All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 604


Chapter 604

on the city wall of Chiyun City.

There are also powerhouses on guard all the time. On one of the city walls, there are two powerhouses standing there, like sculptures motionless, they have been on guard here for a long time.


The two of them twisted slightly at almost the same time, looking in one direction outside the city.

There was a sudden burst of strong fluctuations!

“There is a battle!”

The two of them were startled and looked carefully.

In the place where the battle broke out, a head of translucent purple-spotted Chaotic Origin beings were chasing after a white clothed youth.

“It’s a group of ‘Shadow Death God’.”

“That person doesn’t seem to be from our Scarlet Cloud City, but a new one?” The two of them looked at each other , all have a pimple in their hearts.


The newcomer who has just ascended has to reach the gathering place. This is the first layer test. Obviously, this newcomer is not very lucky, and the number of Chaotic Origin beings encountered is a bit large.

“The first team, hurry up and save people! There’s a new guy here! Hurry up!” The two powerhouses on the city wall who were in charge of vigilance even shouted at the sound transmission.


Because the five gathering places are scattered in different areas of this world, the distances are very far away.

Apart from when they first ascended, the Reception Hall would help them send them to one of the gathering places, and when they want to reach other gathering places? It’s almost impossible! Because the distance is too far, crossing such a long distance to reach another city… It is too difficult, and few powerhouses do this.

So when the unfamiliar powerhouses appear, they are usually newcomers who have just ascended!


“Quickly save people.”

whiz whiz whiz …

A group of silhouettes rushed out, followed by a These silhouettes are enveloped by a giant electric light.

pa pa!

This huge electric light rushes directly in the direction of Peyton at a terrifying speed. In terms of flight speed, it is eight times faster than Peyton’s flight speed!


Peyton also saw a huge ball of electric light in the distance, tearing the sky and rushing towards it quickly.

The location where he was teleported was not too far from Scarlet Cloud City.

He flew nearly half a distance before he was attacked and killed by the Chaotic Origin life that the receiver said.


Although Peyton was a little thrilled, he barely blocked the attacks of Chaotic Origin beings.

His successive comprehend destruction, creation, and secret techniques of will have reached an amazing level, and he has greatly weakened these Chaotic Origin beings, so that he can easily escape the encirclement.

“Rookie, hold on.” A voice sounded in my ear.

Peyton was a little surprised that someone helped?


Suddenly, a huge transparent silhouette erupted in that ball of electric light. This transparent silhouette was like a bubble, instantly covering the battlefield. li range. These huge transparent bubbles are scattered and drilled into the bodies of the Chaotic Source beings, causing those Chaotic Source beings to scream in anger. Their formidable power has not changed much, but the tricks have obviously become rougher. , they all became agitated and angry.

whiz whiz whiz ……

That ball of lightning turned into eight figures, killing them all.

One of them stretched out his right hand, and his right hand flew out directly, splitting into countless golden insects, and pounced directly on those Chaotic Origin beings.

“Let’s all die.” There was also a tall and burly one whose whole body seemed to be made of rock, and Rumble directly fought with Chaotic Origin beings meet force with force.

“Phew.” Some of them turned into mist, and the thick mist immediately filled every Chaotic Origin life.

Peton didn’t expect that the ascendants in this world would be so united, and there are people to help him.

And these people are not weak, although they are only eight, but some are good at the field, some are good at frontal fighting, some are good at some insidious tricks, many tricks are combined… Those Chaotic Source beings are not. It immediately began to retreat, and even some weak ones began to die.


This group of Chaotic Origin beings quickly receded. After all, there were not too many of them near Scarlet Cloud City.

“It really isn’t Origin Continent, Origin Continent won’t have so many Divine King-level existences casually.” Peyton secretly nodded.

“These people should be from different universes. It seems that there are several Cultivation categories, which I can’t understand.”

For example, the giant made of rock.

The body is too strong, and the Chaotic Origin beings that meet force and force are fighting are rolling and flying, making Peyton extremely curious about the path he takes, and rationally tells him that this path is important to his genetic system. Great benefit.

“Newcomer, come here.”

“Let’s go quickly, don’t stay in the wilderness for too long.”

The eight people looked at Peyton.

They also look strange.

There are black robes and scepters all over the body, scales all over the body and huge tails, different breaths, and fluctuations… All make Peyton aware that these people come from different people. Universe, Cultivation’s is a very different Cultivation path.

