All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 603


Chapter 603

Crossing through reincarnation, Payton is traveling through Samsara Space at a terrifying speed…

Trance In between, the huge Primitive Universes became blurred in the field of vision, and they all disappeared in a flash.

Peyton secretly said: “These are all worlds under Origin Continent, are they Origin Continent? I’m looking forward to it!”

“en? This is?”

Peyton opened his eyes wide. In the distance in front of him, there were one after another cracks running through the space. These cracks were billions of miles long. They were much longer than the Primitive Universe. Peyton’s eyes could not see the end.

These Void Fissures have been entrenched in a large area in front of them for a long time, like a moat, dividing the space into two.


Peton flew at high speed, and there was a very unremarkable Small World near countless void cracks.

This world is very small! Like an island in the sea, Peyton was also rushing in, only to find this extremely unremarkable ‘Small World’, he didn’t have time to see what this Small World looked like, only felt that next to countless void cracks, this Small World seemed to be at any time. Be affected and shattered.



At the moment of entering this world.

Peton felt the scene change.

This is a rather wide ancient hall with an array in one corner of the hall.

I am standing in the middle of the array at the moment.

“Another cultivator?” A black robe tall and thin man appeared out of thin air in the hall, walking towards Peyton with a smile on his face.

“Under Peyton, who are you?” Peyton asked, the person in front of him could not feel the slightest breath.

“Haha, I am the Artifact Spirit of this reception hall.” black robe tall and thin man said with a slight smile.

“Artifact Spirit?”

“What do you mean by the Hall of Reception?”

“Reception, reception, of course, it’s for you who have ascended to this world.” black robe tall and thin man said with a smile, “In your world, there must be legends here! In different worlds, the legends are different, some say this is the ‘Cultivation Holy World’, some say it is a ‘desperate world’, and some say It’s ‘exile the world’, and some say it’s ‘survival in the world’, in short, it’s not easy to survive here, and it’s very helpful to Cultivation.”

Peyton slightly frowned: “Isn’t this Origin Continent?”

The black robed man was stunned when he heard the words: “Origin Continent? Maybe it’s a different name. Anyway, let me introduce this place for Fellow Daoist first.”

Peyton nodded , this is not the time to delve into it, and how much does it matter whether it is Origin Continent?

“Fellow Daoist, please see.”

The black robe tall and thin man waved his hand, and in midair immediately emerged an illusory scene of the entire world shrinking.

“Crisis is everywhere in this world.” The black robe tall and thin man pointed to the reduced world map scene, “The five places with rays of light are the five places of the cultivator. Gathering place! Here, you can live safely, Cultivation. When you leave the gathering place, there are crises everywhere, and there are countless innate Chaotic Origin beings, all of whom want to hunt you down.”

“The Chaotic Source beings?”

“Yes, haven’t the Fellow Daoist contacted them? No, they are entrenched in all Chaotic Source spaces, and they are a danger to all worlds and cosmos.”

Peyton nodded: “Please continue…”

“The Magic Gold River runs through the world, and there are 30,000 Chaotic Origin beings living in this big river. Look at the map, There are many places bigger than the Magic River.” said black robe tall and thin man.

“As for how much, I can’t tell. By the way, here-the ‘Abyss Sea’ must not be approached”

black robe tall and thin man solemnly pointed at the map The black ocean above.

This ocean is not too large, about one-tenth of the entire map.

“The abyss is the most dangerous place in the entire world, and you must never step into the abyss.” The black robe tall and thin man said, “Even if you become the strongest expert in the world, No entry.”

“No entry? Why?” Payton asked.

“Forbidden place! Don’t worry, you will know when you go to the gathering place. Those who have lived in this world for a long time are aware of the terrifying of this abyss sea.” said black robe tall and thin man.

Peyton nodded, following his complexion slightly changed, the stomach gu gu sounded, a strong hunger came from the stomach, the stomach seemed to want to eat food madly, the hunger swept the whole body, It made Peyton’s body tremble uncontrollably.

This hunger is sharply intensified.

In an instant, Payton clears comprehension in an instantβ€”rules!

It must be known that Peyton has never felt hungry again for a long time since he achieved an extraordinary life.

But it is unusual for this world to have such rules.

“Fellow Daoist also realized that the World Rule is different here.”

