All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 602


Chapter 602

“Teacher, that world beast is attacking, why don’t you enslave teacher?” Luo Feng asked Said, “Is it lack of strength?”

“I am in the Primitive Universe, and I am restricted everywhere.” Zanshan Ke said, “The original will is to regard me as the biggest enemy, so I become a true god, and it is the Ordinary Law route to become a true god. I don’t dare to give the source will any control, my foundation is too poor, the Divine Force is too weak, even if the beast lies in front of me, I can’t enslave, if I am the Divine King, naturally I can do it. even more how I’m afraid of me and the beast As soon as we fight, the original will will suppress me and take the opportunity to destroy me.”

Luo Feng was shocked: “The original will is also very hostile to the beasts.”

“No, relative to the realm. Beast, it is more afraid of me.” The mountain guest said, “The beast can force it to destroy the Primitive Universe, and it may hurt its consciousness. But I… As long as I grow up, I will definitely be able to have body possession Primitive Universe.”

“body possession?” Luo Feng thought of the original ancestor.

“But I won’t have body possession, my reincarnation foundation is too poor this time, and even the rule route becomes a true god.” The mountain guest said, “I will break through as Void True God soon. Then take Jinwang Palace, go through reincarnation, return to Origin Continent. And reincarnate again… In Origin Continent, I will not be restricted by any Supreme Rule, when the time comes I will use the most perfect Divine Physique Third Stage breakthrough as God, if everything is perfect, then I have a stronger possibility. As for the Primitive Universe of body possession? I am the Divine King, my realm is high, and body possession is not very beneficial to me.”

“This is also the reason why I am willing to give up my own mini-universe and protect your mini-universe.” The mountain guest said, “Even if my mini-universe is destroyed, I can still pass through the Samsara Channel in the Jinwang Palace. Both the temple and your Stars Tower have a powerful function of protecting the soul.”

Luo Feng asked: “At the end of the reincarnation, is the Origin Continent?”


Sit Shanke said with a smile, “Let me tell you, Origin Continent is the origin of all dimensional spaces, so this continent is called Origin Continent!”

“All dimensions?” Luo Feng didn’t ask, just listened.

“The cosmic sea around Origin Continent seems to be endless void, but in fact it has different dimensions, and accidentally entered the cosmic sea of another dimension. It can be divided into three thousand dimensions of the cosmic sea. .” Zanshanke said, “Every universe has a Primitive Universe and a Samsara Channel.”

“The Samsara Channel has two purposes.”

” The lives bred by Primitive Universe, if they become Void True God, can reach Origin Continent through Samsara Channel. This is one of them!”

“If they don’t become Void True God, once they die, their Souls will go directly to the Origin Continent along the Samsara Channel, but in the Samsara Channel, the weak souls will be annihilated, and only the powerful souls will reach the Origin Continent. However, these souls will lose their past life memories… reincarnated in the Origin Continent!”

Sitting on the mountain said: “In general, the three thousand Primitive Universes from different dimensions have given birth to powerful souls and sent them to Origin Continent. All the lives born in Origin Continent are very unique. Powerful. Because the weak soul was annihilated in the Samsara Channel.”

Luo Feng was shocked.

The origin of all dimensional spaces? core?

“The 3,000-dimensional cosmic sea is the foundation and the foundation of the prosperity of Origin Continent. Origin Continent is the common origin of all dimensions.” Sishan Ke said with emotion, “It is also the most prosperous place, some powerful loners. Leave their own secret inheritance. There are also some powerful sectors, tribes, and even powerful kingdoms! The fish and dragons are mixed in together, there are many forces, but they are also extremely chaotic, and from time to time there are geniuses from the 3,000-dimensional universe sea. Rise.”

“Genius rises?” Luo Feng started.

“Yes.” Sitting Mountain Guest nodded, “Aren’t you wondering why Ziyue wants to suppress humans, why did she want to kill you?”

“Why?” Luo Feng asked.

“Because the human race gained the inheritance of ancient civilization at that time, it has a tendency to flourish rapidly. If it is not suppressed, many true gods may be born in human beings, and even Void True Gods may be born.” The mountain guest said, “And you The future is boundless. Let you grow up, then in the future you may be one step ahead of him in body possession Primitive Universe.”

“body possession Primitive Universe?” Luo Feng asked.


