All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 594


Chapter 594



“Prepare .”

One order after another, the more than 830 Myriad Realms beasts were divided into nearly 20 large teams, and the sound transmission was quickly deployed to confirm the attack of the more than 800 Myriad Realms beasts. Can come together! If there is an error one after the other, it is equivalent to wasting energy.

According to the distance, one battallion starts to attack in turn.


At first glance, the farthest camp of nearly thirty Myriad Realms beasts burned blood light, and then countless beams of light blasted one after another. When they blasted out, they also consciously guided their attacks to actively converge, and soon the attacks of the nearly thirty Myriad Realms beasts converged.

A dazzling black beam of light rushed towards the Red Moon Tower from the far rear.

“Attack.” Several teams immediately began to attack, and their attacks all converged towards the black beam of light!

Two battallions, three battallions, four battallions… The attacks of all the beasts of battallion, like destroying heaven and extinguishing earth, continue to gather in the past!

They are all in one direction, so they will not collide with each other and waste.

The black beam of light keeps flying forward, moving forward at ten million times the speed of light.

In the end, it turned into nothingness!

The emptiness comes from nothingness.

The attacks of other world beasts gathered in the past, and they all directly merged into nothingness… All the world beasts stared at the Red Moon Tower in the distance, all of them were looking forward to it, looking forward to it. In the face of this powerful blow, the Red Moon Lord must die.

Because they really don’t want to send the Red Moon Lord into the Jedi, that is risky, who knows if the Red Moon Lord can escape.


In Peyton’s small universe a billion light-years in diameter, Morosa was uneasy, and at this moment it The owner is completely surrounded by more than 800 Myriad Realms beasts


A bang that truly destroys heaven extinguishing earth.

The shock wave immediately spread to both sides, and also caused the Red Moon Tower to fly away at high speed.

“What happened?”

“Is the Red Moon Tower broken?”

More than 800 Myriad Realms can’t see clearly, because The shock wave is too strong, annihilating the void, making them unable to see clearly, and unable to sense the situation in the center of the explosion.

Just when they were anxious to know the result.

Peton in the Red Moon Tower.

“Sure.” Peyton tried his best to control the Red Moon Tower to slow down. After the crazy burning Divine Force consumed a lot, the Red Moon Tower quickly stopped and even flew back in the opposite direction. And the scattered shock wave is also rapidly attenuating, the surrounding time and space are gradually beginning to stabilize, and the beast herds in the distance will begin to see everything clearly.


The Red Moon Tower skyrocketed nine light years high in an instant, and at the front then of the Red Moon Tower was a giant that was also nine light years tall, obscuring the endless void.

Peton looked at everything in front of him coldly, secretly said in one’s heart: “Destroy it!”


More than 800 Myriad Realms beasts They all saw the silver-armored giants that suddenly appeared in the distance. They were angry that the Red Moon Lord was not dead, and at the same time were surprised that the Red Moon Lord dared to walk out of the Red Moon Tower. At the same time, they were also shocked that the Red Moon Lord could become like this. Majestic and huge.

“Kill it.”

“Another joint attack.”

The beasts immediately began to organize.

It’s just that Peyton won’t give them time. At the moment when it becomes nine light-years high, a red moon completely emerges and merges with the Red Moon Tower.

The endless red river runs through time and space, and the incomparably beautiful rays of light burst out in an instant, just like petals, its speed reaches the unbelievable extreme, and it flies through the endless area in an instant.

Shroud the void.

At this moment, the void seemed to rain a shower of petals, falling on every beast.

“puff!” In front of these beautiful petals, the body of the world beast is easily cut open, swept across by petals, directly cut and shattered, and the world within the body is also shattered…beautiful.

Payton has been building up my strength in this brief moment, and it all exploded.

In the long river of the red moon, all the rays of light flew out. The formidable power of the formidable power is naturally far more than the power of the eight hundred Myriad Realms beasts to strike the ‘nothingness’ just now. It is also very powerful. of silence.

In front of this endless terrifying blow, everything becomes void, and the sound is also annihilated.

Eight hundred Myriad Realms spread across several light-years.

But in an instant, the endless beautiful gunlight was shrouded in it. The gunlight was extremely beautiful and had a supreme and perfect beauty. The petals of the gunlight were reflected in the eyes of every beast. .

Is it beautiful?