Black robe tall and thin man saw this, said with a smile, “This world, survival is not easy! Under the rules, the stronger the creature, the more food it needs. Otherwise, the hunger will become stronger and stronger, until it will eventually starve to death!”

“Starved to death?” Peyton was surprised, when he arrived At their level of strength, are they starving to death?

“Ordinary food is useless at all. If you want to fill your stomach, there is almost only one choice – to kill those born Chaotic Origin beings and eat their meat! The flesh of Chaotic Origin Beings contains enough energy, That’s enough to eat just now.” The black robe tall and thin man said.

I’m so hungry!

My stomach even started to digest the power in my body. If I digest it like this with my fleshy body, I am afraid that it will become skinny soon, and my body will be exhausted in about a year. , lose your life.

“How long can you resist with your fleshy body?” The black robe tall and thin man on the side sneered, “How can your little fleshy body be compared with Chaotic Origin beings? They are weak beings who have never jumped out of the cage, those born with Chaotic Origin beings… Although they are generally intelligent and have very low excavation of their own strength, they are all bred in Chaotic Origin space, and each piece of flesh and blood is almost equivalent to the same volume. The rare Chaotic Origin is the best way to fight hunger! So you have to hunt down these natural Chaotic Origin beings as soon as possible.”

Peton nodded, he probably understood.

This place is like a hunting ground. I don’t know who set it up. The cultivator who is present high in the field is like a prisoner. No wonder it is called a place of exile.

“Okay.” black robe tall and thin man said, “you choose one of the five gathering places as soon as possible, and I will teleport you to the vicinity of the gathering place. You need to start from the gathering place. Escape to the inside of the gathering place.”

“Escape?” Peyton realized what the other party meant.

“Yes, Chaotic Origin beings are all over the world, even if you are teleported close, you may still encounter the attack of Chaotic Origin beings. This is also the easiest test. If you can’t resist it. , was killed and devoured by the Chaotic Origin beings! Then, your Cultivation journey is over. You must have worked so hard to get to this point, and even come to this world, you will not be willing to die like this, right? “

black robe tall and thin man said with a smile, “If you are not reconciled, prepare well. Once you let me teleport, I will teleport immediately.”

“I am How long will this last?” Payton asked.

“It will get dark soon.” black robe tall and thin man looked outside, “When the sun rises again, I must send you away.”

” Good.”

Payton nodded.

Forget about other things, immediately sit cross-legged and regain strength as soon as possible.

Days light up again? must go?

“Tear.” Peyton sat cross-legged, waved his hand gently, ripples rippled in the void, and even faintly saw the membrane wall of this world, the outside world was surging with the power of Chaotic Source, There are also countless secret patterns that swim like chains.

The densely packed secret pattern chains… make Peyton feel suffocated, and it is not at the same level as the previous universe.

“What are you doing?” black robe tall and thin man said with a smile , “Study the void? Do you want to study the technique of walking through the void?”

Peyton looked puzzled follow him.

“Don’t try, from many worlds, there are many powerhouses in this holy realm. Those who come here, the lowest strength is generally the most powerhouse level.” black robe tall and thin man said.

“There are bloodline cultivators, there are enlightened ones, and there are those who are refining Heaven and Earth… There are all kinds of cultivation paths, and there are those who are good at all kinds of escape techniques! However, in this holy world, it is fundamentally impossible. Walk through the void!”

black robe tall and thin man shook his head, “No one can do it! Relatively speaking, it is easier to achieve Chaotic Origin life.”

“No way. Walk through?”

“In many of your worlds, isn’t it called the ‘exile world’ or the ‘world of despair’? If you can walk through the void, how can you be called the world of despair?” black robe tall and thin man hi said with a smile.


The Palace’s Artifact Spirit All the same, Payton sits cross-legged there, trying.

After trying for one hour, Payton was sure he wasn’t lying.

“What a terrifying oppression.” Peyton secretly said, “The oppression of gravity and many other aspects is only a thousand times stronger than the previous thunder world. The void is also banned, and it is impossible to travel through the void.”


Before the thunder world, things like teleportation and greater teleportation were suppressed. Now, in this world, there is no hope for the teleportation technique of breaking the world.

Yuan… The world that I sent myself to is becoming more and more cruel.

“I prefer to call this world, the holy world.” black robe tall and thin man muttered, “For you and others, although there are many dangers and terrifying, it is also full of opportunities! The massive amount of Chaotic Source beings is also your opportunity. If you grasp it, you will be able to achieve Chaotic Source, here is your hopeless world and Cultivation Holy Land!”

