All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 607


Chapter 607

“What is the power of the Cultivation system?”

The fifty-one cultivators of our own hunting team are flying at a low altitude, but they are surrounded by invisible forces. One is manipulating time and space, and the other is much more bizarre. It seems to isolate the inside and outside, making it difficult for the outside world to discover Your own team.

This is a kind of field, but it’s totally different from the field of Peyton’s previous comprehend, and I don’t know if it is mysterious of the Cultivation system.

“Brother Youya, the domain has been deployed.”

“en. ”

Daoist Youya presided over the overall situation, and he looked towards the other two cultivators. , a gray robe and a ruthless man with golden armor, “Insectman, you two should also take action.” The team flew towards all directions.

And the ruthless man in golden armor was a mechanical creature that was densely packed suddenly decomposed on the golden armor of his body, and flew towards all directions quickly.

Peyton watched from the side, secretly nodded: “It is indeed a super powerhouse in each world, and the means and coordination are all good… Whether it is good at the field or good at long-distance exploration, all It’s quite capable.”

Those insects and mechanical creatures can be explored from a distance around the team.


The team was flying silently, Peyton and the others did not take the initiative to exert their power, and the gray robe man ‘bugman’ controlled the entire team lead everyone forward.


Flying all the way, they detected Chaotic Origin beings far away, and Peyton and his team also avoided early.

The team is flying fast, slowing down, and detouring.

At the beginning of the small one hour, without encountering any danger, Peyton had a feeling of coming out for a leisurely stroll.

After thinking about it, Peyton also noticed: “When I first came to this holy world, I was teleported to a short distance outside of Scarlet Cloud City. I used the void method to fly in carefully and covertly, but it was very fast. I was attacked! Back then in the Hall of Reception, I also saw the map, and the distribution of Chaotic Origin beings on the map is indeed densely packed, everywhere, but we haven’t met one for so long… Daoist Youya’s subordinates are indeed It is carefully selected.”

everyone has their own field of specialisation.

There are powerhouses from many worlds, each with their own specialties, like the team of Daoist Youya, who hunt outside all year round, and know much more about their surroundings than ordinary people.

Just like, hunters who have been in the deep mountains and forests all year round can always get more chances of survival in the mountains and forests.

Moreover, these people are not lay people, they can reach the battle strength of the Divine Emperor Perfection series, and they all reach the unimaginable level on their own paths, and Peyton does not dare to say that he will win. Be good at it.

Sneak, sneak attack, detection, speed, defense…

Payton’s first hunt, all he needs to do is to learn the relevant experience.

This is also a powerhouse that can go to this step, most of the skills mastered.

To have a high self-esteem, or even a low self-esteem, can’t go to this step. A normal mentality is the foundation of survival.


“You Ya, be careful, a group of ant dragons sensed our team and are killing them.” Gray robe sound transmission.

“Ant dragon? How many?” Daoist Youya asked repeatedly.

“Eighty-six were the first to kill, and there are more ant dragons coming quickly in the distance.” Gray robe sound transmission.

“Cheng Yu.” Youya Daoist even ordered, “Take everyone on the road with all your strength.”


The speed of the Youya Daoist team The fastest man named ‘Cheng Yu’, the grey-skinned, blue-angled man responded, and immediately released his power, only to see the foggy grey power burst out from around him instantly, wrapping the entire team of fifty-one people.



The speed of this team shrouded in gray power suddenly skyrocketed, more than tripled.

“en?” Payton felt that the scene around the team was flickering, and the team’s speed was skyrocketing. expect.

“Everyone, we have been discovered by the nearest Chaotic Origin being, and we must move forward as quickly as possible.” Daoist Youya sound transmission.


“Get rid of it as quickly as possible.”

“What kind of Chaotic Origin life found it?”

