All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 601


Chapter 601


In Holy Land, the red moon of the Primitive Universe.


Luo Feng saluted respectfully, time passed, he has taken the last step, that is, the will to become holy, and his teacher is still the same as before.

No! Should be more bland.

It can no longer be seen through the depths.

He once asked another of his squatters, who was also faintly sighed: “I don’t understand, I don’t understand!”

“en? What? Jinzhi World Disappeared?”

“The teacher already knows?” Luo Feng was a little surprised, but then he thought it was normal, his teacher is too mysterious.

Obviously he was born in Earth, but what he did was far beyond normal, and even the mountaineer who was the creator of Earth lineage couldn’t see it at all.

Peyton smiled slightly: “In order to deal with the catastrophe of the beasts, the world of Jin is here.”

“The catastrophe of the beasts, the source… these are all a glimmer on the Primitive Universe side. of survival, now that the catastrophe of the beasts has passed, the world of Jin has quietly left.โ€

Luo Feng can also understand that the world of Jin contains some ancient civilizations, after all, the people living there are Descendants of ancient civilizations powerhouse. If the world of Jin remains forever, life in the future era of reincarnation will easily gain inheritance from the ancient civilization, which is obviously not such a good thing.

“I don’t know when I can see Jinzhi World again.” Luo Feng said silently.

“Okay, since you’re here, come with me!”

“en?” Luo Feng was surprised.

“Your other teacher has been waiting for a long time!”

Said, Peyton took Luo Feng through the void and came to a palace.

There is a huge pool in front of the palace. There are fish swimming in the pool. An old man is standing beside the pool, watching all this leisurely.

“Here it is.” Sitting on the mountain looked at the pool and said casually.

“Here.” Payton walked over.

Luo Feng respectfully nodded: “pay respects to Teacher.”

To be honest, he is also full of curiosity about his teacher, and can come up with such treasures as Stars Tower… โ€ฆ Insight into all kinds of secrets, but only asks him to do one thing.

What do you do?

“teacher.” Luo Feng couldn’t help but said, “The era of Primitive Universe is coming to an end. Once I understand the whole process of Primitive Universe’s destruction. Soon, I will no longer suppress my strength. , Breakthrough, I’m about to break through the cycle. Teacher, what do you want me to do, please tell me quickly.”

“Hahaha…” The mountain guest laughed heartily, “No hurry, no Urgent.”

Then he looked towards Peyton: “Fellow Daoist, are you leaving too?”

Peyton nodded: “Don’t worry, I will do that for you Something.”

Sit Shanke smiled and said, “many thanks Fellow Daoist!”

Up to now, he has completely cleared the comprehension of Peyton’s extraordinary, for him Being able to take revenge for oneself is naturally a matter of great confidence.

Just as Luo Feng listened to the exchange between the two, he gradually cleared the comprehension that his own teacher was about to go to reincarnation, and he even needed to help the mountaineer to do one thing, and he was extremely surprised.

Zan Shan Ke looked towards Luo Feng, the initially chosen helper.

As soon as he turned his hand, a golden crystal appeared in the palm of his hand. He carefully looked at the golden crystal for a long time before handing it to Luo Feng.

“Teacher, what is this?” Luo Feng glanced at Jin Jing, this shouldn’t be a treasure.

“You take it with you.” Said the mountain guest, “There is an illusory consciousness in it.”

“Illusionary consciousness?” Luo Feng wondered.

Although the previous Duan Donghe died, he still left an illusory consciousness to choose his successor.

The Divine King of Jin also left behind an illusory consciousness when he left. This illusory consciousness has all the memories left by the deity, but does not have any battle strength. It is only equivalent to an intelligent robot with massive memories. .

“That’s my illusory consciousness.” The mountain guest said, “I said, there are some things I can’t say at all…because under this Supreme Rule, I can’t say it.”


Luo Feng startled, indeed he has some things that he already knew.

“Wait for you to break through the reincarnation.” The mountain guest said with a smile, “When you break through the reincarnation, you are not restricted by this Supreme Rule, and my illusory consciousness can also say everything…”

Hearing the two exchange, Peyton shook his head: “Why is it so troublesome, this Supreme Rule can’t limit this place.”

