All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 599


Chapter 599

All races know about it, and the news spreads like crazy.

Even the dozens of True Gods who were hiding in the sea of cosmics and lost the first round and second round of the mini-universe have learned the news.

“Did you succeed?”

“Did you spend it?”

True God Jue He, Rampage Demon God, etc. are all scattered in the sea of cosmos Everywhere, lonely.

They were not very happy when they got the news.

Because of their small universe, their ethnic groups are all extinct… They are all alone now, just waiting for the final deadline.


In the Holy Land universe of the Eastern Emperor.

“Did you spend it?” The first ancestor of the Eastern Emperor was walking on the vast land, watching the lives of his clansman.

His clansman, some weak lifespan, but a hundred years.

Walking on the earth to watch the Life and Death Reincarnation Cycle, the first ancestor of the Eastern Emperor was already prepared, but the news came, but his heart was filled with joy.

“Hahaha…” The first ancestor of the Eastern Emperor raised his head and laughed. He was laughing for himself, but also for his own ethnic group.

In the entire Eastern Emperor Holy Land universe, all the true gods and the Lord of Universe are extremely excited, all of them are happy, and celebrate this catastrophe.


Purple Moon Sacred Land The universe is also full of joy, not only those Lord of Universe and True Gods are excited, but even the ancestors of Purple Moon are extremely happy.

“My fortune is extraordinary, and there must be a Great Accomplishment. How could I fall in front of the beast catastrophe?” The ancestor of Ziyue was relaxed and happy, and then a trace of anger flashed in his eyes, “Then Peyton was able to succeed. To contain the world beast catastrophe, the potential is indeed terrifying. He will be my biggest opponent, why can’t he be with the world beast perish?”

“Forget it.”

“Since I can’t kill him.” Ancestor Ziyue shook his head secretly, “It seems that we can only see later, see whether he is powerful or me, I don’t believe that I will lose to him.”

Immediately, the ancestor of Ziyue no longer thought about it, but started a celebration banquet with his subordinates.

It is a major event worth celebrating.

While the entire Purple Moon Sacred Land was celebrating, in the void outside the Purple Moon Sacred Land universe, a Red Moon Tower had appeared, and two figures came out of the side door at the base of the Red Moon Tower. One is the silver armored man Peyton, and the other is the king Morosa with a pair of horns and handsome.

“Purple Moon Sacred Land.” Peyton looked at the huge mini-universe from a distance.

“pay respects to Teacher!” Luo Feng also came from a distance.

In comparison, he and the Purple Moon Sacred Land are the real enemies of life and death.

“Don’t worry, he should have fallen.”

Luo Feng nodded: “Yes.”

“Morosa, how long will it take to devour it?”

“I am different from those World Beasts in the Second Rank third rank.” Morosa said with a smile, “My world has been truly perfect, and the devouring ability has naturally reached a new height. It should be very Quick, but you need to try to swallow it to know how long it will take.”

“Well, you start.” Payton ordered.

Morosa nodded.

It looked at the Purple Moon Sacred Land universe from a distance, and then its two horns suddenly shot out countless white zigzag rays, each horn was like a source, and the two horns were like twin stars.

Affect each other…directly into a bizarre swallowing force that completely envelopes the Purple Moon Sacred Land universe in the distance.

“Boom~~~” space-time tremors and distortions.

The dazzling rays of light followed the countless white tortuous rays, madly pouring into Morosa’s body, and Morosa also became extremely dazzling and dazzling, like a dazzling sun billions of times brighter.

“How’s it going?”

“Purple Moon ancestors should bless with will, and tried their best to resist.” Morosa said, “This Purple Moon Sacred Land universe is indeed very large, the origin It is also extremely powerful, and with the blessing of his will… It will take me some time to devour it, about a day or so.”

“One day?”

Like Second Rank third rank It takes about 100,000 years to devour all the world beasts.

The world beast king only needs one day.

“I’ll be waiting here for a day.”

Luo Feng also laughed when he heard the words. For them, the Purple Moon Sacred Land at this time is no longer a threat, the only one that may be a threat The only thing is that his threat to Human Race should be eliminated as soon as possible.

In the Purple Moon Sacred Land universe, the ancestor of the Purple Moon was sitting high above, and the true gods and the Lord of Universe below were also holding fine wine and eating food, all of them were extremely happy and chatted loudly.

But now…

“The world beast devoured?”

“The ancestor, you said the world beast is eating our Purple Moon Sacred Land?”

“How is it possible, isn’t there news from Primitive Universe that the catastrophe of the world beast has passed? Didn’t the Red Moon Lord destroy the world beast?” There was chaos below.

The ancestor of the Purple Moon stood above, full of anger, and shouted angrily to the bottom: “The world beast is eating our Purple Moon Sacred Land Universe Source, this is my small universe, don’t I know Am I still wrong? Quick, send me a message to Primitive Universe immediately and tell them! The beasts are not yet extinct, they are attacking my small universe.”

“Yes, Ancestor.”



The true gods and Lord of Universe below are in a panic, even the beginning and Primitive Universe The true god in the message.

