All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 598


Chapter 598


The white light at the top of the sharp horn on its two heads suddenly lights up As if time and space were changing, Peyton felt that his eyes seemed to be blurred, and two world beasts Mohe appeared in the distance.

As the white light subsided, the time and space stabilized… The eyes didn’t bloom, it was indeed two world beasts, Mohe.

The sixth rank world beast has the power of Avatar.

Through Morosa, I had long sensed that before the battle, Mohe had separated millions of Avatars and scattered them all over the place. Even if they died in this battle, those Avatars would be able to quickly kill them. Recovery becomes sixth rank.

“Master, that’s not right.” Morosa anxiously sounded transmission, “Sixth rank world beasts generally have many Avatars, and those Avatars are very weak. This will not weaken the strength of the deity. But now this world The beast Mohe divided another Avatar. It even allocated half of its strength to this Avatar, making the deity as strong as the Avatar.”

Peton nodded.

He also felt that the two world beasts Mohe in front of him, viewed individually, were a little weaker than the world beast Mohe in its full form just now. If it is said that the separate Mohe deity before is ‘sixth rank Peak’. The two world beasts in front of him, Mohe, should only be at the ‘sixth rank level’.

Peyton is looking forward to: “This beast gave me a little surprise!”

“You should be proud of losing under this move.”

The two world beasts Mohe stood in the distance, and at the same time, the blood pattern on the body surface floated into a huge blood-colored pattern, forming two huge world beasts of light.

I saw two world beasts, Mohe, one on the left and one on the right, simultaneously displaying Destruction.

Pure destruction.


Two dazzling white vortex channels, the outer walls of these two vortex channels are like mirrors. The two vortex passages are intertwined and rotated with each other, and the mirror-like outer walls are also contrasted with each other, and the two mirrors are contrasted, naturally producing an endless mirror world.

“Destroy the reincarnation!” Mohe, the beasts of the two worlds, roared at the same time.

Two twisting vortex passages, strangling Annihilating Everything, time and space shattered, the entire small universe trembled and shattered, crushing Peyton with irresistible destruction.

The white dazzling twinkling vortex channels are unstoppable.


Peyton suddenly angry roar, only to see a ninth layer tower in front of him appearing out of thin air, it is the Red Moon Tower, only the Red Moon Tower Horizontally, it is like a huge pointed cone… At this moment, it rotates and turns into a long river, and this long golden river directly hits the two winding vortex passages.

This move is the latest secret technique of the Red Moon Tower by comprehend after Peyton created the 12th Rank Peak secret technique, which was named ‘River of Red Moon’ by Peyton.

‘River of the Red Moon’ vs. ‘Destruction Reincarnation’!


The dazzling golden river collapsed instantly, the entire Red Moon Tower was thrown away by the tumbling of strikes, and the power of the two vortex passages was almost unabated. It went straight to Peyton, but if you look closely, there are already many cracks on the outer walls of the two vortex channels.

Peyton’s Divine Force burns to the extreme, holding the long spear in both hands and chopping out!


A huge white golden gate appeared and opened in the void in front of Peyton, and a white golden gunlight spewed out from the opened gate, welcoming the ‘destruction’. Reincarnation’ channel.

Peton is now the strongest Spear Art – all things are born!

As soon as it hit, there was silence at first, followed by “Boom bang bang! !!”

“The last king can only be the free world beast!”

The world beast Mohe felt that he was about to touch victory from Peyton’s crazy lost self-control, “Go to hell.”

“It’s good, but that’s all.”

Payton looked away.

Only at a glance.

At this moment—the world beast Mohe found that everything around him had disappeared, only the huge planet that Peyton’s eyes turned into in the distance. This planet revolves, exuding infinite power, a will that is extremely sharp, like a sharp sword, directly inserted into the will of the world beast Mohe.

“Bang!” The eyes of the two world beasts Mohe were sluggish, and instantly fell into a coma.

Several millions of Avatars scattered in the cosmic sea, all stunned.

“Dead.” Payton pointed away.

A phantom Illusory Beast head instantly penetrated into the body of the world beast Mohe, directly attacking the soul!

The will of the world beast Mohe is strong, and it can withstand a general soul attack, but it is in a coma, and it does not even resist, but it is like a candle that has been blown out. there’s no resistance, instant soul annihilation.

Several millions Avatar, in a flash, all fell.

“Take it!” Payton pointed away.


The Red Moon Tower hangs high, and the black hole at the base directly swallows it, directly swallowing the bodies of the two world beasts Mohe in the distance, and the world beast Morosa beside Peyton. Suck it in! Morosa was Peyton’s slave, and naturally he could not resist.

“If you want to become the king of beasts, you should go to breakthrough in my Red Moon Tower.”

