All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 610


Chapter 610

Numerous demon hunters crossed the sky and slaughtered these cultivators in front of them , they separate naturally!

Chase and kill cultivators in different places.

Of course, Peyton and the others were in the center and did not run away. In the eyes of the demon hunters, they were the fastest to kill! Therefore, more than half of the Demon Hunters rushed in the direction of Peyton.

Peyton took a step, crossed the sky, came to the forefront, and took the initiative to greet this large group of demon hunters.

Right hand stretch out, virtual press!

“Red Moon World, come.”

Peyton thought move, and then used his Great Firmament to merge with the way of spreading the sky, destroy, create, and merge into the Evil God system The Secret Art of Will.

His strongest ultimate move.

Red Moon World!


The huge red moon world came crashing down.

“What is this…”

These Chaotic Origin Beings ‘Demon Hunters’ felt that an illusory world was dragging their souls frantically. Their souls dragged down and sank in the red moon world.

These demon hunters resisted instinctively one by one, and I saw rumbling… The demon hunters who were flying across the sky had some extremely weak ‘Divine Emperor mid-stage’ level. Countless tumbling and smashing on the ground, Life Aura was annihilated, and was already killed on the spot! Even the Demon Hunters of the late Divine Emperor lost their consciousness and smashed to the ground, killing them as well.


The more than 200 Demon Hunters who rushed to the front of Peyton, 29 of them died in one fell swoop! Other Demon Hunters, like those of the late Divine Emperor, some had only 30% or 40% of their strength, and some had only 10% or 20% of their strength. As for the Demon Hunters of the Divine Emperor Perfection level, they also spent a lot of effort to resist, and their strength also dropped a lot, only about half of the previous ones.

“How is that possible?”

“King, king, there is a terrifying world that is pulling our souls, and wants our souls to sink into the great world and sink, king, I only have ten percent of my strength left.” Some of the late Divine Emperor’s demon hunters were so frightened that they started to retreat.

They are also extremely intelligent, and they are very clear that only one or two percent of their strength is left, and they are easily slaughtered when they encounter those cultivators.

“Oh? The late Divine Emperor and the middle Divine Emperor all retreat.” A voice resounded in the minds of all Demon Hunters.

This is the voice of the king.

Immediately whiz whiz whiz…

Even in the distance, the demon hunters who have not yet entered the Peyton Red Moon world world, as long as they are Divine Emperor late and mid-term strength Yes, they all started to retreat.


Because of that.

A spectacle appeared on the field. When Peyton took a step forward to meet the demon hunters, he reached out and pressed his hand, and there were ‘twenty-nine heads’ in the flying demon hunters. The uncontrolled roll slammed into the ground, killing him directly. And there were more than a hundred weaker demon hunters who immediately began to retreat.

The only one who dares to attack is the Divine Emperor Perfection level!

“A huge world?” The tall man standing in the back, the shackles and chains on his wrists and ankles, the golden secret pattern appeared at all times, and heavy punishments continued to suppress and torture him, but he had long been Habit.

He was surprised at the moment.

“The huge world, dragging the soul? This is a trick aimed at the soul and will, and it is still in a wide range. As long as you enter that range, you will be attracted by the huge Great World.” The tall man thought to himself. .

“In this world, a cultivator has such a strong expert in the direction of Soul Willpower? I have never heard of it before.”

The tall man knew very well.

Although he is a high-level Chaotic Source being, if there is no suppression, he can destroy all cultivators in this world!

But he was imprisoned and tortured. The farther he left his nest, the stronger the repression and punishment. For example, when he walks under Scarlet Cloud City, his strength will drop to the point where any cultivator can kill him! In this world, except for the most powerful Chaotic Source prisoner, the ‘Abyss Sea Master’, other Chaotic Source prisoners are very cautious when they go out on patrol. The farther they are from their old nest, the more guards they bring.

“Isn’t this kind of Soul Willpower field tricks useless in front of him?” The tall man slightly frowned.


Behind Peyton, there are 18 cultivators who did not escape. They are all ready to fight to the death, and even have a glimmer of hope in their hearts… In the face of death, he might be able to break through into a Chaotic Source life.

However, when they were about to fight to the death, they were stunned by what Peyton did ahead of them.

“This, this, this…”

“What’s going on?”

“I didn’t see any tricks?”

All of them are confused.

Peyton did stretch out his hand to press, and it seemed that he made a move, but the soul move was invisible to naked eyes! Peyton’s Luna World Road avoided his own cultivator again. So these cultivators don’t understand, what tricks Peyton did, and he’s still a long way away. He hasn’t met those demon hunters. Those demon hunters have died 29 heads, and there are more than 100. The head was frightened and ran away!

