All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 609


Chapter 609


At the same time as this hunting party returns.

A wide river.

The strange beasts came out of the river, densely packed, and all of them had a mighty aura, all of them were of the Divine Emperor Perfection level, with a total of 500 heads. After they walked out of the river, another tall man came out of the river. He was covered in scales that were almost identical to the beasts. He had dark red eyes and stepped into the void, and the void trembled and twisted.

His wrists and ankles have shackles and chains, and the chains extend directly into the void.

As he walked out of the river, the golden lines on these chains began to light up gradually, the shackles became red, the countless golden lines lit up, chi chi chi sounded, and endless power continued to press on him. physically.

“Damn lords, one day, all the territories under your lords will be destroyed, and only a few of you will be left alone.” This tall man gnashing teeth.

After he came out, a large number of alien beasts followed behind him, all of them were of Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength.

A total of 1,000 Chaotic Origin life guards!

This is obviously a prisoner of Hunyuan on tour!

Every Chaotic Origin prisoner is tortured day and night, and the only way to relieve the torture is to kill the cultivator!


The tall man suddenly looked towards one direction, and he got the news from the Chaotic Origin Life under his command that there was a cultivator team in the distance.

“cultivator?” The tall man’s dark red eyes were cold light flashed.

Whether it was the day and night of imprisonment and torture that could only be alleviated by killing the cultivator, or the hatred for the cultivator, he did his best to kill the cultivator.

“Wu!” The tall man said.

“Whoosh.” Among the thousand Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin life guards around, a strange beast came to the tall man in a flash, bowing his head respectfully: “King!”

The Chaotic Origin Prisoners are high-level Chaotic Origin beings, and they are also the undisputed leaders of their ‘Demon Hunters’.

The tall man said indifferently: “It’s not too far from us now. There is a team of cultivators. You lead five hundred guards to drive them according to my instructions.”

“Yes.” The hunter ‘Wu’ responded respectfully.


The five hundred Demon Hunters left quickly, and they could all communicate with their leaders at all times. This was also one of the means of higher Chaotic Origin beings.

“I hope they don’t let them escape this time.” The tall man followed and led his subordinates, also moving in the other direction.

According to his long years of experience.

These cultivators are very slippery, and once they find danger, they will burst out with a terrifying speed to escape! Each hunting team has specially invited a cultivator who is very good at speed, and the speed is so fast that they are all cultivators of the same level as far surpasses. Like those Chaotic Origin beings, the speed is unmatched.

Because of the advantage of speed, cultivators can get rid of the chase again and again, escape from the encirclement and so on.

The tall man deliberately dispatched 500 men… Deliberately expel the cultivator team, making the cultivator team fall into the trap.

“You Ya, we were discovered by more than 80 demon hunters.” gray robe sound transmission.

“Is it discovered?” Taoist You Ya frowned, “How many Divine Emperor Perfection levels are there in the more than 80 Demon Hunters?”

“Preliminary judgment, Divine Emperor Perfection nearly half of the grade.” gray robe humane.

“Then kill it! This time, the prey was killed less, and more on the way home.” Daoist Youya was very calm.

Daoist You Ya followed up with a direct sound transmission to all the cultivators: “Everyone, we were discovered by a team of demon hunters, more than 80 in total, nearly half of the Divine Emperor Perfection level! Get ready to fight.”


“A Demon Hunter?”

Everyone in the team is relaxed and doesn’t care.

The demon hunters are also a relatively large group. It is estimated that the number of demon hunters should exceed 50,000! Such a large number of ethnic groups… their bloodline can’t be considered noble among many Chaotic Source beings, and their strength is also very general. Like the Mowu Chaos Snake, one head is worth the three heads of the Demon Hunters of the same level!

Only 80 Demon Hunters?

Completely sweeping and rolling!

“Peyton brother, you need to help, let’s work together to kill one or two Divine Emperor Perfection rank.” Daoist Youya sound transmission.