Mohe died.

Morosa is the last world beast, about to evolve into the last king.

The king of beasts is the most precious, perfect and noble, representing the life of Annihilated Origin.


In a suppression space of the Red Moon Tower.

The corpses of the two ferocious world beasts Mohe were lying there, while the world beast Morosa was standing aside.

“Ah!” Morosa, the world beast, raised both heads.

A pressure of Supreme descended upon Morosa.

Peton, who was at the edge of the entire suppression space, was looking in this direction from a distance.

“Supreme Rule? The King of Beasts deserves to be the equivalent of Primitive Universe!”


The original two beasts Mohe’s corpse instantly melted and then annihilated and disappeared. Those Avatars of several millions of Mohe scattered all over the universe were instantly annihilated. This surprised Peyton, who originally thought Morosa was going to devour the corpse.


one after another A powerful breath was born suddenly, and madness began to pour into Morosa’s body.

In every breath, there is a faint appearance of a world beast. The world beast looks similar, but in fact it is different. Peyton even recognized Zia, Bedi and other heads of the world at a glance. beast. At this moment, the breath of countless world beasts was pouring into Morosa’s body crazily, causing Morosa’s breath to skyrocket.

“Roar~~” Morosa couldn’t help but let out an excited roar.

It’s body is rapidly growing, and the blood-colored patterns on its body surface are getting more and more complicated, as if an invisible hand was drawn on its body, and at the same time, a scorpion was born on its two heads and foreheads. The root of the unicorn, the tip of the unicorn also produces white light.

one after another The breath keeps coming in.

All the dead world beasts gathered at this moment and merged into it. It also made Morosa quickly climb to the sixth rank Peak, and countless breaths merged into it, but it stayed at the sixth rank Peak.

Until the last strong breath, that is the breath of the world beast Mohe!


Bang in!

All the dead world beasts, all the power was poured into their bodies, Morosa couldn’t help raising his head and roaring, white light texts immediately appeared around its body, countless dazzling white light texts It is surrounded by circles, completely wrapping Morosa, and Peyton’s naked eyes can no longer see Morosa.

Only feel the terrifying force in a violent reaction.

“The powers of all the world beasts come together, and one billion world beasts will eventually be born! Any one of the billion world beasts is considered a true god, and a billion true gods combine a blow, comparable to Eternal True God is also terrifying. So much energy is just the birth of a beast king who has just entered the growth stage.”

The powerful coercion bursts.

The countless dazzling white text that surrounds it sometimes appears and sometimes disappears. Countless new words appeared… as if telling an ancient secret. The Destruction Aura of one after another terrifying is also surging, it is the same supreme Annihilated Origin!

The King of Beasts represents the complete Annihilated Origin.

Long time –

The pressure of the Supreme Rule receded.

The white light text surrounded by hundreds of millions instantly melted into Morosa’s body. Only then did Peyton see Morosa’s appearance clearly.

I saw a tall, fair-skinned being standing there, its body was flawless, it had hands, feet, a head, a mouth, a nose, two eyes, and no ears. On its forehead are two snow-white sharp horns, which are bent upwards.

At first glance, it is very holy and very beautiful.

Even the most beautiful race of the human race, even some of the most beautiful insect race queens, would be ashamed before it.

It’s beautiful, ingenious, and contains the proven mystery of Supreme.

Without those two sharp horns, it would be like a lovable child, but those two sharp horns… have given it the kingship of Supreme.

“The king of beasts?”

“That ugly black-skinned and two-headed monster, the last king, is more beautiful than any life I have ever seen. Even insect Compared to it, the race queen seems ugly.”

Perfect to the extreme.

Beautiful to the extreme.

“Master.” Its body surface condensed into a set of Battle Armor, and then slightly bowed to Payton, “Thank you for making me Morosa the last king.”

Peyton looks at Morosa, sensing.


My own soul control is deeply embedded in the soul of the Beastmaster, as long as you have a single thought, you can make the Soul of the Beastmaster fly away and scattered.

“Morosa.” Peyton said softly with a smile, “You are now more beautiful than any life.”

“I can change into anything, It can also change the breath.” Morosa said respectfully, and when he saw his body phantom, he became the God of Divine Eyes, and then he became the Demon God of Rampage, Hong, and the Lord of Primal Chaos City, even the breath was exactly the same. .

Peton smiled.


The King of Beasts also has the ability to be invisible.

“What abilities do you have now?” Peyton pressed.

Morosa said humbly: “I still have all the abilities of Avatar before. And I have mastered the complete Annihilated Origin, I can constantly comprehend Annihilated Origin, the more I understand, Then the strength will become stronger and stronger. And the realm in my body is truly perfect, and it can breed powerful warriors, warriors that are much stronger than sixth rank beasts.”

