All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 596


Chapter 596

Primitive Universe, Holy Land, the red moon of the human frontier.

There are huge cosmic passage gates suspended in the void around the Red Moon Holy Land. Each cosmic passage gate represents a small universe.



I saw one true god, some were huge dark green plant life, some were circling alien beasts True gods, some are burly mountain range beings… Primitive Universe All true gods come to the Red Moon Holy Land to build cosmic passages around them. In this way, the rescue team can reach any mini-universe as quickly as possible.

In the past, True Gods did not dare to enter other small universes, because once entered, life and death would be controlled by the other party.

But now it’s different!

The small Universe Source Strength has a limit, which is slightly worse than Peyton’s One Thought Universe Strength. The true gods in the past had no mechanical treasure, and most of them did not even have the Strongest Supreme Treasure. The small Universe Source Strength could naturally kill the true gods easily. Even if there is a palace Strongest Supreme Treasure will be easily suppressed and never escape.

But now, True God is stronger and has mechanical treasure, even a small Universe Source Strength can’t suppress it.

“Red Moon.”

“Red Moon Lord.”

“Red Moon Lord.”

When Peyton appears , those True Gods who built the cosmic channel and continued to stay here are all replied, and even their expressions naturally have a hint of respect. The sea of cosmos is all fist words, powerhouse is respected!

There is no doubt about the strength of the Red Moon Lord, and now it is the hope of all races, how dare you neglect it?

Luo Feng opened the mouth and said: “As the teacher expected, the world beasts have already begun to invade the outermost small universe of the first round era, and the grandiose’s world beast group can’t be stopped at all. “

Payton nodded, which he had expected.

“Lord of the Red Moon, save my Skeletons.”

“Lord of the Red Moon, save my rampant people.”

“Red The Moon Lord…”

The true gods are crying for help.

The first round and second round True Gods, who learned that the small universe had been attacked, panicked and called for help one by one, even if they were not attacked. It’s just the human race and even the entire Primitive Universe races, not a single one has sent reinforcements!


“No way.”

“Everyone, if you can’t resist, you should run for your life first.” Peyton replied very Quickly, but the ruthlessness in the words makes the first round return to the era, and the second round back to the era of despair.

Whether it’s Peyton, or Lord of Primal Chaos City, Lord of giant axe.

Both are rejected.

There is no room for discussion!

“This is the cruelest moment in the entire cosmic sea.” said the lord of giant axe solemnly.

The Lord of Primal Chaos City just said: “This is… a catastrophe!”

“The Lord of the Skeletons, what should I do with the Skeleton Clan? ?”

“It’s over.”

Outside a small universe, there are thousands of beasts scattered all over the place, all of them flying around in the black mist, one After another zigzag light penetrated into the void, at this moment, thousands of beasts were devouring the same small universe at the same time. The speed at which the small Universe Source was devoured was so fast that the True Gods of the Skeleton Race were terrified. In just a few minutes, a small Universe would be devoured.

“I am the skeleton master! I am willing to take refuge in your world beasts, I just ask you to let my skeletons go.” The skeleton master directly pleaded for refuge.

A ferocious world beast in the void looked at the skeleton life in front of him: “Master?”


Thousands of world beasts can The communication of the mind stopped and swallowed in an instant.

“According to the plan, we should take in a slave. The two idiots, Zhenjia and Qiuyan, don’t know the latest information.”

“Just take this corpse master.”

“Accepted him.”

Ninety Myriad Realms all sound transmissions and quickly settled the matter.

“Since you are willing to rely on us.” The black and ugly world beast said directly, “I will give you this chance.” .

“Don’t resist in the slightest.” The beast looked at him indifferently.

“Yes.” The corpse master replied respectfully.

Immediately, blood-colored patterns began to appear in the two one-eyed eyes of the beast, and the two blood-colored patterns were spinning… The corpse looked at the two patterns in the eyes of the beast, and felt that the soul was faint. Be fascinated.




Only Seeing that the planes in a small universe began to collapse, the source of this small universe has been swallowed up, and naturally all the spaces in the entire small universe began to collapse and annihilate. Soon, the source completely disappeared, all planes. The space is shattered like glass, and all living beings are annihilated.

“World beast, world beast, world beast!!!”

A man with three pairs of black wings who was hiding in a distant void screamed in pain, His mini-universe was over just now, as was his ethnic group.


“Lord Crimson Moon, you are really useless. It’s a shame that I believe in you so much. My clan will take the first step, and your humans will also be extinct!” second round back to era one The roaring golden armor god roared, he chose not to flee, but to stay in his own small universe to live and die with his clansman.

With the extinction of the clan and the extinction of the universe, he has no chance of detaching himself from reincarnation. When the three reincarnation eras are full, he will still have to die.

