turns into a dazzling white golden! The star in the shape of a gunlight, which seems to be billions of times brighter, does have the charm of ‘destruction’, and it has a profound mystery of erosion that the extreme of gold has turned into soft water…


The dazzling white golden gunlight directly slaughtered more than 900 world beasts in front of him.

These more than 900 world beasts, whose bodies were all disintegrated in an instant, shattered the world in their bodies, and died directly.

“Be careful.”


“Kill him.”

The beasts did not panic, When they reach this stage, their attacks are naturally very subtle. Even if Peyton is mixed in the group of beasts, the 18,000 beasts can strike Peyton at the same time without hurting their companions.

“Boom bang bang! !!” There are six thousand beams of light, coming at the same time.

“Broken.” Peyton gun light flashed.

White golden’s gunlight directly hit the past, and there was a loud bang in an instant. More than 300 people, when they attacked, they would not spread to their companions, but the shock wave generated would spread to them!

“It actually blocked it.”

“The six thousand world beasts combined to strike, but it was only slightly disadvantaged?”

“His strength became stronger I’m done.”

The beasts were shocked.

They didn’t know, they were never just pawns for comprehend Destruction Dao in Peyton’s eyes.


Peyton’s Eye of Destruction and Spear Art work together to make it powerful.

The raging in the 18,000 world beasts made the world beasts want to escape one by one to distance themselves from Peyton, but their speed was not as fast as Peyton, and Peyton could Hua Hai rushed into it, how could they distance themselves?


“Master, the number of beasts going to the hinterland is increasing, and the beasts chasing you have reached 7.6 million, no, 7.7 million. , it’s still increasing!” Morosa said in shock to the avatar of Evil God next to him.

There are more and more world beasts going to encircle and suppress Peyton, and more and more make Morosa’s heart tremble: “Master, it has reached 7.9 million.”

“Effect Not bad.” Evil God’s avatar smiled.

“The master and 18 thousand beasts fought at the same time, and they were defeated and fled, only less than a thousand escaped.”

Morosa was full of worship, ” It’s really amazing! Those world beasts must be stunned, and the fear in their hearts will make them kill their masters at all costs.”

To destroy Peyton’s threat, he must kill Peyton. Dayton deity.

As for destroying Peyton’s mini-universe?

Even if the small universe is really destroyed, Peyton is still alive and well, but he can’t become Void True God. Relatively speaking… the world beasts hope that the lord of the red moon will quickly become a Void True God and go to reincarnation.

“Take this area.” The Evil God avatar pointed at the huge model, “The number of beasts in each team is marked.”

“Yes, master.” Moro Sa replied.

Each cluster is marked with a number next to the light spot.

“The nearest team around me has 12,000 thousand beasts.” Evil God incarnates gracefully. Immediately, the deity starts to kill there.

In a few moments.

“Master, many teams of world beasts in the area around you are retreating quickly, and they will automatically disperse and flee.” Morosa continued, “Even a team of ten-twenty thousand world beasts would not dare. You fought with the master.”

“It’s a pity that I only killed a few hundred beasts.” Evil God avatar shook his head, “Every team is completely scattered and fleeing, making it difficult for me to kill on a large scale.”

When the beasts gather together, how much fun is it that they can shoot several hundred with one shot?

Now what?

It would be much more troublesome to kill each one of them.

“Now all the world beasts are gathered at the periphery of this area, and some teams have reached the number of 100,000.” Morosa was nervous. It can be clearly seen from the model that densely The packed spots formed a circle that surrounded that area, and Payton was in that area.

“The number of world beasts coming towards the hinterland is still increasing, reaching eight million.” Morosa shouted with a trembling voice.

The Evil God avatar watched silently.

“Master, it’s eight million!” Morosa’s one-eyed stared round.

It doesn’t know…

Faced with the encirclement and suppression of a large number of beasts, how does its owner respond. One to one million, Payton did it! Peyton’s battle strength has definitely reached the Void True God Peak, but he is only a true god after all, and he is no less than Void True God in realm, and only with a series of extreme treasures such as Wu Qishen, Wu Yuyi, Blood Shadow Gun, etc. That waits for battle strength.

But that’s almost the limit of Payton’s!

Ten Myriad Realms, how does he deal with it?

What about the hundred Myriad Realms beasts?

Hundreds of Myriad Realms beasts strike, no less than Eternal True God, no matter how powerful Peyton is, he is only a true god.

The 800 Myriad Realms united means, already comparable to the Peak powerhouse in Eternal True God.

Payton just shook his head slightly, but it is too shallow to measure his strength with the realm of the world.

From the beginning of the achievement of True God, the Small Accomplishment of the Way of Gene, he will no longer have to be cautiously, and this universe will be invincible.