“Okay, I came out to get some more food.” Peyton replied, this time out, apart from the Mowu Chaos Snake, he hasn’t hunted down the Divine Emperor Perfection level yet.


The battle broke out after a while.

In terms of Divine Emperor Perfection level, Peyton and the others are more numerous than these Chaotic Source beings! With perfect cooperation, it simply swept away.

And this time, Peyton’s explosive strength cooperated with Daoist Youya and the others, and even the Divine Emperor Perfection-level ‘Demon Hunter’ beheaded.

“Boom.” Peyton, whose body had soared to ten meters in height, had a violent aura, a long spear slashed at the head of the Demon Hunter, his head dented, and the Demon Hunter finally annihilated Soul Aura .


“It’s dead.”

The Daoist You Ya waited for everyone to be happy.

Peyton’s body immediately shrank back to its original state. After fighting for about ten breaths, 20% of his life force was consumed, and his genetic system was still incomplete.

“Everyone, keep going, stop fighting.” You Ya Taoist sound transmission ordered.

Outside the city, don’t fight.

The battle must be over within a short period of time.


Peyton’s hunting team quickly fled.

There was laughter in the team, and many cultivators were in a good mood because they had just hunted down a Divine Emperor Perfection.

But suddenlyβ€”β€”

“What?” Daoist Youya’s face changed suddenly, staring at the gray robe in the distance, “You read that right?”

“That’s right.” gray robe nodded.

“What’s the matter?” All the other cultivators looked towards Youya Daoist.

Taoist Youya immediately sounded transmission to everyone eagerly: “More than 800 demon hunters have found us and are chasing them frantically, and among them there are more than 600 Divine Emperor Perfection-level hunters. !”

This is actually the five hundred guards sent by the Hunyuan prisoners! On the way, these five hundred guards also encountered some small groups of idle demon hunters, and they all converged to form a battalion of more than eight hundred heads.


“Over eight hundred Demon Hunters?”

“Divine Emperor Perfection, over six hundred?”

All of them were sluggish, and even felt a chill in their hearts.

Demon hunters are relatively common, and their cultivator team is confident that they can compete with two hundred ‘Divine Emperor Perfection level’ demon hunters! Encountered three hundred Divine Emperor Perfection-level demon hunters… Even if they fought, they were sure to escape. Four hundred? Once they fight, there will be losses in the team! Five hundred? The casualties of the team were heavy, and it was normal for half of them to die.

More than 800 heads, more than 600 heads of Divine Emperor Perfection level?

Once at war.

Good luck, you can survive a few. bad luck, the whole army is wiped out!



“Fast!” Youya Taoist even ordered.


The gray rays of light enveloped the entire team, soaring to the extreme, fleeing wildly!

“How could this happen? How could you encounter such a large group of demon hunters?”

“There are more than 800 of them, and more than 600 of them are Divine Emperors. Perfection level? The proportion of Divine Emperor Perfection level is too high!”

“This is too bad luck.”

“Such a terrifying group of demon hunters, let the We met.”

The team fled as fast as they could.

Everyone is anxious and in disbelief! Because it is too rare to encounter such a huge Chaotic Source life group.

Usually some larger groups gather near the ‘chaotic source prisoner’ lair! The route map they flew along the way was very carefully arranged, and it was very far from any Chaotic Source prisoner’s nest!

At this moment.

Unknown to the cultivators in this hunting team, they happened to meet a ‘Hunyuan Prisoner’ on patrol.

The Hunyuan prisoners were on patrol, and the place where they just went on patrol… was relatively close to them, so they quickly made arrangements.

If that Chaotic Source prisoner is in the old lair! They are far away from each other, and even if they get the news, it is too late to rush over.

“Everyone, don’t worry, we discovered the more than 800 demon hunters ahead of time, and they are still far away from us! We are far faster than them at the moment, and it won’t be too long before we Can completely get rid of them! They can no longer sense us.” Youya Taoist sound transmission.

