All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 605


Chapter 605

β€œFellow Daoist, If you can’t do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it.”

Peyton nodded, he had a hunch that his arrival might not be a coincidence.

However, here is Holy Land, the world’s highest powerhouse collection of thousands of sources.

These source worlds are full of Origin Continent-like existences.

The powerhouses of these worlds are brought together, and the evolution of various Cultivation systems is indeed of great benefit to him.

Thousands of Cultivation systems are the best forage.

“Fellow Daoist, there are some things you must keep in mind, in Scarlet Cloud City, there are some who can be counted on one’s fingers that are stronger than the average Divine Emperor Perfection level. And the absolutely invincible three City Lord.” Eagle Snake said, “We are also powerhouses from many worlds, but the three City Lords are the most dazzling among us.”

“The three City Lords? How strong are they?” Payton said curiously.

“The three City Lords, the City Lords and the two Vice-City Lords, are of equal strength.” Eagle Snake said with emotion, “City Lord ‘Fengyunyiye’, he is Daoist, who is enlightened. Because Daoist has no Chaotic Source bloodline, he is purely enlightened, and it is very difficult to improve his strength. It can be understood that Daoist…the control of strength is generally extremely brilliant, and many can fight beyond the ranks.”

Peton listened. The nodded, the Daoist, the comprehend rules like themselves, the profound mystery is that there are many similar Cultivation systems collectively.

“City Lord not only cultivated a semi-chaotic source life form, but also raised his ‘sword dao’ to the semi-chaotic source level.” The Eagle Snake God sighed, “Enlightenment, reaching both paths to half-chaotic level. Chaotic source level, the whole holy world is the only one! It is in our Scarlet Cloud City.”

Half Chaotic Source level.

Peyton is not sure what level this is, and he needs to clear the realm division of comprehension this world.

“Although the other two Vice-City Lords are extremely proud, they both admire the City Lord and are willing to assume the position of Vice-City Lord.” Eagle Snake said with emotion, “The other two Vice-City Lords Lord, one is the ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’, he calls himself a ‘Wizard’! The cultivation method of shamans is quite special. Generally, he collects the bloodline of Chaotic Origin life and integrates it into his body. The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor is the most terrifying shaman in the city. The Chaotic Source bloodline power of nine different Divine Emperor Perfection Levels is displayed alone, and the nine are combined… The general Divine Emperor Perfection can be killed with a flip of a hand, and the nine powers are carefully selected by the Nine-headed Snake Ancestor. , cooperate with each other and formidable power help each other, which is very good, and the positive strength is equivalent to City Lord.”

Peyton’s eyes shined, this Cultivation system is absolutely beneficial for him to improve his genetic Cultivation system.

The red devil on the side said: “The last Vice-City Lord ‘Wu Xiao’ is rumored to be the descendant of a terrifying Chaotic Source powerhouse. After the bloodline power is released, he can devour everything, and his body is also the strongest in our Scarlet Cloud City! Possessing the most powerful power, in terms of power, I am far behind him.”

The most confident thing about the Red Devil is his body and strength. In Divine Emperor Perfection, he is one of the well-known figures.

Compared to ‘Wu Xiao Vice-City Lord’, but completely crushed.

Peyton nodded, thanks for the reminder.


The food was delivered.

The four of them were eating delicious food, drinking wine, and chatting, mainly the Eagle Snake God and the Red Devil were talking, Lei Chen simply echoed a few words, and Peyton was quiet on the side. He listened, he knew too little about Scarlet Cloud City, and even, because he skipped Origin Continent, he extremely lacked systematic understanding of these upper-level Cultivation knowledge.

The three City Lords are from different worlds.

Wind and Cloud One Leaf and Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor are from weaker worlds.

Ke Wuxiao Vice-City Lord… Rumor has it that he lives in the world of his Old Ancestor, who is a very terrifying Hunyuan powerhouse.

The Chaotic Source is also divided into several levels, the Half Chaotic Source Being, the Lowest Chaotic Source Being, the Higher Chaotic Source Being… This ancestor is not simple.

Wu Xiao Vice-City Lord, as the best of the descendants of the Old Ancestor, was only stuck at the half-chaotic life body level, and he was unwilling to choose to come to this world for a fight!

“In this Scarlet Cloud City, because I often go out to hunt Chaotic Origin beings as food. The outside world is too dangerous, so every time I form a team.” The red devil said, ” When forming a team, the most important thing is that you have powerful means that others do not have, which can be of great help to the team.”

