All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 595


Chapter 595

“Not good! This human is too ruthless!”

Hongyuan Venerable roared immediately , take out a small purple bell, and a Purple Qi spreads instantly, several dozen li, protect the whole body!

Peyton sneered slightly, this ultimate move is so defensive, unless this purple bell is a high defense Supreme Treasure.

Unfortunately not!


A cold spear and a bit of cold glow directly penetrated Zi Zhong, and the five people around were shocked, but they knew that this side Zi Zhong was Is Defense Supreme Treasure.

The defense was broken so neatly.

What does this mean? These Venerables all understand that this move has definitely reached the level of hegemony. This human has already reached the battle strength of level 1 of hegemony. No wonder he dares to act alone!

Space-Time Power is the factor of these destructive energy, and the Hongyuan King at this time is completely difficult to avoid!

A bit of cold glow, wrapped in endless destructive energy, directly attacked the Divine Physique of the flood source Venerable.

I can see several dozen li’s tall body disintegrating and annihilating little by little, very fast!



“Spare my life, I am willing to serve your lackey…”

Hong Yuan Venerable’s mouth is full of wailing, pleading.

Peton smiled: “Don’t worry, you won’t die!”

This is the best experiment.

Speaking, a touch of red light completely engulfed it and suppressed it.

With just one shot, not only three breaths, the most powerhouse among them, the top Venerable, has been completely suppressed.

It is not so easy for most universe overlords to suppress Hongyuan Venerable, right?

You must know that Hongyuan Venerable has Supreme Treasure body protection, but it has been defeated so neatly. At this time, in their hearts, Peyton is already comparable to many famous cosmic overlords.

“Too terrifying, it’s so strong!”

Payton surrounded the five people: “Next, it’s you!”

At this time, the five People suddenly woke up, and they turned into streamers and moved towards the back, and they even started to burn Divine Physique.

“Where to escape!”

In an instant, a red moon lifted off, and the traps laid out before came into play.

The first layer seems to be an independent time and space that completely freezes the five people!

The five people are clearly conscious, but their bodies are imprisoned and motionless.

“Another dimension, Lord of Universe!”

“How is that possible!”

Peyton’s body flashed, the spear glow shook, stay fast The next afterimage slammed into the five people, smashing most of the Avatar bodies, and the souls of several people completely sank in the red moon space and time.

At this time, Peyton seemed to be a mountain range, standing beside the black sword body, suspended above the black sword body, blocking all aliens who dared to approach.

I saw that the tip of the black sword body finally floated out of the swamp, followed by a direct suspension in the air, and the breath completely converged and became like a normal treasure.

“Treasure is in hand.”

Peyton probed his hand lightly, and immediately a trace of Divine Force flew directly to the black sword body, trying to imprint the imprint of life in it.

A trace of Peyton’s Divine Force quickly penetrated into the black sword body, and the imprint of life was directly branded, and the recognizing Master succeeded.

“en?” A trace of doubt flashed in Peyton’s eyes with his head lowered.

“What’s the matter, there is no message from this Supreme Treasure…”

Peyton looked down at the black sword body suspiciously, like many treasures, Supreme Treasure, generally recognizing When Master, there will be a message passed into consciousness.

It’s usually a detailed description of the weapon, or even a set of secret techniques to run the treasure, and so on.

Of course some treasures are not messaged.

Whether there is a message, it depends on whether the powerhouse that created this treasure left a message.

However, according to the information about the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm collected by Peyton, all Supreme Treasures and Chongbaos born on the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm are the nurtured and birthed treasures of the universe. These treasures are born have the message.

“Weird.” Peyton secretly wondered.


Peton’s mind moved, causing the black giant sword to shrink rapidly and merge into Peyton’s body.

He didn’t think much about it, anyway, this sword treasure, he wasn’t going to keep it in his hands, let alone when the time comes.

“In the end, it is a sword attacking Supreme Treasure, and the breath is very strong, but it is not bad among ordinary Supreme Treasures, and it should be worth a good price.”

” when the time comes a good long spear Supreme Treasure!”


At the same time, a video circulated in the Northern Xinjiang Alliance, and it was really Peyton’s shot to suppress Video by Hongyuan Venerable.

Although these six people were suppressed by Peyton, the video of Peyton’s easy suppression of Hongyuan Venerable was still distributed through their hands.

At the same time, most people are still very unfamiliar with Payton!

The growth of a powerhouse should be traceable, but Peyton has never revealed his whereabouts before, so that after the achievement of Venerable, there are very few aliens who know his news!

“Who is this?”

“I don’t know, when will Human Race have an Overlord level battle strength?”