“Fellow Daoist?” something.

With a wave of Peyton’s hand, in the astonished gaze of the squatter, everything around him has changed… It seems that there is no concept of time and space, just like chaos…

“This is…?”

The mountaineer was shocked? He really couldn’t feel the breath of Supreme Rule.

Peyton shook his head: “This is the Hunyuan Sea!”

“You can say it.”

“teacher.” Luo Feng looked at Sitting Mountain Guest, he has too many doubts, “teacher, what exactly do you want me to do, you can say it now. And teacher, how do you have the Secret Art of Nine Tribulations? And Stars Tower, you and Jinzhi World have What’s the matter.”

“hahaha, take your time, take your time, we’re not in a hurry.”

Laughed by the mountaineer, he looked towards Peyton, and again His own evaluation of it has improved, and he can actually avoid the Supreme Rule. Such existence is really unimaginable.

He was relieved for a while, and he was no longer worried about his revenge.

looked towards Luo Feng, he opened the mouth and said: “I know a lot, more than you think, Stars Tower is indeed a divine King Armament, and it is indeed made by me. .”

“What!” Luo Feng was stunned.

A divine King Armament made by a mountaineer?

Is it the Divine King?

But it’s a fact that there are small universes on the mountain!

“I can refine the Stars Tower, of course it’s the Divine King, and it’s the Divine King who is good at refining Supreme Treasure.”

The mountaineer looked at Luo Feng, and there was something in his eyes. With a hint of smile and pride, “I am the Divine King of Jin.”

“Divine King of Jin?” Luo Feng was confused.

How could Zongshanke be the Divine King of Jin?

Peyton looked towards Luo Feng, sighing in his heart, after so many years, is he still so temperament?

How to say it?

Perhaps Pure Heart

“But I have identified Stars Tower in Jinzhi World.” Luo Feng couldn’t help but said.

“Don’t worry, just listen to me slowly.”

There is a complex color in the eyes of the mountain passer.

Luo Feng obediently listened carefully.

He had a feeling that the mountain guest was really the Divine King of Jin.

“Let’s briefly talk about the division of strength first, and the next story will be easier for you to understand.” Zuoshan Ke said, “Starting with True God, True God, Void True God, Eternal True God, Chaos Sovereign (called Holy Existence), Divine King.”

“From True God to Eternal True God, you must know it.”

Luo Feng is obediently nodded, his current will is Transcendent Saint, Reach Chaos Sovereign.

“Eternal True God, a small universe can be formed with a single thought, and they have already realized some of the origins of the universe. Profound mystery.” The mountain guest said, “For example, they realized the source of water and fire, and realized the source of time and space. , realize the source of light and darkness… as long as you realize any of them, you can become Eternal True God.”

“If you go further, you must control chaos!”

“Each A law, everything comes from chaos, this is the ultimate law, controlling chaos is chaos Sovereign. It is enough to be called a saint! This step is also extremely difficult, I donโ€™t know how many Eternal True God canโ€™t break through. When I was the most brilliant state of Jin, I was under Eternal. There are many True Gods, but there are only a dozen or so who can be called saints.”

“Once you control the chaos, you can transform your true god’s heart into Primal Chaos Space, and you have to do it yourself. It can trigger evolution, so it must be done after controlling Primal Chaos Law.” Said the mountain guest.

โ€œOnce you have Primal Chaos Space, a large amount of Divine Force can be stored in it.โ€ Zanshanke said, โ€œYou can accumulate more and more Divine Force.โ€

โ€œ If you become a Divine King, you can control the Primal Chaos Space in your body and turn it into a small universe.” Said with a smile, “The world of Jin is a small universe opened up in my body. This small universe looks small, but in fact it can be huge, and it can also breed a lot of powerhouses, but the perfection of the universe is powerful, and everything has to be promoted by itself.โ€

Peton heard the words and gradually Nodding, the path of cultivation in this world is indeed admirable. To open up a small universe in the body, one must first transform into Primal Chaos Space, and then take the initiative to evolve a universe…

This requires an incredible grasp of the profound mystery of the universe, which is also the basis for Peyton to perfect the way of spreading the sky.