The ancestor of Ziyue stood at the top, his face full of anger, anger and anxiety, his small Universe Source was being swallowed continuously, and the speed of swallowing scared him! He was also angry, angry that the red moon lord Peyton clearly said that the catastrophe of the world beast has passed, how can there be another world beast to devour his small universe?

“Did that Peyton lose?” Ziyue’s ancestor secretly said, “He knew that everything would be wiped out, so he went crazy and spread the news that he won? Anyway, if he loses, he will be wiped out? So crazy to deliberately do this?”

The ancestor of Ziyue was anxious and began to think wildly.

He never thought that the beast would become Peyton’s slave! In this regard, Peyton has never made it public, and even the Great Influences in the Primitive Universe do not know about it…

Peton’s bounded beast slave!

The virtual universe Pantheon, where the true gods of all races and the Lord of Universe gather here to hold a grand celebration to celebrate the catastrophe of this world beast.

The lord of the giant axe, the lord of Primal Chaos City, also sits at the top.

All happy laughter and cheerful voices.

Suddenly, a voice sounded: “The world beast is not extinct! The world beast is eating the Purple Moon Sacred Land universe!”

This voice instantly silenced the entire Pantheon.

“Yes, the beasts are not extinct. There has been news from Purple Moon Sacred Land that they are now being attacked by the beasts, and the Purple Moon Sacred Land Universe Source is being devoured.”


“Purple Moon Sacred Land is being attacked by the beasts.”

“And the beasts!”

The whole Pantheon is in chaos, could it be that the red moon lord Are you lying? Everyone was restless.

The ancestor of the starry sky below also said worriedly: “Is it possible that the beasts have not been killed, and there are still remnants?”

Nine Nether Allah also worried: “If there are still The remnants must be killed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the remnant beasts will grow up and become a huge threat.”


The lord of the giant axe and the lord of Primal Chaos City smiled at each other. , overlooking the bottom.

“Don’t worry.”

“The catastrophe of the beast has passed. If you don’t believe it, you can ask the three Ancestral Gods… Believe the three Ancestral Gods, you should get the message of the original will, I know that the catastrophe of the beasts is over.”

Immediately, everyone in the Pantheon looked towards the three Ancestral Gods.

The three Ancestral Gods looked at each other.

“The catastrophe of the beasts has indeed passed.” The old Ancestral God said.


“With Ancestral God’s words, we can rest assured.”

“Then what does Purple Moon Sacred Land say about the beasts in Attacking the Holy Land universe?” Pantheon inner Qi immediately relaxed, but many true gods still asked.

The main view of Primal Chaos City is below: “It’s not the beasts attacking! It’s me attacking! It won’t be long before there will be no Purple Moon Sacred Land in this cosmic sea!”

Purple Moon Sacred Land universe, will disappear from the cosmic sea?

The True Gods of the tribes below looked at each other and understood in their hearts.

Since even the Ancestral God who can communicate with the ‘Primitive Universe’ has acknowledged that the beast catastrophe is over, the attack on Purple Moon Sacred Land seems to be really Peyton.

Because, in addition to the beasts, I am afraid that Peyton has the strength to destroy Purple Moon Sacred Land!

How strong is Payton?

True Gods of all races do not know, only know that they are strong! Not to mention the fact that Peyton once said about killing 800 Myriad Realms beasts, and none of their tribes saw it with their own eyes… But 90 Myriad Realms beasts were killed in the sea of cosmos, destroying the era of the first round and the second round. The small universe of the era, the True Gods of the two reincarnation eras can all see it.

Densely packed world beasts can easily sweep all races.

But what about the result?

It was solved by Peyton!

The world beasts are so terrifying, how strong is Peyton who solved the world beast catastrophe? I shudder to think about it, which one of Peyton’s many deeds is not scary?

Like the world of Jin, hundreds of Lord of Universe were instantly wiped out.

The Lord of Universe has become the Number One Powerhouse of the Universe Sea! At that time, Divine Eyes Allah and the others had mechanical treasure and still conceded defeat in front of Payton.

During the breakthrough, hundreds of millions of ethnic groups, including the true God, worshipped!

Everything…it shows the monstrous strength of the Red Moon Lord!

In the Purple Moon Sacred Land universe.

“Maybe Peyton didn’t lie, he really killed a lot of world beasts, but he didn’t kill them completely, and there are still remnants of the world beasts…” The ancestor of Ziyue’s eyes lit up, and then he shouted down. “Tell Primitive Universe that there are still remnants of the beast, and let the red moon lord Peyton come and kill the beast!”

It was quiet below, and many Lord of Universe looked up at Ziyue ancestor.

“What’s wrong?” The ancestor of Ziyue frowned, shouted.

“Ancestor.” A Lord of Universe below shouted anxiously, “There is news from Primitive Universe that the Red Moon Lord has admitted that he himself is attacking our Purple Moon Sacred. Land. That Peyton is going to destroy our Purple Moon Sacred Land.”

“What!” The ancestor of the purple moon was shocked.