Nodded, “Origin Continent is mixed, and there are many hidden inheritances. How can the little fellows from the Three Thousand Universe Seas rise up? It’s because once their will is strong, there is the possibility of body possession of the Primitive Universe. Once the body possession is successful, they can perceive all kinds of profound mysteries in the Primitive Universe, saying that it is with no difficulty, and even has the hope of winning the ‘Divine King’. “

“I suspect that Ziyue should be absorbed by a certain force, so I know the secret information of the body possession Primitive Universe.” Zanshanke said, “East Emperor is also in Origin Continent, Ziyue is basically looking for it.” No. He can only target you, your potential is too terrifying, and of course he has to do his best to destroy you.”

“Once Ziyue’s will is sanctified, he will try body possession, according to Primitive Universe’s original will The difficulty of body possession varies depending on the strength and weakness. Generally, if the will is sanctified, the body possession can be successful. The most difficult thing is that as long as the will enters the Divine King Level, then the body possession will definitely be successful.”

Sitting on the mountain Ke said, “I’m the Divine King, so what if I’m posed? In fact, I don’t care about it at all, it’s just that it doesn’t believe in the will of the source. It’s afraid of me, and it’s always careful with me, targeting me.”

“Wait After you enter the Origin Continent, you can try it once and let the Divine Force incarnation in your small universe have body possession.”

“How could the original ancestor be suppressed?” Luo Feng asked.

“This is a provocative thing.” Saitama said with a smile, “So you have to leave the sea of the universe, and you can do it after you arrive at the Origin Continent. Your deity is in the Origin Continent, and the will of the origin wants to do it. There is no way to suppress your deity. You can try body possession again and again until you succeed. The original ancestor’s stupid boy, his will is Eternal True God level, and the ‘virtual universe’ fits the Primitive Universe, so he has success Possibly. But his deity is in the sea of cosmos, and the original will can naturally suppress him easily!”

Zongshanke sighed: “You and I are master and disciple, I will train you, and you also understand my purpose. It’s for you to kill the Lord of the Three Kingdoms.”

He then looked towards Peyton: “Of course, now that Peyton Fellow Daoist is here, maybe you don’t need you anymore.”

Luo Feng nodded, looked towards Peyton: “When will the teacher prepare to go through reincarnation?”

Peyton smiled slightly: “Relax, I know what you think, I will wait until the end of the universe. , also look at the destruction of the universe…”

The passage of time has reached the end of the universe, and this cycle is coming to an end.

“Even if it’s a newborn star.” Luo Feng said softly, “Once the Primitive Universe enters its final stage, it will rapidly age and decay, much faster than a normal star, and it will enter the stage so quickly. The red giant star stage.”

“Didn’t you say it?” Xu Xin next to him said with a smile, “Now entering the end stage, the origin of the Primitive Universe is absorbing all life energy, absorbing all celestial energy. Naturally The decay is fast. Alas… endless years, every star will come to lifespan, we will move another star for Earth, and now even Earth has left.”

Luo Feng gently nominated, softly Sigh: “One reincarnation, it’s about to end.”

“I still remember the two of us.” Xu Xin recalled the past, “At that time we were just two high school students in the base city era of Earth, didn’t ‘t expect the two of us to live to this day, to the day when the entire universe is destroyed.”

Luo Feng looked down at his wife next to him.

The couple looked at each other and smiled.

I then turned to look at the red giant star in silence.

Xu Ren…

“en?” Luo Feng frowned slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xin asked suspiciously, and then she also noticed that she looked towards the distance, only to see a silhouette appearing in the distance, followed by that silhouette.

This is a Lord of Universe wearing a colorful robe, her eyes are even more glowing, she is one of the beast gods in the Ancestral God sect, she bows respectfully. Salute: “The great ancestor of the galaxy, I am here by the order of the three Ancestral Gods, and the three Ancestral Gods said… The Primitive Universe will be destroyed in three years!”

Luo Feng nodded: “I know .”

“I won’t disturb you.” The female surnamed Beast God respectfully saluted and then left quietly.

“There are only three years left.” Xu Xin sighed softly.

“Well, three years.” Luo Feng nodded.

Xu Xin was looking at Luo Feng, she knew…after the end of this cycle of reincarnation, Luo Feng would leave and go to reincarnation before long. How could she not be worried?

Luo Feng smiled slightly: “Don’t worry.”


The last three-year period will make all the tribes in the decaying Primitive Universe. Relocation accelerated.

“The Primitive Universe is going to be destroyed. I really want to leave with some friends, but unfortunately we can only take ten people each.”

“Don’t lament, what a Primitive Universe Big? How big is the small universe? It is destined that people above Yu Yu will not have the opportunity to relocate to the small universe. We are the geniuses absorbed by the Red Moon Kingdom, so we will be allowed to take ten places.” Two The youth is flying to a distant planet on a spaceship, which is a concentrated planet.