“For example, Lei Chen, he is so fast, he is still one of the three City Lords. Go! In the whole of Scarlet Cloud City, his speed was ranked second, and even when the three City Lords wanted to form a team, he would occasionally be invited to join.” Scarlet demonic path, “For example, Ying Zu in our team before, he is good at field exploration, please invite him It helps a lot.”

Peyton nodded, the one with the black robe and the scepter was the first to release a transparent silhouette at a long distance, instantly attacking the shadows within a million li range Death God, and he himself turned into a thick mist.

Ying Zu?

“There are about 80% of the powerhouses in the city, all of which are at the Divine Emperor Perfection level.” Eagle Snake said, “So, it needs to be extremely strong in some aspects. It will be invited by all parties, and even the final spoΓ­ls of war will be able to do it. With a very high share, people like me can only be regarded as ordinary members, and Lei Chen needless to say, the body of the red devil is also very strong, and his life is better than me.”

Pei Feeling the pressure of the two newly-acquainted friends, he immediately changed the subject and said, “If you want to hunt Chaotic Origin beings, you also need information?”

“I will send you a copy of Chaotic Origin, right?” Life distribution map.” The taciturn Lei Wei suddenly said, and sent the information directly to Peyton, “There are more than 3,000 powerhouses in Chiyun City, and the Chaotic Origin life distribution map is one for each person.”


Peyton even thought a little bit about the distribution map.

The distribution map also records in detail the many tricks that the Chaotic Source beings are good at, as well as the cream of the crop battle strength. This distribution map… can also be regarded as an ‘enemy distribution map’, Peyton and the others will need to hunt them down in the future and rely on their flesh and blood for food.

Peyton chatted with these four powerhouses. This holy world has gathered powerhouses from many worlds, and each has some information on the ‘Hunyuan powerhouse’. Like Vice-City Lord ‘Wu Xiao’, he is the most powerful descendant of a Hunyuan powerhouse. Because there are too many powerhouses, the powerhouses in the Holy Realm have enough information about the Hunyuan powerhouse.

Peton chatted with them and learned more.

Understood, Chaotic Source life is mainly divided into four levels.

The low-level Chaotic Source beings are the weakest, and they are the ants in the Chaotic Source beings.

High-level Chaotic Origin beings are considered Second Layer times, and Chaotic Origin bloodline road cultivation and breakthrough are at this level. This has already undergone a qualitative change, and it is possible to kill tens of millions of low-level Chaotic Origin beings with a flip of a hand.

World-class Chaotic Source beings! It’s the Third Stage, like Wu Daoist controlling a source world. Even at this level, this level is very powerful, especially Wu Daoists! In their own source world, they use the power of a source world perfectly, which is completely invincible. As long as Daoist breaks through, such as refining a source world source, it is generally this level.

The lord is the highest level in the legend.

They are said to shelter countless territories, and those territories they shelter are their ‘territory’! In the legend of the Holy Realm, Daoists can enter this level if they ‘break the law with force’.

Peyton and the others ate until dawn on the second day. Although the Red Devils and the others were the first team members responsible for rescuing the ‘newcomers’, there were only so many cultivators in the Holy Realm, and it usually took a long time. There will be a newcomer! And the whole city is more than 100,000 miles away. They are scattered anywhere in the city, and they can quickly rush to the city wall to gather.

In the park, Peyton and the others got up and prepared to leave.

“Peton, this is the barbecue you want, three hundred squares in total! It should be enough for you to eat for three million years.” The old man Fuan also handed a storage bracelet to Peyton, which contained Plenty of grilled meats.

Peyton looked at it.

The amount of barbecued meat is almost comparable to that of the shadow Death God. After all, bones and scales cannot be made into barbecue in many places, and Fuan himself charges a little fee! This type of ‘grill’ is the easiest to make, but still tastes good.

“Thanks.” Payton took it, smiling.

“It’s only three million years, when the time comes, you still have to go out to hunt.” The Red Devil said, “It’s the first time to go out to hunt, you have no experience, you’d better find someone A large hunting party, at least fifty cultivators.”

“Understood.” Peyton nodded.

If you want to go out hunting, you can send an application directly to the ‘Red Cloud Palace’ through the Treasure Communication.

The Red Cloud Palace is always open to apply for the ‘hunting team’ list! Hunting team at least 30, at most 100! Once the team is formed, those who apply will be notified to act together.

These hunting teams are all hunting around Scarlet Cloud City, and the danger is low, just for ‘food’. But no matter how low the risk is… there are still a large number of Chaotic Origin beings who will come to sneak attack, and they may still be damaged.