“Whoosh.” A ball of electric light directly enveloped everyone, and also enveloped Peyton, and quickly flew towards Scarlet Cloud City.

“It’s more dangerous outside the city, so hurry into the city. Newcomer, your luck is not very good. The first test… is to fly back to the city from outside the city. This section of the road, you Just met nearly a hundred shadow Death God?”

“If we slow down and the shadow Death God forms a large-scale siege, then you are finished.”

These cultivators are one by one said with a laugh.

They still welcome newcomers, and there are very few people who are qualified to ascend to this world.

“By the way, what’s your name? My name is ‘Eagle Snake God’.” The man with the huge tail said.

“Thank you for your help, my name is Payton, I just came to this world.”

Payton also sound transmission, the attitude of these people made him realize that this world , except for Chaotic Origin Creatures, the rest of the Ascenders seem to be in harmony.

And that Chaotic Source being is the enemy of everyone.

The entire group flew to the city wall under the package of electric light.

“Rescue the newcomer?” The two powerhouses on the city wall who were on guard looked at Peyton curiously.

“Brother Peyton, just now, I was the one who informed me of the news they found.” The giant who was as tall as a rock said with a smile.

“Haha, the duty is! My name is Jun Qian, he is Fu Shan.” Jun Qian’s breath was strong and mighty, and there was a faint flame rising between his eyes. The other, Fushan, was an old man who wore a gold hoop with five colored gemstones on it.

Peyton continued: “In the next Peyton, I have seen Brother Jun Gan, Brother Fu Shan.”

Jun Gan smiled nodded.

Fu Shan also smiled.

Although they are all from different worlds, all of them are the dominant characters standing on the pinnacle in their own world, and they chose to come here only after they were lonely and lonely!

However, although the number of powerhouses in this ‘Holy Realm’ is not too many, they are only of medium level.

“Don’t disturb the two of you.” The eagle snake god with a huge tail said, “Brother Peyton, let’s go, you just came to Scarlet Cloud City, and you don’t know many things. We will show you. Let’s go shopping first.”


“Brother Peyton is afraid that he will run out of food, so I will come to dinner today.”

This time the team has a total of Of the eight, five left voluntarily, and three still accompany Payton enthusiastically.

The three accompanying Peyton…they are the ‘Eagle Zombie’ with a huge tail, the ‘Red Devil’ who is the strongest and most arrogant rock giant in the team, and the ‘Red Devil’ who turns into an electric light. The ‘Lei Chen’ who carried the crowd on their way.

“Don’t mind my brother Peyton, everyone who can come to this holy world has extraordinary backgrounds. In the original world, they were all called emperors and ancestors. Some were cold and arrogant, and some were withdrawn. It was just because they were all duties. I just shot and rescued you, and naturally they all dispersed and went back to various places.” The Eagle and Snake God explained.

“I understand, they are all in Scarlet Cloud City, and there is no danger. In fact, the three of them don’t have to accompany me.” Peyton continued.

“Haha…there are only so many cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City, and a newcomer is naturally welcome.” The most majestic and tall Scarlet Demon said with a smile.

“Go to the Scarlet Cloud Palace first and take care of all the trivial matters.” Lei Chen said, “Make arrangements for the accommodation, and write down the stamp on the communication.”

“Yes, first. Go to the Scarlet Cloud Palace.”


Leaded by the three of them, the Eagle and Snake God, they came to the ‘Scarlet Cloud Palace’, a hall in the center of Scarlet Cloud City.

In the entire Chiyun City, the city wall is towering and towering, but the city itself does not occupy a large area, only more than 100,000 miles!

“This Fellow Daoist, please choose a Cave Mansion. All these hidden Cave Mansion are unowned.” The person in charge of trivial matters in Chiyun Hall is a beauty puppet, the beauty puppet points to in The midair suspends and shrinks the city. There are tens of thousands of Cave Mansion densely packed in the city, and most of them are dark.

The Cave Mansion is all the same size and covers an area of about 1,000 miles.

Thousands of Cave Mansion are like stars scattered in the city.

“Although there are so many Cave Mansion in Scarlet Cloud City, there are only more than 3,000 powerhouses in the city.” The Eagle Snake God smiled and said, “The rest are still empty.”

“Just this one.”

Peyton glanced at it, randomly selected a Cave Mansion, and received the Cave Mansion’s talisman.