Mass relocation.

The principle of the relocation of the human race is to first take away all the world masters, immortals and even higher nature. The second is some geniuses absorbed by the Nine Great Influences such as Red Moon Kingdom, Virtual Universe Company, Giant Axe Fighting Martial Stage, Universe Galaxy Bank, etc. Even if they are not absorbed in some genius battles, those who perform well will be taken away.

According to the level of strength, they can even take away some relatives and friends.

In fact, relatively speaking, human relocation is already very kind, much better than Monster Race and Machine Race.

Because the human race includes Peyton, Luo Feng, Yuanzu and the others, the small universe can accommodate more lives and powerhouses.

So the population of human beings is extremely large!

Compared with countless human beings in the entire Primitive Universe, it is still unknown how many to choose one!



β€œThe Great Destruction.”

White clothed Payton is standing here, it’s not his The deity, but just a Divine Force avatar!

“bang!” The void around Peyton suddenly distorted, a natural wormhole appeared, and an invisible will covered Peyton.

Peyton was not afraid, and stepped in directly, only feeling the change of time and space, and entered a vast and mysterious space.

There are only countless light spots floating in this space, and each light spot contains powerful power, the weak ones are comparable to Lord of Universe, and the powerful ones are Void True God…


Of course, they were all too far from Payton.

There isn’t even a Transcendent Saint, and Luo Feng’s presence here is unprecedented.

This space is Primitive Universe Source Land.

Only a few of the countless light spots contain inheritance information, and more contain endless source energy!

Each point of light is like a vast world with endless energy.

“Haha…” Peyton laughed, then sat cross-legged and sat directly in this space.


Suddenly, a colorful brilliance appeared in the Primitive Universe Source Space. The hazy colored brilliance was like a rainbow, directly covering Peyton. Immediately, I felt that my body was stretched… My will began to naturally penetrate the entire Primitive Universe.

One Star Domain, one Universe Secret Realm, one desert Star Domain, one primordial star.

As small as a grain of sand.

It’s as big as a vast ocean of laws.

Quickly penetrated by Payton’s will, at this moment, Payton felt as if he had become a Primitive Universe!


β€œThis, this is the construction of the Primitive Universe? “Peton was completely addicted.

In Primitive Universe Source Space, there are countless light spots, which can be divided into 100,000 camps, and the 100,000 camps revolve around the center, which is the beginning of the ‘One Yuan’. Structure! It’s just more refined than Peyton’s, Peyton’s is, the beginning of one yuan, one hundred thousand heavens.

And this is, the beginning of one yuan, one hundred thousand heavens turned into endless space.


“The ocean of law, the energy swallowed, is stored in the universe in this way. “

“Natural Wormholes…”

“Universe Secret Realm….”, “It turns out that this is the amount of life force.”

Peyton from A careful look at Primitive Universe from the microscopic to the macroscopic level made him realize a lot, and the benefits were astonishing.

“However, as far as Xiang Qi is concerned, it is the most helpful thing to feel the final destruction of the Primitive Universe.”




“The Primitive Universe is about to be destroyed. This scene is very shocking. I have seen it with my own eyes.”

In the void filled with Chaos Qi Flow, a gray ship is rampant. Demon God is talking loudly, and there are many Lord of Universe, a large number of universe Venerable, immortal Spiritual God and even some geniuses who are focused on training.

β€œHow long has the Primitive Universe been destroyed?”

β€œWe are in the void. Will the destruction of the Primitive Universe affect us?”

Many humans in the hall raised questions.

“Don’t worry, it won’t affect us at all. Thinking about it back then…” Rampage Demon God said happily, loneliness is indeed a torment, even if it is invincible, if only you are alone How painful is it to live?

He is naturally optimistic.

Ships, palaces, in the void of Chaos Qi Flow, all powerhouses from the Primitive Universe are silently waiting, waiting for the moment of great destruction.



“The cosmic membrane is cracked.”

“Then It should be reincarnation.”

Luo Feng and the others looked at it carefully, there was nothingness in the vast space, only the entrance of the passage with a huge surface with colored energy flowing in front of it, and at the entrance of the passage, there was a faint One by one blurred silhouettes, as if they were humans, but also as if they were beasts. At a glance, hundreds of millions of silhouettes passed by the entrance of the passage.

Peyton escaped into it and saw a stream of light in the Samsara Channel, where countless blurred shadows of one after another appeared and disappeared from time to time, some were human, some were beasts, some were plants, In short all kinds of strange things, countless shadows are flying by quickly.

“I’m here!”

(End of this chapter)

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