All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 608


Chapter 608

Flying all the way…

In the blink of an eye, it’s been a day since I left Scarlet Cloud City. There are some dangers, but they are not as good as the group of poisonous dragons.

From day to night, and from night to day.

“huhuhu ~~~” The snow is flying, and the endless wilderness is scattered all over the place.

Peyton and his team were flying covertly.

“Everyone, according to the investigation, there are some Mowu chaotic snakes ahead, with a total of thirty-two heads, and fifteen of them are of the Divine Emperor Perfection level.” Daoist Youya sound transmission, “This time I established The main purpose of the hunting team here is to kill a Divine Emperor Perfection-level Mowu chaotic snake. There are not many Mowu chaotic snakes in front of them, and they pose little threat to us. As long as the killing is successful, we will return immediately! “

“Only thirty-two heads?”

“It’s easy now.”

“The fifteen heads are at the Divine Emperor Perfection level, we are There are about fifty Divine Emperor Perfection levels.”

Everyone present breathed a sigh of relief.

The Mowu Chaos Snake is the noblest bloodline in Chaotic Origin life. As an individual, it is far more difficult to entangle than the poisonous dragon. It is the most difficult terrifying thing they have encountered along the way.

Can’t stand it…the quantity is small!

In terms of threat level, it is lower than that group of poisonous dragons.

Peyton is also nodded. Along the way, he has also seen a lot of Chaotic Origin creatures and gained a lot.


The team quickly approached.

The group of Mowu Chaos Snakes also sensed it, and they all killed them in anger.

“en?” The gray robe’s complexion changed slightly, and even the sound transmission said, “You Ya, other Mowu Chaos Snakes in the distance also got the message, and they are also rushing towards here, the nearest There are a total of sixty-nine Mowu chaotic snakes. We must solve it as soon as possible, as time drags on, more and more Mowu chaotic snakes will come.”

Mo Wu Chaos snake, bloodline is relatively noble, and the number is also rare.

Although it is not like Ant Dragon with more than 100,000 people, it can be dragged on for one hour, and the number of Mowu Chaos Snakes that are besieged can reach seven or eight hundred! enough to kill them all.

In addition to the Mowu Chaos Snake, other Chaotic Origin beings who are nearby will also come.

“Always check your surroundings, and if you can’t do anything, run away immediately.” Youya Taoist sound transmission to the gray robe man and the golden armor indifferent man.

“Yes.” The two of them were in charge of probing the surroundings to understand what was going on around them.


Finally, the team encountered a group of Mowu Chaos Snakes.

Mowu Chaos Snake, with a snake head on each end of its body! It doesn’t have a tail, or the snake’s head is a tail! Its sinuous body seems illusory and transparent, and only two snake heads are the most hideous.

“Kill!” The team greeted him.

“Eat these cultivators.” This group of Mowu Chaos Snakes had a strange breath, and were Faintly discernible in the void, and rushed towards Peyton and the others.

“According to the original plan.” Youya Daoren sound transmission to his subordinates, Youya Daoren is a very popular cultivator, and now his eyes are also rising with killing intent, this time the Mowu Chaos Snake He is bound to win!

The battle broke out instantly.

There are only thirty-two Mowu Chaos Snakes, only fifteen of the Divine Emperor Perfection level, and the others are all late Divine Emperor levels.

Peyton and the others have 47 Divine Emperor Perfection battle strengths and two Divine Emperor late-stage battle strengths. Their cultivators cooperate very well. On paper, they have an advantage.


The situation on the field is only marginally better.

A ‘Divine Emperor Perfection Class’ Mowu Chaos Serpent entangled Peyton.

“This is the Mowu Chaos Snake? It’s really unusual.” Peyton was not angry but happy.

When he came out, what he wanted was to sharpen himself!


This Mowu Chaos Snake, with a body as transparent as an illusion, easily wrapped around Peyton.