“en. ”

“Let’s get rid of them as soon as possible, as soon as possible.”

Although we are still far away from each other, we can’t feel at ease if we don’t get rid of them.

Because once you catch up, it will be a disaster!


But it seems that the cultivators are really lucky, they just fled not long ago.

“Not good, there is a group of ‘Baishi God’ ahead, and more than 200 ‘Baishi God’ found us.” The indifferent man in golden armor said anxiously at the moment.

“What, God Shiraishi?” Daoist You Ya was shocked.

“The estimate of the Divine Emperor Perfection level is more than half.” The indifferent man in golden armor added.

You Ya Taoist is very anxious.

Shiraishi God…individually, he is stronger than the Demon Hunter! A white stone god is worth two demon hunters of the same level.

Now the two hundred Shiraishi gods are no less powerful than their team of hunters.

“God Shiraishi will kill in front, and Demon Hunter will kill behind. If we take a detour… it is very likely that the distance from them will be smaller.” golden armor indifferent man sound transmission, “You Ya, This is the distribution map of some other ethnic groups that we have discovered around, and those ethnic groups have not discovered us for the time being.”

“en. Population distribution map.

Now there are two of them.

One behind them is the most terrifying group of more than 800 demon hunters.

One is in front, and they are facing each other, the distance is shrinking sharply, it is two hundred white stone gods.

There are other tribes around that have not found them.

“The demon hunter group is still far away from us. As long as we fight hard enough, we will have enough time to rush out of Shiraishi God’s obstruction.” Taoist Youya made a decision in an instant.


You Ya Taoist immediately informed every cultivator in the team by sound transmission of the situation.

“What, and Shiraishi God?”

“There are two hundred Shiraishi Gods in front?”

All of them panicked.

This time the situation is really bad.

“The best way now is to rush forward at the fastest speed! The demon hunters are far behind us, and we will do our best to be sure to break through God Shiraishi before they catch up to us. Obstruction.” Youya Taoist sound transmission.



Everyone has also obtained the distribution map of the surrounding ethnic groups that have been probed, and know that this is the best choice.

“Brother Peyton, I know your peak strength won’t last long, but you have to fight.” Youya Taoist sound transmission.

“Relax.” Peyton nodded, he is the coolest one on the team, because for him, this is a self-improvement journey!

The more than 800 demon hunters behind him didn’t think it was that dangerous.

He may be a lot worse than the top powerhouses in the holy world, but he has the secret technique of will, Great Firmament, the world of the red moon, and the secret technique of Evil God. He’s most fearless is the group. attack.

“Here it is.”

“Ready to fight.”

Because the two sides were head-to-head, the cultivator team and a group of Shiraishi quickly met.

The god of white stone, the whole body is like a giant formed of white rock. The body is large and small, all of them are human-shaped, and they also hold some weapons in their hands! Some are stone sticks, some are stone axes. Even stone hammers, etc., all kinds of weapons are all formed of ‘white rock’.


“Kill these cultivators.” More than two hundred Shiraishi gods, all roaring, they were strong as an ox wielding huge weapons, and Kill them.

Peyton and his group of cultivators also broke out, perfectly coordinated, or restraint means to deal with those Shiraishi gods, or some insidious means to interfere with, or some combined attack means…all kinds of strange things , Peyton also turned into a ten-meter-tall giant, with a gray halo on his skin. At this moment, he combined the trick Mysterious, and the strength he exerted was no less than that of the Divine Emperor Perfection-level Shiraishi God!

The tricks are weird, but they are far superior!

“Go.” It was easy to let a white stone god be directly picked up and fly to the distance, and the white stone god turned over and landed in the midair, causing the earth to tremble.

“Quickly, get rid of them.” Daoist You Ya released the black and white domain, and the black and white ribbons spread out, affecting the overall situation!