Many cultivators are not panicking. They have lived in Scarlet Cloud City for a long time, and have come out to hunt many times. They have long been accustomed to encountering crises. Even if they die in battle, it only means that they have failed in their pursuit of the ‘Path of Chaotic Source’. When I chose to leave my hometown to come to this place called ‘desperate world’ or ‘exile world’, ‘survival world’ and other names, I was naturally prepared for it.

Either, successful.

Or, you end up falling down the road.

“Ant Dragon is intercepting in front, Brother Youya, should you rush? Or bypass?”


Daoist Youya gave the order directly, “The entire Dragon Clan ant colony is very large, and now that we find us, we may be in more trouble.”

He made a decision based on the situation probed by his subordinates.


Peyton and his entire team saw the appearance of Chaotic Origin beings in front of them. This kind of being called ‘Ant Dragon’ by the cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City The powerhouse looks like an ant, but it has a long and sharp tail, and its tail is the most terrifying part of the offensive body. This ant dragon… wins by numbers. According to information, there are at least 100,000 ant dragons living in the extremely wide surrounding area!

There was even an ‘Ant Dragon’ with a high Chaotic Source Life Level who was imprisoned.

Because of the wide distribution.

What Peyton and the others have to face for the time being are just dozens of heads in front of them.

“Remember, don’t ask for beheading, just get rid of it as quickly as possible.” You Ya Taoist sound transmission ordered.


A large group of ant dragons, the smaller ones are about 100 meters high, the tails are 300 meters long, and the largest are 1000 meters high, as if Like a hill, they were all crazy, killing Peyton and the others.

In this holy world.

Although the cultivators hunted the Chaotic Origin beings, the Chaotic Origin beings also never showed mercy to the cultivators.

“Huh.” The ant dragons and this hunting team collide together as one in an instant, and all kinds of tricks burst out in an instant, like the team of Taoist Youya, they all cooperated very well.

Youya Taoist is indeed a good person like rumors, and some of the field methods he uses also protect the idle cultivator and Peyton.

Of course, this can be considered to get acquainted with each other in advance, adapt and cooperate…

The cultivator side has too much advantage, in terms of individuals, except for the two idle cultivators of the ‘late Divine Emperor’, The other weakest are Divine Emperor Perfection level strength! And that group of Chaotic Origin beings ‘Ant Dragons’ are relatively weaker. Although they have strong life-saving ability, their strength is better at the middle Divine Emperor stage, some at the late Divine Emperor stage, and some at the Divine Emperor Perfection level.

And the cultivator side is good at means in different directions, can perfectly cooperate, and proper cooperation can make them burst into a very strong battle strength.

Just like the eight-man squad that rescued Peyton at the beginning, it easily overwhelmed nearly a hundred ‘Shadow Death God’. It can be seen that a carefully selected group of Divine Emperor Perfection, battle strength How amazing.

At this moment.

The Taoist You Ya has an elite team under his command, and most of the other idle cultivators are also Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength.

The ant dragons?

All of them are similar means, it is difficult to form complementary!

The special cultivator side just wants to leave quickly, not fighting at all.


It broke open with a dash, and the ant dragons flew around, unable to stop it.

“Ming Extinction!”

Peyton took out a Soul Secret Technique, the breath spread around like a wave, the surrounding time and space were distorted, and the two ant dragons that killed him were even attacked. Domain influence, can’t help but fly towards him.

“Roar~~~” one of the Divine Emperor Perfection-level ant dragons roared, still struggling to resist.

But the other ant dragon with the strength of the late Divine Emperor was instantly approached by Peyton and punched the ant dragon’s chest, the ant dragon’s huge body shook violently, followed Soul Aura All annihilated.

“With one punch, you can suppress and kill an ant dragon with the strength of the late Divine Emperor?”

Many cultivators have seen Peyton’s fist power, pupils shrank, can do it At this level, the control of power is subtle, and it is not difficult for most of the people present to ask themselves.

Not to mention the difficulty of controlling two ant dragons with no difficulty…

This newcomer is really good.


