All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 606


Chapter 606

Soon, Payton closed the deal, collecting genetic material from nearly 10,000 different organisms.

In the world of Jin, Peyton got a lot of Origin Continent’s biological genetic material, and the way of genes evolved to a very deep level.

Now in this so-called place of exile, all kinds of Chaotic Origin beings that are close to Dao are huge surprises for him.

Each of the Chaotic Origin creatures here are extremely powerful beings in the Divine King level.

Using a unified rank, they have reached the Divine Emperor level, and even the Chaotic Source level above it.

Various genetic materials of Hunyuan life, comprehend, for Peyton to improve his genetic system, the harvest is too great.

With the accumulation of various insights, Peyton patiently cultivated in Cave Mansion because he had enough food, which can be regarded as adapting to the rules of this world.

There is no detachment, and they are all restricted by the highest rules. The rules of each world are different, and Peyton must adapt thoroughly.

Just 60,000 years after he came to God World, he completely stabilized his body, and even with the help of so much genetic material, he went a step further and derived another genetic lock.

Peyton smiled slightly: “According to the division of this world, my body has also reached the late Divine Emperor.”

The body of the late Divine Emperor can’t be considered in this world. What, after all, this world is the supreme powerhouse of each source world, and 80% of them have reached the Divine Emperor Perfection, which is the level of half-step Chaotic Source.

However, because Peyton skipped Origin Continent directly, there are still many deficiencies compared with them. At this time, relying on the further progress of gene lock, he can reach this level.

“However, next, it will be difficult to do.” Peyton shook his head slightly and skipped the Origin Continent. He had no contact with Chaotic Origin Creatures, so he did not understand what the so-called Chaotic Origin Creatures were. .

But over the years, Payton learned more.

The so-called Chaotic Source is already another level.

According to the division of many source worlds, different worlds, various realm divisions, whether it is Divine King, Divine King, Divine Emperor, Universe God, all belong to one level.

Hunyuan is the level above it, which is the transcendence of a great realm.

Hunyuan and the realm below it are completely two levels.

Not to mention the complete Chaotic Source, even if it is a half-step Chaotic Source, that is, the Divine Emperor Perfection Realm, the control of the body reaches the most extreme state below the Chaotic Source, requiring the breath to converge without the slightest leakage, fleshly body The strength reaches the theoretical perfection, and Bloodline Power reaches the extreme. Only by breaking this extreme can the Chaotic Source be achieved.

In this realm, if you want to go further, you need the ultimate way and the soul Dao reaches a very high level of strength. If the bloodline cultivator is followed by the ultimate awakening, the ascendant will go one step further and realize the Dao of the Chaotic Source level, break the law with force, and can also control the source by means of preaching, refining the source and so on. World Source achieves Chaotic Source.

So general, you can see how difficult it is.

“It is extremely difficult to break through the fleshy body from the ‘late Divine Emperor’ late stage to a semi-chaotic source life body.”

After another genetic lock was created, Peyton It is obvious that he feels that his insights are constantly accumulating, but he is unable to achieve a semi-chaotic source life form.

Payton also understood the problem.

Semi-chaotic source lifeform.

It represents the absolute perfection of the body below the ‘chaotic source life’!

In theory, they can’t advance.

I want to reach this realm, if nothing else, at least my gene lock system must achieve complete Perfection.

“Take your time.”

Payton was patient.

He first carefully comprehend all the odds and ends, spending 100,000 years.

It took 800,000 years to comprehend the corpses of Chaotic Origin beings, all kinds of corpses, and carefully comprehend them.

Then, I will confirm and analyze in more detail…

“Well, the two paths of destruction and creation have reached the Third Stage, which is the late Divine Emperor. I can suppress my will, create more ultimate moves, and my battle strength can reach a higher level.”

Peyton nodded: “As for the genes?”

“Perfection .”

“Below Chaotic Origin Life, the body of absolute Perfection?”

As the accumulation became more and more vigorous, Peyton also had some ideas.

Based on some ideas, he started experimenting with cultivation!


In the cavernous underground hall of Cave Mansion, Payton sat cross-legged and his body suddenly changed.

The legs suddenly became much thicker, but following ka ka ka, many skeletons of the legs began to disintegrate…


” Boom.”

A thick layer of epidermis suddenly appeared on the skin of Peyton’s body, which was much more majestic and burly, but the skin and flesh of the body began to decompose and shatter…

“Not yet.”


Although he failed again and again, the route of the semi-chaotic source lifeform, the attempts have all gone wrong, but Peyton is full of confidence.