“oh?” Peyton shuddered.


I won. If Mohe becomes the king of beasts, then there is really no chance of a comeback. There are still tens of millions of Avatar abilities, and a large number of warriors can be bred… It’s just unbelievable.

“Of course the Beastmaster is not omnipotent.” Morosa said humbly, “I also need to devour a lot of energy and countless treasures to provide a source of breeding warriors.”

“Ha…now there’s a Purple Moon Sacred Land waiting for you to devour.” Peyton laughed.

“It’s my pleasure.” Morosa smiled.

Peyton looked at Morosa carefully. Morosa, who was a little crazy before, has become very ‘quiet’ now. It seems that he has the entire Annihilated Origin, which has a great influence on it.

“Which level are you now equivalent to our Lord of Universe, True God, Void level or even higher?” Peyton asked curiously.

“I’m just entering the growth stage now.” Morosa said, “equivalent to the Void level in your cultivation system, Master.”

Void True God?

Peyton nodded, too.

“I’m different from you, masters.” Morosa said, “I don’t have any bottleneck in my ascension, just keep devouring and comprehending…because I control the Annihilated Origin, even if I comprehend again. Slowly, it will eventually reach the pinnacle stage. At that time, I was just like the Primitive Universe of the pinnacle. A single blow also has the power of Primitive Universe full power attack. It’s just that the Primitive Universe is here to breed countless lives, it can’t take the initiative to attack. “

Payton nodded.

The Primitive Universe cannot be attacked. If it can be attacked, with the infinitely large size of the Primitive Universe, a Prestige of Strike… can definitely reach the Divine King level.

It’s no wonder that in ancient civilizations, the beasts were called catastrophe!

A group of kingdoms must join forces to resist. Obviously, three or five Divine Kings cannot stop the army of beasts.

After successive comprehended destruction and evolution of life in the universe, Peyton’s realm also arrived at the Divine King of this world.

“Our Primitive Universe life, as long as it becomes the void level, we have to go through the reincarnation.” Peyton asked, “Morosa, you are now equivalent to the void level, do you need to go through the reincarnation?”

“Break through reincarnation?” Morosa shook his head, “Master, you are Primitive Universe beings. But I’m not, although my first stage is equivalent to Void level… but nothing forces me to reincarnate.


Payton sighed.

It’s a cow.

The status is equal to Primitive Universe, so the original will naturally cannot be forced.

“Come on, come with me to Purple Moon Sacred Land.” Peyton said.

“Yes, Master.” Morosa also had a hint of anticipation in his eyes, of course he knew what to do.

Peton within both eyes showed no mercy.

Before the catastrophe of the beast must be resolved, in front of the major event, everything should be put down without any delay.

But now that the catastrophe has passed…the Purple Moon Sacred Land suppresses human beings, wants to kill themselves, and targets themselves several times, and has already become a mortal enemy! And the last part of Wu Yuyi’s slaying will also be retrieved.

“Phew!” The Red Moon Tower immediately teleported and disappeared into the vast Chaos Qi Flow.

In the Pantheon of the virtual universe when Peyton takes Morosa to the Purple Moon Sacred Land universe.

Humans, other alien races of Hongmeng, as well as Monster Race, Insect Race, Star Giant Beast Alliance, Ancestral God Cult and many other forces, and even some of the most lone powerhouses.

All true gods, gather here!

There was silence.

True Gods at most have sound transmissions and conversations with each other, and there are unconcealed worries in their eyes and faces…

Because this final battle involves the life and death of all ethnic groups, if When the nightmare news came, everyone fell.

And the white robe Peyton sitting at the top was closing his eyes, and no one dared to disturb him.

“hua!” Payton suddenly opened his eyes.

Attentively pay attention to Peyton’s many True Gods at all times, look at them all, and even a large number of Lord of Universe outside Pantheon stand up and look into the great hall from afar.

All eyes are filled with anticipation, waiting for Payton to announce the result.

“Everyone.” Peyton looked down, but a smile suddenly bloomed on his face.

This smile immediately made all the true gods below and even the Lord of Universe outside realize the answer, but they didn’t listen to Peyton’s own words, they were always worried, all of them stared at Peyton with bated breath, waiting for him to speak.

“Final battle, won!” Payton’s voice was loud.

“The catastrophe of the beast has passed, and there are still trillions of epochs in this era of reincarnation. Don’t worry!”


“Win, win!”

“very good!”


All the True Gods below cheered for a while, All of them stand in the cream of the crop in their respective ethnic groups, but at this moment, none of them care about grace! The Lord of Universe outside of Pantheon was equally thrilled.

(End of this chapter)

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