“And still not An average overlord!”

“I don’t know, this person seems to be that genius?”

“Genius? Overlord Level 1 is also called a genius?”

“This is Peyton Adolph, the Disciple of the Lord of Primal Chaos City. In my memory, he was only a World Lord. When did he become Venerable?”

“What do the clan do to eat, How could such a genius not be killed in advance?”

In the virtual universe at this time, several Human Race executives also saw the video.

A tall azure robe person smiled slightly: “My Human Race is outstanding again! This Peyton really amazes the world with a single brilliant feat!”

A rough big man also smiled: “Chaos, you are an extraordinary Disciple. Before you were proud of your immortality, you didn’t show a trace of fame. Now you have achieved Venerable, directly showing the battle strength of Overlord Level 1.”

“Precipitation Hundreds of epochs, maybe my Human Race will have another top overlord.”

Primal Chaos City Lord smiled slightly, he wasn’t going to say that his Disciple comprehended the heart of the beast god, the top cosmic researcher Very secret technique, the door to Lord of Universe has long been opened.

Once the Lord of Universe ultimate secret technique is used, the current battle strength can reach the top cosmic overlord.

Wait a hundred epochs?

My Disciple has long been the Lord of Universe, so when the time comes it will surprise them.


In a stalwart mountain range at this time, Venerable, the top overlord of Hongmeng, turned into a giant of several hundred li height, with two huge rivers wrapped around himβ€”β€” Heavenly Difficulty Region River!

This is the Heavenly Difficulty Venerable, which has been refined at a high cost to become the top field Supreme Treasure – the Heavenly Difficulty Territory River, with his cosmic overlord ultimate secret technique, even if the cosmic overlord enters, it is dead end .

With this move, he is called the top overlord!

I saw two huge Tiandi Rivers surging directly, moving towards the purple Stoneman of the several hundred li opposite.

The purple Stoneman immediately transformed into a thick earth barrier, a huge palace that resisted the invasion of the barrier of time.

“King Stoneman, dare to appear in front of me, get out of my way, or I will kill you!” Venerable shouting loudly.

Stoneman Wang Yixiao: ‘Venerable, your Heavenly Difficulty Territory River has little effect on me, and at such a time, I guess you dare not do it to me,’

Tian Nan Venerable also frowned a little when he heard the words. What he hated the most was King Stoneman, the shit stick. The other party was an extremely unique Stoneman life form in the universe, bred from a black hole.

The Divine Physique is naturally strong against the Divine River, and the Divine Physique is huge and difficult to scour.

It is also a top-level existence among the overlords of the universe. Although it is not as Venerable as it is, it has some restraint on his secret technique and can entangle him.

It’s really hard to get out unless it costs a fortune.

The two took over Liangzi before more than a hundred chances. Generally speaking, King Stoneman would not dare to appear in front of Venerable, but the timing was wrong.

Venerable to observe the surrounding form, dozens of the universe overlord are all glare like a tiger watching his prey staring at the side of the mountain is about to be born sword map.

Everyone is wary of themselves.

Who is the strongest!

If the top overlord, King Stoneman, is dealt with at a high cost, and the consumption is huge, then you will really lose the qualification to compete for the Jiugongjiantu.

The Nine Palaces Sword… It can be called the most dazzling Supreme Treasure in the more than 100 years since the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm opened!

At that time, a huge mausoleum emerged from the ground. It was the mausoleum of the sword – the Jiugong Sword Tomb!

There is an ancient stone tablet in the sword mound. The stone tablet records that there are a lot of treasures in the sword mound, Divine Sword, and even several ordinary Supreme Treasures, as well as the most precious part – the Jiugong sword!

The Nine Handle Divine Sword consists of two parts: the sword figure and the Nine Handle Divine Sword.

The Nine Handle Divine Sword is integrated into the sword diagram, and once it is driven, it can be transformed into an endless river of swords, and its power is monstrous.

Once Nine Swords Unite.

The power stacking…is incredible.

It is both the top Supreme Treasure in the defensive category and is comparable to the Peak Supreme Treasure in attack.

A single piece of sword is already a defensive High Grade Supreme Treasure!

A Divine Sword can be integrated into it, and its power can be enhanced. The more Divine Swords are integrated, the stronger the power will be, until the nine swords are fully integrated, the most perfect situation can be achieved.

This Jiugong Sword is a secret treasure left over by a being named Jiugong Sword Master a million years ago.

Legend has it that the Jiugong Sword Master is the direct disciple of the most powerful house in Hunyuanhai. Both master and disciple have inherited inheritance from Hunyuanhai.