All the beasts, the more than 800 Myriad Realms beasts in this brief moment are full of fear, facing a blow that is far from being able to deal with



They are terrified and desperate!

But no matter how scared and desperate, they are also world beasts! A beast that exists to destroy.




All the beasts struggled, Some attacked, some wanted to use the Jieguang Channel, and some wanted to escape…

Butβ€”Peton, who was nine light years tall, turned into a long river of red moon and washed away slightly, and the area in front of him was several light years away. It was as if the beautiful picture scroll was shattered in an instant, and everything on this beautiful picture scroll in the area of several light-years was annihilated.

All annihilation.

into nothingness.

The endless petals continue to move forward after sweeping the area of several light-years, and even finally rushed out of the dark place and rushed into other Jedi in the core area of ‘Qingfengjie’, and I don’t know how much it rushed out. far, and eventually dissipated.

The more than 830 Myriad Realms beasts that were unmatched in front of him have been wiped out in front of that beautiful and soul-stirring blow!

As if wiped with a rag, just wipe it off without leaving a single one!

The universe is silent.

This vast void seems to have fallen into an unprecedented silence.

No sound.

The Great Destruction!

Total destruction!

Destruction Dao!

The Way of Evil God!

The way of the red moon!

The way of genes!

The way to spread the sky…

In an instant, thousands of dao fruits turn into eternity with this blow.

Peton’s breath also grows continuously, he destroys the destruction!

In this brief moment, he is destruction, total destruction!

Destruction Dao brings the improvement of the way of the universe… everything is being perfected.


And the less than one million world beasts who survived scattered in the dim periphery zone clearly sensed that the more than 800 Myriad Realms beasts disappeared and annihilated in an instant. It is blind, followed by extreme fear!

Eight hundred and thirty Myriad Realms, almost 90% of the power of the entire beast group. What a vast force this is, the world beasts scattered in the peripheral zone can’t think of any way to make so many world beasts annihilate in an instant, but all this is actually happening, they believe in their own induction very much, this It’s their innate talent!

“All dead.”

“All dead.”

“Eight hundred and thirty Myriad Realms.”


The remaining surviving beasts are barely over 900,000, compared to more than 8.3 million, even one-ninth is slightly worse! When even the most important power of the entire beast group was wiped out, what would they do if they survived?

“What should I do?”

“What should I do?”

Fear, extreme fear.

They no longer have the courage to assemble to deal with the Red Moon Lord Peyton. In their hearts, the Red Moon Lord is their nemesis! More than eight million are dead, they just passed ninety Myriad Realms, dare to pass? If you are killed by the Red Moon Lord again, it will be over.


In Peyton’s mini-universe.

Morosa was pointing at the huge dark place model in front of him: “Master, at this moment, all the ninety Myriad Realms surviving in the dark place are all starting to fly out of the dark place from all directions. land.”

Payton’s face was indifferent, he knew very well that this was an inevitable choice.

If you have been in the dark place, you will have time to slowly nibble them.

But with more than 8 million dead this time, the surviving beasts no longer have the courage to fight against Peyton head-on, and they all have to leave the dark place.

But this is also Payton’s choice!

The change of the Way of Proliferation also needs the help of Primitive Universe. After the destruction of Peyton’s comprehend, these beasts are the best help.

“Master, the world beasts are born to destroy. Even if they are killed, they will fiercely bite the enemy. They will not give up easily. Even if they can’t kill the master now, they will think of other methods. Change the situation, master, don’t be careless.”


In the dim place of Qingfeng Realm, Peyton is rapidly moving outwards over a long distance. Those surviving realm beasts We were originally in the dark peripheral zone, and at this moment, we naturally left the dark place very quickly. As for Peyton himself, it took a long time to just fly out of the hinterland.

β€œhua hua woo~~~”

Flying out of the dark place, outside is the water of ten thousand waves.

The water area of Wanzhonglang is actually incomparably vast.


Time flies.

One by one, the Realms stopped when they were still far away from the exit, and soon, more than forty-five Myriad Realms were completely dispersed, all of which were far away from the exit. stop.


The other 450,000 world beasts are farther behind, and they are also completely dispersed, and each world beast is very far away from each other.



The ninety Myriad Realms surviving, now split into two groups.

The forty-five Myriad Realms ahead began to head straight for the exit, each of them spreading far away, a precaution against Peyton.

Because even if Peyton wants to kill…you can only kill one beast!