It is better to die now than to die alone in the future.


“I am Divine Eyes Allah, and I am also the original Number One Powerhouse in the universe. I know a lot of information! I would like to rely on you.” Divine Eyes Allah also Seek the way to the beast in the void.

“Are you taking refuge?” The hideous beast in the distance pondered.

The thousands of beasts who devoured this small universe at the same time all stopped.

“Okay.” The beast nodded, “I’ll give you this chance.”

Divine Eyes Allah sighed in relief.

“Remember, don’t resist in the slightest.” The beast looked at him and said.

Divine Eyes Allah respectfully replied.

One after another black light burst out from the beast’s body, instantly infiltrating into the true body of Divine Eyes, and the armor and other treasures on the surface of the true body of Divine Eyes did not block it, and at this moment he did not resist in the slightest.

“Swallow.” The world beast immediately swallowed wildly.

The world beast devours the true god, and even if it tries to resist, it will swallow it extremely fast. Not to mention not resisting.

Almost half of Divine Eyes Allah Divine Physique was devoured almost instantly.

“This is…” Divine Eyes Allah was startled.

“Don’t resist.” The beast said angrily, “You must use up your Divine Force to almost exhaust it before you can transform some of the power of the beast and become a vassal of our beast.”


Divine Eyes When Allah hesitated, he clenched the teeth and bet.

Just for a moment.

All the Divine Forces were swallowed up, and at the moment of the final fall, Divine Eyes Allah understood, he just showed a bitter smile, muttered: “Holocaust!” Obliterated, leaving only some treasure floating.

“Idiot.” The world beast sneered indifferently, “When I have a skeleton master as a slave, why should I need other slaves!”

Immediately, it opened its mouth and directly sent Divine Eyes The treasure left by Allah after his death is swallowed directly into the stomach.

The weapons and other treasures used by True Gods are useless even if the beasts are the same! Because their power is diametrically opposed to the true god, etc., naturally they can’t recognize Master, trigger, etc., but it’s okay if they are pretending. For example, holding an axe can be used as a dead object, but it can’t get bigger, can’t drive the secret pattern, etc.


The people of all races in the universe were alarmed.

In Eastern Emperor Holy Land.

“The first ancestor of the Eastern Emperor, what should we do now?”

“Let’s go out.”

“Kill those beasts.”

The ancestor of the Eastern Emperor stood tall on the ancestor tree, looked at the many clansman below, shook his head and said, “Don’t struggle, just wait for the final fate.”

The many clansman below are desperate and unwilling Willing to, but there is no way.

“Alas…” The first ancestor of the Eastern Emperor shook his head. All he could do was to use his own will to bless the source to resist swallowing. His will was already Eternal True God Peak!

Once blessed, it will indeed make those world beasts devour extremely slow, and his small Universe Source is stronger than the ancestor of Ziyue.

“en?” The first ancestor of the Eastern Emperor was suddenly startled, “Stopped?”

He clearly felt that the thousands of beasts in the outside world had stopped swallowing.


“I got a great opportunity, but I haven’t really become strong yet. Is this the end? I am not willing to, I am not reconciled!” The ancestor of Ziyue stood by himself Inside the Purple Moon Sacred Land Universe Source, looking around, screaming in pain, suddenly his expression was stunned, surprised and happy.


…The world beasts grandiose move.

“The source of the Two Great Holy Lands is too difficult to devour. The Eastern Emperor Holy Land has the strongest resistance, while the Purple Moon Sacred Land is slightly less resistant, and far surpasses those small universes of true gods.” They carry the message, “It will take a long time to eat it. The Two Great Holy Lands universe will not affect us in the slightest, let them go. We have time now, and we must hurry… Peyton He is our worst enemy.”

“Keep going.”

“Sweep the first round and the second round.”

The world The beasts are very unified.

One after another small universe, the first round goes back to the era, the second round goes back to the various races of the era, and begins to annihilate one after another.

Many messages of help, swearing, and swearing are passed on to Primitive Universe.

In the Primitive Universe era, people of all races were also alarmed, and their hearts were heavy.

One by one, annihilated one after another…

“Ancestral God Cult.”

But Peyton and Primal Chaos City Lord appeared in Ancestral God Secret Realm, the two of them can be called the leaders in the Primitive Universe now. When the world beasts went back to the era of the first round and the second round, and headed for the Primitive Universe, they came to the Ancestral God sect.


The two of them went directly to the temple of Ancestral God, and the three Ancestral Gods also sensed their arrival, and deliberately unblocked them so that they could teleport directly there. .

“Three Ancestral Gods.” Peyton and the Lord of Primal Chaos City stepped into the Ancestral God temple side by side.