Peton turned his hand to put away the dragon corpse and continued to charge forward with the team.

It took almost two breaths for the cultivator team to break out of the ant dragons. Three ant dragons died, two of the Divine Emperor mid-battle strength, and one of the late Divine Emperor battle strength. .

The one that Peyton killed was the late Divine Emperor, and the other two mid-Divine Emperor ant dragons were all killed by the Youya Taoist team.

After all, the purpose is to escape, beheading is a matter of the way, so few people have been killed just now!

“Amazing.” Youya Taoist also glanced at Peyton.

Peyton smiled: “You fellows come from different worlds and have different strengths.”

Daoist You Ya also showed a kind smile, secretly said: “With Peyton here, this time Hunting and killing Mowu Chaos Snake is also much better.”


Flying at super high speed all the way.

With the help of the cultivator of ‘Cheng Yu’, the team’s flying speed far surpasses those of the Ant Dragons.


“Escaped from the encirclement.”

“There is no danger.”

Responsible for investigating All around the gray robe people and the ruthless man in golden armor are sure that the team has escaped the encirclement.

Just now, if the battle was delayed, a large number of other ant dragons would quickly form a siege. Once they were completely entangled, they would be dead!

The most fundamental point of hunting outside the city – and not fighting!

Because there are countless Chaotic Origin beings, the longer the delay, the more and more people will be besieged. One hundred, two hundred, five hundred, one thousand… If you delay for a day or two, It is normal for tens of thousands of Chaotic Source beings to besiege! when the time comes cultivator no matter how strong it is, under the boundless Chaotic Source life, there is no doubt that he will die.

“Go on.”

The Daoist You Ya ordered.

The team’s speed dropped suddenly and the Space-Time Domain was released again to cover the team, and a mysterious domain also enveloped the team, making the team seem to disappear completely.

This is the most hidden way!

It took more than two hours before they were found again.


He doesn’t want to fight at all, and rushes quickly on the road.

“This team is very strong, and I didn’t encounter any crisis on the way. I came out to fight, on the one hand, for food, on the other hand, to sharpen myself, but all the way down, it has been very easy.” Peyton secretly said.

That’s right, this hunting team includes the core of Youya Daoist team and Peyton team, and it is of course strong.

“Be careful.” Taoist Youya’s voice spread throughout the team, “A large group of ‘Poison Demon Dragons’ found us, more than 300, and are coming.”

“Huh. .”

Suddenly, the gray power enveloped the team, and the team’s speed suddenly increased sharply.

“More than three hundred poisonous dragons?” Many cultivators in the team were shocked.

The Poison Demon Dragon is the name they give to a Chaotic Origin being, and the Chaotic Origin beings pose different threats to cultivators because of the tricks they are good at! And the poisonous dragon is a kind of higher threat, and the most important one this time encounters a lot.

If an ordinary hunting team encounters more than 300 poisonous dragons, members may even die in battle!

Fortunately this time the team is strong enough!

“Come on, prepare for battle, you must work with a common purpose and cooperate well.” Daoist You Ya solemnly sound transmission.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

A group of extremely fast shadows appeared in front of the left, the ‘Poison Demon Dragon’ was grey in color, like a crawling dragon ! It has spikes all over its body, and its back has a huge fan-like countless spikes. The tail is very long, and the tail is full of spikes… At a glance, Peyton is sure that the poisonous dragon has 1.8 million spikes all over its body.

These spikes all contain ‘virulent poison’!

To make all the Divine Emperor Perfection-level cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City discoloured! Because the spikes are highly poisonous, the threat level of the ‘Poison Demon Dragon’ is high enough.


The poisonous dragon rushing in front had cold eyes and sent out sound transmission directly.

They are also highly intelligent and show no mercy to cultivators.

“Kill.” A black and white, two colors entangled ribbon suddenly appeared on You Ya Dao’s body surface, and the black and white ribbon flew in all directions, quickly entangling a poisonous dragon! Those poisonous dragons that were entangled in them suddenly lost their flying speed and power.