The cultivator team broke through the obstacles of this group of Shiraishi gods.

“The following group of demon hunters are chasing even closer.” Those present did not dare to relax at all. According to the investigation, the distance between the group of demon hunters and them has shrunk by more than half.

“My body can last for too short a time.” Peyton also returned to his normal body shape, but only 20% of his life force remained!

No way.

Even if his body is intact and his body is completely disintegrated, pinnacle fleshy body he can only support a cup of tea time.

“Fleshy body, there is no way to fight a longer battle.”

Payton shook his head, his genetic system was his biggest flaw at the moment.



The gray robe man’s face suddenly paled, and his eyes were full of anger.

Everyone in the team looked towards him, and even Daoist You Ya was stunned, and even asked, “Insect Man, what’s wrong?”

“Prisoner!” When the sound transmission was sent to everyone directly, he said in despair, “The Chaotic Origin Prisoner! Just in front, a Chaotic Origin Prisoner with more than 700 Demon Hunters! He is the Chaotic Origin Prisoner of the Demon Hunters. I know, everything is a conspiracy, a conspiracy! It should happen that the prisoners are on patrol, and this Chaotic Source prisoner found us… So a large group of demon hunters were sent to expel us behind, and we were exiled in the direction it wanted. Escape, this prisoner is leading his men to kill in another direction, it’s over, it’s over.”

The team was silent.

All of them were stunned, full of despair in their hearts.

β€œI have been Cultivation all the way, step by step from my home planet to become the Number One Person of the universe, and even jumped out of the shackles of the universe… Step by step so far, I have seen many cultivators of civilization fall down on the road. Today, am I going to fall too? An old man with a loose golden robe was murmuring.

“The prisoner is on tour, it’s over.” ”

Many cultivators recalled their own life at this moment. They chose to come to this world and prepare to die.

But when this day came, in their hearts But it is very complicated.

They all understand the situation at the moment. This is a ‘Hunyuan Prisoner’ who is out on tour. He happened to find them and set up a ‘game’ for them. In fact, this kind of thing has a history in history. It also happens, but very rarely!

Because there are only so many Chaotic Origin prisoners in the entire Holy Realm, they are usually in the old nest.

Once they leave the old nest. , the torture and punishment will be heavier, so it is rare to go out on patrol once!

A prisoner rarely appears!

The team of their cultivators is also gathered once before they go out to hunt once.


Just happened to meet?

The probability is very low, but it has happened in history.

“Kill! “

“Kill these cultivators!” “

“Kill them!” ”

The group of demon hunters in front had already appeared in the field of vision, walking opposite each other, and the distance shrank sharply. All the demon hunters streaked across the sky, whistling to kill, and there was a faint shadow in the distance behind them. A tall man, that tall man has shackles and chains on his wrists and ankles, and golden lines are constantly appearing on the shackles and chains, as if incomparably terrifying pressure is suppressing this tall man.

The tall man is looking indifferently. Looking at everything, watching his densely packed demon hunters rush towards the hunting team in the distance.

“Spread away, there is still a glimmer of hope for survival. Daoist You Ya suddenly sounded transmission and roared, but immediately brought seven cultivators, without the slightest hesitation turned into a streamer and started to flee.

“What? “

When the other cultivators saw this, they all understood that Daoist You Ya and the others gave up other cultivators.

Peyton was also stunned for a moment, and then suddenly realized, that’s right, he only has 20% left. Life force, even Peak fleshy body won’t last long, but in the eyes of Daoist Youya, it’s a lot worse.

“Escape! “Some cultivators choose to flee.

“Fight! “

“Interesting. “

Peton shook his head slightly.

One step.


Across the sky, Peyton took the initiative to greet him. The group of demon hunters who came in the distance.

“Red Moon World, come! ” Peyton looked ahead and pressed his hand.


(End of this chapter)

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