The young Ancestral God, the old Ancestral God, and the double-faced Ancestral God all sat on the throne, among which the old Ancestral God said: “Lord of the Red Moon, Lord of Primal Chaos City, now is the most critical moment, it is estimated that The beast will arrive in a day or two. At such a critical moment, how did you two come here? Wait a while, and I will also arrange for my Ancestral God to teach some powerhouses to go to the Holy Land of the Red Moon.”

β€œThree The Lord of Primal Chaos City said directly, “The world beasts are attacking, and they are in large numbers. It is naturally more terrifying to devour the source. I came here with Hongyue, hoping that the will of the source will release the original ancestor! If there is no blessing of the original ancestor’s will, I am afraid his small universe will be swallowed up in an instant.”

In general, the small universe of a true god is swallowed by thousands of beasts, and it can last for a few minutes.

But the initial universe does not have the blessing of the will of the true God, and it will indeed be destroyed in an instant.

“Please use the will of the original source and release the original ancestor.” Peyton also said.

“Release the original ancestor?” The three Ancestral Gods looked at each other.

If it were normal, the two of them would have directly rejected the masters of Peyton and Primal Chaos City. After all, the original ancestor’s provocation of the original will was suppressed. How can the original will be released so easily? But now it is extraordinary, a moment of life and death for the entire Primitive Universe.

“I will wait to contact the original will.” The old Ancestral God said.


“We’ll wait.”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City and Peyton answered one after another, but their tone was obviously Pressing!

In any case, the original ancestor must be released, otherwise, the initial universe is almost doomed to annihilation.

Boom~~ An invisible surging Heavenly Might pressure descended, the source will has already descended, the three Ancestral Gods closed their eyes and listened to the source will. After a long time, the three of them opened their eyes, Both apologetically looked towards Payton, Primal Chaos City Lord.

This apologetic and helpless look made Peyton heart trembled, not good!

“Can the original will release the original ancestor?” The Lord of Primal Chaos City had a livid face.

Payton also stared at the three Ancestral Gods.

The three Ancestral Gods looked at each other, and then the young Ancestral God said: “The original will has told us everything, the original ancestor will definitely not be released, but the original will will no longer suppress his will, so that He can condense a Divine Force incarnation in the initial universe, or he will bless his small universe.”

“What’s going on?” Peyton frowned, “Since the will is no longer suppressed, why not Direct release?”

The original ancestor was suppressed, even his will was suppressed.

The original ancestor could not even condense the incarnation of Divine Force in the outside world, otherwise the original universe would not have to be managed by the ‘Primal Chaos City Lord’. The original ancestor only relied on a secret technique ‘virtual universe’, and this secret technique spread over a wide range, so that he could use this secret technique to make himself feel all over the place.

But his deity and will are still suppressed.

“Red Moon.” The old Ancestral God sighed, “The original ancestor was extremely powerful in the beginning, and now he has obtained the inheritance of the ancient civilization through your hands, and his strength is even stronger! If he comes out, he will use the mechanical flow treasure. I am afraid that you are far worse than Hongyue. If you have such a strength to resist the beast, it will naturally increase the vitality of my Primitive Universe side. If it can be released? The original will has already released him, in order to reassure the two of you, To tell you the truth, the original ancestor violated the Supreme Rule and was limited by the rules, so the original will suppressed him, and he has no right to release him. If you can solve the catastrophe of the beast and make a great contribution, then the original ancestor can be released. “

Peyton and the Lord of Primal Chaos City left the Ancestral God Palace and came to the original universe.

On a landmass in the original universe.

Peyton and the Lord of Primal Chaos City appeared side by side on this piece of land, only to see a silhouette condensed in the distance shrouded in mist, and a white robed man came with a smile.

“teacher!!!” Primal Chaos City’s body trembled, and as soon as he took a few steps, tears could not help falling.

The original ancestor of the white robe came and looked at Primal Chaos City with a smile: “Child! It’s really different from before, seeing you in the virtual universe is different from seeing you in reality. .”

The Lord of Primal Chaos City couldn’t hold back his tears.

In this world, his closest relatives are Yuanzu, who led him all the way.

“teacher.” Primal Chaos City’s main voice trembled.

“Okay.” The original ancestor nodded, “I never thought that the will of the source would let go of the will to suppress me. I have to thank Peyton for this!”

“Ancestor Master.” Payton also bowed and saluted.

The Primal Ancestor is the leader of the earliest rise of the human race. If it were not for the Primal Ancestor, I am afraid that humans would not be qualified to become the Peak race. Without him, there would be no Primal Chaos City Lord, giant axe, etc…. I’m afraid that my fortunes will be different, and it may not be as high as it is today.

This man has contributed so much that he should be honored as the ancestor of mankind.


(end of this chapter)

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