Because of the illusion, the Mowu Chaos Serpent’s body could not be touched at all, as if it did not exist, but after the illusory body was wrapped around him, Peyton felt that the surrounding Heaven and Earth had significantly strengthened his suppression, making him His own strength has obviously dropped by nearly half.

“Hey~~~ cultivator, die.” The Mowu Chaos Snake has two heads, one head and one tail, one of which is like a rock, forcibly slammed into it, and its power is terrifying. On the other hand, the other head had black light flowing, and it moved fast and turned into many phantoms. Every time he opened his mouth, it scared Peyton to use Spear Art to even resist, and he would never dare to be bitten.

The two heads of the Mowu Chaos Serpent, one heavy as a mountain and indestructible, the other a ghostly poisonous, bitten, usually Divine Emperor Perfection level cultivator then went half-life. Take a few bites, and you are afraid of falling.

This Mowu Chaos Serpent…

The body cannot be touched and cannot be injured at all.

Two snake heads, one snake head is like a mountain, it can’t hurt at all! So far, no one has broken through the ‘stone skull’ of the Divine Emperor Perfection-level Mowu Chaos Serpent. Only the other ‘poisonous head’ is the only hope to kill it. The poisonous head contains the life core of a Mowu chaotic snake, blasting its poisonous head and breaking the life core, the Mowu chaotic snake fell.

Peyton was bound by the illusory body, his strength was reduced by nearly half, facing the successive attacks of two snakeheads, he could only barely resist, barely defend.

Payton didn’t dare to be careless at all times, and used all the secret techniques to show off. He didn’t ask for beheading, it was too difficult.

Even among the fifty-one cultivators on the field, the Daoist Youya with the strongest attack can only kill one-on-one Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings who are weaker in life-saving, like Divine Emperor Perfection The top-level ‘Mowu Chaos Snake’ must rely on siege!

Isn’t the team at this time also a Mowu Chaos Snake?

Fifty people hunt a snake, which shows how difficult it is!


At this moment, Daoist You Ya and the like have a dozen cultivators to join forces to besiege a Mowu Chaos Snake, and the rest of their team is to resist other Mowu Chaos Snake, create a good environment.

Twelve joined forces.

The black and white domains of Daoist You Ya are doing their best to suppress the Mowu Chaos Snake, and the surrounding cultivators are attacking with all their strength.


The thunderclap sword slashed.

Roar~~~ A huge head illusory shadow appeared, roaring, and the roaring waves impacted the Mowu Chaos Snake.

All kinds of attacks come one after another.

The surrounded Mowu Chaos Snake twisted its body, and its illusory body blocked the surrounding, so that all attacks were blocked by the illusory body and its power was attenuated. Its rock-like indestructible ‘Stone Skull’ also became huge, swallowing the ‘Poisonous Skull’ into its mouth! One end bites the other end…to form a ring.


You Ya Taoist and the others can only wave one by one, strikes on the stone skull, and pass it into the ‘poisonous skull’ in its mouth.

The twelve cultivators have already made plans, but when they do, they still find it difficult.

“It’s too hard to kill.”

“Its body of chaos can easily unload a large number of attacks.”

“There is also an indestructible head. Shelter the poisonous head.”

Fortunately, Daoist Youya and the others could sense that they had indeed injured the hidden ‘poisonous head’, and the wound of this Mowu Chaos snake was getting worse. Because of this feeling, they have the confidence to continue.

“You Ya, the most recent wave of sixty-nine Mowu Chaos Snakes is coming, getting closer and closer, I’m afraid we won’t have time to kill this Mowu Chaos Snake before they arrive. .”

Everyone was nodded and spared no effort, and all kinds of secret techniques broke out completely.

“Help me.”

“Help me.”

This mowu chaotic snake began to cry for help.

Immediately, the other Mowu Chaos Snakes rushed towards this place, and even the one that attacked Peyton quickly abandoned Peyton and killed Taoist Youya.

“Kill these cultivators.”

“Kill them.”