Cave Mansion is the same regardless of strength.

This is followed by a ‘message stamp’.

“There are many important things, and Chiyun Palace will send messages to Peyton Fellow Daoist you.” The beauty puppet said.

“Let’s go, hurry up and eat some delicious food.” The rock giant Red Devil couldn’t hold it any longer and urged.

“Go for a walk.”

“Go to Fu Garden.”

Under the leadership of these three, Peyton also came to one of the three in Chiyun City. There is a place that operates gourmet food-Fuyuan!

On the way, the Eagle Snake God also explained with a smile: “There are more than 3,000 powerhouses in the entire Chiyun City, and there are only three people who are willing to run gourmet food. Fuyuan is the most brilliant in cooking. Yes. You also know how difficult it is to make delicious food with the flesh and blood of those born with Chaotic Origin beings? Ordinary flames cannot be cooked. More powerful flames can accidentally destroy the delicious food. Try to keep those Born with the energy of the flesh and blood of Chaotic Origin beings, it is very difficult to make delicious food.”

Peyton nodded, thinking of those Chaotic Origin beings whose bodies were manifested by rules before, he also had some expectations.

These creatures have the breath of the Great Firmament. .


Fu Garden is a rather quiet garden.

In the garden, a chubby old man was sleeping on a chair, with two puppets serving him.

“Fold ghost, here we come.”

“Fold ghost, wake up, come to you ten times, you are asleep eight times, not Good Cultivation.”

The burly rock giant Red Devil shouted loudly after walking in, and at the same time the Red Devil was very familiar with the arrangement, “Brother Peyton, sit wherever you want.”

Pei Dun, Eagle Snake God, Lei Chen, and Chi Demon sat down separately.

The two puppets ran over and served wine.

The chubby old man just woke up. He glanced at the four of them sleepily, and said lazily, “We’ve already reached the Divine Emperor Perfection level early, how hard is it to go any further? What we need now is not penance. , is sudo enlightenment, red devil, do you understand?”

Peyton secretly memorized the term Divine Emperor.

Could this so-called Divine Emperor be the realm above the Divine King?

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and prepare the food, all your old things will be put up.” Red Devil loudly said.

The old man’s eyes fell on Peyton, and said with a smile: “Oh, newcomer? My name is Fuan, it’s the first time we met, and I bought food today. But you, red devil, Three…you have to pay the bill yourself!”

“You old ghost, you are so stingy.”

“Only one meal.”

Red Devil , the eagle and snake gods shouted, but Lei Chen obviously spoke less and smiled aside.

“My name is Peyton.” Peyton continued, “This time, Brother Red Devil and everyone else rescued me from outside the city. With such a life-saving grace, how can I let Brother Red Devil and the others save me? Please, this time I should invite you all!”

As Peyton waved his hand, a huge monster fell.

A shadow of Death God’s corpse about 300 meters long landed in this garden, which covers an area of nearly 100 miles and has a huge open space. This shadow Death God corpse was thrown on the open ground, and it was very ordinary.

“Brother Peyton’s strength is not ordinary, and he even got the body of the Shadow Death God.” The red devil’s eyes shined, and continued, “We have a meal for a few, and it doesn’t cost much. But here Scarlet Cloud City will take a long time in the future! If you eat it for a long time, it will take a lot of flesh and blood. Brother Peyton, I advise you to entertain me, and the rest will be changed to ‘barbecue’. Barbecue is Fuyuan The easiest way to change the meat is the most, and the taste is also very good.”

“Okay, listen to Brother Red Devil.” Peyton nodded with a smile.

“It smells so good.”

The four of them were drinking and chatting when Peyton suddenly smelled the fragrance.

Obviously the old man ‘Fan’ is cooking.

“Brother Peyton, the most important thing to survive in this holy world is food.” The Eagle and Snake God said with emotion, “If there is not enough food, I will even starve to death! So how much food, It even determines how long our little life can live.”

“Food is lifespan!” The red devil on the side also sighed with emotion, “I have never known what hunger is like since I was born, I He jumped out of the long river of time at birth, and lifespan is eternal. Who would have thought of Cultivation all the way to become one of the Three Great Emperors among the ten thousand clans in our world. He is absolutely invincible. Desire… I just went to this forbidden place, but when I came here, I felt the taste of hunger! I never felt this taste when I was born as a baby. Even lifespan depends on food. If there is no food, I will be Starvation.”