This is unheard of!


“Kill.” Those Divine Emperor Perfection-level demon hunters were extremely fast, and they had already rushed there in an instant. Because of the distance, Peyton and the others didn’t escape, and they were the first place to fight.

More than fifty Demon Hunters besieged Peyton, and Demon Hunters besieged the other cultivators.

“Fight!” Peyton’s sound transmission ordered, “Don’t worry, everyone, they’re all down in strength, it’s nothing to worry about.”

Peton held a long spear.


Even if the pinnacle fleshy body does not erupt, in the normal state, the fleshy body also has the late Divine Emperor level. As Wu Daoist, he can fully exert Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength! And those cultivators who are ready to fight to the death also use their means one by one to help each other.

“Peng.” Peyton shot at random, sending a Demon Hunter flying backwards.

The long spear is flying, and Peyton is using the Yantian movement method. The space is integrated, and the silhouette is blurred. Although there are more than fifty demon hunters besieging, the most at any time. Only seven or eight heads could attack Payton together, and Payton easily blocked it.

These demon hunters were all greatly reduced in strength, and only had the level of battle strength in the later stages of the Divine Emperor.


“They’re so weak.”

“Why are they so weak, I feel they are only at the late Divine Emperor.”

“However, their fleshy bodies are still very strong, and they are still Divine Emperor Perfection-level fleshy bodies.” The cultivators who were preparing to fight to the death were shocked to discover the problem.

These slaughtered demon hunters who originally had the aura of the Divine Emperor Perfection level, the fleshy body life force is still strong against the sky, still unchanged, and they are at the Divine Emperor Perfection level. But the means of attack was greatly reduced… They helped each other, 18 of them plus Peyton, 19 cultivators in total, but completely suppressed the more than 200 demon hunters.

“Brother Peyton, what kind of trick are you doing? It’s too powerful. All these demon hunters are greatly reduced in strength. Don’t say two hundred, it feels like five-six hundred. We can easily suppress it.” A giant metal figure, holding this sledgehammer, blasted away a demon hunter, peng~ peng~ peng~, and blasted seven or eight demon hunters in succession. Totally swept away!

“Brother Peyton, I admire it.”

“Brother Peyton, you saved our lives.”

I thought we were dead deal.

Seeing hope at the moment, everyone is very excited, and at the same time, they admire Peyton’s methods incomparably! Such means… even the three major City Lords do not have it.

“Let’s go save the others.” Peyton sound transmission.

“Listen to Brother Peyton.”

“Brother Peyton, save anyone you want to save.”

All sound transmissions said .


Peyton and the others who stayed in place were the first to fight.

The cultivators, who fled in several other directions, were also paying attention to the situation of other companions and also witnessed Peyton’s unimaginable means.

It was one person first, and twenty-nine demon hunters were killed at a long distance, and more than a hundred ran away.

Leading eighteen cultivators to suppress more than two hundred Divine Emperor Perfection-level demon hunters? Each Demon Hunter seemed to become weak and easily defeated.

“Don’t run away.”

Daoist You Ya was shocked when he saw this scene, and immediately made a decision, and sent a sound transmission to his subordinates, “Quick, go back quickly. , and reunite with Brother Peyton! This is our way of life.”

“Go back.”

“Go back.”

A few people from Youya Taoist Returned almost immediately without the slightest hesitation.

Other cultivators were a little confused at the time after they were abandoned, so they made a choice, either escape, or stay in place, even if they escaped… At this moment, the escape distance is not too far, and Peyton He also immediately led eighteen cultivators to support.

“Quick, let’s meet up with Brother Peyton.”

“Hold on, hold on! As long as we hold on and meet up with Brother Peyton, we will be able to Survived.”

They, too, headed for Peyton’s.

However, a large number of demon hunters had dispersed to hunt down the cultivators before, and soon, the battle broke out. The strength of these ‘magic hunters’ who fought with them did not affect them in the slightest. All of them maintained their Peak battle strength. The eight-member cultivator team was miserable. They were besieged by more than fifty demon hunters at the same time. Even if they helped each other, they would soon be unable to bear it.

“Quick, Brother Peyton and the others are coming.”

“Hold on.”

They all tried their best.

And suddenlyβ€”β€”

The strength of the fifty or so demon hunters around them suddenly dropped dramatically. When fighting, the demon hunters were either bound to struggle away, or they were thrown away. , or the embarrassment is suppressed…


“They have become weaker, and it feels as if all of them have only the strength of the late Divine Emperor.” These cultivators are all Overjoyed, their eight-member team is all Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength. At this moment, I feel that the surrounding demon hunters are too easy to deal with, and they are easily crushed. Except for the Demon Hunter’s life force, which is still extremely strong and difficult to kill, other aspects have become very weak.