“That’s right, everyone.”

Peyton saw that the Red Devils and the others were leaving, and continued, “I want to acquire the Chaotic Origin life body that contains various rules and profound mystery. Parts! In exchange for double the flesh and blood, but the same body parts are only charged once!”


“I really have some reserves.”

Red Devil, Lei Chen, Eagle Snake God, and Fu An still showed joy.

Fu An even further said: “I have killed too many Chaotic Origin beings, and there are many pieces of scales and fur.”

As the best business Food, all kinds of scales and skeletons, he accumulated in Scarlet Cloud City is one of the very best.

“We will exchange with Peyton brother first, you will be the last.” The red devil continued.

“Yes, you are the last one.”

“You changed, what else should we change?”

Eagle and Snake God and Lei Chen said together.

French was chuckled, not in a hurry.

Suddenly hua hua rushes.

The three of the Red Devils waved their hands and threw out a large number of scales, skeletons, unicorns, thick skins, hairs and other items, all of which contained a law of profound mystery!

“Don’t overlap, Red Devil, put away this piece of scale armor.”

“Why? We all took it out together, why let it go? I accept it?”

“You took out more than I did, hey hey, this piece of your scales is the scale of the Void Shadow Dragon, right? Brother Peyton said, you don’t need Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Life body material!”

“Too much, I took it wrong!”

“I took it wrong on purpose.”

“I don’t even bother to do that. A little bit of flesh and blood, deliberately deceived, Peyton brother, even if I give away this fang for nothing.”

Originally, he was a peerless overlord in his hometown.

But at this moment, in exchange for food, it is a struggle one by one. After all, many items such as scales, skeletons, and hair cannot be used as food. Before, they were put aside as garbage, but now they can exchange for ‘double Double the volume of food’, which is equivalent to nothing.

And the Chaotic Origin beings in the Holy Realm are all ethnic groups, and each ethnic group is huge in number! It’s easy to find something similar.

That’s why Peyton said, don’t overlap!

He got it for comprehend cultivation. What is the same item for?

“Come, come.”

Payton smiled in exchange, and put away the body materials of these Chaotic Origin beings that contained the profound mystery of the void. For him, it is indeed a treasure.

His genetic path of cultivation needs these materials…

The Eagle Snake God, Lei Chen, and the Red Devil, they have combined to exchange for nearly ten square barbecues.

Each is equivalent to getting enough food for tens of thousands of years!

“Should it be me?” Fu An said with a smile.

“Brother Flan, please.” Peyton said with a smile.

“You give twice the flesh and blood, but you are very generous, and some stingy people only give twice the flesh.” Fu An said, in the Holy Realm, flesh and blood are calculated according to volume! Because of the world rule suppression, the weaker body is suppressed to a smaller size. Even if the body becomes larger or smaller during battle, once it dies, the body will show its original shape.

The same volume of flesh and blood contains the same energy.

“Huh.” Fu An said with a wave of his hand.

Immediately densely packed and thrown out a large amount of materials, he was waiting for a powerhouse, and after seeing the materials thrown by the three of the Red Devils, naturally they would not throw overlapping materials.


The three of the Red Devils added up to exchange nearly ten square barbecues.

And the many ingredients that Fuan threw out alone have replaced more than 190 square barbecues for Peyton!

“Brother Peyton, you double your flesh and blood for too much.”

“Yeah, let the old ghost earn so much.”

The Red Devils couldn’t help but say.

“It’s nothing.” Peyton smiled and waved his hand again, throwing out another shadow Death God corpse, this time he took a total of two shadow Death God corpses. I have changed the barbecue.”

“Hahaha, do you still have this shadow Death God?” Fu An laughed loudly, and just made a lot of money from Peyton, he said boldly, “Okay, this is A shadow Death God, I won’t earn you any benefits, I will give you three hundred and twenty square barbecues.”

Another batch of barbecues was exchanged.

Peyton was in a very good mood, because all kinds of materials contained a proven mystery at the Chaotic Source level, which was naturally extremely rare.

“I still don’t make any profit? Hmph, the materials you just took out are almost all the materials that can be replaced.”

“Haha, it’s not about changing it, but completely changing it!” Fu An said proudly, “If you don’t have three chances to change first, none of you will be able to change the materials! Except for the prisoners , Ordinary inborn Chaotic Origin beings, as long as they have been hunted, I have personally killed them and collected a lot of materials.”

Peton was overjoyed.


This is just right, and it saves him, and then he is busy…

(end of this chapter)

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