Payton listened, realizing the importance of food.

In the original world, if you want to meditate without any preparation, but here, meditate for 100 billion years? In this holy world, to do this step, you must first prepare enough food for 100 billion years!

“Because of the food, I have to go out to hunt and kill. Although I waited very carefully, some companions would still fall.” The eagle and snake god said.

“Food is not easy.” Lei Xuan muttered.

“Shut up.” The Red Devil and the Eagle Snake said almost at the same time.

Lei Chen immediately smiled, raised his glass to drink, and stopped talking.

“Food isn’t easy. That’s for the overwhelming majority powerhouse in the entire city, but for you, Lei Chen… still lacking food?” Water’s Peyton explained: “Brother Peyton, you don’t know that this holy world cannot travel through the void, it can only fly. Going out to fight, hunt, or save people…speed is very important, Lei Chen he In terms of speed, it was ranked second in the entire Scarlet Cloud City! Even the three City Lords were not as good as him. With such a terrifying speed, many teams that wanted to leave the city would invite Lei Chen to help. He goes out to help once in a while, and he can take everyone on the road or escape at speed, and he can get a lot of flesh and blood! “

Lei Xiao whispered: “I’ll take everyone to escape, of course I should get more points.” “

“Escape? Ordinary teams can’t invite you at all, they are all three City Lord teams, and you are generally willing to help. “The red devil pouted.

“You are envious. Lei Chen smiled and drank.

The Eagle and Snake God said to Peyton, “Brother Peyton, in Scarlet Cloud City, Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength accounts for almost 80%! The battle strength of the Divine Emperor in the later stage is only about 20%, because they all come from many worlds, and each is a peerless overlord of many worlds. Although each world comes from very few, but the long years add up, although Scarlet Cloud City has fallen in history. Yes, but there are still more than 3,000 powerhouses. “

Peyton finally asked: “Everyone, I may be different from the world, what kind of realm is the so-called Divine Emperor Perfection? ”

Several people were surprised when they heard the words, looked at each other in surprise, and looked towards Peyton in a dazed way.

There are still people who don’t know what kind of realm the Divine Emperor is. ?

They feel Peyton’s realm, and their physical level is poor, but they have reached the Divine Emperor Perfection Level as a whole.

Since they don’t know this kind of realm, how did they cultivate it? What?

Could it be that Cultivation is called differently?

The Eagle Zombie is curious: “Where does Fellow Daoist come from in the world? “

Payton shook his head: “I don’t know, but I was supposed to go to Origin Continent after crossing the reincarnation, but I don’t know why I came here. “

“Origin Continent? “Red Devils shocked?

“Fellow Daoist from the original universe under Origin Continent? “

Peyton looked towards Red Devil: “Fellow Daoist know? “

The red devil laughed: “Of course I know, when I was in Origin Continent, I was called the Red Divine King. “

“Divine King? Could the Divine Emperor be the realm above the Divine King? “Peton asked.

The red devil shook his head: “Divine King also has divided into high and low, First Layer times, and the lineage of his monasticism has reached a very high level, and he can create the universe on his own. Second Layer time, the Tao of cultivation integrates two veins, and the Third Stage is the Extreme Realm. The entire Tao is fully integrated to the end, and all kinds of miracles are enhanced. It can survive the destruction of the source world and the Supreme Rule, and it can jump out of the source world. The possibility of a cage. It is called the Divine Emperor when it reaches the ultimate level, and the Divine Emperor level is nothing more than a deeper level of research in this field. “

“However, Fellow Daoist, in Primitive Universe, actually Cultivation to this kind of realm? “

The other two were a little surprised to hear the red devil say this. This Peyton has become a big boss in the Cultivation of Novice Village, which is very rare.

Of course, it may also be that the original universe where Peyton is located is more special and can withstand more powerhouse.

Peyton nodded: “so that’s how it is, but how did I get here. “

The Red Devil heard the words, laughed: “Fellow Daoist is a realm that is no longer restricted by Supreme Rule, but Fellow Daoist chooses to ascend in reincarnation. Naturally, Supreme Rule defaults to jumping out of the cage of the source world and directly crossing over Origin Continent, come here. “

Peyton nodded: “so that’s how it is, many thanks Fellow Daoists to solve the puzzle. “

“There is no need for this. Since we are from the same source universe, although we have never met, we will be able to get close to each other in the future.” ”

(end of this chapter)

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