“Meet us.” Payton came with eighteen cultivators.


“Come on!”

“Brother Payton, thank you for saving my life.”

“Brother Peyton, your trick is too powerful, and it’s still so far away. All of these demon hunters are greatly reduced in strength. Haha, no demon hunter is my enemy.” These cultivators are extremely excited , Looking around, there is no one in the opponent who can match them, this feeling is really happy!

All of them have feelings of gratitude and admiration for Payton.

The admiration…is the admiration for the powerhouse.

They all know very well that this kind of trick that can sweep across the Chaotic Origin beings on a large scale is against the sky! Once ‘Brother Peyton’ returns to Scarlet Cloud City, his status will rise sharply. If Brother Peyton is willing to build a team, I am afraid that a large number of cultivators will be willing to join.


Peyton brought the cultivator and kept going to the rescue. As long as he was within the scope of his Luna world, he would be able to save people.


Because it was divided into different directions to escape before! It’s a little troublesome to save.

“Ai, three cultivators have died.” After Peyton rescued a detachment, only the last detachment remained – the nine-member detachment led by Taoist Youya!

Actually, it’s also because Peyton has been flying with people to take the initiative to rescue, so Daoist Youya and the others have never been able to meet Peyton.

Of course, he deliberately put Daoist Youya and the others at the end.

The first is that Taoist Youya voluntarily abandoned other cultivators, and the second is this team, which is the strongest team among the fifty-one cultivators, and can last longer.

That is to say, sudden enlightenment, through the destruction of creation, and the restraint of killing, otherwise, these people are the products of his blood sacrifice.

“Brother Peyton, I was wrong before, help me now, we can’t hold it anymore.” The nine Daoists You Ya were besieged by over 80 demon hunters. !

Youya Daoist is at the level of the cream of the crop powerhouse in Scarlet Cloud City, and the other seven can complement them and can barely resist.

“Brother Peyton, can you help me?”

“They all abandoned us before.”

The cultivator sound transmission to Peyton one by one, Awaiting Payton order.

Obviously, this group of cultivators who were rescued by Peyton regarded Peyton as the absolute backbone of the team!

Even though many of them were once followers of Youya Daoist, they were definitely on Peyton’s side at the moment. Although they understand the choice of Daoist You Ya.

But when Youya Daoist abandoned them…the feelings for each other were gone, and some cultivators even had hatred and anger in their hearts!

“Rescue first, the Chaotic Source prisoner is still watching from a distance.” Peyton sound transmission.


“Save them.”

Payton gave an order, and they all answered.

“Brother Peyton, the group of more than 800 Demon Hunters chasing us in the other direction is almost here, but the Divine Emperor mid- and late-stage ones among them have all retreated. There are more than 600 Divine Emperor Perfection-level demon hunters left.” The ruthless man in golden armor sent a sound transmission to Peyton, who was also the object of abandonment.

The team chosen by Daoist You Ya has a sufficiently streamlined staff. There is only one person who is good at exploration, and that is the gray robe man ‘Insect Man’.

“Another group of demon hunters coming?” Peyton slightly frowned.

Add both sides.

There are about 1,200 Divine Emperor Perfection rank, even if the strength of each of them is greatly reduced! There are still too many, and there is that ‘chaotic source prisoner’. For the Chaotic Source Prisoner, Peyton has always been very vigilant. At this moment, he did not even break out the strongest fleshy body in the battle, and his body continued to absorb the Chaotic Source Crystal Jade to restore his own strength, just to prepare for the threat of the Chaotic Source Prisoner.


“Brother Peyton, come quickly, we can’t hold it anymore.” Taoist Youya said eagerly.

Peyton and the others are also rushing with all their strength, and now there are more and more demon hunters besieging the Youya Daoist detachment.


Before the red moon world shrouded the realm of the world, there was still a cultivator in the Youya Daoist team! The number of cultivators who died in this battle reached four.

“They’ve become weaker.” Daoist Youya’s men found this in shock and surprise, but thousands of thoughts appeared in their hearts: “This Daoist Brother Peyton has such unimaginable means, although the positive Battle strength is not a cream of the crop, but with such means, his appeal in Scarlet Cloud City in the future may be stronger than the three City Lords.”

“Brother Peyton, ashamed. , I’m ashamed.” Daoist Youya apologized.

“Let’s deal with the Chaotic Source prisoners first.” Payton said.

(End of this chapter)

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