A group of Mowu Chaos Snakes burst out from the distance, making a roar Toru Heaven and Earth.

Sixty-nine heads, monstrous.


As soon as they join, the situation will change drastically!

The situation is even worse.

Because the Mowu chaotic snake they were besieging and killing was constantly calling for help, more than half of the Mowu chaotic snake on the field was besieging Daoist Youya and the others. Daoist Youya was extremely nervous at the moment, and he tried his best to use black and white. In the realm, black and white ribbons spread out, binding those Mowu chaotic snakes again and again, so as to delay the time and succeed in the siege as soon as possible.

Looking at the tense situation, Peyton shook his head: “Break it out, the strongest fleshy body, just to try the flaws of this genetic system.”

“Fight with all your strength and try again. Try it and verify what I’ve learned.”


The breath of Payton’s body suddenly surged. Soaring to about ten meters high! The skin of the whole body is glowing with a gray halo, becoming more burly and majestic, and the breath is also vigorous and violent!

“Half Chaotic Source lifeform?” Everyone on the field was shocked.

“No, his aura is violent and unstable! He probably hasn’t really reached the level of a semi-chaotic source life form, but he can barely break out to such a level.”

Maintained for a short time This level of fleshy body belongs to one foot that has crossed the threshold!

Youya Daoist was overjoyed: “Fellow Daoist, come and help me!”

“fuck off!” Peyton Spear Art flicked, surrounded by a circle of space, and slapped beside him On the rock head of a Mowu chaotic snake, the Mowu chaotic snake that was hit rolled back and flew away.

After the fleshy body erupts.

As a comprehend rule of proven mystery, his physical strength can briefly maintain this stage of the Daoist Youya, and the secret technique of willpower is even more forcing them to be more than one step…

“Peng .”


He has a clear advantage in strength, so he easily repelled the three Mowu Chaos Snakes!

With Peyton’s strength, to entangle him, he is afraid that eight or nine Divine Emperor Perfection-level Mowu Chaos Serpents will join forces.

“Happy.” Peyton cast Spear Art recklessly.

The same Spear Art secret technique, when the fleshy body is strengthened by a level, the formidable power is completely different!

“This Peyton is so strong?”

“This kind of strength, I am afraid that it is not much different from the Daoist You Ya, at least it is the same level.”

“Yes, Peyton’s battles are more domineering and powerful, and Daoist Youya’s tactics are more bizarre and unpredictable, as well as melee combat.”

Those idle cultivators were stunned. Well, Peyton missed a hand before, they just learned that this newcomer has some tricks.

Now they realize that their team has an extra top battle strength, and even vaguely surpasses them.

The most joyous person on the field is the Taoist You Ya.

When Daoist Youya saw Peyton who had soared to ten meters high, his heartbeat couldn’t help speeding up…

“Brother Peyton, is there a way to get through the Mowu Chaos Snake? The stone head of the scorpion, attack the poisonous head in its mouth?” Daoist You Ya asked in sound transmission.

“Yes!” Peyton sound transmission replied , his Spear Art secret technique has long been realized, and it can completely penetrate the enemy’s body.

“Please help me, quickly kill this Mowu Chaos Snake, it has been seriously injured, and there is still 30% of the life force left.” Taoist You Ya anxiously sounded transmission, although only 30% remained. , but the means of his companions’ attacks are relatively weak, and naturally they can’t compare with Peyton’s outbreak at the moment.

“As long as you help me kill this Mowu chaotic snake, I would like to thank you with a Divine Emperor Perfection-level chaotic source life corpse! However, it will take some time before I can give it to you.” Daoist Youya sound transmission.

“Haha, it’s just a small matter.”

Peyton took a long spear, stepped on the void, and rushed over in an instant.

Because other cultivators were also fighting with some Mowu Chaos Snakes, Peyton didn’t encounter any major troubles all the way, and one or two Mowu Chaos Snakes were easily blown away.

He then rushed into the crowd of Youya Daoists.