Because he knows very well that a semi-chaotic source life form is impossible to achieve in a short period of time. It requires him to completely complete the Perfection gene system, and he is ready to gradually improve it over a long period of time.

Now that he dares to try again and again, it is thanks to these Chaotic Origin life corpses and the accumulation of profound insights that he has the confidence to try.

One day in the 2.4 million years since I came to the Holy Realm.

Peyton tried a new body structure again. This was his nineteenth attempt, because every time he tried, it took a long time to accumulate to deduce the test cultivation method.

It is difficult to integrate the genetic system!

Even with the founder of Peyton, it is difficult to completely generalize this system, let alone create a unified method.


Payton’s body suddenly grew bigger, about 100 meters tall, his skin was faintly glowing with a gray halo, and his breath was majestic.

At this moment, many of the tiny structures in the body are disintegrating.

“The extent of disintegration can still be tolerated! With my body, it should be able to support a cup of tea before it completely disintegrates?” Peyton nodded, he didn’t even dare to try his whole body in the previous attempts. , the one who can try the whole body, the best one, can only support half a breathing time, the body will collapse! too short.

It can support tea time!

It’s already worth fighting!

“What is this, half-step Perfection?”

Peyton smiled slightly, he knew that his efforts over the years were still fruitful, at least the way of genes is approaching integration, Near Perfection.

Although, this half step may be the difference between Heaven and Earth, but it may be just a thought.


Cave Mansion Gardens.

“hu hu~~~” The cold wind is whistling like a knife, and there are countless ice crystals in the dark and dark wind. .

Under a pavilion in the garden, Peyton sat cross-legged, dressed in white cloth, with a warm jug and all kinds of rare fruits.

Holding a crystal clear and near-transparent wine glass and tasting the taste of fruit wine, Peyton whispered softly: “I came to this holy world for more than two million years! The rest There’s not much food, it’s time to join the hunting team and hunt Chaotic Origin beings to accumulate food.”

“Since there was a breakthrough last time, the fleshy body has been maintained at the semi-chaotic origin life form. Level, the body can resist the time for a cup of tea… Several years have passed since today, and the progress has been minimal.” Peyton shook his head secretly.

The last breakthrough was also the accumulation of a momentary aura.

Next, we will continue to improve this body refinement method to make the maintenance time longer… When the body can exist completely stably and no longer disintegrate internally, it is the moment when the semi-chaotic source life body is completely achieved, representing the It has reached the extreme of ‘below Chaotic Source life’.

“Want to make further progress?”

“One, it has to take a long enough time to improve slowly. In this holy world, if you want to be at ease with Cultivation for a long time, you have to prepare enough. A lot of food.”

β€œSecondly, to collect more Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin life corpses, we don’t need scattered materials, but a perfect body, so that genes can be Perfection, of course, if It would be even better if you can get a high-level Chaotic Origin being.”

Peyton secretly said that in the Holy Realm, high-level Chaotic Origin beings are called prisoners, and they are imprisoned somewhere.

The Chaotic Origin prisoners, although they are all high-level Chaotic Origin beings! With their true strength, they can easily kill Peyton and the others by turning their hands, but after all, they are all imprisoned.

The entire Holy Realm…

Among the many Chaotic Origin prisoners, the most terrifying ‘Abyss Sea Master’ is extremely desperate.

In addition to the abyss sea master, other Chaotic Source prisoners may still be killed.

Dragon trapped in the shoal was tricked by shrimps, tiger fell and Pingyang was bullied by dogs. These Chaotic Source prisoners were in the Holy Realm and were heavily shackled. Naturally, there was a possibility of their fall.

It is the message left by the great lord…

As long as the cultivator who contributes the most to the abyss is successfully killed, he can get amazing rewards.

“The most terrifying ‘lord’ in the Hunyuan powerhouse exists, at least we expect us to kill these Hunyuan prisoners.”

For these lords, Peyton’s evaluation, at least The Great Firmament level has been obtained, otherwise it is difficult to detach.

Not to mention the way of genes, it is the rules of a high-level Chaotic Origin life corpse, which is probably much stronger than ordinary Chaotic Origin beings.

Peyton is now relying on the two ultimate ways of destruction and creation covered by the Dao of Yantian, plus the Soul Willpower created by Great Firmament, which can barely be regarded as a half-step Chaotic Source in the rules. The body is generally not Perfection.

A body with a higher Chaotic Source is of great benefit to various types of cultivators in terms of rules and physicality.

“This time out for hunting, I can also sharpen it in battle, and it is also the way to verify me in battle.” , so perfect it.

Food, corpses for Cultivation, combat grind…

Peton had to get out.