Peton smiled and began to adapt to this place. the rules of the world.

It’s getting dark…

After the night, the sky will rise.

“It’s time to go.” The black robe tall and thin man said, “Choose a gathering place.”

“The one who flew to this world last time, which one did you choose to gather? Land?” Peyton asked with a move in his heart.

“Last time?” black robe tall and thin man said with a smile, “It’s Scarlet Cloud City.”

“Then I’ll go to Scarlet Cloud City too.” Peyton said.

“Okay.” The black robe tall and thin man waved his hand immediately, covering Peyton, “Go ahead, I hope you can live longer in this world.”

… …

Peyton only felt the void change, and when he reappeared, he was standing in a wilderness.

The surrounding area is overgrown with weeds, which are taller than people.

“en?” Peyton floated slightly, slightly higher than the surrounding weeds, looking into the distance.

With his eyesight, at a glance, he saw a majestic city in the far left front, which was one of the only five gathering places in this ‘Cultivation Holy Realm’.

“You have to get to that city first, and listen to what the Artifact Spirit said. I’m afraid there are some who ascend to this world and die before reaching the gathering place?”

” Be careful.”


Peyton completely restraining aura, cast Void Demon Insect Movement, and quickly headed towards the city.

His silhouette completely melted into the void, with naked eyes out of sight.


Suddenly a phantom appeared in the distance, staring in the direction of Peyton.

“It was discovered.”

“Is this the so-called Chaotic Origin creature?”

“It actually has several points of Great Firmament?”

Peyton was curious, he had confirmed that this place is definitely not Origin Continent, it seems that when he created the reincarnation, it was only an accident.

However, these seem to be created from the source, and the life that is contaminated with the immortal breath of the Great Firmament makes Peyton very interested.

The field of will covers a large area, with a full range of millions li.

A cover.

Peyton found that, except for the Chaotic Origin being in the distance staring at him, at this moment, within a million li range, there are Chaotic Origin beings madly rushing here. And there are other Chaotic Source beings, and then enter the domain of their own will!

These Chaotic Source beings are all from the same ethnic group.

All are translucent bodies, with little purple spots on the body, shadows and the rules of death are manifested almost everywhere on the body. This is obviously a natural Chaotic Origin life that is good at shadow-type and death-type tricks.

The strengths of their breaths are different, and the strongest of them is comparable to the Divine King level, and in the domain of their own will alone, they have found fifty-three Chaotic Origin beings, of which it is estimated that the Transcendent Saint level There are sixteen heads!

“It’s somewhat similar to the beast.”

“No, it’s much higher than the realm of the beast.”

“Well, just try this world. The Chaotic Origin Life.”


The secret art of will was slightly displayed, and the Chaotic Origin beings that were murdered with ferocity felt a huge Illusory World is dragging their souls. As Chaotic Origin beings, their souls are naturally much stronger than cultivators who have not yet reached the Chaotic Origin level!

However, they are the most common Chaotic Source beings, and their will is far inferior to the peerless Heaven’s Chosen among these lower beings!

“Om, hum, hum.”

There are sixty-one Chaotic Origin beings in the Peyton Domain at this moment, and eight of them fell down in an instant.

These eight heads are the weakest among them, and all of them only have the mid-term strength of the Divine Emperor! They have the weakest souls, and the eight with the weakest wills, none of them could resist the ultimate move of the Illusory Realm Dao, and they were all destroyed in an instant!

But all the others resisted!

“The life-saving ability of Chaotic Origin Life is indeed much stronger than that of the beasts.”

Peyton secretly nodded, he perfected his own path of cultivation, and his strength was already standing. Divine King Peak, this life is indeed not simple.

They’re too solid.

Their fleshy bodies are inherently tyrannical and outrageous, and their souls are inherently powerful.

Only the will of realm is flawed.

It seems that there is some kind of defect in the mutilated Great Firmament, and on the physical level, it is even more than the Peyton of the Cultivation gene.

“Alright, this Chaotic Origin creature just happens to be my fuel.”

Besides, these translucent Chaotic Origin beings communicated with each other by sound transmission.

“This cultivator is so terrifying.”

“This will trick…”

Although they were still sober, they all scored seven 8-Layer The mental strength to resist, the strength is also greatly damaged, they temporarily slow down.

(End of this chapter)

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