โ€œDivine Kings are different in different abilities.โ€ Said the mountain guest, โ€œThe small universes they open up in their bodies will also be different. If I am good at refining treasures, the universes they open up are considered to be different. It’s more refined. Some of the universes created by the Divine King are very rough.”


Divine King!

One controls Chaos, and the other can open up the universe on its own.

The mountain guest next to him continued to speak.

“True God, Void True God, Eternal True God, Sheng Sheng, Divine King.” Sishan guest said, “In fact, above Divine King, there is a higher realm in legend.”

“It is said that when that realm is reached, even the Supreme Rule can’t limit it. According to the legend, when that realm is reached, the Supreme Rule can even be formulated.” There is hope in the eyes of the sitting mountain guest.

“It’s just that I have comprehend endless years, but I can’t take that step.”

Luo Feng also suddenly clear comprehension, looking towards his own teacher, not restricted by Supreme Rule…

Peyton clear comprehension what they thought, shaking his head: “My existence is special , you don’t have to think too much.”


The squatter looked back, Peyton’s secret had nothing to do with him, and he didn’t want to know, to avenge him, everything was Good to say.

“I will tell you my story one after another, and you will understand after listening to it.”

Luo Feng listened carefully.

This is the deepest hidden story of the mountaineer.

“At the end of the cosmic sea, there is a continent called Origin Continent, which is the so-called ancient civilization of your races.”

“On Origin Continent, I learned from a I grew up in the tribe, and was absorbed into a treasure refining sect. In the sect, I fell in love with my Senior Sister, and I married her. I am even more of a peerless genius who is good at refining treasures. I have risen step by step, using the sect as my backing, and finally more The ‘Jin State’ was established on the basis of sect, and I am the ruler of the Jin State!”

“How beautiful is it to have a loving wife, a strong and loyal minister, standing on the pinnacle?”


“Unfortunately, there is no eternal prosperity.” Sishan Ke shook his head, “After endless years, the food country raided my Jin country, killed my wife, killed my courtier brother, and destroyed my Jin country! Everything I have They were all destroyed by Shiguo.” Zanshanke’s eyes flashed with madness and hatred, and he couldn’t control it in front of Disciple.

“It’s very difficult to kill a Divine King. The three kings chased me, but I still fled into the universe.”

“I fled into the universe, I didn’t go back. Instead, I went deep into the universe!”

“Because… I want to enslave the beasts of the world.” Sishan guest said.

“The catastrophe of the beast is a legend on Origin Continent, and it is an absolutely terrifying catastrophe. However, among the many powerful countries of Origin Continent, there is a country named ‘Tianmu Kingdom’, which is a relatively The food kingdom is even more powerful and ancient, and the lord of the Tianmu kingdom is called the ‘Purple Wood Divine King’.”

“The Zimu Divine King was once destroyed by the country.” Sishan guest said, “Later he fled into the sea of cosmos, went deep into the sea of cosmos, and enslaved a world beast back to Origin Continent!”

“A mature Peak’s world beast, I am afraid that it will take many countries to unite to resist. The uncontrolled world beast is a nightmare, but the purple wood Divine King enslaved the world beast, the world beast is no longer crazy, but obedient, only the enemy of the purple wood Divine King is destroyed by him. As for other countries? The purple wood Divine King It’s not bad if you don’t attack, who wants to provoke it? With a world beast king… Tianmu Kingdom has risen and developed rapidly, endless years, Tianmu Kingdom itself is extremely powerful. Tianmu Kingdom’s beast of the country’s ‘world beast’ is naturally It has never been shot again, and it has become a legend.”

Luo Feng was puzzled: “I checked in the world of Jin, how come there is no detailed record of the beast?”

” Haha, the world of Jin in my body, the strongest can only breed Eternal True God.” Sishan Ke shook his head, “How can there be such secret information in the Armament World database.”

“This legend It has long been spread, and the Purple Wood Divine King also admits it.”

“It is impossible to enslave powerful world beasts.” The mountain guest said, “Only to enslave world beasts that have not yet grown up. , so I have to go to the depths of the sea of cosmos, and I take risks to go deep… In fact, many powerhouses with great hatred and destruction of the kingdom have gone deep into the sea of cosmos, wanting to enslave the beasts of the world.”