If it wasn’t for comprehend destruction, reincarnation, and complete perfection of his own cosmic system, he might have left.

After he succeeds, the way of genetics approaches the Great Accomplishment, the so-called Divine King, and he has to fight to know who wins and who loses!


With the guidance of Morosa, Peyton sneak attack again and again, some small teams, idle beasts, so that some beasts die from time to time, although the entire beast group The incomparable anger caused more and more beasts to participate in the siege of Peyton.

No matter how angry they are, their roundup is not messed up at all.

They keep building up.

The circles surround Peyton’s area, even if they are occasionally sneak attacked, they still do.

“Even if hundreds of thousands of world beasts die, it’s worth it for my world beast family…”

“No one can stop the birth of the last king.”

The world beasts are like sophisticated machines. They are born to destroy them. They kill each other when there is no threat, but when there is a real threat… They are united as if they have a common brain, and they will never Cannibalism and extremely precise coordination, even if they sacrifice themselves, they will not be shaken in the slightest.

Their cruelty is shocking!

Peyton shook his head: “The existence that represents destruction is worth my visit!”

A powerhouse is not only strong, but more importantly, strong in spirit.

The ruthlessness of the beasts will not waver at their own sacrifice makes Peyton feel this power.


Peyton is trying his best to use all means to influence the world beasts and shake them.

The beasts are dying one by one.

But they still don’t care as a whole, they are still gathering, and more than 500 Myriad Realms have successfully gathered around them.

“Start moving forward.”

“Start moving forward.”

“Start moving forward.”

A team of Beasts is It began to advance slowly, and the world beasts over three million in the dark place were coming at the fastest speed.

Precise as a machine, without a trace of error.

Everything is in the calculations of the beasts, and they continue to intimidate, making Peyton’s activity space constantly shrinking.

“We found the Red Moon Lord.”

“He’s trapped by us.”


” Attack!”

Fifty Myriad Realms kept their distance from Peyton, then attacked at the same time.

The powerful blows formed by fifty Myriad Realms beasts converged and turned into a beam of light that annihilates everything…

The beam of light strikes directly on the Red Moon Tower, causing the red moon The tower tumbled and flew away at a million times the speed of light, and Peyton in the tower only felt the vibration, consuming some Divine Force.

“We’ve also arrived.”

Another grandiose team arrived, making the number of beasts surrounding Peyton approaching one million.

Time passes.

Teams are assembling and arriving.

Every time a new team is assembled, they will try to attack together once, playing the Red Moon Tower like a ball, throwing strikes far and wide again and again, but let their number go from one hundred to one. Ten thousand to two million three million, or even five million.

In their eyes, Payton is just struggling to support…

But they don’t know, Payton’s leisure at this time…

This The Red Moon Pagoda was created by his cultivation base, using the Great Firmament secret technique to refine it, and it can even be called his dao fruit.

It is the incarnation of Evil God, which is the Avatar of the Red Moon Realm in previous life.

Its importance goes without saying.

The number of world beasts assembled has been slowly increasing, and world beasts from all over the place are constantly pouring in.

5.3 million, 5.6 million, 6 million…

The beasts are already big, and several millions are surrounded by the beasts, completely obscuring them The void is literally endless.


“Master, the assembled beasts have reached 7.6 million.”

Morosa was always aware of everything, and his face was full of anxiety , “There are more than 8.3 million world beasts who came this time, and they will all arrive soon. Master, how are you going to escape?”

It panicked.

Payton dies, he dies too, when the time comes he won’t be king.

“7.6 million?”

Evil God’s avatar smiled, “It’s time to close the net.”


“Eight million,” Peyton muttered softly.

β€œEight. The packed beasts are all over the void, and there is no end in sight. They are all staring at the Red Moon Tower in the distance!

Over 8.3 million world beasts gathered here. Obviously, before the Red Moon Lord Peyton killed Bedi, killed two thousand world beast teams, and even killed 18,000 world beast teams. It caused countless beasts to worry about it!

They can’t bear it any longer, they all have a strong premonition that they won’t kill the Red Moon Lord… In the future, the Red Moon Lord will kill them all!

Then the enslaved Morosa eventually became king.

This is something they don’t want to see.

“We, more than 800 Myriad Realms beasts, unite to strike.”

“This time we must exert the strongest force… If this does not kill the Red Moon Lord, Then we can only send him to some Jedi in Qingfeng Realm.”

“It must be successful.”

The beasts sent a sound transmission one by one.

They all stared at the red moon tower in the distance, hate, how can the red moon tower be destroyed, why are they not in a hurry?

(End of this chapter)

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