“Please take action.”

Daoist You Ya and their many methods, either restraint or infiltration, are still being maintained.

“Come on.”

Peyton strode forward and slapped the giant rock head of the Mowu Chaos Serpent with a single shot, which was now swallowing its own body. Poisonous head, carefully sheltered.


The invisible wave penetrated instantly, passed through the obstacle, and directly entered the poisonous head.

Rumble! The injury of the Mowu Chaos Snake suddenly became heavier.

“Help me.”

“Help me.” This Mowu Chaos Snake issued a cry for help.

“Okay, hurry up, continue.” Daoist You Ya was overjoyed when he saw this. The efficiency of their siege was too slow. At this moment, with Peyton, the efficiency has skyrocketed!

peng peng peng ……

The long spear in Peyton’s hand slashed furiously on the head of the Mowu Chaos Serpent, it wanted to dodge and flee. But I can’t escape from being trapped for a long time, and I can only passively bear the strikes! There are also some strange powers that continue to penetrate into his poisonous head, constantly eroding.

“peng peng peng!!” Peyton struck 21 times in a row, the Mowu chaotic snake Soul Aura was completely annihilated, the mouth of the huge rock head was also loose, and the poison inside When the head came out, the rock head naturally shrank, and the poison head naturally enlarged and returned to its normal size.

“hahaha…” Daoist Youya was overjoyed, he waved his hand and directly put away the corpse of the Mowu chaotic snake this yearn for something even in dreams, and at the same time a sound transmission was sent to each member, “The Mowu chaotic snake is in hand. , everyone, hurry up, hurry back!”

“Let’s go!”


The parties are no longer fighting, and they are trying their best to get rid of them while fighting. keep fleeing.

The advantage of escaping while fighting is that you can choose your own escape route and try your best to get rid of the other Chaotic Origin beings who came from the siege.

In addition to the Mowu chaotic snake taken away by Taoist Youya, they killed nine other late Divine Emperor Mowu chaotic snakes, and Peyton and his team finally got rid of it. flee away.

“Hahaha, escaped.” Daoist Youya smiled and was in a good mood at this moment.

Payton is back to normal.

At this moment, his life force is only a little over 20%! He kept absorbing pieces of Chaotic Origin Crystal Jade to recover at the fastest speed, after all, he could fight at any time on the way back.

“My genetic system is still flawed, and it is difficult to perfect. Now, once it breaks out, my body must be at least ten meters tall.”

Peyton secretly said, this is already the smallest he keeps body condition!

The body is unstable and cannot shrink any longer.


The goose feather-like snow still covered the ground, making the wilderness white.

Peyton and the other fifty-one walked quietly without leaving any trace of breath.

“Brother Peyton, thanks to you this time, I was able to get the Mowu Chaos Snake.”

Daoist Youya and Peyton walked side by side, and the subordinates of Daoist Youya At this moment, everyone was very polite.

They were originally just a good newcomer, but they were a big bug.

“Even if you don’t have me, if you spend a little more time, Brother You Ya will be able to get it.” Payton said with a smile.

“You can’t say that! If you delay, there will be more Chaotic Origin beings who come to besieged and slaughtered. Although it is possible to kill the Mowu Chaos Snake, according to the previous situation, it is more likely that If I don’t have time to kill, I have to give up and choose to run for my life. The entire team of cultivators absolutely do not want to fall into a desperate situation.” Youya Taoist said.

There are some dangers that everyone is willing to resist.

But watching helplessly enter the ‘desperate situation’, even members of the team members of Daoist Youya will resist and choose to escape.

“Haha, if you feel that you are indebted, when you go back to Scarlet Cloud City, give me another Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin life corpse, I don’t dislike it.” Peyton said jokingly.

“How much more? I’ll temporarily owe the one I promised to you. I hope I can kill a few heads along the way.”

The Taoist You Ya pouted.

The two chatted casually, and they were in a good mood…

(End of this chapter)

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