“Youya Daoist is good at domain tricks, but he is bloodline power.”

Peyton also learned from the intelligence that when the black and white ribbon binds nine enemies, formidable power can remain the strongest!

When there are more than nine bound enemies, the more bound enemies…the black and white ribbon formidable power will also decrease continuously.

A large number of black and white ribbons are scattered throughout the team.

There is also a black and white ribbon floating around Peyton, but it does not bind the enemy. Only at critical moments will it help to bind. Because too many enemies are bound at the same time, the binding power will also be greatly reduced.

“peng~ peng~ peng~ .”


Some of Peyton’s teams cast their fields, some turned into countless phantoms , Some made sonic waves, some fought head-on, some attacked from a distance… They cooperated perfectly, because I was strong enough, and with the help of many companions, this 16-person team perfectly resisted the siege of the large group of poisonous dragons. ! They are so experienced.

Peyton unfolds the will secret technique at any time, forming a field, constantly suppressing the Chaotic Origin creature beside him, and smashing a Poisonous Demon Dragon of the late Divine Emperor with one punch, and one palm will kill one. The tumble of the Divine Emperor Perfection-level Poison Demon Dragon slap flew away.

On the entire battlefield, only Peyton has such domineering power.

Such an imposing manner aroused the surprise of the crowd. They never imagined that a newcomer would have such strength.

It would be even more shocking if the Red Devils and the others were here, after all, Peyton skipped the Origin Continent in their eyes.

On the battlefield, Peyton is the most efficient at killing Chaotic Source.

It also made some poisonous dragons angry.

β€œpuff puff puff…”

More than ten Divine Emperor Perfection-level poisonous dragons began to besiege Peyton, and even the poisonous thorns on the body surface flew out from time to time, constantly stabbing Peyton. pause.

Peyton didn’t bother to dodge at all. His extremely heavy will field caused those stingers to be twisted and the speed was greatly attenuated, allowing him to easily avoid this attack with a calm speed.

The battle went on quickly, and the cultivators did not have too much entanglement. Some of the poisonous dragons in the middle Divine Emperor and late Divine Emperor suffered successive losses, and the obstacles continued to decline, and the hunting team finally got rid of it. These poisonous dragons flee at high speed.

“A total of 21 Divine Emperor mid-stage poisonous dragons and 80 late-stage Divine Emperor poisonous dragons were killed.” Peyton shook his head, “Unfortunately, there is not one Divine Emperor Perfection level.”


On value.

The poisonous dragons that he killed were less than a Divine Emperor Perfection level.

Because of the size of the meat, the value of a Divine Emperor Perfection grade is extremely high, and it is about 10,000 times the value of a middle Divine Emperor! It is about two or three hundred times the value of the late Divine Emperor! Depending on the ethnic group, there will be some fluctuations.

No way.

Even if Peyton wants to kill a Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin being, it depends on the ethnic group, the ability to save life is weak, and there is enough time to kill in a ‘one-on-one’ situation. ! Moreover, like a large group of Chaotic Origin beings working together, once a Divine Emperor Perfection level injury is too serious, it will immediately retreat, and it is very difficult to kill.

His most powerful means at present is the superhuman Soul Secret Technique, the field of will, which is a great restraint for these Chaotic Origin creatures, making him like a fish in the chaos back in water.

“Brother Youya, thank you.” The team resumed covert flight again, and Peyton sent a sound transmission to Daoist Youya.

During the chaotic battle, Daoist Youya’s domain resisted several dark arrows for Peyton. Although this sneak attack might not necessarily hurt him, this love, Peyton still has the essentials. .

Daoist Youya glanced at Peyton, and also sounded transmission: “Brother Peyton, you don’t need to thank me, I’m just helping you to the best of my ability. I’ll have to do more for my brother later.”

“I understand.”

(end of chapter)

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