Once the other world beasts determine the location of Peyton, they will immediately teleport away and escape. Once they escape the exit and enter the sea of cosmos, how can Peyton catch them?

When the forty-five Myriad Realms beasts were completely dispersed and teleported outward from the mountain pass of the main mountain in the entire Qingfeng Realm at the same time, Peyton knew that he could not stop it.

He is only a powerful person, he can’t Avatar tens of millions, he can kill one or two world beasts at most, and other world beasts can completely enter the vast sea of cosmos.

It has to be said that, after all, it is the incarnation of destruction, these world beasts have a good calculus.

It’s a pity that Peyton no longer has this idea. After he understands the Source of Annihilation of the world beasts, these world beasts are no longer in his eyes.

A chess piece is always a chess piece, it can’t be turned over!

If he wants, he can kill these beasts directly from the source of destruction.

“Well, since I’m being clever, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Peton shook his head and started brazenly.

Brush! brush! brush! Peyton’s teleportation quickly approached one of the world beasts, and a hazy small universe was born in an instant. The big palm formed by Chaos Qi Flow pinched the poor Second Rank world beast to death.

In a few moments.

The grandiose’s forty-five Myriad Realms burst out, as did the second batch of forty-five Myriad Realms.

“Go, let me see the way the universe spreads to the sky!”


“Ninety Myriad Realms enter the universe sea?”

“This, this…”

All ethnic groups are confused.

Nightmare news, a single realm beast caused panic among the various races of the universe sea, ninety Myriad Realms beasts?

“It’s over, the first round is over, and the second round is over.” Many True Gods below understood this instantly.

The Primitive Universe side can use the Primitive Universe and the cosmic channel of their respective mini-universes to support any mini-universe at any time… However, the first round and the second round cannot immediately support the era.

Even the Primitive Universe shudders and fears the Ninety Myriad Realms on the one hand.

How to stop?

“Everyone.” Peyton said directly, “I’ll pass the news to you, prepare everything. I’ll also pass the news to the first round back to the era and the second round back to the era. At least let them know in advance. These.”

The news began to spread quickly.

Not only Peyton, but other True Gods of Primitive Universe will also spread, the first round back to the era, the second round back to the era, Purple Moon Sacred Land, Eastern Emperor Holy Land all got news.


The five gods of the Divine Eyes clan gathered together, looked at each other, and wanted to say something, but they still didn’t know what to say.

“It’s over.”

“It’s over.”

“Ninety Myriad Realms, our mini-universe won’t be devoured by a single beast. It will take a long time to be eaten, and once a large group of world beasts devour it together… I am afraid that it will be annihilated soon. Once the small universe is annihilated, then all the ethnic groups living in the small universe will also be extinct.”

Five Five Allah is not reconciled.

They’d rather die by themselves than annihilate the entire race, but is there a way now?

“You four.” Divine Eyes Allah shouted coldly, “Leave the small universe immediately and escape far away… so that even if the small universe is destroyed, those world beasts can’t find you, all four of you are I can live. As for me, I will stay and try to take refuge with these beasts to see if they are willing to accept me. If they accept me, my Divine Eyes family will also have a chance to survive.”

β€œDivine Eyes , I’m going to seek refuge, the four of you go.”


The five gods all fought.

Anyway, the god who slips away now is destined to live, albeit struggling on whilst at death’s door. And the true god left behind is in danger of falling! And even if it succeeds, it will never be able to turn around. The source will has long since spread some messages through the Ancestral God. Obviously, it is a very sad thing to take refuge in the beast.

“I am one of the eight strongest in the universe, and I have value for use. I have the best chance of success. Don’t persuade me again.” Divine Eyes Allah shouted.

The other four Allahs looked at each other in pain.


Just a few minutes later.

The other four Allahs quickly left their small universes and began to flee far away.


In Purple Moon Sacred Land.

“Nine, ninety Myriad Realms beasts?” The ancestor of Ziyue knew the news and was blinded. He walked up and down the great hall alone. As for his powerhouse, he had already expelled him. .

“What should I do?”

“If dozens of Myriad Realms devour my small universe together, even if they can resist, they won’t be able to resist for long.” The ancestor of Ziyue was very worried.

The ancestor of Ziyue was terrified: “Once my small universe is shattered, then I really have no chance, all hope is shattered, and my clan will disappear forever.”


“This Red Moon Lord, why is it so useless!”


(End of this chapter)

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