The inheritance of the most powerful house has never appeared, but the inheritance of the Nine Palaces Sword Master has appeared.

Now what they are fighting for is the sword map, the core of Jiugongjian.


The virtual universe, an open-air bar in the inner city of Hongmeng City, where a large number of universe Venerable gather.

The Hongmeng powerhouses that entered Hunyuanhai Secret Realm this time, almost all have avatars, and the avatars are connected to the virtual universe… in order to transmit messages.

“Another Supreme Treasure is born. Look, this is the Supreme Treasure. I saw it with my own eyes.”

“What Supreme Treasure?”

“Come and have a look?”

Various voices sounded, and everyone was very interested in the news about Hunyuanhai Secret Realm.

“Look, this is the picture.”

A bald, furry, golden-eyed interracial powerhouse displays a picture there.

“Dozens of overlords are all around, and there are even top-level universe overlords such as Venerable and King Stoneman…”

“What the hell is this?”


“What do you know, this is the most eye-catching treasure at this time.”

“The Nine Palaces Sword Diagram, combined with the Nine Divine Sword, is the Supreme Treasure at the top of offense and defense, if it is Lord of Universe In my hands, I can’t say that it can be compared with the most powerhouse in the universe.”

“This is a bit of bragging, how the most powerhouse in the universe exists, but if it really appears in the hands of a Lord of Universe, I can’t say that it can create a powerhouse. Like the lord of Primal Chaos City of Human Race, the existence of the original universe Peak.”

As soon as the news came out, it exploded.

Time flies, half a month in the blink of an eye.

Peton has been wandering alone ever since he got the black Divine Sword Supreme Treasure.

Among them, I was lucky enough to find a top treasure, but there is no news of the rest of the Supreme Treasure.

Next, Peyton continued to fish and hunt the rest of the Venerable.


Payton picked up the mail immediately.

A nihilistic silhouette appeared in front of Peyton’s eyes – Lord Primal Chaos City.

“pay respects to Teacher.” Payton opened the mouth and said respectfully.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City smiled carefreely: “As soon as you came in, you made a name for Nuoda, and now those alien overlords glare like a tiger watching his prey to you!”

Peton was a little puzzled: “Where did the teacher say that?”

The master of Primal Chaos City smiled: “The video of you brat’s shot has spread all over the Northern Xinjiang Alliance, and several Great Influences are all over the place. Knowing that my Human Race has produced an extremely young overlord again, and he has become an overlord in just over ten thousand years.”

After hearing this, Peyton found some information, didn’t expect his own The gun still leaked.

It seems that after fishing, you must hide your identity.

Peyton nodded: “many thanks teacher reminded.”

Thinking of something again, Peyton suddenly took out a black long sword: “teacher, this sword does not know why There is no inheritance information, does the teacher know why?”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City heard the words, frowned, and saw the long spear in Peyton’s hand, but was stunned: “This style? Wrong!”

“It turned out to be the Jiugongjian!”

Peyton was stunned for a moment, opened the mouth and said with some doubts: “Jiugongjian?”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City nodded, there are several points of surprise in his words: “In the past hundred years, the most outstanding among the Hunyuanhai Secret Realm is this Jiugongjian.”

Peton Yi Stunned: “It’s just an ordinary Supreme Treasure, why did the teacher say this?”

The master of Primal Chaos City explained: “The Jiugong Sword is not a sword. Composed of these two parts, once the Nine Swords Unite is used, it is not only the top Supreme Treasure in the defense category, but also comparable to the Peak Supreme Treasure in terms of attack.”

When Peyton heard the words, he was stunned for a moment: “Peak at both ends of the offense and defense. Supreme Treasure?”

He naturally understood that it was almost one of the strongest Supreme Treasures in the Lord of Universe, adding a Peak battle strength to the race.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City opened the mouth and said: “Would you like to dedicate it to the tribe in exchange for contribution points?”

Peton has nothing to do with it, he doesn’t need a sword, let alone Said that it is necessary to collect all nine swords and one picture to make it work, he nodded: “Disciple is willing!”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City smiled slightly, showing a touch of relief: “Relax, I will strive for the best for you as a teacher. The benefits.”

“Also, the long spear in your hand is a little worse. It’s not bad to exchange the contribution value for a high-level long spear Supreme Treasure.”

Peyton nodded: “many thanks teacher!”

“Okay, since that’s the case, come out with your sword. If the news leaks, the overlords inside will besiege you.”

Peton shook Shaking his head, he didn’t think the news would be leaked, after all, everyone who saw this sword died.

And in that video, there is no trace of this sword.

However, go out and get a suitable weapon.

(End of this chapter)

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