“For example, above If you want to break the East River, you will take the Universe Boat. I am afraid it is a powerful Legion. If you go in together, you are afraid that you want to enslave the beasts that have not grown up. Unfortunately, even I can’t do it. They are naturally destined to die, even reincarnated. I can’t do it at all.”

Sit Shanke shook his head, “I entered the universe sea, and the deeper I went, the more danger I found in the universe sea.”

“The supreme law of operation is I’m not allowed to wait to break in, but there’s always a glimmer of survival, so it’s not completely banned. Just let the Primitive Universe come to hinder me.” Zaishanke said.

“Without the permission of the Supreme Rule, the will of origin is not terrifying. But with the permission of the Supreme Rule, the will of origin can use the original source power of the Primitive Universe… to control the sea of the universe, it is really terrifying, the more The closer you get to the Primitive Universe, the more terrifying its power will be.โ€

The mountaineer shook his head: โ€œYou canโ€™t imagine it.โ€

โ€œSo I understand that if you push hard, I will die. .”

“I started to arrange the backhand, first I left an illusory consciousness in the world of Jin in my body! I left a picture scroll of “Lie Yuanshu”, I hope that the descendants of the world of Jin will breed. Who can learn?” said the mountain guest.

“Then I made another treasure, which is the Stars Tower! There was indeed an accident during the refining process. A golden light was incorporated, which made the Stars Tower take shape faster. This is indeed a God King Armament.”

“Stars Tower is divided into ninth layers, each layer has a 3rd-layer secret technique, there are twenty seventh layer secret techniques in total!”

“Because I am going to In the depths of the universe, go to the place where Primitive Universe is, so if you want to choose Disciple, it must be in Primitive Universe.” Si Shanke said, “The secret technique I left on Stars Tower naturally has to be considered for the safety of Disciple. “

“Stars Tower First Layer Second Layer, a total of sixth layer secret technique. It can be triggered before you reach the true god stage. “

“Third Layer Fourth Layer, the strength of the true god can be triggered. “

“The fifth layer Sixth Layer, Void True God can trigger. “

“Seventh Layer, prompted by Eternal True God.” โ€

โ€œEighth Layer, called San Ke urging.โ€ “

“Ninth Layer, Divine King can trigger.” “

Sitting Mountain Guest said with a smile, “Of course this is under normal circumstances, like you were a true god before, but the realm is extremely high, which can naturally lead to more difficult situations. “

“After I refined the Stars Tower, I put all the treasures in my Palace of King Jin.” “Sit on the mountain.”

“The Palace of the King of Jin is my most important treasure, and it is also the divine King Armament.” I took the Jinwang Palace to go deeper, and gradually found that I could no longer move forward, and I could not escape. When I was in a desperate situation, I could only peel off a trace of my life imprint and store it in the Palace of King Jin, and perform the technique of reincarnation. “

“The Palace of King Jin flew across the endless universe, because I was already dead, and there was only a ‘sign of life’ that existed in a special state under the reincarnation technique. There are puppets in the Palace of King Jin who continue to push it to fly. “

“Original will is not permitted by the Supreme Rule, nor can it restrict the flight of a dead object, so I finally arrived at the Primitive Universe, and a trace of my life imprint was directly reincarnated in the Primitive Universe!” Became a special life, so there is a mountain passenger. “

“Oh. Luo Feng was stunned.

“The reincarnation technique is a secret technique allowed by the Supreme Rule.” “Sit Shanke said, “But I still keep my previous memories. My realm is extremely high, and my will is extremely strong, so the Supreme Rule also restricts me, and the original will is always staring at me, never for a moment. relax too. Once I dare to touch the Supreme Rule, it will definitely take the opportunity to suppress me, and I know a little about the Supreme Rule, so I don’t even dare to fight with anyone. “

Luo Feng was stunned.

“Primitive Universe, representing Life Source, has infinite possibilities. Zanshanke said, “Any kind of life can be born, the premise is that there is a suitable environment. If I can’t find a suitable Disciple, then I will create a Disciple myself…”

Then he looked towards Luo Feng, and began to cultivate his Earth lineage, from body to perception will…

Luo Feng also gradually clear comprehension…

(end of this chapter)

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