“Impossible.” The ancestor of the purple moon roared angrily, “This is not Peyton, it must be a world beast. This is obviously a world beast eating my small Universe Source!”

“Ancestor, the original will of the Primitive Universe has told the three Ancestral Gods that the catastrophe of the beast has indeed passed.” Standing in front of the three-headed and eight-armed old man wept, “Then Peyton’s strength is against the sky, and he is really destroyed. The catastrophe of the beast. He is more terrifying than the catastrophe of the beast! He must be using some special means to deal with our Holy Land universe.”

There was a sound of crying.

I’m sorry.

If the Holy Land universe is destroyed, then the entire population will be annihilated.

Few of them are afraid of death, but how can they be reconciled when they think that the entire race will be annihilated?

But to stop Payton? All of them are on, I’m afraid they can’t stop Peyton’s move.

“How, how is it possible!” The ancestor of Ziyue was terrified, “Is the original will of the Primitive Universe recognized?”

“Peton, he, he is attacking my small universe ?”

“He is a true god, how could he destroy my small universe?”

The ancestor of Ziyue couldn’t believe it.

Even though Peyton’s realm is extremely high, this is a small universe of Void True God after all, how could it be destroyed?

“Go, go to see Peyton, these are his coordinates!” The ancestor of the purple moon gritted his teeth, “Ask him, can I spare the billions of lives in the Purple Moon Sacred Land universe? Any conditions , we Purple Moon Sacred Land can agree.”

“Yes, the ancestor.”

A dozen silhouettes rushed out immediately.

It may be shameful to beg for mercy at this time, but temporary shame is better than the destruction of the ethnic group and the severance of hope!

“How come, how come to this step?” The ancestor of Ziyue raised his head and closed his eyes.


Fifteen powerhouses flew out, and the ancestor of the Purple Moon could sense the source of swallowing, and following the coordinates, the fifteen Purple Moon Sacred Land powerhouses teleported quickly approaching past.

“Rumble~~~” endless golden waves filled the air.

“Lord of the Red Moon, as long as you are willing to let me live in Purple Moon Sacred Land, hundreds of millions of lives will survive, any conditions…” Fifteen powerhouses flew into the golden waves and moved on.


A wave hit, and the fifteen powerhouses were instantly shattered and annihilated.

In the depths of the entire field.

Both Peyton and Morosa were standing there, Morosa was naturally using the power of devouring, but Luo Feng sneered: “When I tried to destroy my human race, why didn’t I think of it? Spare hundreds of millions of lives of my clan? If you are not of my clan, if you are not my enemy, then if you have the will to destroy my clan, you will be blamed if you die.”

I don’t even bother to negotiate, so come one Kill one, come two kill a pair.


“Ancestor, our Avatar was killed as soon as it rushed into the realm. Not even Peyton’s face was seen.”

“Go to the second batch.” Ancestor Ziyue gritted his teeth.

Another batch of Purple Moon Sacred Land powerhouse wants to make peace.

Still destroyed!

Even through some friends in Primitive Universe to send a message to Peyton, but Peyton still refuses.

“Hahaha…” The ancestor of Ziyue suddenly raised his head and laughed, but the Lord of Universe and True God below were panicked and puzzled.

“didn’t expect me to be proud and proud, and finally planted in the hands of this red moon lord.” The ancestor of the purple moon said with a smile.

“Go, let’s go.”

The ancestor of Ziyue waved down, “Go and gather with your friends and relatives, there is still half a day, everything will be extinct .”

The many Lord of Universe and True Gods standing by His Highness could not control their emotions.

“There is no eternal glory, everything is reincarnated. We perish today, and so will Peyton one day.”

“We, Purple Moon Sacred Land, have been around for so long. , I don’t know how much better than those ethnic groups that have survived three reincarnation eras and perished.”

“It’s enough.”

“The human race is also destroyed.”

There are those who see through life and death, those who hate Peyton, and those who curse human beings… There are more powerhouses that flew directly out of the great hall, and did the last thing before they fell, went to see their hometown, went to see their own Disciple, and waited to die peacefully.


The ancestor of Ziyue also walked out of the great hall and entered the Universe Source, where his eyes could fall on any space in the Holy Land universe.

“Everything is over.” The ancestor of Ziyue said softly, “My ethnic group will also be destroyed, but… I, Ziyue, will not admit defeat, I will not admit defeat!”

Peyton watched from a distance, and the huge universe in the distance began to crack and collapse directly, and the collapse speed was extremely fast. Like Giant Axe’s death, the origin in his small universe is still intact, so the speed of collapse and digestion will be very slow… But this kind of swallowed, the origin is swallowed up, and the membrane wall naturally disintegrates and annihilates quickly.

“Come on.”

Swipe! brush! brush!

Peton teleported one after another, approaching quickly.

Peton frowned and looked around: “Holy Land universe is destroyed, what about the ancestor of Ziyue?”

The destruction of the small universe only means that the powerhouse cannot be upgraded, but it cannot kill the powerhouse.

Purple Moon Sacred Land is destroyed, the ancestor of Purple Moon should still be alive.

(End of this chapter)

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