The lord created the holy world and left such a harsh living environment. Naturally, he felt that tempering in life and death was also helpful for ‘achieving Chaotic Source’.

“Hunting the team.”

Payton immediately probed through the subpoena treasure.

The latest hunting team was established by ‘You Ya Daoist’. The ultimate goal is to kill a Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin being ‘Mowu Chaos Snake’, and at least 50 people are scheduled to be selected. Thirty-three cultivators have applied so far.

“Mowu Chaos Snake?”

Peyton is slightly nobility, this is also the nobler bloodline group in the life of Chaos in the Holy Realm.

Follow the rules.

The hunting party will go all the way, and after killing a Mowu Chaos Serpent, they will return.

On the way to and from…you will naturally encounter other Chaotic Origin beings, and you will also get food in battle. After returning, food will be distributed according to the contributions of all members during the entire battle! ‘Red Cloud Palace Artifact Spirit’ will easily check all the battles on the way back and forth throughout the hunt, and make a fair distribution, and the team builder, the final target of the hunt team, ‘Mowu Chaos Snake’, is eligible for direct selection!

Of course the team builder needs to make up for other members when the final food is distributed.

“Brother Youya?”

Payton smiled. Over the years in the city, he also made a lot of powerhouses and knew a lot of people.

You Ya Taoist, his strength is also qualified to rank among the top dozens in Scarlet Cloud City, he has a group of people, and his reputation outside is very good.


Payton without the slightest hesitation.

Suddenly this time, there is one more hunting team list, and it becomes three 14! This message is transmitted to all cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City at the same time.

The Red Devil, also known as the Red Divine King of Origin Continent, quickly contacted Peyton.

“Haha, you kid is finally willing to come out and take over the task.”

Peyton laughed: “I’m running out of food, and I also want to hone my skills. Before I But I haven’t had much contact with Chaotic Origin creatures.”

Red Devil nodded: “Yes, it’s the first time you go out, you choose the team of Youya, but it’s right, he is famous for his kindness.”

“many thanks for the guidance.”

“It’s alright, be careful.”

To be honest, the Red Devil has a very good impression of his little brother from the same world. .

Of course, among them, there is also his admiration for Peyton’s ability to go to this step in Primitive Universe.

The rest of the source world may have different situations, but the Red Devil knows that the three thousand Primitive Universes under the Origin Continent to which it belongs are really just Primitive Universes, nothing special.

It is body possession, the consciousness of the whole universe, and it is also worthy of a Divine King, and it is the weakest Divine King.

It is absolutely extraordinary that Peyton can achieve Divine Emperor in this environment!

After all, there are not many Divine Emperors above the Origin Continent, let alone the existence of late Divine Emperors.


“It’s so fast.”

Peyton was surprised, and the list of the hunting team suddenly increased to fifty-one, and Taoist Youya really did. Very appealing.

“Peton Fellow Daoist, please come to Chiyun Hall to meet.” A message came from Artifact Spirit from Chiyun Hall.

As long as you have enough people, you can go.

“It’s time to go out and have a look.” Peyton got up with a smile and stepped out of the pavilion. The gale wrapped ice crystals and roared, but when it was three inches from Peyton’s body, it turned into powder.

Scarlet Cloud City is only more than 100,000 miles away.

At the speed of Peyton, even if you simply walk, you will arrive at the Scarlet Cloud Palace in a moment.

The Hall of Chiyun Palace.

A lot of people have gathered at this moment, and cultivators have come here one after another.

Peyton walked into the hall and saw a black long haired man ‘Youya Daoren’ surrounded by everyone. The Youya Daoist temperament was as gentle as water.

“Peton brother.” Youya Taoist looked at him immediately and greeted.

“Brother Youya.” Payton walked over and greeted him with a smile.

“I admire it. After you leave the city, you will be closer to my people.” Upon seeing this, Daoist Youya said directly, “These are my companions, and you should get close to them.”

Peyton then got acquainted with one of the other cultivators.

The Taoist Youya can be ranked in the dozens in front of Scarlet Cloud City. He naturally has a team under his command, including Taoist Youya, his own team has a total of 22 people.


To recruit a fixed team, you need to consider the cooperation of the team’s powerhouse, as well as the large amount of food to maintain so many powerhouses.

According to the long-term experience of Scarlet Cloud City, a fixed team is generally maintained at about twenty cultivators, and almost will not exceed thirty.

This time the other thirty-five members of the team were all in line.

β€œGo!” Daoist Youya, as the team builder, immediately gave an order.

whiz whiz whiz ……

A total of fifty-one silhouettes, including Peyton, turned into phantoms, and they quickly crossed the city wall and flew out of the city.

(End of this chapter)

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